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Archives: September 5, 2013

Obama Stands With LGBT Russians at Press Conference

You wanna remember why you hate the other side so much??? Click Below!!!

Israel's Ambassador To US: Assad Must Pay Consequences

EmptyWheel's Extremely Disconcerting, Factual Chronology On U.S. Involvement In Syria

Stop sending arms to Syria

Dome: Former Raleigh mayor Meeker might run for governor in 2016

Has Obama's Syria policy just handed the Republicans a victory in 2014?

Now why would any business use a pic of Charles Manson in an ad?

If You Were Driving On I-90 On Sunday Night...

Pastor burglarizes a parishioner's home for the second time

Finally, someone gets Syria right

"Iranian President's Surprising Message To Jews"

I ventured into a conversation today and met creatures with the thinnest skin imaginable.

House Speaker John Boehner turned down a request from Russian diplomats who hope to directly lobby t

What is it that you Americans have against dictators? There are so many advantages!

Governor Walker -- Cutting More From Medicaid Than Any Other State in the Nation

Feingold in Democratic Republic of Congo

Shame on the President and John Kerry

Good to see you

RNN: US Military Contractors Celebrate Record High Profits and Stock Prices

Catsimatidis Attacks Lhota's Support Of Legalizing Marijuana

If President Obama wants to send a message against the use of chemical weapons; why doesn't he

Why Obama went to Congress. (A side-theory)

Bravo, Chris Hayes!

Beck ‘historian’ David Barton: Illiteracy rates higher because students lack ‘fear of the Lord’

Toon: McCain's Judgement

All roads lead to Putin

Why I’m leaving Israel

Mental health officials identify new syndrome: "PDS"

‘Hands off’: Syrians form human shields outside possible US strike targets

Papa Was A Rolling Stone - Temptations

NYC's populist shift - and why it matters

If the people who pushed war truly cared about human rights they would mourn civilian deaths

Ta-ku - September 4th

Hey it's raining.

I hope voters ignore Rand Paul's Syria opposition and listen to Moderate Voices instead.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!! Holy Wars

Syria dispute to be settled by awkward-silence contest.

Fears of gun registry prompt NRA to back lawsuit against surveillance

Samsung Electronics to talk strategy with investors, skeptics

Vatican abruptly ousts Dominican Republic envoy

TD 7 will be TS Gabrielle overnight

Chris Hayes' Ratings Improve With New MSNBC Lineup

World's largest solar powered boat

NAACP and KKK joint meeting in Wyoming

Jessie Lopez De La Cruz, among United Farmworkers union's first female members, dies at 93

Mysterious alignment of ‘butterfly’ nebulae discovered by Hubble

I Wonder Why This Statue Was Erected? Anyone Have a Clue? Gratitude for Bombing?

So who is SENATOR Chris Murphy and why is he voting against MY PRESIDENT?!1 Just asking. nt

How could I forget ~ HHD

Costa Rica comes up with a novel idea to get mixed breed homeless dogs adopted

We are truly "sleepwalking through history".

Alan Grayson Tweets: Member does phone town hall with 2000 voters-only 3 speak up for pro position

Are you with us or against us!

Chile's judges apologise for their actions after coup

Feed The Future: "Nearly one billion people endure the misery of chronic hunger..."

Brazil's lower house bans secret voting after protests

"There is an even bigger lie: the arrogant idea that this country is the center of the universe ....

A Mom's Awesome Letter to Her Bisexual Son Goes Viral

Why can't OUR tax dollars be spent on OUR people?

There it is - hit #2000! Big Papi!

Repubs running ads on MSNBC to cut off funding for Obamacare....

You will never believe this~ or maybe you will.


Anthony Weiner heckler slurs him on eve of Jewish New Year for being "Married to an Arab"

The Baltimore Ravens Will Promote Obamacare

How long is a minute, you ask?

When did America become so isolationist and anti-war??

David Koch And Julia Koch Donate Big Money To Pro-Joe Lhota PAC (video)

Palmdale girl brain dead in car-to-car shooting; 3 arrested

From White House - We the People petition update on issue of marijuana

Will Republicans tie war vote to Obamacare?

#Syria, The Geneva Convention and President Obama

Syrian Rebels Praise Bin Laden, Celebrate 9/11 Attacks

Did Rumsfield and Cheney have to go back to Iraq and get Saddam on

I thought this was Theon Greyjoy?

Texas' Voter ID Laws Are Plain and Simple Discrimination

Initial voter ID hearing set for Oct. 25

Voter ID law might restrict students’ ability to vote (Daily Texan)

US spies missed signs of Aug. 21 Syrian WMD Strike

Block voter ID in time for fall election (San Antonio Express-News editorial)

The Voting Rights Act decision as a clear example of judicial activism

Texas voter ID law reverses civil rights movement accomplishment

Voter ID law should be abolished (Montgomery PA News)

I know this speaks for many of us,

Syrian Revolutionary Dabke

The Brits can exercise control of their own military use through their representatives.

