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Networks have no obligation to broadcast political ads that are proven false

Election in Flux

(VIDEO ADDED) Tweety to Andrea Mitchell as Andrea droned on about emails:

Republicans refuse FBI finding when it doesn't fit their narrative

Why is CNN having only Republicans react to FBI vindication of Hillary

Guess Comey is in the tank for Trump

691,000 Emails in 8 Days? Unpossible!

Nothing in the emails...Trump meltdown in 5 4 3 2 1

Jon Ralston: How Harry Reid delivered Nevada for HRC

BREAKING: Federal court extends early voting hours in Miami-Dade

November 10: next hearing in Trump University FRAUD case. Trial to start on Nov. 28.

What a lousy time to take away Don the Con's twitter

oh no....Tweedy has the Conway up. They just can't leave her along or us free of her. nt

A photo by a Reuters photographer at a Minnesota Trump rally.

Listening to Kelleyann on MSNBC

Just when you thought it was safe to turn the TV on again...

Lol, Kelly Conway on MSNBC , she is mad and in denial. Roflmao.

Watching Kellyanne Conway on MSNBC... Worst. Person. Ever.....

INSPIRING video of early voting site in Miami TONIGHT!!!..GO!!!! GO!!! GO!!!!!!

University of Pittsburgh-Hillary Clinton Nov 7, 2016, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST doors open at 9:30am

Trump LIVE on CNN - no tie, hat pulled down so you can't see his eyes.

Predictwise has Hillary at 88% and TrumpenStein at 12%.

Kellyanne is babbling nonsense on Chris Matthews.

Tweedy has Cummings up now nt

In in Oregon and yesterday I took 6 Dem ballots to the court house. Could have mailed them but was

Why is Trump wearing a hat over his whole face at night? Is it even him?

"liar, liar, pants on fire"???

As We Enter the Home Stretch …

Anyone here live in or near Leesburg Va.?

An amazing film about how women got the right to vote!

I convinced about 4-5 people to vote early today

Tweedy calling hrc clean....not bad. Says she can win with Comey letter. nt

OMG Tweety thinks the increase in Hispanic

Barbara Kingsolver: End this misogynistic horror show. Put Hillary Clinton in the White House

Needy. Whining. Sleepless. Inside the Trump Campaign's final hours!!!

To recoup losses from the housing collapse, Miami pursues a novel suit

Franken: FBI's Comey should face Senate hearings

Chris Matthews is clearly trying out for Fox News.

ALERT: Frank Luntz is doing a focus group on 60 Minutes

In Iowa, Donald Trump lashes out at 'media and political elite,' saying they don't know what it's...

Watching hardball right now

Anyone else think that Harold Ford, member of the Lucky Sperm Club

Trump’s get-out-the-vote effort ‘not even close’ to Clinton’s: experts

Ok, so, listening to some guy on MSNBC, will Trump concede on Tuesday night?

The new attack tactic of the right


What do you suggest for a "nightly news" station?

I saw it with my own eyes

Final newspaper endorsement count: Clinton 57, Trump 2

Alaska town defies icy conditions to find creative solution to food shortage problems

Joy is on Tweety now

Joy Reid is on with Tweety right now on MSNBC nt.

***Florida at 80% (for HRC) market probability on Predictwise***

Clinton's winning cookie recipe (to eat while watching her win on Tuesday night)

WaPo- SNL’s final pre-election take: Biting criticism of Donald Trump’s media coverage

Predicting close election, Bernie Sanders drums up support for Hillary Clinton in South Omaha

Meanwhile in Canadian bankruptcy court Trump Putin ties are EXPOSED!

Georgia senators will consider Clinton high court nominees: report

Can we have a huge THANKS to those working doors and phones

If You Haven't Seen This Already SNL Hillary/Donald

LeBron James, J.R. Smith campaign with Hillary Clinton in Ohio

Popie... say it ain't so. Twitter Users Freak Out.

The love of my life passed

Katy Perry Appreciation Thread for her HRC Support (Video Diversions)

Legislative board OKs formal state computer policy (ahem, Sen. Kintner)

Why does kellyanne conway get a free pass to say anything from

Anderson Cooper is not giving KellyAnne a pass...good stuff on CNN

Anderson Cooper griling Kellyanne Conway. It is a sight to see. CNN

I wish Tweety would SHUT UP and let Joy finish a sentence

Tomorrow's going to be a nice day...

Prof Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium: "The Nevada bounce is back."

The Atlantic - "The Lasting Harm of Trump-Style Sexism"

My video of today's early voting line in Cleveland

Kellyanne Conway got taken out to the woodshed on CNN by Anderson Cooper

california statewide ballot propositions field poll

Frank Luntz on 60 Minutes...

Has anyone seen the new NRA fear mongering ad?

Explanation for the CBS reporter showing handcuffs while talking about the polls in North Carolina

The Hispanic sleeping giant has awakened

Donald Trump Sins Being Borne by Daughter Ivanka's Clothing Brand

Public schools want transparency in voucher-like scholarships

This made me kinda laugh...


Khzir Khan joining Hillary Clinton tonight in NH...

Dan Rather says the first woman president needs to be "GRATEFUL and HUMBLE".

My 86 year old mother's texting history............

Public pension system retirees might see colas at 0.5 percent

Reminder: Lawrence O'Donnell will have a special show tonight

At least 7 journalists charged with crimes during ND pipeline protests

Utah Dems hold edge in early voting as wild election heads for finish line

Company showed ‘lack of transparency’ in reporting artifacts discovery in days leading up to ...

Sarandon petition asks people to pull money from banks backing pipeline

5.3 earthquake in Oklahoma felt all over Kansas 7:45 pm 11/6

friend sent me this lovely video, he got the link via his sis.

Khzir Khan speech from NH Clinton rally

SW Pa DU members, do not support Racer's Tavern in Latrobe...

I have a feeling , and its growing by the hour...

Gotta LOVE Rachel and her analogy of what Comey did!

Hey RUDY! How well did your trick up your sleeve, work out?

Tweety just got put in his place

Did you donate to the election campaigns, and if so, to what organization?

James Carville up next with MSNBC panel..discussing Comey.

Kellyanne Conway, being pulled over by police

5.3 Earthquake near Cushing Oklahoma.

FL: African American Turnout exceeding 2012

Trump Reponds to Comey’s New Letter: ‘You Can’t Review 650,000 New Emails in Eight Days’


Dear gawd if only the Fairness Doctrine was still in effect...this isn't really an OP.

Listening to Chris Matthews

New Trump ad on NCIS Los Angeles tonite.

Tweety is pretty dense...the Democratic party did NOT leave the lower educated working class behind

Hillary Clinton is already earning me money and she hasn't even been sworn in yet

James Taylor Performing in NH for Hillary!

Fiorina tops GOP list for potential Virginia Senate contest

Your Guide to the Masturbatory Third Party or Protest Voter Delusions of 2016

What a freaking jerk....@$$#013!

