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Archives: September 29, 2020

Peter Strzok's legal notes appear to have been 'altered' by Mike Flynn's defense team

Whoa! My right wing sister has moved all the way from simply giving up on Trump...

Willie "Vote Em Out"

Reality Winner was denied Compassionate Release by the District Judge who denied a bail & sentenced

That's the $750 dollar question, isn't it?

"He's incompetent!" "He's a crook!"

Joni is off and lying

just saw this discussion about Amendment 3 on Reddit and thought I'd pass it along

Ernst - Greenfield Debate.

Foul mouth birds having a 'time out' following a four letter tirade

Senate Debate Tonight 7pm Mountain Time (Bullock/Daines)

CIA re-hired sacked agent after Colombia terrorism claims: report

So Putin Is Suggesting A Cyber-Truce...Wonder Why

So what happens with Melanie?

If tRump has a pardon, can the government collect IRS debts?

I have verified that my parents' absentee votes have been processed and will be counted.

Did he tweet today?

Cats,cats, cats - They're everywhere

Debt can be bought and sold. I wonder what the market is for that $400 million in debt?

Steve Bannon, Fraser Anning And A Robot Sex Expert Are Launching A Think Tank Together

I voted!

Statistic shows Democrats' strength in Texas battlegrounds

" I just finished watching the Cambridge analytica video and I'm pissed"

Trump administration orders assessment on bolstering nuclear warheads as talks with Russia stall

Voter registration spiked in days immediately following Ruth Bader Ginsburg death

Questions for Amy Coney Barrett. (Not what you think)

Who does the president owe $421,000,000 to?

Democrats have raised more than $300M since Ginsburg's death

When the Killa Con interrupts tomorrow night I only want Biden to do one thing

Scary Broadcast Interruptions...

GOP asks Supreme Court to halt mail voting extension in Pennsylvania

*The Comey Rule 9:00 PM ON SHO

If you need a laugh. Twitter trending Dumb and Dumber

Anyone else feeling like the sun has poked thru for the first time in many months?

Anderson Cooper and John Podesta discussing what Joe Biden should or not do. Thanks but no thanks

Grand juror in Breonna Taylor case files motion for disclosure of grand jury records.

FL-15: National political parties are piling into race

trump tweet from back in 2012! (btw, no one knows where that $790K came from)

Loyal Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave Owner And Rides Ambulance

Dear Mr. Pence: This will not be a snarky attack screed, as justified as such a letter might be.

Behind the White House Effort to Pressure the C.D.C. on School Openings

Houston Republicans sue to limit in-person and absentee voting options in Harris County

California governor signs four LGBTQ rights laws

Williamson County sheriff charged with felony evidence tampering in Javier Ambler case

'Unthinkable': Top Obama Legal Mind On What Happens If Trump 'Won't Concede'

Nearly 80 years after the Babyn Yar massacre, Ukrainian researchers lift victims out of anonymity

Florida Republican investigated for 'potential election criminal misconduct'

New PSA from FBI & CISA: False claims of hacked voter information likely intended to cast doubt...

Florida Democratic groups to canvas for votes, backed by Mike Bloomberg money

Donald Trump wanted daughter Ivanka to be running mate in 2016, book says

Pandemic overwhelms Donald Trump's message in critical North Carolina

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Former Louisville cop pleads not guilty on wanton endangerment charges

Video shows Trump's former campaign manager arrested by police

Trump tax revelations spark outrage among some, but supporters defend president

Is there a debate bingo?

Appeals court blocks order that required straight-ticket voting in Texas

Wilbur Ross defies federal judge -- says Census will end early despite court order

Houston Republicans sue to limit in-person and absentee voting options in Harris County

Courts view GOP fraud claims skeptically as Democrats score key legal victories over mail voting

Need some help here - looking for a good link about this tax shitstorm

Federal appeals court temporarily blocks ruling that reinstated straight-ticket voting in Texas

To protect our democracy, Democrats must win state legislative elections

Williamson County sheriff charged with felony evidence tampering in Javier Ambler case

A's, Alameda County to convert Coliseum and Arena into voting site for election

Tweet of the hour

Trump's draft memo firing James Comey was 'tinfoil helmet material,'

Hollywood reacts in disgust to Trump's tax returns

Ugh! Just saw a Trump ad during KC vs Baltimore game.

U of TN asks election commission to move early voting on campus to Thompson-Boling Arena

The story behind Amy Coney Barrett's little-known Christian group People of Praise

He's baaack. (spider)

Frumpy Trump didn't answer any questions at the briefing today!

NYT Op Ed "The Picture of a Broken Tax System"

Trump Denounces Anti-Catholic Bias Even as He Attacks Biden's Faith

One million Americans have already cast 2020 vote in 'historic' early voting surge

Amy Coney Barrett 'will undo' Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy: Sen. Kamala Harris

Voting has begun in Pennsylvania's messy, unprecedented 2020 pandemic election

Kamala Harris Blasts SCOTUS Pick:

What is wrong with the IRS??

Michigan: Enthusiasm runs high as early voting begins.

Palestinian refugee receives Spanish citizenship after discovering Jewish Sephardic roots

Mary Trump is on Rachel now n/t

Slate "Amy Coney Barrett's Qualifications Don't Matter"

After 2018 wake-up call, Tarrant Republicans scramble to fend off Democrats in Texas House races

OK, I admit it. Do you?

Labor: GOP House Report, View of Workers Is Straight Out of the 19th C. Robber Baron Era

Wear your mask people

TX-25: Can Julie Oliver Beat Roger Williams?

Chiefs could go undefeated this year

Armenia and Azerbaijan fight over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region

Grand Juror in Breonna Taylor case wants all evidence made public

Where's my $200 bank card that the Con said he was giving all seniors ..?

Poor Steve Bartman!

Women in Pittsburgh's wealthy suburbs could help Biden beat Trump in Pennsylvania

Stephanie Ruhle calls out Trump's tax issues for what it is, FRAUD.

Former Amazon employee charged with insider trading

North Carolina General Assembly, national GOP leaders file suit against State Board of Elections

Anyone watch the Ernst/Greenfield Debate? N/T

Kamala: Tune in tonight at 10pm ET to @TheLastWord with @Lawrence where we'll discuss this, the Sup

Trump's 'biggest fear' is 'massive' IRS bills and potential tax fraud charges, says Michael Cohen

Texas sheriff indicted after probe into Black man's death

Should the U.S. require presidential candidates to release their tax returns?

2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seat up in 2020 that Democrats are gonna win.