MJ Rosenberg: EXCLUSIVE: House Staffer Tells Me What AIPAC Is Doing (re attack on Syria)

Obama Meeting Putin At The G20 Summit Will Likely Be A Tense, International Showdown

This still holds the record for Greatest Toon Ever

Women selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist

Tar Sands A Dirty Outcome Of Free Trade Failures

Stevie Wonder double shot: You Haven't Done Nothing and Boogie On Reggae Woman

In most countries, the prime minister can basically be cross-examined by their parliament.

PUTIN: Snowden Is A 'Strange Guy' Who Is In For A Tough Life

My boss did not tell his boss I was quiting as of the 14th.

Ecuador seeks penalties for libel on social networks

So, Mr President, you state that the funds for this war already exist... Really?

(X-Post from GD) Tar Sands A Dirty Outcome Of Free Trade Failures

SCARY Mediterranean Map!

In terms of pre-labeling wars, Syria can't be Iraq 2.0

Chinese president arrives in St. Petersburg for G20 summit

Oh good lord. There's an unbelievable ad on the bottom of the threads right now.

'Obamacare' turns from GOP uniter to internal divider

Lebanese president against foreign military intervention in Syria

Iraq - Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers

Best TV Theme Song, EVAR! P.E.R.I.O.D.

How Minnesota Went From No To Yes On Marriage Equality: Help get the movie made 48 hours left to go

Thousands of Dog breeds - yes, THOUSANDS!

If the USA can unilaterally attack Syria, why can't the USA unilaterally change the UN ?

Montana appeals 30-day rape sentence for former teacher

The wisdom of Hawkeye Pierce

German president visits France WWII massacre site

Snowden Leak Said to Derail Brazil Trip Ahead of Visit to Obama

Where is the Arab League?

Mass. justices review Pledge of Allegiance

Weave room blues

Cotton mill blues

Call it peace, or call it treason. Call it love, or call it reason.

Where is Damascus? Can You Find It On A Map With No Lines Drawn On It?

Today on DU I learned that the bombing of Pearl Harbor was not an act of war

I had a GOP telemarketing firm call me today

Grand jury to consider cases against Perry, Lehmberg

Should I go to this funeral visitation?

White house blues

Carolina cotton mill song

President Obama with Nordic Leaders before their Dinner together..

North Carolina Republicans will aim to ax income tax

MLK and Rabbi Heschel and Rev. Abernathy

Mill mother's lament

McCain: Are We ‘Interrupting Your Video Poker Time?

You can recognize an atomic clock but have to ask what a generator looks like?

And now that it's all over all I can do is wish you well

Crater Lake was nice today. (2 pics - 200k)

Will Putin Sell Missile Defences To Iran? Russian President Issues Threat To Route Technology....

If Obama were to get his Congressional vote

American military action could strengthen Islamic extremists and criminals (NYT)

USAA Changes Policy After ABC News Investigation Into Sandy-Damaged Vehicles Sold on Used Car Lots

Brooklyn Menorah Fire Hours Before Jewish New Year Investigated As Possible Hate Crime

The more the USA loses influence in the Middle East...

Judge Orders Companies To Reverse Wage, Benefit Cuts To City School Bus Drivers, Matrons

Police: DeKalb officer shot teen skipping school

Hunter: Obama could be impeached if he strikes Syria without authorization

When will we be paid

Going down to Mississippi

Factual Chronology Of US Involvement In Syria (With Actual Facts)

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 6, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Future Shock!

Day 59: After Meeting with Fellow Prisoners, Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers to Make Announcement Thurs.

I love my state

Si me quieres escribir

Official's death reveals rare details of torture in Party's extra-judicial investigations

Foster Children and Obamacare: The Exchanges Could Help

National Motorcycle Riders Memorial

Someone explain to me how "limited" air strikes in Syria will deter Assad from using chemical

Freedom is a constant struggle

No sides here...... but a simple question to all of you..

Obama Weighs Egypt Aid Suspension

Streaming MHz Worldview on Roku or iOS and Android apps

Is this where I can complain about DHL?

True blues

if you have any dim-witted friends who plan to vote for Abbott on Saturday

Don't be too polite girls!

Uncle in the hospital, slightly unusual mystery...

Zimmerman gets speeding ticket in Florida

Edison releases San Onofre records

U.S. documents detail al-Qaeda’s efforts to fight back against drones

Stewart and Oliver Team Up to Take Down McCain: Are We ‘Interrupting Your Video Poker Time?’

Does The Dog Die?

September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day

NRC announces dates, locations, and times for dozen public meetings on Nuclear Waste Con from Oct. 1

Lawmakers uneasy over US-Myanmar military ties

Putin calls Kerry a liar on Syria...

HIV Vaccine: Western University Researchers Report Success In Trials

Obama allies plead for him to address the nation on Syria

Now that Obama supports bombing Syria conservatives are against it

"To make things 'perfectly clear' is reactionary and stupefying. The real is not perfectly clear."

Way Up In Northern Maine: Drone Peace Walk on October 10 - 19

Pentagon knew since 2012 that 75,000 GROUND TROOPS needed to secure Syria's chemical weapons

Kerry portrait of Syria rebels at odds with intelligence reports

Just drank several glasses of low-viscosity pudding water...

Heard on NPR station. During the hearing, Grayson asked Kerry

Another one for the metalheads (and stoners)...