LMAO Trending now: #TrumpsMissingTweets - George Takei's best zinger...

Have you seen this? "I voted" stickers put on Susan B. Anthony's grave

An attack ad, updated for a new age

USGS: 5.3-magnitude earthquake rattles Oklahoma

James Taylor campaigns for Hillary Clinton in NH

Looks like Donald Trump is a WEE bit behind schedule....

Today is a sad day for my wife and I

Here is something about Rachael and Tweety

Sarah Palin tells Bill O’Reilly Donald Trump will win on Tuesday because ‘polls are for strippers’!

MSNBC is infested with nutjobs

John Kerry won Pennsylvania with that 400,000 number MSNBC

Hillary 2016

Mike Murphy: "I think she'll win FL quickly"

I'm pretty sure that my mouse-clicking index finger needs a vacation

Ted Nugent at Trump rally grabbed his crotch and yelled “I got your blue state right here.”

Trump continues to knock Mosul offensive, calls leaders 'group of losers'

So now that the FBI has cleared Hillary...

I'm so freaking terrified

Media DO YOUR ****ING JOB! Bill Maher

Found on Al Franken's FB feed: "Donald Trump: Minnesota Has ‘Suffered Enough’ Accepting Refugees"

For what it's worth - voting lines in NH California...

Son of Zorn-WTF -and get it off the air fer eff's sake.

I just can't stand Trump's voice. He's so damn obnoxious, his whinny tinny voice.

Found on Al Franken's FB feed: "Donald Trump: Minnesota Has ‘Suffered Enough’ Accepting Refugees"

Harry Reid re-Comey letter: "Today's letter underscores irresponsibility of Comey's original letter"

Our final map has Clinton winning with 352 electoral votes.

Tom bonier @targersmart on last word soon...will reveal Ohio EV data, hoping for good

Trump 2016: Keeping it classy...

If you want to listen to MSNBC live


Four FBI Facts Prove there Is No Email Scandal

DU appreciation thread to POTUS for huge GOTV success, coast to coast.

Newt just said on Fox that the declining stock market is proof

I really like Lawrence O'Donnell but

I got an e-mail from the Hillary campaign saying

Be the Change you want to see in this world

Voting Tuesday.

NOW, the media (MSNBC) are acting as though Clinton is winning in a landslide

Really great pic!

How long will the "F" stay in the DFL?

Tonight in Wisconsin: Tim Kaine + beer

When Trump surrogates speed lie/spread obvious innuendo/bully the host or talk over everyone

Post-Election Mad Libs - Where Will Go? What Will You Do? What Will You Drink?

Bud Black is the new Rockies manager

How are we measuring up poll

Plausible Explanations for Kellyanne Conway

Bill Weld Just Said This On Lawrence O....

Targetsmart, W&M Ohio Poll. 43-40 Trump

HRC 48 - 41 in EV Ohio targetsmart .... Trump +3 as final result

Had a scary incident while canvassing in Kansas City today!

Call The FBI Scandal What It Is: An Attempted COUP D'ETAT!

I am looking forward to Giuliani being called on the carpet

What America institution

Nancy Pelosi is supporting marijuana legalization in California

Does anyone know what the final poll numbers were in Ohio in 12

Small Senate bounce for Dems on 538 in the last hour or so.

U.S. stock futures surge after Clinton cleared by FBI

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 November 2016

Just about 48 hours I'd guess until the networks are calling the election for Clinton

Has anyone read Hillbilly Elegy?

Thoughts on black turnout for Clinton?

Lawmaker sues Montana commissioner of political practices

Predictwise at 89%


We are so spoiled here!

Watching Primary Colors........

Reminder: The Onion predicted Trump four years ago (Rage Sphere/Ominous Cloud of Racism ticket)

FOX 2 Mitchell Poll: Clinton's lead increases to 5 percent in Michigan

Before anybody freaks out about the new Remington (R-leaning) state polls put up on 538

Touring Maine’s Newest — and Largest — Parcel of Federal Land

Does Lebron's endorsement help in Ohio?

Chances up on 538

What the FBI did was worse than what the SC did in 2000. The FBI trying to influence

My son-in-law allowed my nine year-old granddaughter fill in 'Clinton-Kaine' on his ballot.

Frank Luntz on 60 Minutes

BREAKING: Clinton holds 11 point lead in WMUR poll of New Hampshire

Breaking New Hampshire UNH/WMUR poll - Hillary surges to 11 point lead over Trump. Hassan leads.

Hillary Greets Manchester Rally Overflow

Wrongful death suit filed against UW Family Medicine and CRMC

As Trump envisioned, Hispanics are building a "big, beautiful wall"...

Fujitsu Develops New Material Technology to Enhance Energy-Conversion Efficiency in Artificial Photo

Voting in rural Idaho has social aspects that sweeten the overall experience

Stop taxing Girl Scout cookies, Lori Otter insists, but key Idaho senator blocks her

I am Confident In a Hillary Win In 2 Days But...

Idaho Rep. Christy Perry and husband to divorce

Edward Snowden Debunks Latest Trump Conspiracy In 1 Tweet

Idaho groups reopen lawsuit against gold mining company


O'Reilly and Lou Dobbs are trying hard to keep

Looking ahead

Transit strike in Philly could lower turnout among black and low income voters

What is wrong with Everybody Who Wants to Vote, Gets to Vote. Period!

MASH is on Sundance now.

Our final map has Clinton winning with 352 electoral votes.

Oakland Raiders post huge win over Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football: Score, stats recap

Oakland Raiders post huge win over Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football: Score, stats recap

Florida:Hillary passed Obama in black early votes: His 539,000 to hers 564,000 (not counting Sunday)

This is for all the stressed out DU'er.. Read this and get some rest

I nearly stepped on this.

So what do we think about Ohio?

counting down.

Kellyann: 05:20 - 05:30 "Here's what I do know, and here is what my expetise is. Uhm, particularly

Oliver North at Trump rally: "Who's going to hold Clinton accountable for all crimes she committed"

Prof. Smith in FL: So far, 36% of the 907k Hispanics who have voted in 2016 didn’t vote in 2012

Feeding Frenzy

I keep hearing Black or Hispanic votes are up but what about white votes?

My electoral map for the night.

let's chalk up lessons learned

A Transit Strike In Philly Could Lower Turnout, Especially Among Black And Poor Voters

***survey Monkey NH senate poll Hassan +9***

Watch Anderson Cooper Eat Kellyanne alive!

How you can help those affected by the SEPTA strike vote

Where Burning Effigies (Not Just Guy Fawkes’s) Is Part of the Fun

Nature's Bounty: The Psychobiotic Revolution

Like Vampires GOP Will Never Let Emails Die. They Believe They Will Find Something Some Day.