Soaring Amazon deforestation splits Brazil's agriculture lobby

If your father gives you over $400,000,000 and by the time you're 74 years old you're over $400,000,

Dr. Deborah L. Birx Pressured C.D.C. on School Openings

Joe: How much more did you pay in taxes than President Trump? Head to

National Security Implications

Watching Kamala on Lawrence relaxes me

Guess what? I'M BACK BABY!!!! OH YEAH!!!! I'M BACK

Trump announces plan to deploy 150 million Covid rapid tests previously touted

Old Bastard Probably Shits His Way Through $750 Worth of Taxpayer-Funded Diapers Every Week (Ferret)

In case anyone doesn't understand The Lincoln Project's objective, here's their OWN statement...

Stuck in traffic again? Volumes have bounced back since pandemic began

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I bet Melania turned over their joint tax returns.

Shelley Luther, railing against 'tyrant governor,' seeks Texas Senate seat Tuesday

No one will pardon him

TX-25: National Democrats add Oliver race to 'Red to Blue' program

On abortion, Amy Coney Barrett doesn't speak for American Christians (Opinion)

AG Nessel announces criminal investigation of group seeking repeal of Whitmer powers

Coronavirus: New global test will give results 'in minutes'

George Takei: It troubles me greatly that Trump was under tremendous personal pressure financially t

How the Rising Influence of Christian Nationalism in the US Legislates Evil, Punishes the Poor

You may be impressed with the fact thatTrump created a small fortune until you realize

Trump Needs To Win The Election To Keep His 'Get Out Of Jail Free' Card

RVAT: NEW AD: Trump - Un Enemigo de los Estados Unidos

NYT Trump Taxes Part 2 dropped tonight

Texas Democrats likely to pick woman or person of color for Speaker if they win the State House.

Judge upholds Republican-backed law making absentee voting harder in Iowa

City of Calistoga (Napa Valley) ordered to evacuate

Trump is so poor all he has is money and now he doesn't even have that. (Bob Marley paraphrase)

Who watched Rachel's interview with Andrew Weissmann.

Line from one of my trump rhymes: I'm taking the potus job just to make money. You fools

Iowa absentee ballot numbers in the 2020 general election

The Lincoln Project is now targeting the Hispanic vote in their latest video!

IA-Sen: Ernst Doubles Down On Contradictory Supreme Court Stances

Connect: If billionaires like Trump weren't SO cheap, there'd be money for healthcare

Louisville SWAT Team Told Investigators They Had Concerns About Raid on Breonna Taylor's Apartment

I'm seeing noticeable cracks in Trump's support in Texas

Met a 70-something year old today who's going to be a first time voter!

Fox News Lobotomizes Its 'Brain Room,' Cuts Fact-Based Journalism

Facebook helped trump suppress black voters

Barrett tied to faith group ex-members say subjugates women

Washington Post Editorial Board Endorses Joe Biden for President

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy tells it like it is!

MN-03: Arrest made in break-in at Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips' campaign office

Need Help ! 2nd grade math, for chrissakes.

New ad from Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT). Another targeting the Hispanic vote...

Has anyone seen/heard of any repuke responding to the NYT reporting?

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear arguments in voter rolls and voter ID cases

NYT - victims of trump's callousness- "Those We've Lost". So many tragedies.

Jill Biden rallies voters in 2 Wisconsin campaign stops, talks need to tackle COVID and protect heal

Tampa Bay Lightning are Stanley Cup Champions

Ohio looked like a red state a year ago. Heading into the presidential debate, it's clearly a toss-u


How ready do you think Joe is?

Ohio Republican Party pulls attack ad after realizing it attacked the wrong person

Happy Birthday, PBS. Please Save Us.

FDA vaccine official says vaccine guidance may never be released

9/29 Mike Luckovich: Glass ceiling's back!

This Is What The 'Last Gasp' Of A Dying Sun-Like Star Looks Like -

Kentucky AG will share Breonna Taylor grand jury recording after juror calls for release

Global deaths from coronavirus pass 1 million

Awesome! So sick of this shit . . .

Biden leads 75-18, among those who requested mail ballot(Trump by 8 for those who didn't)

Just saw a Trump commercial with "people" saying

Going to be 62 in a few weeks. I'm going back to school!

If I was a bird and Rump was a pre-teen now

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Tax Avoidance & Massive Debt Revealed

Nearly 80% of U.S. Household Wealth Owned By Millionaires & Billionaires: Federal Reserve Data

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Dr. Anthony Fauci - When To Wear A Mask

How To Fight A Politicized Supreme Court The American Way TPM

NY Times Exposes Trump's Tax Returns: Crimes, Conflicts & National Security Implications

So, did Melania know how broke he was?

Hasta la vista Chump! MeidasTouch and @BetteMidler are proud to present our very special version of

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Excuse That Crime!

Is it my imagination or is his skin getting darker by the day?


Baby born on flight gets free air travel for life

What does it say about any judge that they would accept a nomination from Donald Trump

'Deterrence': Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting in 2016

What's with Mike Papantonio and RoF Radio?

The lunatic is up tweeting at midnight on the eve of maybe the biggest debate of his life.

The night shift managers at the burger joints across the land

Top House Republican calls for probe of source of NYT Trump tax documents

An updating tally of how often every member of the House and the Senate votes with or against trump

Seth Meyers - Trump Tax Bombshell Reveals How the System Is Rigged: A Closer Look

Western USA on fire

I want to know...

New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster

Virginia, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

New York, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

I suppose, Barr will go after the NYTimes now

Despite Trump's 8-point win in 2016, Biden team sees path to victory in Ohio

Top House Republican calls for probe of source of NYT Trump tax documents

Connecticut, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

DU Poll: Will you be watching the debate tomorrow?

Washington D.C., Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Brazil prosecutors bring graft charges against Bolsonaro's son

Joe Biden to campaign in Ohio for first time since March

California, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Bird Frozen To Metal Fence Rescued by Kind Man

2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seat in 2020 that Democrats are going to win.

clean up in aisle 7 for ann coulter

KYA AG concedes that his team recommended the charges to the grand jury. (Breonna Taylor)

Mark Cuban, a real billionaire, did a beautiful thing today, trump has never ever done anything

Report: Biden, wife will tour Western Pa. by train on Wednesday

Multiple people dead after shots were fired in Oregon hostage situation

How Pa.'s victim advocate found herself in the crosshairs of the GOP-led Senate

Trump would have been better served if he accepted the 400K presidential salary

How do people not understand that the idea of massive voter fraud is insane?

Fox news did address the Tax story. Tonight they had a "liberal" and a MAGA

Best article I've read in a LONG time...


So now we know for certain why so many people had to die

Fix coming to Georgia touchscreens to restore missing Senate candidates

Mac Davis - I Believe in Music

Michael Cohen: the beginning of the End for trump

"Well that's the 750 dollar question, isn't it?""

PEN America to Award 2020 PEN/Benenson Courage Award to Marie Yovanovitch

Meghan McCain has given birth.

Spiro Agnew's Ghost: ALL criminal sociopaths eventually implode.

Former campaign rivals join forces in Florida to defeat Trump

Now, if Joe can pull off this bit of Reagan style...