The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction

Hammer Ring

Our international image.

Stuck in the fucking stone age.

Uribe’s former security chief to stand trial for ties to Medellin drug cartel

A Mom's Awesome Letter to Her Bisexual Son Goes Viral

Military Madness (is Killing our Country) - Kinda sums up our situation.

Obama is Doing Many of the Things Bush Did...

The Democratic Congressman Who Thinks He Can Stop the Syria War

Anthony Weiner heckeled by racist Jewish man.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Where Wildlife & Buffalo Still Roam

Syria explained; how it became a religious war (CNN)

Al-Qaida-Linked Syria Rebels Hit Christian Village

on mothers and daughters, sisters and lovers (poem)

Egypt crisis: Bomb 'targets' Minister Mohammed Ibrahim

Who exactly are those people on the Blue Bell ice cream boxes?

SPIN METER: Obama on use of US military might

Dolphin’s 'wet dream' captured on video for first time

Cameron rushed into holding 'quick' Syria vote by Americans, Ken Clarke suggests.

TEPCO locates groundwater inflow into reactor turbine building for first time

Obamacare Premiums Will Vary Widely By State And City: Report

No adverse effects in volunteers following Phase I clinical trial of Sumagen AIDS vaccine

Justice League? Avengers? Can't decide? How about both?

Guardian : G20 live updates

Dolphin’s 'wet dream' captured on video for first time

So you see you can politicize foreign policy

Iran will support Syria 'to the end': military chief

40 years later Chile's judges apologise for their actions after coup

So Fox News seem to be against attacking Syria

This Bombardment of Syria Clichés Shows No Sign of Stopping

Senators Authorizing Syria Strike Got More Defense Cash Than Lawmakers Voting No

Murdered for Defending their Territory in Honduras

NY Newsday censors Doonesbury.

Costa Rica doubles Internet accesses to reach 47% of homes

Morning Blow has his own intel sources

A Great Respons by Politician on why he supports gay marriage

6 Major Players Who Turned the Syrian Crisis Into a Devastating Proxy War Nightmare

Senators Authorizing Syria Strike Got More Defense Cash Than Lawmakers Voting No

401(k)s are replacing pensions. That’s making inequality worse.

5,000-Year-Old Gaming Pieces Found In Turkey (PHOTO)

Katie Beers' Captor Found Dead at NY Prison

Excavations underway at Britain’s biggest Iron-Age hill fort

Russia releasesfindings on chemical attack near Aleppo indicating similarity with rebel-made weapons

*SOLIDARITY* thread for our sisters and brothers of Wal Mart employment

Where and what are the chemical weapons in Syria?

Bronze Age City Unearthed in Cyprus

Can they never leave well enough alone? USMC seeks to replace grey raincoat with black one

You really, really, really, really couldn't make it up ....

Scandinavia’s oldest snow patch find discovered in Norway

Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West

Out of the oil emerges Venezuela's 'Jurassic Park'

360 million year old fossilised scorpion

10 Weirdest Fundamentalist Christian Conspiracy Theories

Krispy Kreme! on my side of the bay! fuck yeah!

The Military's Latest Rape-Case Mess

Hypocrisy: Fox Demanded Obama Get Congress Approval, Now Offended He Asked

Subway Cats find a home (pic heavy)

Insurers Pay Hospitals Twice Rate of Rivals in Some Areas

White Separatist: 'Gay' Created by Jews to Oppress White People

Since Syria is a 'State Sponsor of Terrorism', Wouldn't an Attack on Syria Increase the Risk of a

Cuba travel a political football

G20: Where the key players stand on Syria

As airplane for beaming TV to Cuba sits, we still pay for it

E.J. Dionne: Syria and the Return of Dissent

Swedish prime minister on climate, trade and Syria.

Syria Conflict Is Fulfillment of End Times Prophecy? Christian Theologians Weigh In

How a Hardline Lobby Is Blocking Closer Relations Between Cuba and America

Digby: The Oxymoron of the Day: 'Humanitarian War' in Syria

Animals mistaken for spies...a number of animals have been falsely accused over the years...

Building the Commons as an Antidote to the Predatory Market Economy

57 v. 43

When will Doonesbury return from hiatus?

Could U.S. Military Action Turn Syrian Civil War Into a "Widespread Regional War"?

Julian Assange is tracking the movements of 19 spyware contractors

Financial planning

Keiser Report: Ego-Nazi Nation

ADP National Employment Report Shows 176,000 Jobs Added in August

N.Y. Times scraps AIPAC from Syria story

What is the real reason the Administration is pushing to attack Syria?

Researchers at MIT said the weapons held up to 50 times more nerve agent than previously estimated.

Keiser Report: Debt Zombie Students

Save 15% or more on car insurance

"The Complete Picture Of The U.S. Mainstream News Media" (Mr. Fish)

Henry A. Giroux: Hope in a Time of Permanent War

I got this

Green compensation proposals outlined

Five Years After Crisis, Banks No Better Off

Will the Global Policeman Hang Up His Badge?