NBC Philadelphia: Deal very close to end SEPTA strike

The one thing about this campaign that to me is both horrific and mystifying

***Franklin Pierce U/Boston Herald national poll HRC 48 DT 44 (nov 1 -5)***

Come On GOP Shit List Again. Did Not Indict Hillary Even If No Crime.

The Lost Hillary Campaign Commercial

Peru Is Releasing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Baby Turtles Into The Wild

Peru Is Releasing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Baby Turtles Into The Wild

538 just predicted Democrats will take back the Senate!

Christian college in southwest Missouri bans student alcohol use, even if over 21 and off campus

Politico: How the Harry Reid Machine May Have Killed Trump’s Chances

Has anyone seen or even know how to see Michael Moore's movie Trumpland?

THE RAIDER game broke TWITTER. The WEBSITE is down

Twitter is down These guys?

Trump: The final meltdown within 24 hours?

NYT inside on Trump Campaign: Trump does not sleep, bottomless need for attention ( CAPS on head )

Beijing ruling bars Hong Kong lawmakers from taking office

Twitter AND Reddit are down.

Curse The Damned Red States. The Middle Of The Country Looks Red.

Just For Fun Go To You Tube And Watch -Abbot&Costello Short - Susquehanna Hat

MSNBC Breaking: Target Smart Ohio early votes: Clinton 48 % - Trump 41 %. Women 57 % of electorate.

Donald Trump's Staffers Finally Took His Twitter Away: Report

Survey Monkey Oct31-Nov6: NH +11, NC +8, CO +4, NV +1, WI +1, FL +2, PA +5, VA +10, AZ +2, MI +2

My Sis is voting!

Why is Trump Campaigning in Minnesota ?

Trump and others complaining about Pres. Obama's campaining forgot this

"A Kid With Cerebral Palsy Got Ejected From A Trump Rally. Then He Met The President."

Primary Colors, W, Southside With You

We Have To Be Ready For The GOP With Its Scorched Earth Strategy.

A joke

ST3: What you'd pay, what you'd get

What Is Your Prediction State By State For Presidential +Senate

1 Washington state Democratic elector won’t support Clinton, another won’t commit

Navy finalizes plans for training in Puget Sound

Koch brothers chip in money to defeat Washington carbon-tax measure

works for me

If any of your friends are still on the fence about voting

In election's final days, NH ground game could be decisive - The NH Union Leader

If you can't be trusted to not make a fool of yourself on Twitter

New National Enquirer headline screams that Russia will nuke us if we vote for Hillary.

Barack Obama in Kenya at 27 "A Journey in Black and White" (A Film by Auma Obama)

Global markets surge on positive Hillary Clinton/FBI News

Will West Coast go all in on weed? Other battles to watch on election night


37 filmmakers on why they're voting for Hillary Clinton

NY Daily News Front Cover

Judge's order revives movement to remove Snake River dams

Philly SEPTA strike over!!!!

Gov. Wolf seeks end to transit strike, city calls for election-day suspension

Legslative candidate Jimi O'Hagan charged with two felonies

SEPTA and Union Reach Deal to End Strike

Quake Near Oklahoma Oil Hub Prompts Infrastructure Concerns

All the predictions... all of them in one graphic

Daily Holiday November 7

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 07/11/16

Philly SEPTA strike over!!!!!

**Janet Reno, Former US Attorney General, Had Died**

Al Gore rally in Boulder, Colorado on Monday, November 7, 2016

We just lost Janet Reno

Janet Reno, Former US Attorney General, Has Died

Some People are Asking if Mike Pence Really Wants Conversion Therapy for Gays

Bundy brothers moved to federal detention center in Seattle, before transfer to NV

Oregonians on track to cast 2 million votes in heated Trump-Clinton race

Jury awards $400,000 in emotional damages to former Oregon inmate who is deaf

Univ. of Oregon law professor put on leave for blackface costume is former diversity committee chair

Trump, GOP paying consultant dogged by voter fraud charges

Bernie Sanders “Yes on 61” Rally Live @ Palladium 11.6.16

Lawrence and Joy went to town last nite about the HAT

The Story of Us | Hillary Clinton

Staring at Defeat, Donald Trump Is Sleepless and Vengeful

It is down to crunch time!

New bloomberg National Poll Hillary 44% the deplorable 41%. From Friday to Sunday, includes third

Morning Joke opening with 3 stories, nyt, washpost and AP-all saying optimistic for

Morning Joe doesn't lead with Comey story.

***Final UNH/WMUR Poll: HRC: 49% Trump 38% in NH******

Julian Assange to be interviewed by prosecutor and Swedish police at Ecuadorean embassy in London

Monday TOON roundup 1: tRump Roast

What's a Mazel Tov Cocktail??

Monday TOON Roundup 2: The Rest

With updated app, Uber hopes to access users' phone contacts

Cocktails to Get You Through Election Night

Reince Priebus... In case you didn't notice.

philly transit strike ends-full story 7 AM

Catherine Cortez Masto and Bernie Sanders Clinton rally - Las Vegas, Nevada Nov. 6

Trumps campaign has sent women underground.

Twitter-cuckolded manchild Trump rages over FBI's failure to jail Clinton over duplicate emails

Lol, IBD/TIPP expects us to believe there are more Republicans than Democrats

***********BREAKING ABC WAPO POLL- CLINTON 47 TRUMP 43**********

What's the deal with the Clinton maid printing out emails story?

"Make it end already"


Ugh....Cookie Roberts, and F*cker Carlson on NPR???? just now???

Photos: Bernie at North Las Vegas campaign event Nov 6

Trump says the Philly transit strike was settled before Tuesday because the election is rigged.

*******CBS poll: Clinton maintains 4 point lead**********

Buying new computer - how do you wipe it clean of all installed software?


What base antiviral, anti malware, anti-whatever should I get?

Crappy Weather Forecast for Tomorrow in Ohio and Michigan

Late to say this on the emails.

Fear of Donald Trump Helps Democrats Mobilize Hispanics

Archbishop Joseph Tobin named as head of Newark diocese

Did any of you see Arwa Damon`s report from Mosul on CNN this morning?

African American voters have the power to stop Trump | Hillary Clinton

Trump making cabinet picks: Giuliani for AG, Gingrich for SOS

The 538 Election Forecast is a complete joke

Just saw my 1st Xmas tree in a house.

******NBC/Surveymonekey: Clinton 47, Deplorable Don 41***************

Gap between GOP, Democratic strategies is clear in Colorado

Don't Bother with 538 Today

Hillary Clinton is amply qualified to be president - by the Washington Post Editorial Board

Your Mission Ad

Did anyone see any final early vote totals for Florida?