Can someone elaborate on the Ivanka aspect of NYT?


I think this should confirm that Trump's physicals with this guy were bullshit. (Ronny Jackson)

"the Apprentice" earned Trump $427 million which he parlayed into $0.

In Miami, Spanish-language ad by Jeb Bush operatives likens the president to Castro

Trump is quoting Project Veritas to say there is voter fraud

Trump's Deutsche Bank loans haven't been paid down... at all.

Poet Carl Sandburg interview (1956)

Former Trump campaign manager involuntarily committed, Fort Lauderdale police say

Kate Bush and more

Mike Bloomberg commits $4 million to Biden ground game in Florida

Great ad being run by Doug Jones against Tommy Tuberville.

They wanted disruption in 2016. Now they're Trump defectors.

Biden Goes On Air In Ohio, Trump Goes Dark

"If guilty, I'd ask Joe Biden to take a drug test."

☦ A prayerful intercession for V.P. Joseph Biden in tonite's debate.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee raise $100k in three days.

CONFIRMED: Eric Trump has an imaginary friend.

Trump Plans to Use Debate to Deduct Biden as Dependent

Tillis looked him in the eye and said: No court nominee in an election year. So much for that. BY NE

My last post on F.B. tonight ...

Sen. Harris On Trump's Tax Avoidance: It's Just Completely, Patently Unfair - The Last Word - MSNBC

☦ Orthodox Hymn: 'Blessed Is The Man.' (who walks not in the counsel of the wicked. Alleluia.)

IA-SEN: Ernst: Very Unlikely New Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade

CO-SEN: In Shift, Gardner Now Says He Blocked Garland Because He 'Disagreed with the Selection'

There are a LOT of very good Republicans still out there....

This should do it!

How Cory Gardner's War Against Obamacare Propelled Him to Power--and Is Now a Driver of His Likely D

TX-10: Internal poll finds Siegel, McCaul separated by 2 points

Trump being a Business Failure is more likely to take away Support than not paying Taxes

Why would a perpetual liar's tax returns be legit?

Ponzi Scheme Bombshell Gives Democrats More Ammo To Negate Trump Judges

NYT Details Damning Trump Business Woes Just Before First Debate - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Why $750 Is a Satisfyingly Specific, Enraging Rallying Call - shorthand for Trump corruption

OH-01: 'Kate Schroder is a nightmare for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy'

more on the $750

Susan Rice: Trump's Massive Debt Is 'Very Much A Nation Security Concern' - All In - MSNBC

IN-05: Will The Fifth District Follow America's Suburbs Left?

Breaking news: Georgia halts Logic&Acccuracy testing for Nov elections; serious database flaw found

MO-02: Health Care is on the Ballot

A simple, winning debate strategy:

IL-13: Illinois congressman blames Biden for Trump's taxes

To Ease Election Day Crowding, UNH And Durham Will Offer 'Early Voting' On Campus

A little bit of debate prep genius, right here...

Nixon's Was The Original Presidential Tax Scandal; NYT Shows Trump Paid Even Less - TRMS - MSNBC

This Lounge needs more SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/28/20

Hey Joe, bring your own water bottles, OK?

2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seat the Democrats will win in 2020.

SEC accuses Cedar Hill man of scamming investors out of at least $1.1 million

If The NYT Story Is "Fake News"

Trump's first term by the numbers

Joe should ask Trump: Hey don't you want to talk about Hunter now

Can Texas Democrats count on the college vote during the pandemic?

Expect major distractions from trump and his cronies for the next week or more

California wildfires: this photo says it all

Shelley Luther, railing against 'tyrant governor,' seeks Texas Senate seat Tuesday

Former Lakeway hospital to pay over $16 million to settle false claims allegations

National Democrats add Oliver race to 'Red to Blue' program

Happy Coffee Day DUers

Biden campaign review lays out plan to beat Trump in Florida

Incoming Florida House speaker and Republican state senator to oppose $15 minimum wage at Monday

New Post/ABC poll of Pennsylvania

Federal Courts Block GOP Attack On Voters In Michigan And Georgia

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expects 'full Super Bowl' in Florida next year

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expects 'full Super Bowl' in Florida next year

Sherrod Brown Calls Out Trump For Dodging Taxes While Screwing Ohio Workers

Threats of my ass getting kicked by our fifteen and sixteen year old

And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet And surprise 'em with the victory cry!

Wapo/ABC PA - Biden +10

How soon before we start hearing trumps declaring bankruptcy's again?

Fox News Lobotomizes Its 'Brain Room,' Cuts Fact-Based Journalism 'NOT INTERESTED IN FACTS'

Tuesday TOONs - Trump Exposed

Lockheed Martin facility mishandled toxins, created 'environmental nightmare,' lawsuit claims

Rat fucking Idea

Tony Schwartz on how trump has always been a Fake

2 for today ... the first, a discovered scene, the other a studio set-up (WARNING:DOLLS)

Forbes Adds It Up: Trump Is $1.1 Billion in Debt

NYC sheriffs break up indoor wedding with nearly 300 guests

Where can I live stream the debate tonight?

Chinese teacher sentenced to death for poisoning nursery children

Trump Owes Hundreds of Millions to Russia Top Mueller Attorney Strongly Suggests

Heavy losses claimed as Armenia-Azerbaijan fighting rages

I don't understand why the polling gap isn't bigger

Trump repeats himself a lot. (Like y'all never noticed that.)

How many bots can you spot here?

fantastic ad by Sully Sullenberger, VoteVets and The Lincoln Project !

Republicans File Emergency Applications with Supreme Court to Keep Certain Mail-In Ballots ...

Head of MS Estonia investigation: Estonia sank on collision with submarine (1994)

Alaskan Native Corporations Barred From Covid Relief Funds

Oh BABY. South Carolina has allowed "State of Emergency" for mail-in ballots for Nov 3.

Black holes so big we don't know how they form could be hiding in the universe

What We Can Do About Trump's Tax Returns

Well, it has been a day and a half since the NYT's story about Trump and his taxes.

Trump's Remarks in an Update on the Nation's Coronavirus Testing Strategy; September 28, 2020

Is trumps projections telling us what he's going to do next?

U.S. judge to weigh whether to drop criminal case against ex-Trump adviser Flynn

In Pennsylvania, advantage Biden with a big boost from women: POLL

I feel Joe will have a good night tonight?

Just finished Micheal Cohen's book, it was enlightening most people overestimated Trump's motivation

Re Amy Coney Barrett and virtue-based civics

Coronavirus spike protein morphs into 10 different shapes to invade cells

Seems obvious: trump is a wholly owned subsidiary of Russian gangsters, via Deutsche Bank.