Stopping a War Before It Starts

10 weirdest right-wing Christian conspiracy theories

Obama Cites Intl Law to Justify War, Disregards When It Serves Peace

The dark rush to the bottom. . . . Please come CAPTION Limbaugh!!!

Civil-liberties groups seek hearings on DEA's use of intelligence

What's with Mark Halperin's full beard? I almost laughed out loud at Morning Joe today!

In case you have not noticed that wretched puke Joe Wilson is back in the news..

Fracking fights spread to Europe

At Least 100 Tons Of Dead Fish Hauled From Hubei River; Ammonia Concentrations 196 mg/liter

Howard Dean says the President wouldn't get his way if Syrian strike vote were held today

Colorado teenager stabs her mother 79 times in the face and neck

Why are there pesticides and GMOs in our national wildlife refuges?{large image}

CEOs Being Paid for Poor Performance

Another $100,000,000 Down The Toilet

Libyan police unit admits kidnapping ex-spy chief's daughter

My Senator, Ed Markey voted Present for the Syria resolution

Rockets in Syrian Attack Carried Large Payload of Gas, Experts Say

Could U.S. Military Action Turn Syrian Civil War Into a "Widespread Regional War"?

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Options and risks

Making $$ from fear! "Keep your shoes, jackets on: TSA to expand pre-screening program" - just 85$

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Global Cop

Florida Gun Owner Cites 'Bush Doctrine' After Pre-emptive Killing of Neighbors at Labor Day Cookout

Throughout the Middle East, there are no good guys in the struggle

Florida man cites ‘Bush doctrine’ after pre-emptive killing of neighbors at Labor Day cookout

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Lawmakers warn military cuts will hinder Syria strike plans

Google Maps a Japanese Nuclear Ghost Town

Senators McCain and Gram seem to be advising the President to set up a Satellite Government in Syria.

Washington state approves 334 retail pot stores...

It's Not War, So Stop Saying That

I think we'd have less wars if more women were in elected office

Robert Parry: All Scrubbed Up, Nowhere to Show

WTF, Wisconsin? GOP Twit Wants To Close Forest Around Mine Site - Evil Protesters Lurk In Trees

How Climate Change Warmed Syria Up for War

Deforestation Triples In Ecuador YOY During First 3 Months Of 2013

Obama facing defeat in the House

Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties

Kerry Statements About 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels More Optimistic Than Intelligence Reports

House looks ready to kill Syria strike resolution

Brazil's President Cancels Preparations For White House Trip After NSA Leaks

Wow: New Quinnipiac Poll Has de Blasio At 43%- there may not be a runoff after all

Groundhog Deja Clusterf@#k

Climate Threat To MN Lake Herring Potentially Deadly To Trout, Pike, Walleye Fisheries

Papantonio: Fracking Away Our Water Supply

I'm dropping att U-Verse today

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 5, 1882

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 5, 1882

Georgia Republican Caught Bragging About Sabotaging Obamacare (VIDEO)

Death in Valdosta:A 17 year old Af-American was found in a rolled up gym mat. Murder or Accident?

3.5 Million Homeless and 18.5 Million Vacant Homes

Crane fails at Fukushima Reactor #3

Jobless claims improve, remain near six-year low

Media Question Kerry's Mysterious 1,429 Death Toll in Syria

For most Republicans this is about clowning President Obama, nothing more, nothing less.

Glitch report

A nine-day traffic jam in China is now more than 100 kilometres long and could last for weeks

We don’t trust in god, or Hobby Lobby

MSF Surgeon Killed in Syria

Pissing on a gasoline fire and other really bad ideas...

Climate Crocks: How Climate Change Primed Syria for War

Here’s why the Steubenville Grand Jury Recessed Last Month:

Report: Russian Lawmaker Proposes Taking Children From Gay Parents

There's a stick bug on my porch.

Did Kerry get out in front of President on Syria?

Wendy Davis's father.

'If North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I hope it lands in Hartford'

Robert Parry: All Scrubbed Up, Nowhere to Show

Stolen document highlights homophobia in Uganda

Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West

Rep. Alan Grayson on Syria: Congress Should Reject "War Mongering" and Focus on Problems at Home

SOMETIMES we the people WIN!! (no kum n go in colorado springs neighborhood)

Major New Study On Obamacare Premiums Should End The ‘Rate Shock’ Hysteria Once And For All

Thirteen reasons not to bomb Syria.

Pope urges G20 leaders to seek Syria peace talks / Pope's Letter to Vladimir Putin about Syria

I love my tree guy. I love him.

An idea to solve the crisis

Death toll question... are Nerve Toxin deaths Isolated in the number?

I'll be in Charlottesville VA for the next three days/nights...attending the Monticello festival

Just a limited airstrike with no boots on the ground

American car companies have to pay workers less to stay globally competitive

Howard Zinn: The Media As The Handmaiden Of War

Cross post from gardening - any DUers near Charlottesville?

2 Michigan State trustees displeased with professor's classroom rant against Republicans

Sarah Silverman’s Touching Tribute to Her Dog

U.S. objects to secret settlement in eToys bankruptcy

Do you think the House would have impeached Obama....?