***********Bloomberg: Clinton 44, Deplorable Donnie 41**************

Voting On Tuesday - How Is This Still A Thing?: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Clinton Wins Nationwide Student Mock Election

Millennials Against Trump New Ad

Millennials Against Trump New Ad

Millennials Against Trump New Ad

There are 73 days between November 8th and Inauguration Day

African American voters have the power to stop Trump | Hillary Clinton

African American voters have the power to stop Trump | Hillary Clinton

Trump Must Run the Table to Have a Chance

WIRED: Yes, Donald Trump, the FBI Can Vet 650,000 Emails in Eight Days

Poll Finds Nearly Half of Women Say They've Experienced Unwanted Physical Advances

Clinton Focuses On Healing, Trump On Emails In Final Hours

On the Trail: The 12 burning questions of Missouri's unpredictable election

How Harry Reid Likely Delivered Nevada for Clinton

African American voters have the power to stop Trump

Juan Williams: The election that saw us jump the shark

CNU Poll: Clinton leads in Virginia ahead of Election Day

Powerful GOTV video for Latino Millenials from

Here’s the America Trump doesn’t get

The look on co workers faces Wednesday morning will be interesting.

Defeating both Trump and Trumpism - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Montreal Spending $7.3 Million To Refrigerate, Cover Ice Rinks

3 arrested after Utah officer killed during pursuit

Still Berning (vpro backlight documentary)

House science chairman gets heat in Texas race for being a global warming skeptic


Southern California SEIU Caucuses Call On AFL-CIO to Kick Out Police Union

What does the FBI’s latest turnabout mean for election polls? Hint: We know even less than we did be

‘Low information voters’ are a crucial part of Trump’s support

A Coup Against the Supreme Court

CA GOP Candidate: Global Warming Good, Since "Most Of Our Enemies Live In Desert Climate

James Comey in a crowded theater:

‘Mr. Trump, this is not your America,’ Khizr Khan, father of fallen soldier, says on Clinton’s behal

I think MI could be a head fake by Clinton camp

The Most Corrupt Candidate Ever Is Donald Trump

how do the campaigns select the numbers they robocall?

CBS poll shows Clinton with 4-point lead vs Trump in White House race

Trump's Choice To Dismantle EPA: Competetive Enterprise Institutre Hack Myron Ebell

As we stand on the precipice of history, I can remember when this room

Chris HayeHere's my q about this shirt: is this, like, a shirt people buy? Or was this a custom job?

School, Sporting Events Canceled While Delhi Chokes On Worst Smog In 25 Years

Musical inspiration for tomorrow:

The hell with it.

'Russian nationalists' behind Montenegro PM assassination plot

Trump is right: the Comey/FBI/email fiasco is worse than Watergate

Hillary Clinton vs. The Huge Lie - by Tina Brown

Neo-Nazis hold rally at Penn. Capitol

The Flat-Earth Set Helped Donald Trump Hijack the GOP, and Crash it Into the Ground - Stuart Stevens

Khizr Khan: 'Thankfully, Mr. Trump, this isn't your America

Seth Godin: The faulty thinking (and marketing) of the third party protest vote

Oooooh!!! Big Oil Pledges (insert Dr. Evil voice) $1 Billion On Climate (Mostly CCS)

Writing about food: The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook

Fine Print: Florida's 'Pro-Solar' Ballot Measure is Anything But

FBI questioned American Muslims in 8 states over weekend about possible pre-election terror...

Hillary's (and other's ) Schedule for Nov 7--& 8...

Clinton Campaign Manager: No ‘Damage Was Done’ By Latest FBI Review

In just one day the dream will be over for Trump's parade of whining dinosaurs

Chaffetz Says Congress Not Finished Investigating Clinton's Email Use

Comey goes all out to save own butt, issues video clearing Hillary

I am fairly confident about the results tomorrow. Robby Mook has done magnificent job

15 seconds of Morning Joe and what did I lean?

Donald Trump Election Day loss expected to trigger fighting within Republican Party

Trump cashed a $0.13 check that was part of a Spy Magazine prank.

What are the best nuts for carmel apples?

Hillary Clinton / "The Story of Us"

Proof You Shouldn’t Blame Teachers For The Achievement Gap

This one's for you, Hillary "The Story of Her"/"The Story of Us"

Old White Man:

Yet another good one gone: 6 Things Janet Reno Will Be Remembered For

Overpromises And Litmus Tests: How The GOP Is Boxing Itself In On SCOTUS

NBC Nightly News Features Denise Juneau’s Historic Run For Congress

49ers first team in NFL history to allow a 100 yard rusher in 7 straight games

Reid: Comey’s All Clear On Clinton Emails Proof He Should Have Kept Quiet


Is there a difference between FFR and PPR?

Toyota, in about-face, may mass-produce long-range electric cars: Nikkei

CNN’s Chris Cuomo grills squirming Trump advisor on tax records: ‘You have any proof of an audit?’

U.S. regulator found another cheat device in Audi car: report

I am SICK I say, and I say it again SICK of how many confuse commentary with journalism.

Trump’s former business partner warns his ‘temper, bluster and racial rhetoric’ will ‘risk permanent

If natural disasters are God's punishment ...

Cornell Belcher On Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s In A Better Position To Win’

~Just Voted~

Uh oh! Reddit - r/donaldtrump is fired up!

If Trump were POTUS, the POTUS, AG and SOS would have nine wives among them.

I think we have this locked down folks

Molly Ivins on voting:

I just saw a DJT sign that had "grab the pussy" on it

‘I’ve Got Your Blue State Right Here!’: Ted Nugent Grabs His Crotch At Trump Rally

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Trumpocalypse Now Edition

Hidden vote: women.

NH GOP Ex Senator Humphrey "Trump could get us into nuclear war."

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Bon Jovi, Springsteen

Possible maps...she has got this.

Campaign schedules: Monday November 7

In honor of Janet Reno, my new cursory response anytime Rudy Guliani attempts to open his mouth:

On the day before the election...what to do?

Check out this beautiful model by the second most accurate pollster in 2012

trump's cabinet....some scary shit

Damn. Wall Street weighs in on the election. Dow up 259 points.

Edward Snowden Shows Just How Fast The FBI Could Read Hillary Clinton’s Emails

"Holy Shit (You've Got to Vote)"

Granny's Tonic - Old, but worth watching the day before the election

Obama Meets 12-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Who Was Kicked Out Of Trump Rally

RCP will be embarrassed.

A date we should all remember: November 14, 1917 - Night of Terror

Its almost done..Squirrely polls.. squirrely people.. but its almost over

Dow Jones Ind. Avg up 272 since I checked a few minutes ago.

For the paranoid amongst us

Movement on 538. NV, FL, and NC light blue on Now Cast.

FYI: Poll Closing Times

Unhinged right-wing idiot wants to build a wall. Fails in spectacular fashion.

Ahhhh yes. The poll map we've waited to see!!!

Late tomorrow night, most of the world will stop holding its breath

"Holy Shit (You've Got to Vote)"

Sleazy Rasmussen tries to save reputation - puts out final poll showing Clinton +2 Nationally

"Just saw this dude in a diner and I want to be his friend."

trying to keep the maggot from tweeting crazy stuff

Colorado is poised to make history with Latinas in charge of the state Legislature

M$Greedia, ReTHUGs and Comey tried to rig the election for Groper Don the Con

Stock market up 250+ in first half hour of trading. Everyone knows what's going to happen tomorrow!