Meatpackers deny workers benefits for COVID-19 deaths, illnesses

Total Tar Sands Revenue Since 1970 - $59 Billion; Tailing Pond Cleanups Alone - $130 Billion

The Ordinary Taxpayer's Guide To The Extraordinary Story Of Trump's Tax Returns

Barr's Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump

U.S. pension funds sue Allianz after $4 billion in coronavirus losses

Ancient North Coast Forests Losing Their Protection; Redwoods Face Warmer Drier Weather, Failing Fog

EZ-Pass $50 fine victim?

This is what non-partisan reproductive justice looks like...

Ponzi Scheme Bombshell Gives Democrats More Ammo To Negate Trump Judges

I'm guessing there's a moos and squirrel involved...

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Casualties mount in Nagorno-Karabakh

Michael Mann: Ocean Stratification Is Not Good News. Very Not Good News.

Heard a fly landed in the grocery store bakery department

Amnesty to halt work in India due to government 'witch-hunt'

National Security Leaders for Biden (489 of them signed a letter for Biden)

Whoa! Ann Coulter on Trump's taxes:

Abandoned US Oil/Gas Wells Leaked 218,000 Tons Of Methane In 2018; Bankrupt Owners Won't Care Or Fix

Post the one liners you'd like to hear from Joe when Trump lies or just makes shit up in the debate.

@EricTrump is a jealous whinny little man just like his daddy....

Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters

There's A Shiny New Playhouse For Climate Liars And Hacks - It's Called "QAnon"

Buried lakes of liquid water discovered on Mars

I wish Joe would hit Trump with a comment tonight

Flynn hearing today


Make Lindsey pay ads all over the airways in Cleveland OH

DOJ Altered an Exhibit in the Mike Flynn Case to Support a False Smear of Joe Biden

Citizen or Occupant

letters to the editor about Trump's taxes

VOTEVETS/LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Our Moment"

Liking the trends this AM. Sam Wang has Joe up to 355 EV,

Politico Debate outlook - from the Hill

YOU raised $22,747.08 for Biden-Harris, $25 for Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & 0 for duhneece on 9-28

Cream of Wheat to Drop Black Chef From Packaging, Company Says

The Last Time A Debate Moderator Asked About Climate, Bush Was President & Iron Man Was In Theaters

Donny boy is down to 21% on 538.. tick tock tick tock ..

Joe Biden has a 80.0 per cent chance of winning the presidency according to the...

tweet of the morning

Dying winds give crews hope in Northern California fires

The Rundown: September 29, 2020

Our Moment - The Lincoln Project

Ghosts of Comics' Past: Two years of AHOY Comics

Joe and Jill Biden plan train stop in Alliance

My yard signs

Tulsi teams up with Project Veritas to attack Ilhan Omar...

Now Rudy's accusing Biden of snorting Adderall to get ready for tonight's debate

Kanye's on my ballot - as VP candidate!

Rebel music

The first time Trump utters the name "Hunter", the next word in the debate air must be "Ivanka"

DOJ illegally altered Peter Strzok's evidentiary notes

Toronto area new single-family home sales soar 355 per cent in August

Bomb Trains' Coming Soon Through Your Town

'We don't want him!' Eric Trump sparks confusion by declaring himself part of the LGBT community

White House Told CDC: Come Up With More Evidence to Support School Reopenings

We've suffered enough under the Trump -- we don't deserve the mental images of Eric Trump with ...

Joe Biden Presidential Campaign Train Tour

a chuckle for you, Kayleigh "Mendacity" McEnany: "There is no plan to steal the election"

British member of Parliament nominates Biden for a Nobel Peace Prize

Ex-Trump Doc Suggests on Fox That Biden's on Drugs

I'm casting asparagus on moran analgels!

SFA campus police storm Black student's dorm with guns drawn after Houston family says white student

Terry Haines of Pangaea policy is such a right wing propagandist, and I am so sick of

Cuomo Warns Drastic Measures May Come as Infection Rate Soars in 10 New York ZIP Codes

They are getting desperate.

Toles on Trump

He donates his entire salary and relies exclusively on bribes for income.

Meghan McCain, husband welcome first baby girl, Liberty Sage McCain Domenech

Gov Cuomo: I will be holding a briefing and making an announcement at 11:30am ET.

Breakfast. tuesday 29

Electoral College Rating Changes: Ohio and Iowa Move to Toss Up (Cook Political)

Florida, Florida, Florida................

Party of more than 1,000 people broken up by police near Florida State University

Police break up FSU off-campus party with over 1,000 people

White House Told CDC: Come Up With More Evidence to Support School Reopenings

I just can't do it. I can't watch 45 spout more lies about his business prowess and get


Globally over 1 million people have died from Covid-19

UPDATE on traumatized cat - we're making progress!

'We'll stop the bleeding': Democrats spot erosion of Trump's rural dominance

On this date in 1954

Anagram Man: I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Kentucky AG agrees to release grand jury tapes in Breonna Taylor case

Mike Bloomberg commits $4 million to Biden ground game in Florida

Trump Administration and House Face Reckoning on Virus Relief

Singer-Songwriter Mac Davis Is 'Critically Ill' After Heart Surgery

GM Will Repay Ohio $28 Million In Tax Incentives

The color red will be a distant memory.. so long Russia, so long Trumplicans

The NYC Board of Elections strikes again.....

Ten Quick Takeaways from the New York Times' Bombshell Article on Trump's Tax Returns

Help! crawl space question

Donald Trump's taxes already at issue in at least two NY investigations

In Miami, Spanish-language ad by anti-Trump Republicans likens the president to Castro

Electoral College Rating Changes: Ohio and Iowa Move to Toss Up

AR-02: French Hill moves from 'Likely' to 'Lean' Republican

Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Sabah dies aged 91

Project Veritas raises it's ugly head again.

Anyone not watching the debate tonight?

ME-02: Jared Golden moves from 'Lean' to 'Likely' Democratic

NJ-03: Andy Kim moves from 'Tossup' to 'Lean Democrat'

Russia's head of SVR Naryshkin is blaming CIA and Pentagon for the protests in Belarus.

"Rate My Skype Room" slams Steve Ballmer's Skype room

Cook Political Report shifts Ohio, Iowa to 'toss up' in presidential race

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Preps For Tonight's Big Showdown

NY-19: Antonio Delgado moves from 'Lean' to 'Likely' Democratic

Prediction: if trump doesn't take a crap on stage the press will say he looked presidential

trump's previous three campaign managers

PA-17: Conor Lamb moves from 'Likely' to 'Lean' Democratic

Mick Mulvaney predicts 2 presidential debates will be canceled: 'It'll be the only one'

How can a President appoint Supreme Court Justice--

I bet Trump would shit if Biden agreed to a drug test to be delivered right before they both

SC-01: Joe Cunningham moves from 'Tossup' to 'Lean Democratic'

Biden-Harris Sticker - "I Paid More In Taxes Than...."

new AP interactive map of the coronavirus' spread blends data and geography in a way tha

WI-03: Ron Kind moves from 'Likely' to 'Lean' Democratic

So will Trump be stoned tonight?