Amy Davidson in the New Yorker analyzes Kerry's lousy performance

TEPCO locates groundwater inflow into reactor turbine building for first time

Ga. PSC may give $10K fine to anti-abortion group


Juan Cole: A US attack on Syria will Prolong the War

Here Is the Gun That Got Ted Nugent's Wife Arrested

My condom has an expiration date of April 2017.

TIME Mag: Mission All-But-Impossible: Destroying Syria’s Chemical Weapons from the Air

Al-Qaida-linked Syria rebels hit Christian village (Maaloula)

Kenya MPs vote to withdraw from ICC

A significant achievement of the human race: It succeeded in banning chemical weapons.

A study in trollery, sockpuppetry, and general douchebaggery.

Did The UN Inspectors File Their Syrian Report Yet?.....

Pressure mounts on Obama over Syria at G20 summit - Reuters

SC Gov.Haley locks herself out of governor's mansion - in her robe

Found this via Miss Representation's FB page.

The Religion Post

Malawi to feed poor with cash from selling president's jet

Dennis Kucinich: Top 10 Unproven Claims for War

Obama should have smacked this little dip shit

Pic Of The Moment: Coincidence?

This animal-lover has created the biggest critter sanctuary in the US

Nevada city rejects eminent domain plan for mortgages

Standing Up to the Hawks in Congress - The Nation

Pope Francis On Syria: Abandon 'Futile Pursuit' Of Military Solution

Kerry Turns From Anti-War Protester to Syria Salesman

At what age does one become "elderly?" Why?

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Sept 5th

The Secretary of Explaining Stuff explains Obamacare

The overselling of bombing Syria demonstrates how stupid the admin thinks

Numbers in Congress Show Obama Far From Approval on Syria

History: Cheney On Two-Thirds Of The American Public Opposing The Iraq War: ‘So?!!!!!’

Obamacare Insurance Costs Affordable, Kaiser Survey Finds

Atheists Have Stronger Family Values Than Evangelical Christians

Japan Likely To Lose 2020 Olympics Due To Radiation Threat.

American Auto Earnings Show Signs of Beating Best of 90s

Calif. Inmates End Hunger Strike After 2 Months

Further Comments Of Senator Leahy On The Senate’s Upcoming Debate On Syria’s Use Of Chemical Weapons

How Atheists Are Fighting Back Against Military Discrimination

Rural Californians rekindle secession movement

Thom Hartmann: Why We Shouldn't Attack Syria

I'm sure happy that we're not talking about a dumb war in Syria

{Oregon} The Queer Frontier

1 hour of Fox News and a tea party guy

US Service Firms Expand At Fastest Pace In 8 Years

When killing more people is the right thing to do

RIP Chivalry 1306 - 2013. Man Steals Dates' Blackberry After She Won't Pay

exclusive: Julian Assange — coming home next year

An Australian Billionaire Politician Is Suing Rupert Murdoch For Defamation, Claims Wendi Murdoch Is

British Woman Has Stroke, Begins Speaking With Chinese Accent

Celebrating my Big Five-Seven today! Ask me about last year,,,

Popular Leather Sofa Falls Apart, Customers Complain..Today News.. (Jennifer Convertibles)

Female Thyroid Cancer, Ages 15 -24, 1975 – 2008, Japan. all data available, Official Estimates

Here we go again ...

Woman Forced To Wait 8 Years Before Retrieving Diamond Swallowed By Chicken

Kerry w/Chris Hayes tonight

The Affordable Care Act Part III: Fixing a Broken System

The Affordable Care Act Part III: Fixing a Broken System

Ron Paul is being interviewed by Alex Wagner.

I agree with Ron Paul: This is not about national security.

I don't give a shit about Rand Paul, or Obama's political standing, or House GOP motivations.

CBS Goes full tabloid: Russia Warns Of Nuclear Disaster If Syria Is Attacked

A.H. Belo to employees: You’ll pay for not leading a healthy lifestyle

EU Leaders Call for Political Solution to Syrian Crisis

Syrian pipeline

West to hold back from targeting Iran at U.N. nuclear meeting

Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West

Down syndrome reversed in newborn mice with single injection

Govt to declassify some secret court opinions


"And now, a warning"

In Kabul, trading women like cattle

New NFL rule on QB hits creating concern for the read-option

Author of popular memoir recounting her escape from the Taliban, shot dead

Politics Screws Up Your Ability To Do Math

New Texas A&M T-shirt takes aim at ESPN

When Congress was called in . . .

Why Would A Republican That Supported The Iraq War Not Support An Attack On Syria?

Sex on four wheels...

MoveOn: Call Congress ... NOW :

Alternate uses for MFM's 2017 condom: A hat, a brooch, a pterodactyl...

Leahy, Sanders and Welch express "grave concerns" about bombing Syria

I see the Middle Kingdom between Heaven and Earth

Pope Francis On Syria: Abandon 'Futile Pursuit' Of Military Solution

Rand Paul and Ron Paul are idiots! Sarah Palin is an idiot.

FEMA'S use of term 'federal family' for government expands under Obama

Russia To Debate Taking Children Away From LGBT Parents

California's Rim Fire caused by hunter, U.S. Forest Service says

Aggie Highway approved by Texas Transportation Commission (SH 249)

WTF Japan Seriously!?