Anyone who was in the military has heard

***********CLINTON PLUS FOUR IN FOX POLL***********

JPMorgan expects 3% stock market rally WHEN Clinton wins

Well, our female puppy has gone into heat...

You will love this short ad....... Hillary-->This is what it's about:

Driving to work today, I passed an intersection outside of GMU w/ 4 Trump supporters* waving signs

Nov 7, 2016, 12:00pm Pittsburgh with Hillary ..C-span is covering it....

Trolling a Trumper on Facebook. . .shamed into silence. Fun for the entire family

Fox News Poll: Clinton moves to 4-point edge over Trump

Will many Republicans get depressed and just stay home tomorrow?

Which Senate races could go Dem because Trump voters punish the R candidate?

Larry Sabato's final crystal ball - Hillary 322 - Trump 216

Trump official says predicting turnout is like predicting your wife's mood

Honesty, RIP: Facts take a beating across US

AA early voting from the Clinton internal polls.

This one's for you, Hillary! Ella Fitzgerald Sings

What happened to Bayh?

Everyone keeps saying that we're nervous about tomorrow's election.

Interesting tidbit on 538 podcast

What you need to know about email de-duplication

Tennessee student suspended for taking extra chicken nugget

‘Rope. Tree. Journalist’: Trump supporter’s T-shirt calls for lynchings of reporters

Reason for lots of hope here in Southeast Florida

"I voted for Trump, and all I got was this lousy (fill in the blank)"

SNL Candidates Cold Open

"IF" I could tell you what to do, watch this interview

FOX News: Clinton 48 (+4) Trump 44 Was HRC+2 on Friday

Nine most accurate 2012 pollsters ALL predict Hillary Clinton victory

I had a chance to meet Janet Reno twice.

I don't think there are really good pollsters and bad pollsters*. They're all just guessing

56% of the early voters in my county in Indiana are women.

Why did it take the FBI so long??

The Hill: Clinton faces tough decision with court pick

Stocks SOARING on Hillary's vindication in FBI email probe

Mazel Tov Cocktail at CNN

Breaking news--Beefed up security in NYC on election day

Obama and kids - keepsake photo album

Very insightful and fun SNL! Watch it and enjoy!

What happens after Hillary wins? I don't think these creatures are going away. I'm

I want to hug you all!

Running with his wife as VP, Daniel Ortega wins 3rd consecutive term in Nicaragua

Running with his wife as VP, Daniel Ortega wins 3rd consecutive term in Nicaragua

********BREAKING PPP NATIONAL POLL******** + 5 in three way +6 in two way

On this day 100 years ago, Jeannette Rankin (R-MT) became the first woman ever elected to Congress.

Polling companies are going to have to restructure their methodologies,

Emerson College Polling predicts electoral landslide for Clinton

Monmouth National Poll (4 way): C50 T44

Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada. She needs ONE.

Words on the subject of hate from Rod Serling

Just in: 2-min national ad Hillary's running tonight

***********BREAKING MONMOUTH POLL*********** CLINTON 50 TRUMP 44

I'm not just with her......I need her!

Here is Trump's Great Outreach to Michigan Voters

Big trouble for Trump as voter turnout ‘explodes’ among blacks and Hispanics

‘Secret police in a banana republic’: Steve Schmidt shreds James Comey’s ‘massive act of ego’

Armchair psychologists - Why is Trump hiding his face so much at his rallies?

"Somali migrants are 'disaster' for Minnesota, says Donald Trump"

Renewed my Star Membership

A vote for HRC is not only a FU to Trump

If Bernie and Bill Gates joined force's

Come to our Meet Future Second Lady Anne Holton! (Omaha's 1 electoral college vote up for grabs)

Arely Staircase Turnout Report

NY Times Editorial - "A Coup Against the Supreme Court"

The deplorables, there is no hope

538 just flipped NC and FL blue

Cogent thoughts on election & aftermath (comment from Meep_Meep at The Guardian)

Trump considering Putin loving Russia sympathizer for Secretary of Defense

John Oliver’s final plea against Donald Trump

Can Trump not be forced to stop those ads that say she is being investigated?

would trump turn over the Presidency to Putin if he could?

Polls that were done between Nov 4 - Nov 6 all show a strong rebound for Hillary

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Final Dark Days In The Bunker

"I guess knowing more then Generals isn't that far fetched when @GenFlynn is the one you talk with"

I tell ya what I'm not going to miss the day after the election...

Google "Gun Sales Up"

I was just struck by a horrific thought.

The reason trump stopped in Minnesota on Sunday...

Hillary Clinton's 2-minute direct-to-camera closing argument, airing on tv tonight--and can listen

Donald Trump's campaign takes away his right to tweet without supervision


My Paean To Hillary


I am worried about the state senate

List of final national poll results this morning.

looking like the stock market is betting on Hillary and stability

This is the year of the Latino vote - It’s been 20 years in the making

Sunday: 4,000 people in a half-mile voting line in Cincinnati

Whose lying mug will give you the most satisfaction to see pointed face-down in a plate of garbage-y

Saw something about TargetSmart on NC early vote

National Bailout Of U.S. Nuclear Reactors Based On New York Approach Would Cost $280 Billion By 2030

Understanding The State Questions On The Oklahoma Ballot

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 9

I think I found the cause of 'Rump's orange completion. He's wearning a Metamorph Medal.

KO: another F****** trump lie (on and on)

Italian priest blames recent spate of earthquakes on gay civil unions

KO: more ******* trump lies (and on and on)

Stocks Rise, Treasuries Fall With Gold as Clinton Gets FBI Boost

One Last November Surprise ... Tomorrow Night

A Trump supporter went after me unexpectedly

Justice Department sends election monitors to 28 states

My handyman who is a great guy with a terrific family just got picked up by ICE

Andrea Mitchell: FBI emails FBI emails FBI emails

And yet. I wonder whether anyone would come out and admit to have voted for Trump

GOPPERS & Trump Humpers Really Really Pissed At Comey. Did Not Indict Hillary Yesterday.

I voted against her before I voted for her

Decided to have an early Thanksgiving - All Du'ers welcome at the table-bring sides

Anyone got any new polling data for Michigan?

In line to vote!!!

So what time will the election be called for Hillary?

My predictions for tomorrow night.

Republicans will continue to lose until they... (your answer)

Long voting lines at early voting locations

Makes my heart feel good.

Election Night Menu

Nuclear weapon missing since 1950 'may have been found'

Pregnant woman stops by Boulder clerk's office to vote before hitting hospital

Trump Heckler Goes 'Access Hollywood' on Him

Killer Mike Tells Black Voters To Stay Home Unless Demands Met

DU informal contest - Predict the Electoral Vote outcome for tomorrow's election

It's not called the RW Fever Swamps fer nothin'

Wow, look at this..