I am shocked and disappointed. Don't tell me "people are just disappointed and upset about the

You Can Bet Trump's Debate Prep Was a Total Shitshow

Republicans don't care if you are in need, or if you live or die

As the host on classical music WETA pointed out, it's Jerry Lee Lewis's birthday.

Ex-Trump aides say the president regularly mocks his evangelical supporters behind their backs

Anger as Brazil revokes mangrove protection regulations

Anger as Brazil revokes mangrove protection regulations

Arizona man who voted Trump in 2016 switching vote to Biden after wife died of COVID-19

U.S. intelligence reports warn of extremist threat around election

U.S. intelligence reports warn of extremist threat around election

Russian mail order brides

Hathras gang rape: India victim's death sparks outrage

Fox News Uses 'Hate' 5 Times More Often Than Competitors, Study Finds

NFL Titans players test positive for Covid

Trump's Taxes Leak, Paid NO TAXES for 10 Years

Trump Rally Becomes Authoritarian Nightmare

US election to have far fewer international observers than planned

Please remember that the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico hurricane season

Trump's resort business is collapsing -- is that why he pushed to reopen the economy?

Joe Biden has just been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his "calming influence."

Turn to CSPAN 2 AND Listen to the testimony of a former Nazi white supremist. It will chill

Ahead of tonight's debate


Great anti-trump ad from RVAT ... please share

Joe: The American people understand the urgency of this moment. They're voting in droves because the

Is Lindsey Graham Trumpy Enough for His Voters?

Watch this tiny baby get strong enough to attack her big brother! 😻

Eric Trump on Fox: "The LGBT community, they are incredible. I'm part of that community..."

FLASHBACK: Ivanka Trump - Father Points at Homeless Person

Was Trump saying he wouldn't accept the election results a turning point?

Breonna Taylor: the "only charge recommended" for the grand jury was wanton endangerment.

Beautiful, just beautiful

For all these years America had a leech problem

Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings close facilities after Titans players test positive for COVID-19

'The Doctor Who Fooled the World' - Book review

Trump is also dodging UK taxes.

Wow. Trump's in debt to the Russian mob, and he can't pay. No wonder he's terrified of Election Day.

You would think his overt racism would put a dent in Trump's 42% approval

Joe: With casualties rapidly mounting in and around Nagorno-Karabakh, the Trump Administration needs

Possible debate zinger


Early Works by Edward Hopper Found to Be Copies of Other Artists

Isikoff tweet re drumpf's indebtedness

Trump campaign pushing a new conspiracy theory: Biden wearing a listening device

Fox News Reports That Biden Paid No Porn Stars

ACLU legal director breaks down what's at stake if process to confirm SC pick is rushed.

Former Trump Field Staffers Detail Iowa Team's Dysfunction

Listen well - only someone who knows that he cannot win a debate

Alert: Watch for the Gish gallop tonight.

Why is the GOP willing to risk prison time defying a federal judge to stop a census a month early?

So Eric is chasing his screaming brother down the hallway

Trump's Coup Runneth Over

GA: MARTA lays out plans for Clayton County transit future

Get Back In Line - Motrhead

trump verses Biden's demographic advantages (Monmouth University Poll 9/23 - 9/27) among

Finally found a word for my mood the last few weeks: 'hurkle-durkling'

675 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 9 deaths

Given Trump & Co.'s comments about Biden and the debate, I think we can say with confidence that

The Lincoln Project has a sense of humor, too....

Debate drinking game suggestions please

Ann pays more in taxes, blames Dems for Trump's evasion

State legislatures are more important than ever. (A pitch for the NDRC.)

The debate will stand on its own. All else is hysteria.

Postal Workers Quietly Resist Changes

George Takei on Eric Trump being part of the LGBT community:

For those interested in the Flynn hearing this morning, this Twitter thread has live updates

South Dakota Breaks records with surge in new Covid cases in U.S.

Looking for that other life common objects may have had


How To Make Socca: A Naturally Gluten-Free Chickpea Flatbread (

Hospitalized Brad Parscale 'is under investigation for stealing up to $40M from Trump's campaign and

Make America Great Again!

Here is the important thing to remember about Presiudential debates

"Was (you name it) a turning point?"

James Baker calls trump "nuts" & "crazy", but still plans to vote for him via CNN

Drinking Game........Take a shot every time Trump lies or says something stupid....

Trump trying to rewrite the "Russia, if you're listening" history.

There are other important items on your ballot

Don't Know If I Can Bring Myself to Watch the Debate

TX: BBVA MLS Stadium to be used as voting location

Metro opens public comment period on service cuts, other actions necessary as federal funding ends


Don't Know If I Can Bring Myself to Watch the Debate

Michele Bachmann Warns: Pre-Printed Ballots Could Be Smuggled In From China, Stored In Minnesota Bar

Digging in an abandoned gold mine for 15 years

Wisconsin Covid Numbers?.......

Black families average less than 15 percent of wealth of white families, Fed says

It's really hilarious. They're dragging Amy Barret to the Hill to sit down for Tea With GOP Senators

9/29 Daily Dose of Joe

Video of Trump saying he plans to build Trump Tower Moscow and other plans in Russia.

Unsteady - X Ambassadors

Portland police officer says protests would end if people liked our Trump government.

"...he accompanied her to gynecological appointments to ensure she couldn't get birth control."

Not Today - Imagine Dragons

for when he starts wandering behind Joe, like he did with Hillary---

Yesterday was lost to me for many reasons, so I'm trying to catch up on this tax situation.

RUDE PUNDIT: What Biden Ought to Say at Tonight's Debate (Rude Version)

I played Trump in Clinton's debate prep. Here's what Biden can expect.

Just an observation. National Security.

Three beautiful Jack Bruce solo performances

Carl Bernstein: The First Grifter Presidency

"I'm proud to be in the LGBT community" . . . Please come CAPTION Eric Trump!!!

Pence's Remarks After Meeting with Mitch McConnell and Amy Coney Barrett; September 29, 2020

The Federal Government Promised Native American Students Computers and Internet. Many Are Still Wait

Wagers on which late night comedian will make the funniest monologue from tonight?

My SIL scared the shit out of me the other night

All this talk of civil war? November is hunting season!

Do yourself a favor today and watch this TikTok!

Some very interesting talks at the Virtual Photography & Video show.

This year reminds me a little of 2006

The Bias of Non-Bias Media

My brother called me from DuPage County

ABC/WAPO A+ Rated National Poll of LVs- Biden 54 Trump 44

MAGA folk won't be bothered by Trump not paying taxes, they'll celebrate it.

Could Excessive Business Losses Be A Result of Money Laundering?

Listening to the Flynn hearing here

New Trump stamp issued

I'm Down

Just thought up a trump joke: where does donald do his reading?

Since the story about the Con's taxes and miserable financial situation came out

I hope Biden uses the old line from Reagan

Trump used Facebook to suppress the Black vote in battleground states during 2016 election

Public Service Announcement


Best @JoeBiden debate strategy coming from @msnbc right now:

Trump Wants to Inspect Biden's Ears

Trump's tax return revelations stoke long-held national security concerns

'He just lies': Florida's senior voters suddenly are in play

Has anyone received a voter pamphlet?

What If Iran Just Offered To Give Trump $400 Million Cash To Be Nice To Them?

The federal government has probably spent more at Trump properties since 2017 than he's paid in ...

Sadly, we'll NEVER get a break from Trump's deceit.

Mitch McConnell is refusing to any debate that is moderated by a woman.

Eric thinks the "GB" in "LGBT" stands for "Gary Busey."

Trump, WH blend denials, justifications in reaction to New York Times story on taxes

Arguments set to start at 11am on DOJ's motion to dismiss the prosecution against Michael Flynn

It is time to shave it all off.

The pi song. 100 digits of pi

Portland police arrest a man for holding a sign that says "Register to Vote"

Windy, dry and hot weather will continue for parts of California

Biden's debate guests tonight:

Governor Cuomo Briefing September 29 2020

Confession: I actually liked a Trump tweet. A genuine, bonafide actual tweet by Donald Trump.

BREAKING: Biden to release 2019 Tax Returns tonight.

Trump's tirade against mail-in voting makes sense, and makes things tougher for us.

Trump and Duterte both threaten social media platforms that try to question their propaganda

More than 250 hospitals across the US have been debilitated by a cyberattack

Senior Trump campaign official amplifying baseless lies about debate tonight.

What % of so called "undecided" will vote for Trump?

Just think- He can't pay legal expenses without the RNC funds

AG never asked grand jury to consider homicide charges in Breonna Taylor's killing

Man Refused to Disband Party That Violated COVID Order, Gets Year in Jail

The Atlantic: Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters

Flynn's attorney just demanded that Judge Sullivan recuse himself form the case immediately.

Pandemic Is Far From Over, Experts Say, Despite Trump Allies' Claims

Once on defense, Dems grow confident in Trump country

If trump's taxes are brought up tonight at the debate, and trump calls the NY Times story a "hoax"

'This could have been a Breonna Taylor:' Police stormed a Black student's dorm after a false report

Trump communications director blames Obama for Trump's failure to pay federal income taxes

My husband just tested positive for COVID-19

The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign TV Commercials 1952-2020

Voter purge case going before Wisconsin Supreme Court

Bidens Release 2019 Returns, Paid Nearly $300,000 In Taxes

I can't document this Trump Debate demand, because it would be blindingly stupid to ask...

Brendan Gleeson who plays Trump on the Showtime series on Comey, not doing any publicity

Flynn's attorney updated Trump personally on the Flynn case.

1,249,442 have voted so far in the 2020 Presidential election

Trump supporters, you fall into one of two categories: racist idiots or billionaires.

Guy and his dog had no plans to fall in love with a girl and her cat ❤️

Video: Trump voters on 200,000 US coronavirus deaths (The Guardian)

The Proud Boys Are Waiting For Trump's Signal To Start A Civil War

Biden campaign: Trump asked as a condition that Chris Wallace not mention the # of COVID deaths

Job openings and labor turnover trends for Metropolitan Statistical Areas in 2019

Urging followers to 'camouflage,' QAnon attempts to rebrand.

It's quite literally 2016 again

Indiana casino executive charged in illegal campaign scheme

'Deeply unpatriotic': Mary Trump slams the president for not paying taxes for years

You know the debate is rigged if Chris Wallace refers to trump as "your excellency"

My silly debate wish

Trump could be in a lot of legal hot water if he loses the election

Barr's Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump

Have you seen the latest polls today?

Joe MUST Resort To Name Calling... You Must Beat A Bully So Bad That They Don't Get Up

Trump met with Michael Flynn's lawyer, who asked him not to pardon former advisor, attorney reveals

A word of advice to the "Proud Boys": if, as has been suggested, you intend to launch

Worth a listen

George Takei: Trump has no shame. He sent this letter along with a box of food to poor families

Smoky skies could return to Washington this week

Here's a Twitter account that will be live fact-checking tonight's debate.

Some more Senior humor!

Pierce County correcting mistake for absentee voters who received flawed ballots

Did Republicans evolve from the same prehistoric species as the rest of us?

Batshit Crazy Michele Bachmann: Christians will be persecuted if Joe Biden passes the Equality Act

Campaign changed statement on Parscale, blaming Dems, after Trump was briefed.

By request OFFICIAL ActBlue winnable flippable US Senate race links!!!

Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters

With Amount Of Time Biden Will Have To Spend Fact Checking, He Won't Have Time To Answer Questions

America's CEOs say Trump failed on coronavirus -- and they're backing Biden

Trump Campaign Demands Answers on Hunter Biden's '3.5 Million Wire Transfer From Russian Billionaire

*Quinnipiac Poll* Georgia Biden +3

Court permanently strikes down Montana law that restricts voting rights of Native Americans

Interesting Read ... Follow the Money ... I wonder how Trumper will feel like after

Trump will lose on Election Night...there I said it.

Schiff just subpoenaed DHS and the acting head of its intelligence office.

Democrats lead in GA Presidential, GA-SEN and GA-SEN-S (Quinnipiac)

Screw you Wisconsin!

New York City voters get absentee ballots with wrong names, addresses

Trump tries to rewrite history re "Russia, if you're listening" comment

Is something going on w Twitter? It kicked me out and asked for my phone #

UMass Lowell Survey of Texas Voters: Biden -4

green chiles for breakfast lunch and dinner!

Lawyers Mock Attempt by Michael Flynn's Private Citizen Lawyer to Hide Behind 'Executive Privilege':

Michael Flynn's Attorney Invokes 'Executive Privilege,' But Admits She Personally Spoke with Trump A

"I know my rights !"

Easy Peasy Sushi Bake!!!

Democrats Introduce Historic Bill to Prevent GOP from Having Too Much Control Over SCOTUS

Perfect Timing - September

New MeidasTouch video: #ByeRudy

If (when) Biden is in the White House, Congress must subpeona all the assholes

Somehow I got on a GOP list, and am now getting at least one text per hour begging for money

after this election, i sincerely hope we get four years of republicans can shut the f*ck up.

Has anyone here ever made moussaka?

Biden should ask for a moment of silence for the 210,000 Americans dead from Covid-19 tonight

Armenia says its fighter jet 'shot down by Turkey'

The New Yorker article. And a Seth Abramson comment.

It has been requested that I not watch the insanity tonight. The request camr from my cat, my

Trump taxes: He paid about $17 to law and order in 2016

I wouldn't rule out Cheeto Voldemort announcing

Iowa nurse is fired after a patient's family calls COVID-19 a 'hoax'

Pence will campaign Thursday in Carter Lake and speak in Des Moines to The Family Leader

The debate drinking game -- add your own rules

Jet suit paramedic takes Lake District test flight

Typical day for THE GHOST

Just an observation re Covid

Cartoons 9/29/2020

Vandalism results in removal of two Everett mail boxes

"I don't see color. I was raised to treat everyone equal, Jane Elliott doesn't know what saying"

Normally I save my Bullwinkle DVDs for the GOP convention, but I think tonight is a night for them.

Fred Perry says its black and yellow-tipped polo shirt will no longer be sold in the United States a

BREAKING the DU goal for Biden-Harris just went to TWO MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Ohio could be Biden's best shot at keeping Trump from contesting the 2020 election

Parrots in wildlife park moved after swearing at visitors

Say you are independent, not sure..One says he is worth millions & pays $750.00 in taxes

Twilight Zone

Tonight we have a really big shoe

Hunter Biden.

'Fox & Friends' Hosts Look On in Horror as Rudy Giuliani Blurts Out Biden Dementia Conspiracy Theory

Meals on Wheels: COVID-19 delivery system?

Watchdog group files complaint with the FEC accusing the Trump campaign of "laundering" $170 million

This kitten is more pampered than I've ever been. 😂

Why Donald Trump Is Facing a Financial Nightmare

New poll finds Biden edging Trump in Georgia

Adopted Little Kitty Having the Best Time with Human

Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Lawsuit to Purge Voters Based on List that is "Wrong and Racist"

Federal Charges for BLM Protesters Even More Appalling in Light of Breonna Taylor Indictment

Dramatic video of tonight's debate leaked. It's already been filmed in a warehouse in Arizona.

"The View" hosts corner Ted Cruz over attempt to blame Democrats for COVID-19 deaths

Had to drive a blue jay to the wildlife rescue today and what I saw surprised me

Dr. Fauci Calls Out Fox News For Misleading Reports About Coronavirus

When do you suppose Trump will be snorting his Aderall for the big show tonight

My FB post in the morning. "If Joe's on anything, I think everyone should have some!"

Kamala Harris says Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett 'will overturn' Obamacare

Mueller issues a rare public statement disputing his former right-hand man's claim that he didn't...

Thanks in advance for you DU-ers who are "cup half full"--I'm anxious about debate

Idiot Ted Cruz

Trump's Supreme Court choice meets with GOP senators as Republicans fast-track nomination

I Am Not A Crook

Trump's campaign is making up fake debate excuses in advance. Sound familiar?

Reporter: "Mr. President, who do you owe money to? Don't the American people deserve to know?"

WTAF???? Hillary is behind everything Russia. Ratcliffe letter to Lindsey Graham.

A Nigerian boy was sentenced to 10 years for blasphemy. Then people started offering to serve part o

57 percent of young voters say Ginsburg's death makes it 'more important' to vote for Democrats

Trump's money laundering machine

The start of early voting in Philly was riddled with technical issues

Parscale Under Investigation for 'Stealing' Campaign Funds

March on Washington - October 17

I pay little in taxes because I'm so smart...

Two new Georgia polls have Biden up 50-47 (Civiqs & Quinnipiac).

Trump's schedule for Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Here are the planes in use today.

COVID Tracking - Are Some States Manipulating The Numbers? What About Florida?

FB is the dark web of right wing disinformation. A veritable geyser of blood money.

'Go away': Eric Trump 'rejected' after somehow claiming to be 'part of the LGBTQ community'

Spokeswoman for Senate Intel Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-Va.) calls this "Russian disinformation."

" A House Divided Against Itself Will Not Stand....."

Rainbow & Rain Over the National Mall yesterday. @capitalweather @PoPville @washingtonpost

Dear Biden campaign team - the number of persons killed by Covid from

I hope Biden asks this Question

FAA administrator set to pilot 737 Max on Wednesday

Grocery Shopping

I just made another round of contributions.

Tiny Blind Kitten Grows Up "Attacking" His Huge Dog Brother

Joe will be just...FINE tonight. He knows what's coming, he'll handle it, and look presidential.

@truth is a joint project of @joebiden and @DNCwarroom--follow live during the debate!

Census workers say they've been told to wrap it up

Pinyon Peak Road at Sunset

I wonder if this comeback to Trump would work, "All Hat, No Cattle"

After Discovery Of Prosecutors' Racist Emails, Plymouth DA Will Not Seek New Trial For Woman Over Pa

Basset Hound giving howling lessons.

Dusty Baker is the first manager to take

Kansas governor backs new guidelines on nursing home visits

Who's playing Trump for Biden's prep? Do we know? nt


What we know -- and still want to know -- about Trump's company

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 29, 2020

Another poll has Biden up 3 in GA

Two things the American people love:

Pro-tax US WWII era cartoon

What Can A Rat Do?

We know this already - but will see it in action tonight

Got my absentee

Joe gets right to the meat of Trump's performance tonight

Joe Biden in 2018 on Trump

Trump campaign denies asking debate moderator not to mention COVID-19 deaths

Team Trump is planting nutty excuses in case Trump has a poor debate tonight.

I'm not saying the world is looking at this the wrong way but there are some deadbeats out there

polls remain steady in California. Biden 62.1% Trump 30.8%

DNI Ratcliffe has declassified a Russian intelligence assessment -- which Ratcliffe says could be fal

ratcliffe russian disinfo was rejected by Dems and Repubs as having no factual basis

Trump v Biden debate bingo ..... drink if you hear: Please add to the list.


He had BONE SPURS ( yea right) so he calls the veterans losers and suckers. THEN HE stays here and

Colorado poll chart... polls were narrow until April 20 then huge gap opened up

AS ALWAYS, there is a TRUMP TWEET for EVERY occasion, special "Tonight's Debate" edition.

I am having a real hard time getting Biden signs from Amazon

Mr Trump is going to get his ass handed to him tonight....

In the least surprising news ever McTurtle has a problem with a female moderator

U.K. Channel 4. Republican database. Tonight's story-

Dog Totally Steals The Show During Parents' Wedding Ceremony

It tweeted something stupid about PA voting

More about the Mueller investigation from Andrew Weissmann: Business Insider

It was all a lie - by Stuart Stevens

A month before the election and rural Oklahoma Walmart parking lot, no trump stickers

More from Channel 4, U.K. on the Republican's 2016 database-

What's his surprise for Biden tonight?

Every Biden answer should start with, "Well, that's the $750 question, Chris"

Alcohol consumption in U.S. rose 14% during pandemic, RAND finds

New Sarah Cooper - How to Drugs

Help!!! I don't know if I can watch tonight's debate. The bar is so high for Biden . . . one gaff or

Obama addresses voters in Biden campaign video released on The Shade Room

After one of the Bush/Kerry debates,

A note for Donald, about his upcoming visit to Green Bay.

So Tell Me - How Many Of Trump's Supporters Today Now Feel.....

Trump's answer to tax questions at tonight's debate: "Hoax." "Fake news."


Former Mob Prosecutor Goes Hard in the Paint During Wild Hearing: Michael Flynn's 'Crime Was Committ

An abundance of Passion (flowers)

I would never steal a yard sign

Tuesday's lawn signs: Some new variations on Biden signs.

My wife with Stage 4 Lymphoma had me drive her to the probate office today

Cross posting from Video and Multimedia because it sort of didn't work there.

Did anyone else pick up on that poorly edited Trump campaign comercial about Biden raising taxes?

Today I got a summons for jury duty

Joe: If we're elected, @KamalaHarris and I will wake up every single morning to fight for the middle

Middle Age Riot: Donald Trump wants Joe Biden to take a drug test because...

'Fox & Friends' Hosts Look On in Horror as Rudy Giuliani Blurts Out Biden Dementia Conspiracy Theo

Mary Katharine Goddard, the Woman who Signed the Declaration of Independence (Smithsonian)

Why would a debate be more important than what will be 300,000 deaths

The viral earpiece conspiracy theory was pushed by coordinated Facebook accounts...

Listening to the WA Post daily podcast. About the Comey/emails mess

Come for the tax investigation, stay for the clips of Trump's old Oreo & Serta commercials

The Rude Pundit on what he hopes Biden will do tonight

Tonight's debate

Rudy's Daughter Endorses Biden/Harris.

Ted Cruz says Amy Coney Barrett should not recuse herself from election related disputes:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 September 2020

I'd rather catheterize myself with a rusty lemon zester in the back seat of a Kia driven by ...

Double Toasted - Donald Trump's Tax Returns Revealed by New York Times, will it even matter?

Just voted. Illinois. Voted all Dem, and yes on progressive State Income Tax.

Adam Davidson thread: This is why I think Trump is doing more than tax avoidance.

9/30 Mike Luckovich-Trump's the pinnacle

Lawyer for grand juror in Breonna Taylor case: Kentucky AG didn't present everything

Trump PANICKING, Accused of Laundering $170 Million

Anyone want to venture a guess as to how long into the debate before chunks of Adderall....

A very busy man tonight

Good vibes being sent to Joe Biden tonight.

One takeaway from all today's footage of Spanky debating Hillary.

A new drinking game

Hours before the debate, a Trump camp email goes out: "I just finished debating Joe Biden."

All Hat No Cattle is on fire tonight.

Ron Johnson is not concerned about Trump paying scant taxes and being hundreds of millions in debt

John Kerry, folks

I couldn't find any songs about Cleveland. Will this do as a substitute?

Daniel Dale(CNN) will be fact-checking in real time where possible (unless he has to do research):

What time is the debate tonight?

Donald Trump emailed his entire list that he won the debate. Before the debate.

Intel chief releases Russian disinfo on Hillary Clinton that was rejected by bipartisan Senate panel

Trump talks about Covid with Bob Woodward...

What is the best on-line link for the debate tonight? Thanks in advance. n/t

'China virus' rhetoric caused sharp anti-Asian bias increase, report shows

2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seats that Democrats are gonna win in 2020.

Trump administration's new rapid coronavirus tests plagued by confusion and a lack of planning

Disney is laying off 28,000 employees as pandemic hammers its theme parks

Coming soon to a mailbox near you or you. The epoch times sample edition.

ICE reverses COVID-19 measure, says it will resume arresting noncriminal migrants

How Trump campaign targets millions of white voters - and activates fears over rioting

The Goddamn stupiest fucking people on Earth

Census officials say early end risks incomplete tally in 10 states

Pelican Couple Who Waited 6 Years For Babies Is So Excited An Egg Finally Hatched

Fact check: Jill Biden never said Joe Biden had 'three strokes'

ICE preparing targeted arrests in sanctuary cities, amplifying president's campaign theme

Poll: Presidential, Senate contests are tight in Georgia

Zingers I would love Biden to fling at Dump

South African jazz: Dudu Pukwana & Zila

U.S. House intelligence panel subpoenas top Homeland official over whistleblower complaint

Lies Fox News told today about tonight's debate

Do we have a debate bingo card yet?

Jewish Democratic Council compares Trump's America to 1930s Germany in new ad

Tax revelations and corporate media won't defeat Trump

My wife got laid off from her University job today.

Do we have a debate bingo card yet?

I Only Have Eyes For You - Art Garfunkel

OH I forgot Biden was the one that coined a Noun a Verb and 911 about rudy

I'm getting annoyed at solicitations from candidates claiming they are losing

'The Idea of Herd Immunity Is Surging Again, and It's Just As Dangerous As Ever'

I guess we unemployed won't be seeing any more Fed relief $ before January

Schumer aims to squeeze GOP on Obamacare

Chaos at the US Chamber of Commerce?

"These financials are clear: this is not a golf business, it's a money disappearing business."

Rush Limbaugh rips 'The Rock' for Biden endorsement: 'Sold his soul to China'

Debate Watchers Tonight

If you got stuck behind at the White House, here's what's on TV tonight.

How Donald Trump abandoned workers after promising to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

Jazz from Johannesburg: The Heshoo Beshoo Group

Why does trump hate Bezos ?

Speed wrapping at a Japanese Department Store

Sean Hnnnity gets owned on Twitter

VP Biden: It's debate night, so I've got my earpiece and performance enhancers ready.

Is there a special Debate Thread yet?

CDC director overruled on cruise ship ban

This is utter nonsense, fucking bullshit.

Thought Kellyanne Conway was history??

"Desolation Dawn"

BREAKING!!!! Biden Debate Scandal PROOF!!!

Flynn's Lawyer Spoke to Trump, Denies Alleged 'Corrupt Political Motive'

Tom Cotton is a piece of shit.

Most of Trump's charitable tax write-offs are reportedly for not developing property he owns

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/29/20

They're panicking already.

Trump fans who took hydroxychloroquine could be denied health insurance if SCOTUS kills Obamacare

How a US military doctrine became Colombia's 'origin of evil' Part 3: Slavery

I'm an atheist and normally not given to praying but

"He's done": George Conway predicts Trump will wind up "bankrupt" and a "criminal defendant"

Biden Launches Twitter Account @truth to Counter Trump's Debate Lies in Real Time

Regeneron says early trials promising for Covid-19 treatment

Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Says 'No Question' Trump And Ivanka Could Both Face Prison

With 'Jorge 40,' hope returns for victims of Colombia's armed conflict

Maddow - Wallace - Reid.

CNN Has Found 14 Undecided Voters