Russia To Debate Taking Children Away From LGBT Parents

Minn. mayor in Chicago hoping to lure Illinois gay couples northward to marry, open checkbooks

Sequester Cuts Over 4,000 Kids From Head Start in Texas

Assad accused of moving human shields to key military targets

RUSSIA: Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Take Children Away From Gay Parents

Lol, Nikki Haley accidentally locks herself out of governor's mansion in her bathrobe!

Do you think the words “under God” should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance?

UT Dallas is Home to America's First Muslim Fraternity

[UK] Sheppey bridge closes after massive pile-up crash involving 100 vehicles

Yesterday, in front of the House Panel, Kerry said he'd supported the Panama and Grenada

A Pastor Asks A Politician Why He Supports Gay Marriage. It Seems He Wasn't Prepared For His Reply.

Dressed in robe, Nikki Haley (R-obviously) locks self out of South Carolina governor's mansion

St. Petersburg lawmaker files bill to ban red light cameras

Elected (Texas) Supreme Court Justice Criticizes Judicial Elections -- This is Good News

Sarin gas was used in Syrian chemical weapons attack, says David Cameron

Venezuelan gov't rules out repatriation from Syria

Putin calls Kerry a liar on Syria

Just culling a mailing list for a candidate I am helping out....

Does anybody else think Mikhail Gorbachev was more of a small d democrat

Feature request: Trash Subthread.

OUTSTANDING: Expert who predicted global economic crash thinks risks from GMOs too great.

Papantonio: The Chemical Weapon Double Standard

The conflict in Syria is destroying some of the oldest relics of human civilization

Rim Fire: Blaze was started by a hunter with an 'illegal fire'

Help me with my Fantasy Syrian Civil War team

The recall election over "gun control" is underway in Colorado Springs...

Do you believe a bombing campaign in Syria will end their ability to use chemical weapons?

Nuclear Power’s Renaissance in Reverse - by Mycle Schneider and Antony Froggatt

Obama Cancels Trip To California Next Week To Work On Syria Vote: White House

Republicans Supporting AUMF vs. Syria

First 3 pages of Latest Threads here avg. 5% threads on Syria or War (possibly a long rant)

German intelligence: Syria Chemical Attack From Assad

WaPo Whip Count: The “no’s” keep piling up on Syria resolution in the House

Is President Obama hoping that Congress rejects authorizing use of force against Syria?

Ambassador Samantha Power: Russia Is Holding UN Security Council 'Hostage'

The Rude Pundit: Obamacare Is Going to Murder Republicans

There is overwhelming progressive opposition to a strike against Syria.

Stupidity is a disease.

Conservative group says McConnell doing "nothing" to stop Obamacare...

Hundreds of Pages of NSA Spying Documents to be Released As Result of EFF Lawsuit

Subway Kittens Find New Home In Brooklyn

Secret Agenda in Syria? Larry Summers and Cronies Opening the World to Criminal Banksters

To all who have furry friends.

I still support this President...

Former NSA Officer: WikiLeaks Serves As An Extension Of Russian Intelligence

Car bomb kills 18 near Syria's capital; rebels say air base captured

'To some, US case for Syrian gas attack, strike has too many holes' (McClatchy)

Rim fire started by a hunter's illegal fire, Forest Service says

Pelosi Unsure If Most Democrats Will Back Obama On Syria

A Rare Thing

Vandals damage headstones at Ulster County cemetary

This tree will eat anything

Can anyone take the mystery out of the healthcare marketplace coming under ACA?

Are you kidding me?

A Rare Thing

Russian Finance Minister: G20 Leaders Agree On Plan To Tax Multinationals

I think this pretty much sums it up (photo)

Drinking Water in India - September Campaign 2013

No boots on the ground? Then it's not a war.

Florida Man Cites ‘Bush Doctrine’ As Justification For Pre-Emptive Killing At Barbecue

Too cute

I'm not sure if this should be posted here or not


I have a dog who is marking in the house -

'Rupert Murdoch's wife is a Chinese spy'

Jon Stewart on Syria bullshit

Iran Doesn’t Deny the Holocaust, New Foreign Minister Says on Twitter

The Building That Set A Car On Fire Also Nearly Set A Reporter On Fire

St. Isaac the Syrian - on prayer

President Obama meets Putin at the g20.

Will you buy this war?

Can and Will Obama strike Syria if the House says No?

Colorado GOP Legislator Brings Fried Chicken To Capitol As Protest For Race Free Speech

I just called my Washington State Representative and my two Senators.

Oneida Indian Nation, of Upstate NY, Begins Radio Campaign Against "Redskins"

N.S.A. Foils Much Internet Encryption

Al-Qaeda’s Proxies Among Syria’s Rebels Scared by Threat of U.S. Strikes

***Public Service Announcement*** "Brunch with Bernie" TODAY instead of tomorrow.

Found a glitch

'My Journal' seems to have disappeared

Come on, Toto! I just know we'll get it right this time!

Stone-faced cute bomb. Deployed.

I was for the strike before I saw this.....Horrible sequence...