In Loudoun County, Donald Trump delivers his closing argument

Democrats make one more buy for Russ Feingold in the Wisconsin Senate race

Another Trump voter

Newsweek story this AM: "Comey is unfit for public service."

Advertising on Site??

CSPAN Now. Hillary Rally in Pittsburgh

Van Jones has a frank bit contentious discussion with a Trump supporting family (VIDEO)

Tomorrow Drumpt Will Face Personal Defeat For the First Time in His Life

Did the original Comey letter negatively affect the Senate races?

The Simpson about to become TV's longest-running scripted series

We really need to get New Hamshire and North Carolina to gain control of the Senate

For those who have been worried because 538 showed trump's chances up post-Comey...

Speaking of Presidents, can you tell who this 7 year old grew up to be?

tRump's Secret Service Demonstrates

Midnight rally in Raleigh (NC) tonight!

Obama continues to back FBI Director Comey: White House

*Updated* An educated election guess with a little precognition thrown in.

lunar news

Hillary Clinton to LGBTQ people: ‘I Will Always Have Your Back’

Wingnut pollster, Trafalgar Group, tries to tilt Florida

The Problem with 538

One of the my favorite aspects of the election coverage this year.

Trump's blatant lying to crowd, television audience.

I think I may have lost family over this election.

Share your Electoral College Map - 2016

LIVE Stream Link: YES on Prop 61 Rally Los Angeles (+Photos)

Wow Trump campaign sent out an email message asking people to donate money to feed his

special video message from Dr. Helen Pankhurst on voting and activism

That IBD poll that shows Trump ahead today, yep, you guessed it, they sampled more Rs than Ds

Al Gore also in Lakewood, Colorado on Monday, November 7, 2016

Jury selection canceled for closed hearing in South Carolina church shooting

No yard sign, tracking poll, or long voting line will stop progress.

a special video message on voting and activism from Dr. Helen Pankhurst

Let's Make Election Night Taco Tuesday, in Honor of Our

a special message on voting and activism from Dr. Helen Pankhurst

"It's Time to Grab America by the P****y and Make it Great Again"

Attorney General Maura Healey's investigation into Glock guns gets green light to continue

********BREAKING FINAL CRYSTAL BALL ********* 322-216

Trump Alec Baldwin's Impression Of Him Unfair: 'He's Portraying Someone Mean And Nasty'

FBI BREAKING: Receipts suggest Hillary received two shoes in a box when she only paid for one pair

Imagine the family Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas dinners after the outcome of this election

Please delete my account

I found a PHOTO of Trump's imaginary Michigan Man of the Year major award...take THAT, rigged media!

Frustrated by Long Early Voting Lines?

Reading a comp on the new OLY EM1 mk II and various other prodcts.

"And the REAL culprit is..."

In today's speech - Trump gave himself a fake award

Who has had an audit that taken over a year to be settled?

ACLU asks DOJ to investigate LePage over voting comments

What can we do to get rid of Daylight Saving Time?

Hispanics will save this country from itself tomorrow

Talking in New Orleans in the Age of Trump

538 now has Florida, North Carolina, and Nevada light blue on all 3 models

Everyone Loves Scorpios!

Glen Beck, "Obama Made Me a Better Man,,Talking Points Memo:

Red state map prediction 297-241 for Clinton

The Satanic Temple Has Endorsed a Candidate for AZ State House

Here's to MIRT & the Admins for the serious& stellar troll removal.

Obama Election Ad for Hillary

Does anyone know when humanity gets back from its holiday?

Sometimes, we all need a little ice-breaker

BIG Development in NH: Former N.H. senator Gordon Humphrey says he’ll vote for Hillary Clinton

Ana Navarro: I'm voting for Hillary Clinton -- and against Donald Trump

Extremely strange quote about Donald Trump from 2007

NORTH CAROLINA: State GOP Issues Press Release Bragging About Success In Suppressing Minority Vote

Glenn Beck: "Obama made me a better man."

"who were the witches?"

Just asked my husband if he would vote for Trump if someone gave him a million

Care about religious freedom worldwide? One of the candidates would be a disaster.

This is how paranoid I am:

Bathroom break leads to major prehistoric discovery

Hmmm. Just saw this on Twitter, then the local NBC news

Oh, this is rich: Did Donald Trump Just Make Up An Award He Won?

Please don't post results from Votecastr tomorrow

Who's getting excited?

Hillary Clinton's campaign gives away tacos outside Ohio early voting centers

Michigan Trump supporters eschew polls, say he'll win.

I watched "Billy Jack" (1971) last night...some things never change...

Hello all-long time lurker

"Justice Dept. cuts number of staff it sends to enforce voting rights"

Fake fliers passed out at Bates College in apparent voter suppression effort

Glossary of graft lays bare Mexico's lexicon of corruption

Knox County residents receive fliers allegedly left by KKK

Freeper Post of the Day

In China, new bishops must have papal approval, spokesman says

538: Clinton now at 68.3% and has been climbing all morning.

Down with the Banana Republicans.

If anyone decides to send roses to Katy Tur and Hallie Jackson let me know

If Daryl Issa loses his seat tomorrow it should be a referendum on witchhunts

"the burning times" (may be coming again, given what der drumpfenfuhrer has unleashed)

"the burning times" (may be coming again, given what der drumpfehnfuhrer has unleashed)

Predictions for tomorrow night, beyond the numbers...

Venezuelan first lady's nephews' U.S. drug trial gets underway

Venezuelan first lady's nephews' U.S. drug trial gets underway

My favorite part of Wednesday

Alright DU'ers prediction time

Is there a website that I can refer to, in order to see if my vote has already

When she finds out you were with another cat.

Mass grave containing 100 bodies found in town south of Mosul, Iraq says

We need a sane moderate conservative party. Seriously.

ROLLING STONE: Donald Trump CANNOT Be President of the United States!

Are you part of Pantsuit Nation on Facebook? Check in here!

Not sure if already posted on DU: Janet Reno, First Female U.S. Attorney General, Dies At 78

Don't Drain Any Swamps!

What New Voting Laws Will GOP Try After This Election.

Schumer adds debt free college to his 2017 agenda

What the World Can Learn From Burlington and Bernie Sanders

Rick Wilson strongly suggesting the Trump paid abortions and Compromat honey trap stories are real

If we don't get the Senate, and the republicans behave like the sexist cretins they are

NYTimes on line is free today through Thursday. 3 days, unlimited articles.

Driven by vengeance, Trump is eager to ‘punish his enemies’

Paul LePage wants college students voting in Maine to be residents

What was the first thing that turned you off of Trump? For me, it was when

Election Day weather expected to be good.

You can get a free online subscription to Washington Post with a .gov or .edu email addy

"Self-funding" Trump wants you to send "$5 or $10" to buy volunteers "pizza, snacks, and water."

Time Capsule: The Worst Campaign Year Ever

Trump’s closing argument faces allegations of anti-Semitism

Anyone know the link for the blue & red "H" Hillary profile pic filter?

On Election Day’s eve, latest polls point in similar direction

CNN reporting in UT....

Does anyone think the Comey intervention may have boosted early voting for Clinton?

Toon: This Modern World DIY Funnies Predicts the Election Result

Biggest ammo shipment in 20 years arrives in Germany

john fucking sununu on m$nbc. he's a bitter shit pill.

Take this info with you tomorrow: #'s for reporting voting rights violations.

You finish the joke

Trump revealed:

GOTV Make Phone Bank Calls, For HRC, From Your Home

Electioneering in Minnesota

They have the Presidential election on SFTC

Heck, even Barron Trump could do it.

Donald Trump's business links to the mob - BBC Newsnight

How will the GOP out-Trump themselves in 2020?


NC GOP Brags About Low Black Turnout–After Lobbying To Limit Early Voting

This one's for you, Hillary

You Can Help Standing Rock By Standing UP To Your Bank!

Today's XKCD comic

Republicans Don't Want Everyone To Vote!

Who is missing Trump's tweets?

Cook Political Report: Clinton 278 Minimum

Why is Ryan telling people to vote for Trump NOW?

Are the Trumpsters revolting

"It's rigged, it's rigged, it's rigged!!"

Ana Navarro: I'm voting for Hillary Clinton -- and against Donald Trump

I cannot wait until I don't have to see any more Rump rallies!

Trump now in NC: Donna Brazile gave the questions to Hillary AND the answers!

One word that describes Trump?

It Is Going To Be A Rough Time Until The Final Results Are In. Why Not Complete Blowout Beyond Me.

Clinton campaign sends legal warning on ads claiming she's 'under investigation'

Hundreds of Companies Are Giving Workers Election Day Off

What time do you think we'll know who won?

State-by-State Polling Place Electioneering Laws

Tell me.

On Wednesday, on a news channel near you.....

Whining, low-energy grump complaining on msnbc now

Trump has already taken a state

Trump has gone completely insane on my TV right now.

Is 99% a reasonable probability?

Why caterpillars vote ~~~~

One reason we should get rid of DST. It is a nuisance to have

A 50-50 Senate may leave Republicans in charge.

This day in Women's History 11/7/1916 - First woman elected to congress!

"Oh, poor widdle me....

Trump campaign’s war on reality made me question what I saw

Seriously, THIS is what Rudy Giuliani tweeted today...

Let's all take a moment to laugh at Trump's base

Trump & PutinPence Golden Girls Tribute

I'm juxtaposing the mood of the RWNJs, before and after the election...

Trump doesnt have rallies, they have 2 minutes of hate sessions

On my way home from work I heard a Tom Cole for Congress Ad.

Have y'all checked out the DIRECTV election overlay?

The msm has set themselves a very low bar for any future election campaigns

Tomorrow is the big day. What are we drinking?

So I finally understand the Methed Out Baboon's comment about being "Mr. Brexit".

POLL: Which Network Provided the Most Biased Election Coverage?

State-by-State Laws Regarding Poll Watching and Voter Challenges


Get ready to ROAR this Tuesday!

My crew has a busy night ahead of us

What type of therapy should Trump get?

Which cable news station will you watch for the election tomorrow night?

GRAND FINALE: Philly: Clintons, Obamas,Bon Jovi Springsteen 7:30pm ET NOV 7..LIVE STREAM...

Tech workers give 60 times more cash to Clinton than to Trump

State-by-State rules on when early and absentee ballots can be counted

How Do You Think They Got The Phone Away From Trump?

I made up a recipe (Broccoli Casserole) and it is outstanding.

VIDEO (at the link) Malcolm Gladwell probes sexism and elitism in the U.S. presidential election

RECORDED Stream Link - YES on Prop 61 Rally Sacramento (+Photos)

ABC News/WP Final Tracking Poll reveals Clinton maintains her 4 point lead

Okay, we need to settle this right now, because it's driving me crazy.

Commemorative Newsweek cover is a classic!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 7, 2016

#NeverTrump Republicans’ closing pitch

I'm laying in plenty of snacks and booze

I woke up grumpy and I have no time for Trump supporters this week.

Barack Obama is now viewed more positively than Ronald Reagan was in 1988

Here come the GOP excuses -

Ana Navarro: I'm voting for Hillary Clinton -- and against Donald Trump

UK Study: Women now use profanity more than men in daily speech

Rise of the Pantsuit ~ New Ad

10 minutes of Donald Trump demeaning, objectifying, and insulting women | The Briefing

Words you never want to hear again after this election is over

10 minutes of Donald Trump demeaning, objectifying, and insulting women | The Briefing

Kurt Eichenwald is on a twitter spree.... summarizing his 'finding' re: Trump

Hillary Clinton to hold midnight rally with Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi, DJ Samantha Ronson(Raleigh, NC)

Trump just said there are "thousands of people trying to get in" his rally @ Raleigh NC..But...

If Clinton wins, the country will get even more liberal - By Paul Waldman

Sen Elizabeth Warren coming up on Ellen

Remember this? Keith Olberman announcing Obama's win in 2008

Any professional mixologists in the house?

MSNBC reporter forces misogynist Trump surrogate to fess up about his Clinton sex life slur

Satisfaction surveys are the new junk mail

Woohoo! Just got my star!!

**Final** Post-ABC Tracking Poll: Clinton 47 - 43

If tRump refuses to concede...

Ryan’s reservoir of respect runs dry - By Jennifer Rubin

Supreme Court won't restore court order against Trump over poll-watching in Ohio

Hillary Clinton Op-Ed for USA Today: I'll look for common ground

Donald Trump Op-Ed for USA Today: We must clean up this corruption

Final Economist/YouGov Poll (Nov 4-7) Hillary +4

Voting when the polls open tomorrow, but won't get home until 8:00 p.m., as usual

Californians - is there a water board recall being planned where you live?

Lady Gaga: Melania Trump campaigning for anti-bullying is "hypocrisy"

I choose to believe in the goodness of America.

Trump just said: Running for President "an incredible amount of intrusion into my life".

Patrick Murphy now leading Rubio 49/48

DoJ Civil Rights division phone numbers 800-253-3931

Social media community tries to identify Memphis man whose racist meltdown was caught on video

Back from GOTV the vote in Ohio

On this election eve, time for a shout-out to all the people working to elect Hillary Clinton

Last minute change in voting location in Boise looks suspicious...

Checking in with the attorney general (Bondi) for another good laugh

Some Corgis will do anything to make YouTube.

I wish that I had become a Star Member when I joined DU.

Holy Shit (You've Got To Vote) NSFW

Does anyone have a link to the Daily Show back when Trump announced?

U.S. top court may curb presidential appointment powers

Secretary of State Dunlap: "Citizens of the United States have an absolute right to vote."

CSPAN NOW. President Obama in Durham NH

Obama on CSpan now

Who is going to Philadelphia

Trump: "They say

Trump terrifies cat

If a poll watcher talks to you, report this illegal action to the Election Judge!

List of times past elections were called. What time 2016 EST?

Polish minister accuses Facebook of censorship over right-wing symbol

For all who remember me...a farewell and an invitation.

Watch Hillary's final video that airs tonight (2 minutes long). Audience: over 20 million.

Libertarian VP Nominee On Trump's Treatment Of Clinton

I met Hernan at the mailbox today.

President Obama is on fire at Durham NH, just wow....

BREAKING: Midnight Rally in North Carolina

Kellyanne Conway, being pulled over: ..

God is Obama good

"DON'T BOO, VOTE" President Obama in NH now

Her son died robbing a Pizza Hut. Now she wants the employee who shot him to be charged with a crime

President Obama is speaking at Clinton rally on CNN

Steve Schmidt is a really smart and reasonable Republican.

Donald Trump's authoritarian worldview, summarized in one chart:

Ohio man arrested on charge of trying to provide support to Islamic State

From a good friend. The Trumpty Dance

End this misogynistic horror show. Put Hillary Clinton in the White House

Friend of mine just wrecked this

Gosh President Obama tells a good yarn!!!!!! In NH, crowd going wild

New James Bond movie: Man With The Orange Head

I've been following your elections since 1960.

538 now-cast - I like it's coloring ;)


Oh Man. I'm gonna miss him so much!

FBI Director James Comey Had Trump-Pence Campaign Sign in Front of His House in ConnecticutEmbattled

fired up...ready to go

Mr. Trump, We Built you that wall you wanted.

Alabama inmate gets a 7th stay of execution

Notice that right-wingers are silent about the stock market these days?

I had my first sighting of a Trump supporter in the wild

I just saw a Hillary ad that ended with Trump saying "I would bomb the bleep out of them"

Al Jazeera: Life on the Pine Ridge Native American reservation

The Donald Trump GOTV operation...

Killer Gets Life Term for Rampage at Los Angeles Airport

Killer Gets Life Term for Rampage at Los Angeles Airport

Does anyone have a link to watch the entire Philly event tonight?

I have found that using Chrome as a browser solved a lot of my pc problems, but

Its gonna be a blowout folks.

My grandmother

Official: 40 to 50 Buildings Damaged in Oklahoma Earthquake

I've been wondering if ALL of the motivated Trump...

What I think we'll see tomorrow night..Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo:

The Rude Case for Hillary Clinton (Part 1)

The Navy can't fire its awesome new gun.


Will there be any information about...

Trump Traveling to MN to stigmatize & demonize Somali refugees &Somali-American immigrants is

538 has had Hill's %ages rising like a balloon all day long

I'm new to DU and just gave them money. You should too, newbies. Before you vanish into the ether..

I voted..did you?

Email Leak Reveals Clinton Ignored Calls for Aid From Nigerian Prince

This word cloud explains why Donald Trump is likely to lose tomorrow

When you're too young to appreciate how cute you are in a chicken costume.

Trump Goes Fully Negative On Election Eve: ‘The World Hates Us'

6 hours until voting starts in Dixville Notch NH.

Chile residents push beached whale back out to sea

Class Action against Trump for PTSD?

Chile residents push beached whale back out to sea

Did Hillary do any Facebook live feeds?

Harry Belafonte: What Do We Have to Lose? Everything


Mr. Tangerine Man

Clinton's Closing Case: I Will Honor 'Awesome Responsibility' Of Being Prez

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 November 2016

My 3-yr-old grandson: tunnel tump is a bad president

When will Trump drink the hemlock?

Aiming for 200 calls tonight

Any chance of having the machines get hacked?

Trump drifts off message


CNET: 'Pantsuit Nation': Inside the secret Hillary Clinton Facebook group

Trail of Tears redux

Trump supporter goes off on African-American man during road rage incident in Tennessee

We will absolutely win the Senate back, and here is why...

In Trump’s Most Important County in FL, a Huge Surge of Hispanic Voters

Anybody going to watch the SNL Election special tonight?

Inside the midtown Hilton for Trump's NYC Election Night party....

What faces will they be making tomorrow night after he LOSES?

There he goes, firing up the hate against the media in the back of the rally.

Rochester Residents to Honor Historic Election at Susan B. Anthony's Grave

what are the brownshirts yelling?

I'm turning off the sound on msnbc until the orange monkey is off the screen

Non-political Question - Scenic Byways

Why wasn't Trump's $300K lost lawsuit over the Doral Country Club covered more?

California votes critical too: Darell Issa and Doug Applegate Locked in Tough Election Battle

Election night game: name that country

Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning: Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation

S.C. murder suspect may have written chilling Amazon product reviews

Ed Rendell on Tweety stating simply that Trump is absolutely nuts

Nervous time. Less than 6 hours until Dixville Notch

Info on PA REFERENDUM QUESTION (Constitution amend change)

Hillary wasn't my preferred candidate...

Latest report on voting - Chicago

Did Trump say, "I've done my thing." at his rally? Think I just

What will be Groper Don the Con's last campaign lie???

What's Up, Rod?

"I was in line.."

24 hours to go!

Chuck Todd on NBC news

If Hillary wins will MSM replace the talking heads?

Why is CNN showing Trump live, 20 minutes ++. Lying all the time.

Trump in Scranton PA is off the rails.

Prof Daniel Smith: In Miami area 351k new voters, 47% are Hispanic... Justice done to Trump

Kurt Eichenwald ‏@kurteichenwald 100 tweets

I told my 86 year old mother, not to laugh.........

Optimism or naïveté?

“Let’s hope it’s a girl..."

Adobe Creative Cloud/Google Nik users: GREAT NEWS!

Tomorrow night about 30% of the population will be

Battle for Senate Control Is a Toss Up

Members of group honoring FBI boss have longtime Trump ties

Aeromexico - there's a GD Mf'in SNAKE on the Mf'in plane!!!

Per MSNBC Trump supporters think that

60 Minutes: Frank Luntz focus group argues. Frank asks "how did we get here?" INCREDIBLE

A Catholic priest put an aborted fetus on the altar in an appeal for Donald Trump

So Drumpf doesn't need any "celebrities"???

My two cents. ..after canvassing again today in Las Vegas

Keep calm and DU please carry on

From the new National Museum of African American History in DC

Nate Cohen (NY Times): This time there really is a Hispanic Voter Surge

Daily Kos Final Projection: Clinton 323ev, 88% Chance of Winning

Keep calm and DU please carry on

Are you excited? apprehensive? or both

A Catholic priest put an aborted fetus on the altar in an appeal for Donald Trump

Tomorrow, I am wearing white -- are you?

Trump Rolls Out Anti-Semitic Closing Ad