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Archives: February 28, 2014

The Long, Sordid History Of Discrimination Against Christians

Boeing to sell phone that can self-destruct

Geomagnetic storm under way

Mt. Gox bitcoin customers could be out of luck, experts warn

Been a while but I haven't stopped - Kitchen Dancing.

Rush Limbaugh Implies Matthew Shepard's Death Wasn't A Hate Crime

Idaho OKs $1 million to defend gay-marriage ban

Ukraine Seeks International Bailout

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 28 February 2014

The left is winning fast on gay rights, losing slowly on abortion; economics is up for grabs.

Disney cuts ties with Boy Scouts over ban on LGBTQ troop leaders

World Bank delays loan to Uganda over anti-gay law

Toon of the WEEK

With just 41 votes, Republican senators block veterans benefits bill

Dear Grandparents: Gay People Exist, Deal With It

Yorkie in S - L - O - W . M - O - T - I - O - N (and more)


Want some partisanship with that burger?

Seth Meyers’ ‘Fake or Florida’ Game Show

Nader Suggests A Billionaire's Third Party Run For Presidency

garage band help?

Knesset member: Netanyahu can't pass an agreement

The Time The State Department Broke The Show

Senate Republicans Betray U.S. Vets By Blocking Veterans Benefits Bill

TYT: Live Scroll Of Porn Searches - Totally Disgusting But You Can't Look Away

(Canada) Decision to reclassify Swiss firearms (SG-550 or SG-551) angers gun owners

NFL playoff field could expand to 14 teams as early as 2015, per report

Oklahoma House passes new abortion restrictions bill

Meretz parliamentarian pushes bill to compensate Israeli settlers

TYT: Motorcycle Gang Attacking Protesters In Venezuela

A Number Of States Will Lose A Fortune For Refusing To Expand Medicaid (all because they hate Obama)

TYT: NO ONE Believes This Excuse Behind The Anti-Gay Bill In Arizona

Why is the term "people of color" still used?

Internal memo from 1991: "NSA Warns of Rogue System Administrators"

TYT: (Really) Bad News For Religious Conservatives

The best way to handle a republican.

RWW News: Robertson Wants To Impeach Holder Over Gay Rights

RWW News: Robertson: 'Idiocy' To Believe In Climate Change

Health Law Fix for State-Run Websites

Secular Talk: Michele Bachmann Says Something Not Stupid?

Secular Talk: Official Cites Fake Pot Deaths In Anti-Drug Testimony

Volcanic Eruptions likely had a Role in recent Global Warming Slow-Down

move a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on a single gallon of fuel

Israeli poll shows strong support for Kerry plan - about 76 % when details explained

Chris Hayes now..

Happy Birthday Chelsea Clinton!


Christie Aide Kelly Sent Second ‘Traffic Problems’ Text

Its 2014, time to demand that the Supreme Court no longer be hidden from the view of the people

American Airlines ends bereavement fares

Get Elected, Get Your Kids Rich: Washington Is Spoiled Rotten

Greg Abbott went to law school with plaintiff in gay marriage suit

Even republicans think GOP mouthpieces suck.

So my 107-YO Grandmother passed away today.

On anniversary, Tea Party vows to move U.S. Congress to right

5 Juicy Details From The Brand New 'Bridgegate' Documents That Just Came Out Today

Dick Cheney: Biggest hypocrite of the year or biggest hypocrite of all time?

My daughter is in New York

The Ocean Is Coming

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Apocalypse Now & a new Kitteh gif

2 arrested after video of dog beating in St. Louis County goes viral (warning graphic)

Court to drivers: It's ok to use a cell phone to look at a map

TPM Interview: The Brown Grad Student Who Chased The NRA Out Of Rhode Island

The hypocrisy of Republicans opposing the Arizona anti-gay Law

NYC Church Warns That 'Homo Demons' Unleashed By Obama Will Steal Men

Cuban says he won’t move possible 2016 Mavericks playoff games to make way for Republican Nat'l Conv

Tell me if I got this right about gay weddings

Obama reversed Tom Delay's ban on Houston Light Rail

Hey There Obama..... for the memories...

Who lives in NJ, and thoughts about Christie? Does

Yesterday, TX gets marriage equality, AZ businesses can't discriminate, and I saw a rainbow.

The Winter Contest

Republicans derail Senate vets bill

Martinez administration OK'd payments for booze, meals for pro-GOP firm in bogus audit deal

Does anyone know if WA schools are obligated to provide educational assistants to

"US issues warning to Russia over military drills near Ukrainian border"

"Rob Ford on Bill Blair: 'If he's going to arrest me, arrest me'"

Supreme Court secretly recorded on camera

The Dog Whistle Politics of Race

"I believe President a Hall-of-Fame worthy bullshit artist."

Number of homeless students growing in Washington

Oscar Juliuss Grant III

Does anyone know if WA public schools are obligated to provide educational assistants to

California Challenges Concealed Weapons Ruling

Wild beavers seen in England for first time in centuries

You're Home Early

Anti-drug idea FAIL

25% Of Male Adult Deer In Dane And Iowa Counties (WI) Have Chronic Wasting Disease

Texas Jackbooted Thugs Sues Evil Gestapo EPA Freedumb Jeezus Don't Mess With Texas Blahblahblah

NAS, Royal Society Agree: We Are More Certain Than Ever Of Rapid, Manmade Climate Breakdown

Reid Disgusted That Republicans Objected To Vets Bill

IN GOP House Votes To Eliminate Energy-Efficiency Program Instituted By GOP Gov. Daniels

Seth Rogen testifies in front of two Senators about Alzheimer's research.

Is the BBC becoming the UK version of Fox News on global warming?

Villa Baviera: Chile's Torture Colony Tourist Trap

Diplomats urge caution over Ukraine

Oz PM's Economic, Science Advisors At Loggerheads Over Climate Measures (Or Lack Thereof)

Melanie Sloan on the Truths of Leadership PACs

Craig James: Fox Sports firing over opposition to gay marriage was 'sucker punch'

Engineers Working On Beijing Smog Solution - Giant Plastic Bubbles To Seal Out Dirty Air

China's Toxic Air An Increasingly Important Driver In Emigration Of Young & Sucessful Citiizens

God's Reaction To The Veto Of The Anti-Gay Bill In Arizona

World Bank delays Uganda’s $90 million loan over anti-LGBT law

Disappearances in Medellin increased 20% in 2013

Thirteen DOE workers contaminated in underground NM nuke dump accident: trace plutonium.....

Cane River

Report Finding Massive Corporate Tax Avoidance Released Same Day as Congressional Plan to Slash Corp

Sarpy Outlook TV - John Kretzschmar Discuss Messaging

Lawsuit against Google over Gmail faces hurdle, U.S. judge says

TVO: We don't know when Olkiluoto 3 will be ready

Amnesty report slams ‘trigger-happy’ Israeli security forces

What a Godlike power to tap into people's webcams and watch them when they think they are in privacy

Honduras: indigenous candidate's brother killed

U.S. Drug "War" Destroys Rain Forests

Another side of Garth Brooks...

My wife has been working A LOT of 45 to 55 hour work week and I think she is getting frustrated with

Tempe (Ariz.) council passes anti-discrimination law

Bill would require clinics to post signs telling women they can't be forced into having an abortion

U.S. Drug "War" Destroys Rain Forests

(Govenor) Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) gives award to 'Duck Dynasty' family

So I'm pretty sure the sex scene in Bladerunner might constitute sexual assault...

World's biggest dork here.

With the Min Wage bill being discharged how soon will we see a vote on the bill?

5 Oklahoma Police Officers Kill a man while "Restraining" him, While his wife watches helplessly

Solidarity bolsters Honduras activism

Kerry: Mideast peace talks will go beyond April

A little off the top, please.

Smell of forest pine can limit climate change - researchers (BBC)

Beijing? LA? NY?

Former guerrilla favored in run-off: Observing Democracy in El Salvador

Jon Stewart has a few words for Arizona lawmakers, "with all due respect" LOL.

“The NSA May Enable a Police State”: Former Counter-Terror Czar

Man suing McDonald's for $1.5 million because they only gave him one napkin

It's disappointing to see "liberals" deny the existence of white privilege

Supreme Court secretly recorded on camera

Bold tattoos

UC Berkeley sexual assault victims file federal complaint

ret. FBI Coleen Rowley " Massive Spying and Gov Secrecy" Sat 3/1 10am to 1pm, WAMM annual mtg

UCLA student government votes against divestment from Israel

Why we’re actually mad at ruthless ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant Arthur Chu

3/8 Saturday 10am-noon Mpls Tar Sands Oil in MN speaker with Mpls Occupy and MN350.

Betty White

Biden Calls New Ukraine Leader, Pledges Support

'Extensive cracking' in concourse closes $60M Allen Eagle Stadium

Hundreds of CPS students refuse to take annual test

Wal-Mart asks suppliers to stop using harmful chemicals

Musical genius - Pat Metheny - this is truly unique....

Protesters counter anti-abortion activists at Fort Worth Paschal High School

Here We Go Again: Treacherous Ice Storm Could Hit Midwest, Northeast

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 2 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1935 Best Picture Nominees

Smell of forest pine can limit climate change - researchers

Do men read romance novels?

TCM Schedule for Monday March 3 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1958/1960 Special Effects

"Ukraine: How the West can help" the Economist

Inside Democrats’ plan to turn Texas blue

What do you mean by white privilege? by Tim Wise

U.S. safety regulators probe GM recall linked to 13 deaths

CPS threatens to discipline teachers who won’t give students ISAT test.

Okay I'm gonna have a complete get off my lawn moment here but I have to ask

Stewart: If Bitcoin Wants to Avoid Feds, They Should Normalize Fraud Like the Big Boys


Should the US Supreme Court's public hearings be televised

CT moves forward

Legal question regarding Scott Lively

High-Level Nuclear Waste Could One Day Come to Texas, But It’s a Long Road

New performing arts center unveiled at Texas State University

Northern Lights illuminate the UK

i would really like someone to cook me dinner

University of Texas System to build $102 million headquarters downtown

Dan Patrick faces fresh claim that he hired workers living in U.S. illegally

Paula Deen needs to stop talking she's got foot in mouth disease

2014 World Press Photo of the Year (pic, obviously)

Justice Department asked to investigate racism at Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

Netanyahu’s outlandish demand for recognition

Dumbest pseudoscience, ever

New pain pill's approval: 'Genuinely frightening'

Is the City of Fresno going to destroy the Fulton Mall ?

Violent Femmes - "American Music" (Video)

Tonight will be fine

Mark your Calendar: Enbridge energy hearings and public comment.

Main Israel Lobby Seeks To Regain Footing As Netanyahu Visits U.S

China Issues Report On U.S. Human Rights

Dallas Area Lacrosse Fans Prepare for Patriot Cup 2014

Racially torn Jasper settles discrimination case with former police chief for $800K

USDA Awards Grants to Programs at 1890 Historically Black Land-Grant Colleges and Universities

CA real estate investor to plead guilty to big rigging/fraud at public foreclosure auctions

Conn. man arrested for having sex with a cow

For every $1 spent on health care fraud and abuse the government recovered $8.10

Oh man... London Symphony Orchestra is coming. Which performance should I go to?

Egyptian regime, Muslim Brotherhood accuse each other of being ‘Jewish'

Army steps up search for anti-drone technology

New York Times Readers Annoyed at Number of Jewish Writers

Ukraine: Russian military blocking airport

Air Force to swap 5,000 BlackBerrys for iOS devices

U.S. Rice Assistance Boosts Relief Efforts for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors (1,500 metric tons of rice)

Sometimes the worst decisions you make are the best stories of your life .... nt

HUD/Census bureau report new residential sales in January. Avg sale price $322k, $260k median

Drones Strikes: European Parliament Condemns Murder of Civilians

Pouring now and it's early.

House GOP Votes To Take 'Consumer' Out Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Dosage Probation: Rethinking the Structure of Probation Sentences

U.S. Northern Command coordinates donation of defibrillators to Mexico

FFS! It's 17 below zero!

Youth Radicalization in Pakistan. The “Enabling Environment” for Radicalization


NYC to block 3 charter schools from public space

US International Trade Commission investigation of certain TV sets/tuners/receivers

Artisan State flush-mount photography books

California challenges concealed weapons ruling

Rick Ross Defends Controversial Trayvon Martin Lyric

Utah governor rejects full Medicaid expansion

Lawsuit: 'Sadistic violence' at Cook County Jail

Tarnished Brass (Dan Lamothe's piece against the current Commandant of the Marine Corps)

U.S. extends antidumping duties on Chinese persulfates

Rome on the Brink as Detroit-Style Bankruptcy Meltdown Looms

Ex-Goldman Sachs Fraudster Fabrice Tourre to Teach Economics at University of Chicago

GPO Expands eBook Program for Libraries and Public

Screen Rant’s 20 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2014

Hartmann: The Danger of a Bitcoin Economy

Bill Watterson publishes first comic in 18 years

Ukraine crisis: Crimea airports occupied

Remembering Gerald Berreman: One Who Raged Against the Machine

The New York Times and the Fed's Transcripts: The Greatest Propaganda Coup of Our Time?

Humans May Have Been Stuck on Bering Strait for 10,000 Years

Ukraine nationalist activist attacking prosecutor

Geologist who unearthed Mungo Man fights for 40,000-year-old remains

A fairly good documentary on ancient man summing up new findings

Researchers Provide New Insights Into The Origin Of Birds

Join me in thinking of Rob and HillWilliam today.

Brazil's economy grows at twice the rate expected

What happens when you put 2 pit bulls in a photo booth?

Samson will be Christie's Delilah

From London

Indianapolis cops must allow themselves to be filmed in public after $200,000 settlement

Ugandan government shrugs off aid cuts over anti-LGBT law

Ugandan government shrugs off aid cuts over anti-LGBT law (xpost from FA)

Federal prosecutors indict British man for hacking into Federal Reserve and NASA

Who said this - "We justify our intervention to depose a government which is illegitimate, immoral

Al Qaeda's Secret Plan to destroy the USA.

The Wetlands of L. A. 8000 yrs ago

Hundreds of foods found to contain hazardous industrial plastics chemical: report

Brazilian farmers struggle in fight against invasive Asian caterpillar

DOJ Asks To Hang Onto Bulk Collections Longer, Citing Need To 'Preserve' Evidence It Has No Intentio

Washington's Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up For Ruin

Why is Michelle Dancing with Vegetables?

Poorly Regulated, High-Speed 'Bomb Trains' Are One Crash Away from Devastating Towns in NYC Suburbs

Dwindling Christian Right Turns Into Cornered Animal, Lashes Out at Civil Rights and Democracy

I Lost My Dad to Fox News

Maddow Pushes New FBI Director To Release Report On The FBI Assassination Of Ibragim Todashev

BREAKING: Federal Consumer Agency Sues For-Profit College ITT Tech

Study: Breast Feeding No Better Than Bottle Feeding For Kids’ Health

Obama Nominates SOPA Lobbyist for TPP Trade Post

MtGox Bitcoin exchange 'files for bankruptcy protection'

We are Hungry in Three Languages: Prelude to World War

The Scariest Part About Aging

How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Became the Greatest (Bumbling) Enemy of America.

'Truly Shocking': Govt Spies Hacked into Live Webcam Chats of Millions

"Wait Until You See What Our Coal Addiction Is Doing To West Virginia" (excellent photos)

Moms petition Facebook, Instagram to stop allowing gun sale ads

Hung jury in Rite Aid deadly shooting trial

Mental Health Treatment Centre Shoved To Back Burner For Aquatarium Tourist Attraction

House Republicans Voted Against Environmental Interests 95 Percent Of The Time In 2013

World's oldest known cheese found in China

Cyprus faces fresh bailout uncertainty after privatization vote

Toxic cleanup 75 percent done at former George Air Force Base

Medieval Graffiti

Child health problems 'linked to father's age'

Monks Monkeying with Money

Remember the lady who was wildly beaten by the cop with a helmet while she was lying on the ground?

Lord Combermere's Ghost

IEA says wind and solar can carry bulk of energy transformation

Judge tosses out SAFE act charge against lockport man.

Science publisher fooled by gibberish papers

Rudderless Tea Party Searches For Meaning Five Years On

Ugandan President Hails Closer Ties With Russia After U.S. Criticizes Anti-Gay Bill

Juvenile Injustice on Display in “Kids for Cash”

India's $15 Billion Diesel Subsidies Mean Delhi Air Tastes Different From Beijing, W. Same Results

Israel to limit access to Aqsa mosque

WY - Highest Per Capita CO2 Of All States; Gov; Coal Industry Must Be Profitable First, Then Cleaner

Painstaking Science Reveals Mid-Depth "Slugs" Of Lead, Other Compounds Held In Seawater Time Capsule

Anyone interested in an Appalachian Group?

Ooooh! NC Will "Reevaluate" Duke's Toxic Discharge Permits, But Wants To Revive $99,000 Settlement

The IOC Played The Staring Game With The LGBT Movement — And Won Now what do we do?

In the Margins of Twelve Years a Slave

white privilege. it affects non whites lives. i prefer to stand up and speak out. i wont be one

Oh crap, is it ever cold...

Colorado Senate Race: Definitive Proof Republicans Are Getting Their Act Together

Texas tea party activists disavow US Rep. Stockman

Ashrawi calls for stronger penalties for violence against women

Democratic AG candidate questions decision to appeal gay marriage ruling; Repuke plays incest card

Myanmar suspends Medecins Sans Frontieres work in Rakhine state

Noe knows: Money-laundering, organized crime and election theft

Poof! The GOP's Disappearing Promise To Vote To Replace Obamacare

NY senator calls adding voter registration to hunting license forms an 'NRA voter assistance act'

Mother Jones: Unions Are Dying. What Will Replace Them?

Jason Collins Visits Matthew Shepard's Parents, Brings Gifts

The Week The 'Religious Freedom' Movement Hit Its High Water Mark

Of Charlie Sykes, Right Wisconsin and Walkergate


You’re an Arab? Strip

Tea party insists it’s alive and kicking

Walker Honors Harold Ramis By Changing his Campaign Slogan to "Convicted? No. Never Convicted."

Boeing Developing A Self-Destructing Spy Phone

US economy expanded at 2.4 percent in 4th quarter

Mexico Building Latin America’s Largest Solar Farm to Replace Old, Dirty Oil-Power Plant

Wisconsin: A Moral Monday in Eau Claire

Pockets of Oil from Exxon Valdez Spill Persist Along Alaskan Coast

The Seven Most Common Lies About Abortion

Want a Feisty Way to Fight Foreclosures?

No Kidding: Sexist Jokes Aren't Funny, They're Hostile

After veto in Arizona, conservatives vow to fight for religious liberties

Ed Koran Named Vermont Cartoonist Laureate!

NCDP Clips - Feb 2014

U.S. to expand healthy food assistance to women, infants and children

The right’s atheism problem: Why it should rethink its marriage with Christianity

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Rethugs

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Bigots

New Jersey lawmaker: Chris Christie ‘needs to think about resigning’

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Russia and Ukraine

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - Military Cutbacks

Friday TOON Roundup 5 - The Rest

Meet the Powerful Billionaire Family Hell Bent on Imposing Their Right-Wing Agenda

Paul Krugman is retiring from Princeton University

Governors move to block Farm Bill’s food stamp cuts

Tea Party Is 5! No More Tantrums?

Just say NO to US involvement in the Ukraine.

When May I Shoot a Student?---A must-read masterpiece of weaponized snark.

The call of nature transcends class. Access to toilets, unfortunately, doesn't

Don't Look Now.. Cataclysm Has Arrived: Man’s Inhumanity to Nature

This place is becoming more right wing every single day.

Will Jordan Davis Become the First Transgender Miss England?

How Does this shit even happen? School Superintendent's salary of $660,000

A chicken fight: Nebraska group opposes rule aimed at boosting poultry plants' processing speeds

How Michael Jordan Made $90 Million In 2013

Fracking is Great! The Administration loves it so it must be Great. Here's more Great Fucking

Outrage Over Sexist Remarks Turns Into a Political Fund-Raising Tool

Republicans Kill 13,000 Jobs In Tennessee With Anti-Union Vote.

This Week in Crazy

U.S. House Republican unity tested on Obamacare alternative

Lost my best friend

'Son of God': Clamoring for big-screen Christ

More Cities Consider Gun Control

More Cities Consider Gun Control

Woman, 54, sets sights on NFL cheerleading squad

How conservatives lost the culture war

The Death-Throes Of The Anti-Gay Movement - By Andrew Sullivan

Biden to Democrats: Don't apologize

How to Talk to Little Girls

BBC reporter 'sinks' on air

Busting Myths about the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft

FDA proposes updates to Nutrition Facts label on food packages

Lucky turtles rescued during cock fighting bust!

The humiliation continues for Wisconsin Republicans. From website:

IEEE Voting System Standard Committee(VSSC) 2.27

Clandestine Footage---Unprecedented Video From Inside the Supreme Court The Supreme Court

Senator Mark Kirk--Illinois' Big Mistake

AZ SB 1062 is not the only hate law being discussed.

Paula Deen doe's it again "im just like that black football player"

The American Conservative: The Collapse Of The Anti-SSM Side

Federal Government Expands Access To Healthy Food For Low-Income Moms And Babies

My Brother's Keeper - Initiative for Young Black Men

Indianapolis Public Schools reaches agreement with DOE on Title IX violations

A message to the Democrats sending me email...

Obama Is the Best BS Artist Since Bill Clinton

Dogs found shot to death off trail

"Celebrity Roast" for Joe Arpaio brings out the worst of the worst.

Dwindling Christian Right Turns Into Cornered Animal, Lashes Out at Civil Rights and Democracy

I admit, I am a tad skeptical

China hits back at US in human rights report, denounces drone strikes.

Ukraine's Yanukovych says he won't ask Russia to intervene militarily

Einstein has a ball...

Obama Nominates SOPA Lobbyist for TPP Trade Post

One of five LAFD recruits in training class are related to department firefighters

Very close up on the Decorah Eagle.....

Guests on Real Time with Bill Maher

Spring is coming in Austin

D.A. - Glowing

Attorney General Holder Meets with Tribal Nations Leadership Council

Kerry Kennedy found not guilty in drugged-driving trial


Fundie nut building Noah's Ark for $73million of public's money

Discrimination by law carries a high price

Maine’s natural resource agencies’ chiefs say Medicaid is gutting their departments

Venezuela Rising VICE

Kerry Kennedy acquitted of drugged driving in NY

Term limits and National elections for Supreme Court Justices? Your opinions please. nt

Dingell launches bid for husband's US House seat

Biden to Democrats: Don't apologize in 2014

Massive Attack - Five Man Army (Lyrics)

'Shameless' Belgian PM appears topless on television

Krugman: No Big Deal

" At the end of the day, the GOP is just a party full of loud, bigoted, pig-ignorant assholes"

CO-SEN: Cory Gardner sings praises of "Personhood" abortion ban

Why do vehicles rust? Poor build design or because people don't maintain them?

Spring at Redbud Isle Dog Park

Funeral home workers find man alive and 'kicking' after he wakes up inside body bag

Oh no, we won't go! ( Language Warning!)

Well, off to the grocery store.

Northern Lights illuminate the UK

The President's Appointments in the USTR Are Horrible. And Tell Us

'Slumdog Millionaire' Kids Reunite, Five Years Later: How They're Doing

"Measuring progress with GDP is a gross mistake"

Bitcoin Kingpin Admits Everyone's Money Is Gone

Pasco mom sues over attractive arrest photo

Keystone XL Might Make You Sick, Literally

Obama has a good transportation plan. Now we just need to raise the gas tax to pay for it.

Turtles rescued from cock fighting???

Teen's Shooting Reveals Gallery of Shocking Photos

The fabulous life of your US legislator

I just found out through FB that our BeHereNow has passed away.

Suspect arraigned in NYPD officer shooting in Brooklyn

Russia gives all its gold medalists $120,000, a new Mercedes

Charlie Rangel to be challenged by State Senator Adriano Espaillat

Find something to be happy about today (Friday February 28, 2014)

Man wakes up in body bag at funeral home

How to Land an Interview With Charles Koch

Happy Friday (this made me HAPPY!!!)!

Paralyzed GOP Lawmaker On Medicaid Opposes Medicaid Expansion

10th anniversary of same-sex marriages marked in New Paltz

Take Me To The Twilight Zone

A simple happy birthday post.

Hundreds Of American Companies Pay Employees As Little As 23 Cents An Hour

An Unexpected Gun Debate Shoots Down State Sen. Greg Ball's Voter Registration Bill

Now we see what happens when the GOP picks a fight with someone other than food stamp recipients.

$60 Million Texas HS Stadium Closed (due to extensive cracking)

Noah's ark project in Ky. to move forward

Today is World Polar Bear Day.

Close-Minded Man Not Willing To Hear Argument On Why Homosexuality Is An Abomination

Stop-and-frisk case sent back to lower court

Gov. Cuomo to preserve SNAP program, feed New Yorkers

NSA Reform Of The 1970s VS. Today - Historian Rick Perlstein Discusses

Unpopular parties can still prevail

DA Invalidates More Convictions Tied To Corrupt Philly Cop

Hey! How is everybody on this Friday!

"there’s currently no more powerful constituency for gay rights than the Fortune 500 list"

Bill Nye debate spurs Noah's Ark park funding

Owl be seeing you

Louie Gohmert - Tea Party Answers his Prayers

I agree with George Takei - please, someone make this happen

World Bank postpones $90m Uganda loan over anti-gay law

Gillibrand urges feds to look at bee losses in NY

TX Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional, Judge Says Yes in KY

Mark Schauer leading Snyder by 7 points!

In wake of 'stop-and-frisk,' NYPD unveils new training protocol -- includes: 'Be Patient'

Kerry Kennedy found not guilty.

Is it my imagination, or does he just get stupider and stupider?

PG&E wants to lower electricity rates for high-use customers and raise rates for low-use customers

Bear with me. Hear me out! ...

Right to Life

Schauer leads Snyder by 7 points!

EPA starts process that could restrict Pebble Mine

Russian Gunmen Seize Govt Buildings in Ukraine

Barack Obama: Company Man

Copy of "Mein Kampf" Signed by Hitler Sells for $64,850

U.S. rules would allow ‘seismic air guns’ in search for offshore oil, gas

So you wanna play with magic?

WROTB steps up efforts to stop Monroe County casino

Activist Group Calls for Black Box Warning on Testosterone Products

Bratton Confirms Intent to March in St. Patrick's Day Parade

Gold Fix Study Shows Signs of Decade of Bank Manipulation

I ate Jessica Alba last night. </beavis and butthead laugh>

Seizure of 35 purebred sets off international controversy

'World's longest aircraft is unveiled in U.K.'

As NC debates, other states empty coal ash dumps

Beware of the "homo demons".

An Obama miracle?

Today is National Chocolate Souffle Day.

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ Feb 28th

A shout out to bravenak...with thanks.

A Must Read -- OPINION: Use love to cast out fear

Thursday Evening 02-27-2014, 7:07 PM EST: Fireball Meteor over Mid Atlantic States

Federal Prosecutors Widen Investigation in NC Coal Ash Spill

Germany Says U.S. Spying Requires Serious Discussion

P1, the unlikely Porsche pioneer (BBC) {electric car, 1898}

Ted Cruz does a Jay Leno impersonation ..... F***ing Brutal

Ukraine’s Turchynov Sees Russia Involvement in Crimea

Support Dave Domina!

GrayWarrior ... This is For You. Smile :-)

Bridge scandal: 911 tapes of GWB lane closures released

Army's New Efforts in Sexual Assault Epidemic

Retirement of US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford will be announced today

So Cool!! So I am at the library..

Washington's Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up For Ruin

Two Men Arrested For Filming Each Other Covered In Jell-O Having Sex With A Cow

Ukraine crisis live: Russia admits its troops are moving in Crimea

Gay Rights Gained in U.S. Amid Russian, Ugandan Reversals

Venezuela Motorcylce Gang Videos Show Terror And Violence In Support Of Maduro

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Increases on Outlook for Economy

Pic Of The Moment: Senate Republicans Filibuster Veterans Bill

"My Brother's Keeper"

U.S. Agency Warns of Urgent Need for Spending on Roads, Bridges.

Fomer NFL player Darren Sharper, facing at least 9 counts of rape across 5 states, turns himself in

change the conversation about type 2 diabetes

Cracks force closure of $60 million Texas High School Football Stadium

I defy you to name a better First Album/First Song than 'Good Times Bad Times'

Frozen East Coast Pays as Law Blocks Cheaper Fuel Flows

Coal crunch gives impetus to India's solar switch

Which Power Ranger Are You?

EPA considers blocking massive gold mine proposed for Alaska

"Son of God" is a Chintzy Melodrama About the Horrors of Capital Punishment

Global solar market to grow by 20% in 2014

No sign of expansion at plant where UAW dealt loss

Doctors Without Borders kicked out of western Myanmar

China’s Top Paper Slams West’s ‘Cold War Mentality’ Over Ukraine

The roles hatred and racism play among Venezuela’s middle class

Jason Collins presented a No. 98 jersey to Matthew Shepard's Family Last Night

Former Miss Kentucky reveals she's gay in blog post

The best squirrel feeder ever:

Could Adobe Flash Player be added to the list of supported videos on DU?

In honor of "Son of God" hitting the theaters...

Cape Wind secures $600m loan, developer says

Woman Denied Citizenship Because Objection To War Based On Secular, Not Religious, Values

John Boehner Called Himself "Boner"

Swinging Bridge on 2/6/14

How Texas Made Wind Energy a Real Player

Indianapolis Cops Must Allow Themselves To Be Filmed In Public After $200,000 Settlement

Hey, Washington! The Pay Is Too Damn Low: The Minimum-Wage War


My dog didn’t even acknowledge my presence when I came home yesterday.

Evidence of Concealed Jailhouse Deal Raises Questions About a Texas Execution

Alexei Navalny placed under house arrest in Russia

Listen to 15 Literary Icons Reading Their Own Work.

George Takei on Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill, Life in a Japanese Internment Camp & Star Trek

Kerry defends Obama's national security policies

Listen to 15 Literary Icons Reading Their Own Work.

Hillary Clinton Open To ‘Evidence-Based Changes’ To Obamacare

Winter Storm Titan: Ice Storm Possible for Ohio Valley; Snowstorm for West, Midwest, Northeast

Syrian Extremists Amputated A Man’s Hand And Live-Tweeted It

Japan must act responsibly on 'comfort women': China

The Rude Pundit: The Right's Trying to Spin Hatred for LGBT People


Ugandan women protest anti-miniskirt mobs

Bacon cheeseburger, fries used to help rescue kitten

Arkansas state Rep pulls the wheelchair ramp up behind him

Where Time Comes From

Uganda Sees Financial Backlash From Anti-Gay Law

When I'm on DU the time seems to melt away

Russia Admits That It Has Moved Troops In Ukraine

VILLAGE IDIOT: The menace that is the heterosexual

Point of view

"there’s currently no more powerful constituency for gay rights than the Fortune 500 list"

Judge Dismisses NYPD Spying Case On Muslim Americans

Clinton Presidential Library Releases Thousands Of Papers On Hillary Clinton

Pistol Packing Video Maker stands ground - kills moose (VERY GRAPHIC)

What is the universe made of?

The Killing of Ibragim Todashev: An Ongoing Mystery (The Atlantic)

New particle called quantum droplet discovered

Fuck your "pro-life" anti-abortion, pro-gun, anti-white privilege arguments.

GA prosecutor: No criminal charges against man who fatally shot stranger with Alzheimer's

Nasty parasitic worm, common in wildlife, now infecting U.S. cats

Maxey Scherr Talks John Cornyn, LGBT Rights And David Alameel On MSNBC Interview

From Riyadh To Beirut, Fear Of Syria Blowback

"I Thought I had Freedom Of Speech Here--Police: "You Don't"

No, President Obama Is Not A Hall-of-Fame-Worthy BS Artist, aka Why I Defend The ACA

Yes! EPA to protect Bristol Bay salmon fishery in move that could lead to Pebble Mine veto

Newborn Lamb meets Pancake the cat and Sugar Tree the Doberman

Fundamental problems in our economy. The ignored falling through the cracks.

This Is A Food Line In Venezuela

Right Wing Tears Sustain Me

USDA Partners With US Special Ops Command to Support services for military families

Corker's promise of free ice cream to auto workers still unfulfilled

Venezuela Motorcylce Gang Videos Show Terror And Violence In Support Of Maduro

Has the Left Surrendered? -

Credit Suisse recruited U.S. clients, helped them conceal accounts from IRS - Senate Committee concl

Krugman on TPP: No Big Deal

Tea Party Ready For Fight With GOP Establishment

This Program Is Helping Crush Childhood Obesity. Guess What Republicans Want To Do To It...

Papantonio: Wall Street’s New Commodities Market Scam

Minnesota budget surplus grows to $1.23 billion

Tweet from Magic Johnson

I found our favorite new word again! "Homosexualist"

What caused the surge in bitcoin prices at Mt Gox? Bizarrely, it was their increasing worthlessness.

What the hell is going on in GD now?

Jim Garrow and Erik Rush want to hang or shoot officials who they don't like...

'George W Bush Paintings To Be Exhibited This Spring'

The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind

Teabaggers want only Jesus freaks in office...

Rainbow Retrospective: Best Practices for LGBT Resettlement

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Announcing the first ever White House Film Festival

TPM: Newspaper Says Mysterious Phone Call With Dem Candidate Was Actually Wrong Number

Huge California storm wallops water-starved state; more to come

Crews still fighting fire at Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs, Ar

Kill Unarmed Man First, Ask Questions Later: Anaheim Cop Lawyer

toon: Janet Brewer

Report: Background Checks Have Blocked More Than 2 Million Gun Sales

News UK news Rebekah Brooks: 'I understood illegality of payments to police'

Lawmaker Regrets Asking Why Men Can't Rape If Women Can Get Abortions

Study calls Anchorage schools America's most diverse high schools

Only the soulless wouldn't be touched by this ad

Am sick (and angry) of the police being able to claim "for their defense" anytime they want.

Chickens can do magic -

Admit it, how many have seen all 65 Oscar nominees?

Luckovich toon: Head case

Gov. Cuomo Hails Mike Bloomberg and Charter School Movement--But Avoids Hitting Mayor

Police shoot man in the back with both hands held High

Poll re white privilege

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino Close To A Decision On Run For Governor

A brief message from Comcast:

Mt Gox Bitcoin exchange sued by customer for "misappropriation."

Another nice angle on Arizona GayBan veto: in conflict between religious right and big money

Someone is posting fliers in my neighborhood ranting about a myriad of teabag craziness

Daughter's Facebook Brag Costs Her Family $80,000

Bad Cop, No Donut - 28 Feb 2014: Joe Arpaio's Racist Roast

Does anyone else think Obama is just "pretty good".

Evidence of Concealed Jailhouse Deal Raises Questions About a Texas Execution

Eva Moskowitz’s crisis day

Krugman comes around a bit on the TPP:

Nonprofits' failure to report political activity to IRS raises questions

This was actually sent to the U.S. Congress!

Damn! WTF happened?

food rave of the day: sauerkraut

John Derbyshire's latest racist screed...

but Hannity keeps tellin' me tebaggers aren't racist

Lupita Nyong'o Delivers Moving 'Black Women in Hollywood' Acceptance Speech

World's longest aircraft is unveiled in UK (BBC) XPOST {HYBRID airship at last ! }

Governor Christie's Next Town Hall Meeting....

ACA horror story: cancer stricken woman says ACA plan was unaffordable - another GOP bald faced LIE

Los Angeles City Council Bans Fracking

IN may the next WV or NC.

A married man is ordained a Maronite Catholic priest

With just 41 votes, Republican senators block veterans benefits bill

A married man is ordained a Maronite Catholic priest

14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Civil Rights -

Hung jury in Rite Aid deadly shooting trial

What Does It Take To Truly Be "My Brother's Keeper"

14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Civil Rights -

Here we go again. Liberals slammed again. WP "Are the Democrats getting too liberal?"

Allegedly spring is coming,

Ukraine says Russia follows pre-Georgia war scenario in Crimea

Chief Prober For Gov. Cuomo's Anti-Corruption Commission Stepping Down

Freddie and David - "Under Pressure" A cappella

H.R. 3193— will neuter the CFPB, seriously undermining the bureau’s ability to protect consumers

Love is Love, y'all

(Lizzy Seeberg's alleged rapist) Former Notre Dame linebacker discusses sexual assault allegation

Color me a very happy idiot...

New Jersey Town Releases Dispatch Tapes From Traffic Jams

Councilmen Blast Bill de Blasio for Failing to Halt More Co-Locations

Chris Mapp, one of the repubs challenging Cornyn: Ranchers should have right to shoot "Wetbacks"

Nassau Dems Won’t Play Favorites In NY-4 Primary

Those 911 tapes from Bridgegate have been released

In case you missed it...

Exxon CEO: Don’t Frack Near Me

Illinois State Police mail out first 5000 concealed carry permits today

Former intelligence director jailed innocent men for assassination of Luis Carlos Galan (leftist)

Cruz won't endorse Cornyn in next Tuesday's Primary

Real Disturbing Photo..

Elementary school teacher in Sanford accused of hitting autistic student in face


Crusader For Women

President and Vice President Move

President Obama to give a statement in the briefing room on Ukraine at 4:45 pm ET

I posted this in the "Hillary Clinton Group"

State Marriage Defense Act introduced in U.S. Senate Receives USCCB Endorsement

Insert obligatory "Nostradumbass" joke here.

'Institue in Basic Life Principles' leader Bill Gothard faces sexual harassment allegations

There's a new book out called "What Jefferson Read, What Eisenhower Watched, And What Obama Tweeted"

Hollywood, Google cozy up to conservatives amid dispute

In 1994 Russia, the US and the UK guaranteed Ukraine's "existing borders, sovereignty

The US calls for an urgent international mission to the Crimea to deescalate situation there.

I've got better things to do. Adios DU.

*President Obama speaking shortly on Ukraine,

NYC Council Speaker campaigns with Adriano Espaillat- Espaillat/Rangel primary.

Luminous Canterbury Pilgrims

Democratic and Republican principles - the difference, in just one silly pronoun

Ukrainian ultra-rightists given major Cabinet posts in government

Hello, DU! The Friday Afternoon Challenge returns with: Feminine Beauty in Portraits!

a festival of squeee

Colombian rebels want U.S. to participate in peace talks

SECEDE Kilgore running for TX Governor

Publishers Clearing House. Anyone know the truth?...

Understanding propaganda

Conservative Atheists Speak Up About CPAC Shunning

TN bill would place limits on union picketing

*POTUS on C-SPAN now, re: Ukraine.

If anything keeps Michael Sam out of the NFL, it won't be his sexual orientation

Search for missing person Jasmine Joseph on Long Island

Friday Night Goes Dark as Texas School Shuts $60 Million Football Stadium

Why secular but illiberal governments are no guarantee of religious freedom

Cardinal outlines possible paths to Communion for divorced, remarried


Would you like to DU this GOP survey? I did.

Keystone Pipeline being built with FOREIGN Steel??!!!

Personal trash can keyword matching: Not full words?

Fernando González (of The Cuban Five) is back in Cuba!

We are so lucky to have Obama at the helm...

Obama warns Russia 'there will be costs' for any military intervention in Ukraine

The Sixth Extinction: Elizabeth Kolbert

McCain: 'We Are All Ukrainians'

Invest in Defense Industry stock

This just in: chance of snow Tuesday in Chicago, Wednesday in the Northeast

Illinois Woman Charged With Vandalizing 20 Churches, Mosques

Ukraine official: 8 Russian cargo planes in Crimea

Fernando González answers Cuban bloggers’ questions

Google asks court to allow controversial anti-Muslim video to be restored on YouTube

A good illustration of white privilege in charts

California Medical Marijuana Card office

Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga

Arizona legislators shelve gay bill

The Wars are winding down. There are enormous profits involved in Military Conflicts

Ukraine's deposed leader blames the US for ‘gangster coup’ in defiant presser

PA Progressive Summit Gubernatorial Debate

I was having lunch at Taco Bell today

Winter-Weary Americans Plead: Get Me Out Of Here

Fear Factor host destroys Ann Coulter: ‘Can you not just be a right-wing f*cking chatterbox?’

Ukraine crisis live: UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Ukraine crisis

Man declared dead comes to life in funeral home: Miracle?

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Serious subject, funny visual. Kitty constipation.

Where were you when DU blew the lid off the "white privilege" subterfuge?

Anti-RSA TrustyCon draws packed house seeking modern security know-how

Hillary Clinton Dissed Individual Mandate, Docs Show

Did anyone see this outdated Ukraine map on MSNBC?

Jailed White Supremacist Now Doing All He Can To Leave The Small Town He Tried To Take Over

Nuclear Dump Leak In New Mexico Rekindles Debate Over Cold War-Era Waste gets trolled!

Violations issued against Duke for coal ash spill

Gay marriage fight pits Texas AG vs. gay friend

Why the Tea Party is the biggest bunch of hypocrites in America political history?

Dog shaming

Senator John McThanksForPalinYouDick: 'We Are All Ukrainians'

The phrase of the day is "Covered In Jell-O Having Sex With A Cow"

The Sublime Combination of Butter and Soy

Romney: "47% of us are Ukrainians"

Here's what the CW's Flash looks like

Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) hosting SNL this weekend

Obama: 'There Will Be Costs' For Military Intervention In Ukraine

for gen X-ers. now that PS Hoffman is gone who do you think is the best male actor of our generation

I have been ask to be a republican election judge on Tuesday

Palin - "I can see Ukraine from my house, too, also."

florida restaurant adds surcharge for obamacare.

Jewish Leader Urges Netanyahu, Ya’Alon To Send Forces To Protect Ukrainian Jews

Hillside dwellers urged to evacuate before more rain hits L.A. area

Recreational marijuana proposal certified for Alaska ballot

Do You Know Where the Candidates Stand on Choice?

Haaretz poll: Most Israelis believe Lapid failed to fulfill campaign promise

While IMF urges calm over Ukraine economy, three countries freeze suspicious Ukrainian assets

Brian Schweitzer joins MSNBC

Weekend Economists Examine the Root of All Evil: February 28-March 2, 2014

Israeli air strike hits northern Gaza

XL Dissent in DC this weekend.

You want to see how schools are being destroyed? Read this.

Arizona Not Done! Bill Would Allow Judges To Discriminate Against Gays

My Brother's Keeper: Addressing the generational cycles of racism

Tony Gonzalez in, Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out at CBS

Tips for Interfaith Organizing on College Campuses

Diplomatic Frenzy As Ukraine Slams Russian 'Aggression'