What's Mittens Thinking? Make 'Sense' Of Your Cat's Behavior

Obamacare: Cheaper Than Expected

UN: Press should NOT be 'intimidated into silence' over state secrets

KARA: a PS3 new technology

They aren't even asking for an estimate

Universal Credit crunch: Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reform wastes £34m - so far

A Chinese Ghost Story 2011 FULL MOVIE

Final Face-Off in Comptroller Race; Poll Says It’s Tight

Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq...

Close call at work. Major traumatic experience. Hold me!

Listen up DU...TX State Sen. Wendy Davis Wins Lawsuit Against Racist GOP Redistricting Plan by

Nuclear Power’s Renaissance in Reverse

Thom Hartmann: Should Hurricane James Inhofe hit the East Coast?


Syrian Christians say Western attack could make things worse

Official: Alec Baldwin to Host Weekly MSNBC Talk Show

Question for folks who either went to college or currently attend college

Park Rangers Brutally Arrest Iraq War Veteran at Anti-Syria Bombing Demo

“Gun Violence” as a Public Health Issue: a Physician’s Response

Grayson on Syria WAR Resolution: "I am confident it will be defeated"

Native Americans Take Lead in Tar Sands Resistance

RIP PA Republican Gov. Bill Scranton, Radical Progressive by Today's Standard [VIDEO]

Some comics (not necessarily humorous) and a thing.

Why Philadelphia schools will close their doors forever

If the Presidential election was held tomorrow rather than last November, for whom would you vote?

Where do your Senators and Representative stand on Syria intervention? Find out here:

Let's vote them out!

I keep getting asked "What's YOUR solution for Syria"?


Listen up, y'all: Don't f*ck with Mick Jaguar (if you're squeamish about animals hunting, beware)

Six crazy stories from wingnut land you might have missed this week...

"If you're voting yes on military action in #Syria, might as well start cleaning out your office."

Regardless of how you feel about military action in Syria here's a link to help

NY1 ItCH: Could Eliot Spitzer Be Sputtering Out?

I found these charts interesting

POLL: Obama Still Most Popular World Leader

How Banks Screwed Detroit

San Antonio City Council approves ordinance for LGBT, veterans protections

Russian warships cross Bosphorus, en route to Syria

Owning My (Black) Womanhood Is a Revolutionary Act

All Hail the Masters of War!

Alan Grayson's Dont attack Syria petition

Amid Tensions, Obama And Putin Put On A Happy Face During Appearance At G-20

purple, purple... wherever I go now

Government Slashes Funding for Marine Mammal Rescue

Senator Wendy Davis wins Redistricting Lawsuit over Abbott.

AFL/CIO: (NYC) Three arrested delivering petition to Wal Mart board of directors

Census Bureau Reports 21 Percent of Married-Couple Households Have at Least One Foreign-Born Spouse

Homeowners Ask Why Feds Have Billions for Spy Programs and Syria but No Money for Firefighting

Suggestions for running wire through existing walls?

If YOU were in Congress, what possible incentive would there be to attack Syria? *

The nation united against bombing Syria. United against the surveillance state.

Principle concerns of Venezuelans are insecurity and lack of supplies (Spanish)

The student loan bubble is starting to burst

NSA Surveillance Blowback: Brazil's President May Cancel Washington Visit

Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria

General Smedley Butler is still right: War IS a Racket

If Arab countries pick up the tab for a strike in Syria

Americans worried about Facebook, not NSA, poll finds

Honeywell Survey Reveals What Passengers Would Sacrifice In Exchange For Onboard Wifi

Don't attack Syria, world leaders tell Obama at G20 summit

Across a Border, Iraqis See Replays of Past and Fears for Future

CNN is providing updates 3x daily on War vote count

Spoiler...the outcome doesn't really surprise me...

Lhota Polled Voters About De Blasio's Mixed-Race Marriage, Report Claims

Has anyone done an online course for ticket dismissal in Texas?

Family of Slain Chilean Folk Singer Files Suit in Florida

Family of Slain Chilean Folk Singer Files Suit in Florida

Dopamine enhancement therapy...

With Little Warning, 57,000 Virginians Getting Voter Registration Cancelled Right before Election

Domestic violence resources

Tens of Thousands March Against Mexico School Privatization

Tens of Thousands March Against Mexico School Privatization

Sources: Man Struck, Killed By Model Helicopter In Brooklyn

Birds protect Costa Rica's coffee crop

Why do children sometimes pull wings off flies, pull legs off daddy-long-legs, etc.?

The Jabhat al Nusra fought Americans in Iraq. They want to establish an Islamist state in Syria.

Will President Obama lose the Syrian vote mostly because of the "left"?

It's not just Syria that doesn't have a solution. Warfare itself doesn't have a solution.

Judge names community facilitator Nicholas Turner to aid in stop-and-frisk reforms...

New ad suggestion.... Do the MATH, before you run your MOUTH

Videos show police striking man with batons

Students, faculty to protest Bush award in Denver

Puerto Rico to Debate Medical Use of Marijuana

Puerto Rico to Debate Medical Use of Marijuana


Syria: An Epic Tornado of Bullshit Assumptions

'Crack baby' study ends with unexpected but clear result

War for Peace

I won't be at all surprised if there is a "new" horrific revelation before next week's vote

Betty McCollum Issues Statement on Possible Military Action in Syria

ABC Reports: Shellie Zimmerman Officially Files for Divorce From George Zimmerman

Black-hole-hunting spacecraft bags its first catch

Young rabbis visit detention center to lead Rosh Hashanah services

East Coasters! Tonight (Friday), you can see NASA launch the "LADEE" into space!

Man killed, partially decapitated by remote controlled toy helicopter he was operating

Man found guilty of murdering atheist friend in argument over existence of God

Man killed in ( his own) toy helicopter accident in Brooklyn

$19 Billion Annually Stolen By Companies Not Paying OT. - Truthout.

The truth: After Weiner, did you think McCain would be next to trash his career with phone pics?

US Officials: Obama Administration Considers Military Training Of Syrian Rebels

Mr. Kerry - resign.

Corn Price Falls As Harvests Come In Strong

test balloon for virtual DU "Lounge"

The Catholic Case Against Strikes on Syria

Court-decision: TSA can legally lie to you.

White House Proposes New Rules For Postponed Health Law Mandate

Now THIS is how you quit your job

George Zimmerman's Wife Files for Divorce

Today's Doonesbury reflects something I haven't seen reported. Hmmmmm.

Lalo Schifrin - Room -26-

Touchpad settings: what do they mean?

Bloody Hands Behind Kerry-Democracy Now says this has gone VIRAL on YouTube

In Like Flint / Our Man Flint - Your Zowie Face

Alternative to war ..

It would be interesting to see how opinion on Syria polls here each day

Jetliner precipitously balanced on wingtip

Sarin traces found in Syria chemical weapons attack, Britain says

Transparency in Wisconsin Government: Journalist and Public Blocked from Open Meeting (Mine)

September 5, 1882

Cyprus lawmakers reject key term for EU/IMF bailout

Severe thunder storm warning

The Ipcress File - John Barry

Are liberals sexier than conservatives?

Craigslist harassing job poster

Maybe President Obama didn't want this war.

Almost 3 times the total killed on 9/11, twice the total US soldiers killed in 9 years of Iraq War.

Atlas Shrugged, Episode II

Girls be ambitious

If Congress does shoot down the resolution to authorize the use of force in Syria....

Kathleen Turner's telling Upper West Siders: #VotedeBlasio!

"Strategizing" unemployment

WTF! This is supposed to be funny?

Oh great, Mad Cow - first NH, now Cape Cod.

Syria, What you're not being told

AP survey of Va. Congressional delegation finds largest bloc leans against Syria intervention

Grayson on Democracy Now

Yahoo Needs a Lifeboat Not a Logo

Are you uncomfortable with the CIA training Syrian rebels? Good news.

President Obama Considers Address to Nation on Syria

Just talking TACTICS, not policy: Since when did "democracy" mean telling adversaries your plans?

Alec Baldwin's new Friday night show (MSNBC) starts soon

Syria: Nobel Peace Laureate Tells Her Account of What She Witnessed

Ladies....George Zimmerman is about to be single again!

Spoiler Alert

What does your home town NOT have a lot of?

How hard is is to acknowledge that the Syrian issue isn't simple and doesn't have a simple answer?

Vibes needed for a little stray i saw a while ago. A tiny Yorkie dragging a leash.

White House Presses Case On Syria On New Website

The Land of FC Barcelona

Afghan vets reunited with 8 battlefield dogs

TIME Cover Story: It's Time to Pay College Athletes

57,000 Virginians Could Have Their Voter Registrations Cancelled

Fecal Bacteria From Thin Humans Can Slim Mice Down (eew, but....)

Australia’s Premier Faces Bleak Predictions on Eve of Elections

Here's an idea, let's make sure that 30 million Americans are denied access to healthcare.

I would like to volunteer to be a host of the Skepticism group.

Mo. Man Charged With Infecting Man With HIV Claims 300 Partners Since Diagnosis 10 Years Ago

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 6 September 2013

Richard Simmons has lost his mind.

Chthonic-Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace

All the Answers

Dear Congress and Mr. President, You seem confused. Here, let me help you.

Like the UK, should Obama resign if he loses this Syrian confidence vote?

If you don't have the balls to challenge BUSH stealing your election...

It's looking like things are gonna get I wanted to say

Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria In the Cross-hairs

Information Sharing Is Caring-Why Obama and Congress need to talk it out on Syria

'English only' signs hanging in Upper West Side store

!!! Si se puede !!! We will stop you !!! Si se puede!!!

Just Now: Alan Grayson FORCEFULLY opposes Syrian bombing.

What's Kerry's problem?

Iranian president tweets Rosh Hashanah blessing to Jews

A victim of GOP Obamacare sabotage speaks out

Winning over pro-war people, one person at a time...

How do I go about getting a refund on my donation to DU?

Excellent question!

The Onion: Bruce Springsteen On Fence About Playing Assad’s Birthday Gig

If you back the "limited strikes" on Syria

Jerry Russell, Stage West founder, father of Sen. Wendy Davis, dies

PPP: North Carolina's national image declines

Holy Facting Shite -US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet