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Ipsos State polls are out NH +6, NV +12, WI +9, CO +8, FL Tie, PA +3, VA +6, OH Tie,

Argentine computer industry threatened by import tariff rescission proposed by Macri

Latino Electorate On Track For Historic Turnout In 2016

8 Tight House Races to Watch on Election Night

8 Tight House Races to Watch on Election Night

Proof Donald Trump is the Most Dishonest Presidential Candidate Ever Read more at: http://www.forwa

Court Says Canada Spy Agency Illegally Kept Data

Chris Hayes show on now...covering the FBI/trump link!

Where the Buffalo Roam: Herd Treads Again on Tribal Land

Gravis R-leaning pollster H+3 in FL, only H+1 in PA tho?


Fliers Showing Challenger as Devil Embroil Bitter House Race

Fliers Showing Challenger as Devil Embroil Bitter House Race

LIVE Stream: Hillary Clinton in Raleigh NC with Bernie Sanders and Pharrell Williams.

Turns out the FBI is being run by GOP Apparatchiks helping a candidate supported by Vladimir Putin

¡Yo soy de México!

Merger Fatigue In A Time Of Media Oligopolies

2000 Election Unleashed Disaster on the World. We Can’t Let that Happen Again.

Funny how time slips away

OMG! Hillary being investigated again!! Overdue library books!

*** reposted Penn. F& M poll HRC +11 (Oct 26-30)***

If reports are accurate that the FBI is overrun with anti-Hillary agents, how can any information

Is anybody watching "You've been Trumped" on facebook?

Trump reading the teleprompter: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Just donated again for $30! With hard work, we'll still win this.

Just donated again for $30! With hard work, we'll still win this.

I am so proud and happy to see Bernie and Hillary on that stage, together

The belly button of the moon. Metztli (Moon) Xixtztli (belly button) Co (Place)

Cheeto says she's an amazing public speaker

By their cockroachiness ye shall know them: O'Reilly, Andrew SULLIVAN, Ed HENRY

AND HERE IT IS!! Clinton trounces Trump among Asian-American voters

US Judge in Nevada Says No Evidence Shows Voter Intimidation

That Cubs win last night was good for

First on CNN: McConnell super PAC to drop $12 million to save majority, includes Florida, Wisconsin

Colombia Court Orders Top Companies to Return Stolen Lands

Male Birth Control Study Nixed After Men Can't

WOW. WOW. WOW. Keith Olbermann: What is Donald Trump's Plan for Trump TV?

Anthony Bourdain Slams ‘Loathsome’ Trump

With apologies to Mr. Hieronymus Bosch

I better not see a trump speech tonight on CNN or MSNBC

Spoiler Alert!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Cheaters Don’t Win!! Live, Uncensored & a new

Fake Clinton campaign ads circulating on Twitter falsely tell supporters they can vote by text

Roger Stone is a Mormon hater who actually looks like a muppet ....

Sorry to see this.Food Fight Heats Up as America’s Test Kitchen Sues a Founder.

The wife and I just early voted in TN

Can anyone blame Hillary for a touch of paranoia and secrecy, given the FBI witch hunt?

France: Court rules it's an illegal slur to call someone a homophobe

Tim Robbins voting for Hillary!

Colonial Pipeline still ablaze, feds hopeful to reopen by the weekend

How can Americans trust Trump?

Ted Cruz stumps for Donald Trump, but doesn't say his name at Iowa rally

Clinton on Bernie Sanders: "This election’s been a lot more fun now that we’re on the same side"

Clinton’s 30-point lead in Florida Hispanic poll is ‘terrifying’ to GOP nationwide

U.S. court deals Trump a setback in poll-monitor fight

Is the FBI Field Office going to be the next story?

Trump's twin claims debunked by new documents and polling

So who's watching Rachel?

Judge refuses to block New York 'ballot selfie' law

Georgia man puts Trump yard sign inside cage, threatens trespassers

Lara Trump, married to Eric, also used the same phrase as Giuliani

'You've Been Trumped' was excellent !!! I just watched 'You've Been Trumped Too'

Ex-trooper now councilman indicted for death of 2 girls

ISIS leader releases rare audio message as Iraqi troops enter Mosul

So how did the DH work out for the Cubs?

I WAS AFFRAID of Bush Left over FBI Agency Jobs by Cronyism and Politics.

FBI examining fake documents targeting Clinton campaign: sources

FBI examining fake documents targeting Clinton campaign: sources

Ipsos/Reuters National Poll Oct29-Nov2 - Hillary +8

The FBI Being "TrumpLand" Shouldn't Come As a Surprise

Turkey arrests opposition leaders, including the 'Kurdish Obama'

How the Labor Dept. Keeps Its Economic Data Politics-Free

I am making a point to talk with people about VOTING

Rachel has some of the Newsweek story about to break tomorrow.

Rachel has a big scoop about how the Russians tried to influence the election. On now.

Totally secret 'up-and-coming conservative media network' totally in development

Rachel - Why the Russians are Backing Trump - from Newsweek tomorrow.

Ottawa is very worried about Trump. Everybody talking about it.


Trump's supporters have been waiting a long time for Tuesday night and they will not be denied

What happened to trump's link to the mafia?

South Georgia MD forfeits license, pleads guilty to drug charges

The election might be crazy, but the polling numbers aren’t

Kurt Eichenwald on Maddow now:

Bridget and Julia are sharing their Thanksgiving meal planning advice and make-ahead tips

Jon Stewart's Twitter Fight with Donald Trump at Stand Up For Heroes, 11/1/16

Hi Y'all. I'm Tess from North Carolina

So the Russians thought Trump would have to drop out after mocking the Khans....

After Chris and Rachel, I'm looking forward to what O'Donnell has

Read Newsweek tomorrow.

TrumpTraders. Has this app been discussed here?

LIVE NOW!!! *MAJOR* goosebumps watching Hillary & Bernie in North Carolina

Catholic parish (and polling place!) says Democratic voters are doomed to hell, Clinton is satanic

President Obama is/was a badass HUMAN, just wanted to salute him as we transition to President

Calling Postatomic to please give us a theme

1988 WaPo: Trump and the Gorby Connection

The Blame Game Has Already Started: The Myth of the Depressed Black Turnout

So the big news story from NEWSWEEK IS

OK, here's a poll puzzle (Hassan vs Ayotte)

Luckovich Toon - Got Some 'Splainin to do (About trump Vote)

Oops! Dems Seize On GOP Lawyer's Apparent Slip On Poll Watcher Call

Larry Sabato 293 EV predicted, Winning NV and NC Hillary will win.

News releases coming out about FBI trying to subvert are election, along with a

White people won’t admit to what they hear and learn behind closed doors.

Trump doesn't know what the word "temperament" means.

I now know why Hillary plays it close to the vest.

Seems Nina Turner is not backing Hillary....

If you did not watch Rachel tonight, watch the first segment online tomorrow.

Dow Jones Industrial Average down every day since FBI joined Trump campaign

Yanno, any moron with a million dollars from Dad can buy a building, whereas there are maybe . . . .

Yuge turnout in Clark County today

Can you feel it? Boy! I sure CAN!!!!

FT: Trump’s Russian connections

NRLB orders Trump Las Vegas to stop refusing to bargain with Culinary union

David Cay Johnston is wondering what the Russians have on Trump

Beyonce to Campaign for Hillary

TYT - sobering review of the current polls


World's First Zero-Emissions Hydrogen Train Unveiled in Germany

"The Conservative Case for Voting for Clinton"

If I'M HRC the first order of business has to be gutting the FBI

Hillary vs. Trump is where Catholics and Evangelicals part ways.

One of Americas favorite chef's, Ina Garten, and the FLOTUS.....

When you see General Michael Flynn, realize you're watching a Russian tool

On Lawrence O'Donnell, David Frome former "W" speech writer is

Harvard Psychologists Reveal: Parents Who Raise ‘Good’ Kids Do These 5 Things…

Quebec scandal of spying on journalists widens to national broadcaster

Feels like most polls are starting to break Hillary's way.

Trump met Russian Ambassador to the UN an mouthpiece Vitaly Churkin twice.

Things that make me feel hopeful for our country #614

Must read - My Journey to the Center of the Alt-right


The CIA vs the FBI

You know, Russia's economy is tanking.

I hate to make this as my first thread

Trump and Clinton Supporters React to Shocking Revelations • Triumph on Hulu

Canada forces investigate mysterious 'pinging' sound coming from sea floor

Will the "Comey Effect" end by tomorrow or Saturday?

I just lost an argument with my cat.

Indigenous rights are key to preserving forests, climate change study finds

Indigenous rights are key to preserving forests, climate change study finds

NOT THE ONION- "Green Party Calls for National Conversation on Oppressive Comedians"

Egypt devalues currency by 48%

Mysterious 'ping' sound from sea floor baffles Igloolik

Lawrence O'D was live.

Risk Experts Agree: Trump & Clinton Are Ignoring The Real Threats

For Gods sake, vote for Hillary

Nate Cohn: ABC Tracking Poll Assumes Very White and Very Old Electorate

Heads up on oppo dump and Eichenwald

Look who was shaking hands with the leader of the Soviet Union in 1987

UGA using full 90 business days permitted before releasing info under new athletic open records law

Voters Express Disgust Over U.S. Politics in New Times/CBS Poll

How Macedonia Became A Global Hub For Pro-Trump Misinformation

The baddest badass to face down Putin is . . . . .

Have you lost faith in America?

Huppke: ‘Hillary haters’ can’t be bothered with facts

Wasteful spending: Congress pays clergy $66,000/hour to pray

Wonder if we should try to get as many folks this weekend

Georgia gov says he 'misspoke' with 'colored people' remark

Amazing new Wonder Woman trailer. (VIDEO)

Tapper 11/3 5:06PM: "been hearing for weeks anecdotally about the CIA-FBI divide over this election"

Hillary Isn’t Obama, But She Doesn’t Have To Be

Listen to Pharrell Williams great speech at Hillary's event in North Carolina

The 11th Hour -- GOP TV?

If the FBI can go rogue why not the IRS with Trumps tax returns?

Has anybody ASKED the IRS if a person under audit is obligated to not give out his tax returns?

1,400 added to Georgia’s voter rolls during registration extension

Texas Parks and Wildlife commissioner Kelcy Warren is also the CEO of ETP/Dakota Pipeline.

Muon telescope indicates a crack in Earth’s magnetic shield

Facebook post of the year!

FBI agent: Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel."

FBI investigating itself for tweets seemingly intended to damage Clinton, boost Trump

DiChiara to Alabama governor, leaders: ‘Have you all lost your damn minds?’

Obama has released his internal polling from 2012

Glad for Chicago, then and now!

James Webb Space Telescope poised for final tests at NASA Goddard before long journey to space

How Macedonia Became A Global Hub For Pro-Trump Misinformation

I have heard the last couple of days about how much more swag Trump's campaign has purchased

Donald Trump represents the rise of Nazism in America and must be stopped at all costs.

Good news story--He thought he had found a bottle cap, but it turned out to be much more

Does anyone remember just after Obama was elected

I've been voting since 1972 - never felt this confident about the D candidate for POTUS winning

Could someone tell me why internal polls are the most reliable?

"A 1 in 3 chance Donald Trump wins the Presidency is a 1 in 3 chance an asteroid hits the planet"

Scientists have found a bizarre similarity between human cells and neutron stars

An old youthful observation ---

Kellyanne Conway on Brian Williams

Reason Putin's rootin' f/ Trump?

Meet Nate Cohn, New York Times' new young gun on data

Kellyanne Conway knows the jig is up but she still smiles and lies for Trump

on c-span Bernie Sanders just starting his speech in NC from today

The Sociopath

The Thorny Devil, an Alien in Our Midst

Kimmel, Colbert, Conan?????

Despite Trump's Claims, Evidence From FBI's Clinton Foundation Probe 'Not Impressive,' Sources Say

Let's be honest with ourselves

David Frum just announced he is voting for Hillary. Has voted already. I swear...

Hillary and Congressional Democratic Women in #girlclub video.

Georgia Supreme Court rejects appeal from would-be presidential candidate

A collegemate of Donald J Trump Jr tells a disturbing story about Donald Trump Sr

Medicaid fraud trial reaches defense side

Man searching for toilet in Australia's outback makes astounding discovery of 49,000-year-old human

New York Times: How the Internet is loosening our grip on the truth

My current map for the night (To be updated from now until Election Day)

Hillary has been working her A** off for this Country.

Hillary v. Trump by party identification and other factors.

FBI examining fake documents targeting Clinton campaign

Does anyone know what's happening in NH?

Revelations of the past few days have become so outrageous…

Mysterious Arctic Nazi Base Rediscovered

The FBI Union’s President Just Quit, Penned Scathing Open Letter Blasting Comey

Was Melania Trump hung out to take incoming mean tweets?

Idea to stop Trump people from shouting threatening things at polling stations.

Chile: Support For Left-Wing Candidate Rises Ahead of Election

Ralston: YUGE day for Clark County Dems appears to be down. Any others out?

Jon Batiste Teaches You How To Vote

New mutations helped Ebola virus infect more victims during latest outbreak, studies say

#NVGOTV in Nevada (NV) 13TH day. Dems lead by > 38,000 EV, 42% to 37%

By this time next week I will know for sure....

Trump's landslide is the Orange Remix of McCain's Landslide

WAPO: U.S. officials warn of Russian mischief in election and beyond

Cover of Der Speigel.."The Germans tried to warn us about this Existential Threat in January

Website: "Will Hillary a Landslide"

***Media Responds To Hillary Kicking Trump's Ass***

GOP Threatens to Paralyze a Hillary Clinton Presidency

People need to wake up! An article on the top of huffpo is about infiltrating

Police believe nationally known con man fled from shack

** The Polls Are Not Close, Hillary Is Kicking His Ass **

Anthros Discover Tribe Of Joyful Americans Living In Remote Village Untouched By 2016 election

The Friday before Hillary becomes the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.!!

‘Colonel’ behind the “caging” attack

Has anyone noticed that conservatives claim everything is being shoved down their throats?

Harvard suspends men's soccer team for lewd 'scouting report' of women's soccer team

Someone send CNN an updated spell check program..

Clergy join Dakota Access pipeline protesters for ceremony

After reading this, I "almost" feel sorry for that idiot Donald Trump JUNIOR

These are the stories of gay women in a Nazi concentration camp

When You’re LGBT And Your Family Is Voting For Trump


Seth Meyers: How could anyone choose between Trump and Clinton?

Can we give rewards to voters who have put up with the worst of the B S?

SPLC Disgraces Itself on Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Chatter grows that Ryan could step down

Watch These Kids Talk About How Trump Has Made Their Lives Hell

Man convicted in deadly shooting during Sunday services

The way they've treated Hillary these last 25 years

Man convicted in deadly shooting during Sunday services (X-posted from LBN)

Early Look @NYDN:"You Don't Say" Melania's Speech Overlooks Hubby's Bullying

Six Million Plus and Counting on Another Failed System

Alabama State University Plans to Furlough Employees, Raise Insurance Rates

Vote For Alabama Workers by Voting No on Amendment 8

One Regional Care Organization Contract Could Cost State $28 Million

Suit Claims Alabama Pays Higher Insurance Rates Due to “Anticompetitive Conduct” by BCBS

Don’t We All Need a Friend? On the Meaning of Dogs

Don’t We All Need a Friend? On the Meaning of Dogs

Seven Judges Appointed to Hear Judge Roy Moore’s Appeal

If the press is obsessed with keeping the "horse race" going now...

Obama's thoughts on Trump in song - Seriously - this is fabulous - Enjoy!

Something to be aware of this weekend:

If you live in a Red Cong District, how does it look?

What Hillary Clinton's Fans Love About Her - The Atlantic

House stops impeachment probe of Bentley as AG investigates

Lawmakers asking Bentley to delay Medicaid transformation contracts

Beyonce and Dixie Chicks performing "Daddy Lessons" at the CMA's

"They've been calling me 'terrorist' at my school."

The Late Show presents: Stephen Colbert's Tinfoil Hat

The trajectory of fivethirtyeights forecast looks now like...

Another crack in the hull of the USS Montgomery

How are the state legislative races looking there?

Online repukes are pinning their PA hopes on the transit strike

What do you do when your FA cup is open?

Obama campaigns for Hillary in Jacksonville, FL -- GREAT!!!


Turkey arrests pro-Kurdish party leaders amid claims of internet shutdown

Norman Lear urges voters to destroy Trump: ‘Beat his ass so his message is discredited for all time’

BREAKING: Trump And GOP Officials Ordered To Appear In Court For Violating KKK Act Of 1871 (DETAILS)

Daily Holidays November 4

Treasonous, Pro-Trump ‘Militia’ Groups Prepare For ARMED REVOLT If Hillary Clinton Wins (VIDEO)

Are You A Republican?

FBI in Bed With The Trump Campaign

Penn State faces $2.4M fine for violating federal law in Jerry Sandusky case

Rep. John Lewis, Civil Rights Hero, Offers A Powerful Reminder About What’s At Stake On Tuesday

A FIRST IN MY LIFE: A republican idea I can support (choke, gasp, sputter)

Migrant crisis: Paris's 'Stalingrad' camp clearance begins

Goodbye to all that: I’m done with Election 2016

I had NO idea the gross severity of what goes on at Trump rallies.

TDOC Sex Offender Compliance Sweep Yields Hundreds of Violations

If I say anything stupid on election day, my DU was hacked by Russia. It wasn't me!!!

I will be canvassing for 4 days

Timberlake voting selfie may lead to change in law

Revised gun bill already drawing resistance from state GOP-led committee

Trump Is Right: The Presidential Election Is Rigged...

Bill Maher speaks for me. Adds it all up for me. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Remember George W. Bush? Trump would be George W. Bush 2! Disaster!

Lies, Propaganda, and Banana Republicans

Trump may LOSE, but we'll still WIN...Fox to debut The Tucker Carlson Assh*le Hour. USA! USA! USA!

Newsweek: Why Vladimir Putin's Russia is Backing Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton to LGBT Voters: ‘I Will Always Have Your Back’

Kim Davis Tries to Get Out of Paying $233K Legal Bill for Defying Gay Marriage

Kim Davis Tries to Get Out of Paying $233K Legal Bill for Defying Gay Marriage

((CVN 78)) Ford Getting Fixed, But No Delivery Date Yet

Charles P. Pierce: The FBI. Giuliani. Of Course.

The Clinton foundation and planned parenthood

Obama Begs Unenthusiastic Black People To Vote For Clinton, Please


Democrats want to repeal tax cut, use money to fix road

Aryan Brotherhood of Mississippi leader sentenced

Bernie Sanders wants the feds to investigate these drug companies for possible price collusion

Worrisome plan for BP money emerges far from Mississippi Coast

Current temperature above 80N is around 13C warmer than average

***ABC/WaPo National Tracking Poll Clinton +3***

President Obama on Bill Maher tonight, HBO.

POLL: Reuters/Ipsos 5-day Tracking Poll Clinton +6

Attorney who choked on chicken withdraws lawsuit against Popeyes


Rep. Renee Elmers arguing on cnn-whow...

Last university furls Mississippi's Confederate-themed flag

Exactly One Year Ago: Keep it in the Ground

This morning I am nervously concerned. Forget about the election It is for the United States of

Straight blue ballot. Straight blue ballot. Straight blue ballot.

Why Vladimir Putin's Russia is Backing Donald Trump

Groups call on Bryant to condemn recent racial violence

$165K raised to rebuild burned Mississippi church

Republican Rep Just Calld For Hillary To Be Executed By A Firing Squad - Help Us Get him Fired

Priests don’t have to report sexual abuse, Louisiana Supreme Court rules

Eric Trump slams David Duke, says U.S. Senate candidate 'does deserve a bullet'

Hint of Momentum for Clinton, With Issues a Defining Factor (POLL)

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'no longer in Mosul'

Vote For the Future of Our Planet

Sources: U.S. intel warning of possible al Qaeda attacks in U.S. Monday


Today's Google Doodle honors Walter Cronkite:


Fringe figure David Duke hijacks final Senate debate

Thirty civilians die in airstrike called to protect US and Afghan troops

Did everyone but me know Drumpf wears glasses?

South Korea leader accepts sole blame for 'heartbreaking' scandal

From the rumor mill: Newsweek could not confirm what's in the "kompromat" file because of libel laws

Jakarta protest: Thousands of hardline Muslims gather to demand jailing of Christian governor Ahok

Hang onto your butts!

Starbucks Cup Panic Is the Apex of Christian Entitlement

A journalist at Standing Rock was shot by police for no reason—and caught the awful moment on video

Nikola Motors Readies Electric Semi-Truck, Battery Pack and Hydrogen Charging Station Plans

Watching Michael Moore being cross-examined by Joe and the #1 Concern Troll is sad for him. nt

Poll: Clinton Loses Edge in N.H., Is Tied With Trump

Louisiana Supreme Court: Priests Don’t Have To Report Child Abuse

Bill Maher, Real Time guests lineup;

Don't you wish the "liberal media" was really liberal?

*****Clinton Nov. win probability: random drift 98%, Bayesian >99%*****

Clinton Campaign Sees Victory in 3 Key States

Post Gazette endorses Toomey.

Many Democrats are sure to be elected

A college roommate of Donald J Trump Jr tells a disturbing story about Donald Trump

Has Bill Clinton talked about his project as the first First Gentleman?

FULL SPEECH: Hillary Clinton Rally in Raleigh NC w/ Bernie Sanders & Pharrell Williams (11/03/16)

Paris climate accord takes effect, delivering win to Obama

New Poll: Clinton has 7-point lead in Virginia (45-38)

CBS Morning show talking about how disgusting the campaign is

Comey considered a 'bad choice' for FBI post by Clinton aide

Mother sues Ascension School Board after son's injury from bullying required emergency brain surgery

ABC Tracking Poll: HRC up by 3 today 47-44

Donald Trump’s Impeachment Threat - by the NYT Editorial Board

The New Toyota Commercial

Just saw the Election Day weather forecast for Flint MI

Overnight tweet from Ralston regarding Nevada firewall.....

I like how a white Trump-loving cop killer isn't national news.

Payroll employment rises by 161,000 in October; unemployment rate changes little (4.9%)

McCain: Republicans must stop Supreme Court from ‘tilting to the left’

Great news in new jobs report!

When I was in economics class I was told that

Hillary has baggage

Clinton Pushes Minority Turnout as Trump Tries to Rally His Base

Chicago, Eight Years Apart

911 caller: At least three injured in squirrel attack at Deltona senior living facility

Another big day for Dems in Clark County, Nevada on Thursday

Religious Right Thinks Its Entitled To Have US Theocracy. Will Doing Anything to Get It.

How Macedonia Became A Global Hub For Pro-Trump Misinformation

Cowboys trips given to North Little Rock police officers skirt law, says complaint

What in God's name is trumpf tweeting now...spirit cooking??

Republicans now claiming Gloria Allred paid Trump accusers off

Toss voter-cowing lawsuit, GOP asks

The new Wonder Woman trailer: Peak 'nasty woman'

Arkansas court won't reconsider medical marijuana ruling

Four. More. Days.


Aspen Power biomass plant in East Texas sold for nearly $5M

U.S. economy added 161,000 jobs in October as unemployment rate dipped to 4.9 percent

Dallas County could test hundreds of Austin police rape kits

Next week's New Yorker cover—"Anything But That":

Speaking of the Reichstag fire, has anything been determined about the firebombing of the

Why isn't Netanyahu worried about trump and Russia?

Wow, almost 6 years now.

Judge accepts $1.9M settlement in Bland wrongful death suit

Beyoncé to campaign for Hillary Clinton: source

NY Daily News trolls Melania's speech:

Lordy lordy--the Trump surrogate on cnn insisting the Hillary

Jobs Report 161,000 Jobs, Unemployment 4.9%

So, still no Russia connection or child rape stories going mainstream.

History will remember which Republicans failed the Trump test - By WaPo Editorial Board

The Weiner laptop emails are legally irrelevant and competent FBI agents know it

Squirrel Attacks at Least Three at Senior Citizen Center: ‘People Are Bleeding’

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Cubs Win

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Orange Goons

People, we really need to back off criticism of the poor media types.

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Unemployment dips to 4.9%. Wages up 2.8%. +161,000 jobs

so.... is the FBI working feverishly to exonerate Hillary in the 'weiner' emails?

Come On People - It Can't Be Both Ways - I Stopped Watching MSM Cable News & Polls....

The Stakes Are Higher Than You Realize: I increasingly fear that The West is on the ballot too.

Even Joe Scarborough gagged on THIS latest Republican "Idea."

Giuliani: Obama Must Promise Not to Pardon Hillary Clinton

Citi predicts possible 5% drop for S&P 500 if Trump wins, warns on recession

Special prosecutor should investigate Giuliani and the FBI. Check out this clip.

The Breeders Cup has come to save our sanity!

Conway: Trump Damaged Clinton With (False) Indictment Story

Tweet from NAACP

At least two U.S. trainers killed in Jordan shooting - source

How the internet is sabotaging voters

Surrogate Mike Huckabee Calls Trump ‘A Car Wreck’

I conclude the print media is doing its job/ the tv media is not

Will the Republicans and Trump invite Putin to address the congress?

Dear Southwest Airlines, I'd like to report a person on my plane for "looking suspicious".

The Final Surprise May Be a Boring Election Night

Former classmate shares chilling account of Trump abusing Donald Jr. — who loathed his famous dad

Heartfelt Fb post on Tim Kaine from his old roommate

Don't Worry. Don't Be Concerned. Don't Fret. VOTE!

We absolutely must stop this maniac Trump

As a man on the spectrum, Clinton’s support of autism rights means so much to me

President Obama Has Brought Us FULL EMPLOYMENT!

Bernie Sanders in Davenport, IA and Iowa City, IA and Cedar Falls, IA November 4, 2016.

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in South Florida on Saturday

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in Manchester, New Hampshire on Sunday

Tim Robbins parts ways with his ex Susan Sarandon: ‘In a time of insanity, I’m voting for Hillary’

Southern Poverty Law Center labels a Muslim reformer and ex-Muslim atheist as ‘extremists’

Temperament | The Briefing

Final Roanoke College Poll: Hillary Clinton hurt by email probe, holds 7-point lead in Virginia

Temperament | The Briefing

LePage wants to make it harder to send ballot questions to Maine voters

Temperament | The Briefing

(re)Tweet Storm from @trumpfnd with hashtag #TrumpTiesToRussia

Sam Wang: If Trump wins more than 240 electoral votes, I will eat a bug.

FBI’s Clinton smear campaign is no surprise — and has weird echoes of the ’90s

Oh. My. God.

NYT OP-ED Quote: "Perhaps,...Sanders could serve as secretary of outreach and conciliation"

Georgia Poll: Trump 48 (+1), Clinton 46 (+3)

Election Day weather...

Photo: Bernie with Bernie the dog

Letter -- Continuation of National Emergency with Respect to Iran

Trump, "Elect Hillary and you'll have a continuation of the Obama Administration."

North Carolina Is Engaging in “Insane” Jim Crow–Style Voter Suppression, Says Federal Judge

The F.B.I. traitors

Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama LIVE in NC

Lead Brexit Claimant Gina Miller Flooded With Racist Death Threats After High Court Ruling

Oklahoma lawmaker says Facebook call for Clinton's execution was sarcasm

Nate Silver is a bright guy, a really bright guy, but he is not a demigod.

Maine soapmaker’s ‘nasty woman’ lip balm is a big hit

The real Clinton email scandal is that a bullshit story has dominated the campaign

Productivity rises 3.1% in 3rd quarter 2016 (annual rate); unit labor costs rise 0.3%

20 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos

WTF is this ludicrous #SpiritCooking thing that's trending on Twitter?

Picture of Putin Puppet General Michael Flynn sitting next to Putin (and Jill Stein)

Sept. jobless rates down over the year in 224 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 315

Abraham Lincoln....."The legitimate object of government, is..."

Evidence: Trump Russian Alfa Bank Connection Trump Jr and Alfa Bank Exec spoke at same conference

Clinton Campaign Sees Victory in 3 Key States

Ex-Cub/Giant Mike Krukow rips 'arrogant' Joe Maddon for 'over-managing'

Trump to be impeached by Repugs so Pense can be Pres - says Rush - says

November Fourth--Last Day For Early Voting Here In Texas

Russian Dmitry Rybolovlev bought Trump's FL home for $95M. Company has Alfa Bank connection

NOORY was spreading *falsity* (debunked by Snopes) about an "FBI raid" on "Hillary's property"

Graffiti of Crusades’ rallying cry investigated as possible hate crime at USM

Scooby Doo Solves Another Mystery

Uh oh. Drudge just went with a story that's going to rock Clinton

The SPLC has not lost its legitimacy.

List of things the repugnants have demonized added one more item - so obvious

Louis CK Is Excited About The "First Mom" President

Tim Robbins blogs on HuffPost that he's voting for Hillary

Pic Of The Moment: Well... This Is Awkward

Questionnaire for Women Trump Supporters

Interesting article on Ohio Latino vote

Just when you thought this election couldn't get any weirder...

Disastrous Jobs Report Underscores Total Failures of Obama-Clinton Economy

New from Fahrenthold: Trump Foundation checks contained his campaign slogan on them.

Facebook has fake is what they are about..

US intel warns of potential al Qaeda attacks Monday: report

Michael Moore: How I Moved from Supporting Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton for President

I case anyone hasn't seen this yet ...

The jobs report for the month was 161,000+

U.S. Announces Recall of Samsung Washing Machines

A Militia Gets Battle Ready for a ‘Gun-Grabbing’ Clinton Presidency

Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists

I think I am all set!

Report: FBI Examining Fake Documents Targeting Clinton Campaign

The Voter Supression Trail

Breaking: Bridgegate verdict: Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly guilty on all counts

Hillary +8 surge on Predictit- any idea why?

Hilary will stop pot legalization: Trump trolls with new misinformation.

Bridgegate jury reaches verdict in NJ


Holy cow, Trump is too nutty even for Russia

Watch this & tell me Giuliani didn't know. Comey political conspiracy evidenced!!!

Koch Addicts

Salon's FBI and Clinton article

Kremlin recorded secret video/audiotape of Trump during trips 2 Russia in hopes of collecting compr

Newsweek bombshell: Why Russia is backing Trump & why the Kremlin feared he was too nutty

PPP North Carolina: Hillary 49, Trump 47

Jerry Falwell Jr. does radio ad for Trump campaign as Election Day nears

*******Cornucopia of good polls for HRC from PPP*******

Stocks Drop As Trump Win Seems More Likely: Prepare for More if Trump Wins

Christian Nut: God Will Punish America If We Don't Elect Donald Trump

There is a literal pantsuit thing happening

Kelly & Baroni guilty on all counts NJ Bridgegate trial

Just saw a new Hillary Clinton ad

Today's Keith Olbermann: they are Fascist Morons!

Come Must Be Fired/FBI Agents Involved In False Reports Purged & Prosecuted.

Now that Bridget Kelly has been found guilty,

Iraqi special forces enter Mosul city: Claim 2 Districts: Interesting pic tweeted

Jury Finds BridgeGate Defendants Guilty On All Counts

Electoral Votes 11/5/2016 - Looking awesome for Hillary

Melania proves Trump is racist.

WiFi on Amtrak’s Acela Express trains shifts into faster gear

Hillary rally in Pittsburgh to include Andrew Tesoro, an architect who was 'stiffed' by TRUMP...

PPP: NH (+5 Clinton); NV (+3 Clinton); WI (+7 Clinton); PA (+4 Clinton) NC (+2 Clinton)

I wonder if any other presidential candidate in American history has ever used the word "pervert."

Remember when we despaired because Clinton dropped...

Breaking- Bridgegate defendants found guilty on all counts

Catholic Church Bulletin Says You’ll Go To Hell If You Vote Democrat

Hillary Clinton’s quiet revolution

RW BS: "The case against Hillary Clinton", anyone want to take a crack at dismantling this ?

Blacklist - I cannot believe that three episodes ago, SPOILER ALERT

Allen Park man charged for allegedly holding kids at gunpoint over damaged Trump lawn sign

Rudy Giuliani Confirms The FBI Leaked Information To The Trump Campaign

Bridgegate Defendants Facing 86 Years. Kelly will probably sing to mitigate sentence

I noticed a missing Trump Pence sign on the way to work.

NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE vom 3. November 2016 - English Version

Just got the spreadsheet from my local organizer.

Where is the oppo dump?

Harvard Soccer Team Misogyny Ends Season

Posted without comment (well, maybe with a chuckle).

The chilling implications of the FBI’s latest attack on Hillary Clinton

Johnson, Stein supporters vote swapping with Clinton voters to defeat Trump

Rudy Giuliani Confirms The FBI Leaked Information To The Trump Campaign

Elementary school cancels mock election after kids chant ‘Trump’

Hey guys: Great article here, WITH CONTACT INFO FOR THE NETWORKS...

Beat The Rush. Buy Your Champagne and Caviar NOW!

Stop Anti-Israel Classroom Propaganda, More Than 170 Professors Tell UC President

LIVE Stream 12:30 - Bernie Sanders Rally in Davenport Iowa For Hillary Clinton (11/04/16)

Rudy Giuliani opens his mouth. and those words.....end up indicting the FBI director..

Virginia DU: MacAuliffe just screwed up BIGTIME. Don't let him PRIVATIZE toll lanes

Back stabber Andrea Mitchell again

Sources: U.S. intel warning of possible al Qaeda attacks in U.S. Monday

Ohio cop wearing Confederate flag under his uniform when he gunned down Sam DuBose

Fri, Nov 4, 2016, 12: EDT Hillary Clinton in Pittsburgh-READY TO ROAR*** LIVE STREAM**

Renewable Energy Grows in an Unlikely Place: the Sunny Mideast

Photo: Bernie touches the future :)

About New Hampshire

It's Friday afternoon. So where is the cavalry?

Tell Bernie: How Has the High Price of Insulin and Other Diabetes Medications Impacted You?

Has the Party of Lincoln Turned Into the Party of Sedition?

Guiliani admits he got intel from FBI: That means FBI broke law. Guiliani has no privilege.

Trump Tower in Toronto Is Bankrupt

JUST IN: NJ Gov. Chris Christie responds to Bridgegate verdict

Gun control will prevail regardless of next president, says researcher

2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest, Part II

Looks like joey finally gave up on us and launched his own figure skating website

WSJ: Former Christie Allies Guilty on All Counts in George Washington Bridge Trial

Daycare employees taught the kids to cheer for Donald Trump & to say that Hillary Clinton is a liar

Archaeologists spotlight first Solomon’s Temple-era artifacts ever found on Temple Mount

Rosalynn Carter campaigning for Hillary in Georgia today!

First Lady Michelle Obama on voting | Hillary Clinton

For All You Non-Chicagoans - You Are Missing One Of The Biggest Celebration Parades Of.....

Now you can buy a Noam Chomsky garden gnome

Christian Extremist Groups Prepare For Election

2 new Ads and 1 old one: | Rewind |Temperament | Russia first | from The Briefing

"Oregon Trail"-style game: ‘The Voter Suppression Trail’

Happy 100th Birthday Walter Cronkite - Google Doodle

Donald Trump’s Las Vegas Hotel Is Breaking The Law

New DUer Frogg wrote such an inspiring little piece about volunteering in North Carolina

Why Trumpism Will Continue After the Election

***** LIVE stream: Hillary Clinton Rally in Pittsburgh 1 PM EDT

As always, (and I do mean ALWAYS,) a "prophet" ends up dead wrong.

Was it like this for Clinton supporters in 2008

I don't care who your are, where you live or what race you are. There is a 99.8% chance

Interesting tweet from University of Michigan economics professor.

Douglas County #NE02 - D 30,668 46.9% - R 23,464 35.9%

has everyone seen the google doodle for today--walter cronkite's 100th birthday.

Tuesday Night’s Literal Showstoppers: Clinton and Trump

Common: Letter to the Free. A beautiful, tragic, political appeal against Trump in song.

Rosalynn Carter hits the campaign trail for Georgia Democrats

Indiana's own James Comey situation might prevent African Americans from voting

Let me see if I got this right - Neither The House of Representatives nor the FBI

Here's why Hillary will be elected president next Tuesday

Some fantastic PPP numbers for Hillary and Dem Senators came out

New James Franco commercial for Hillary Clinton

Ohio Duers we need everyone who can help to help us knock on doors

At Standing Rock, women lead fight in face of Mace, arrests and strip searches

At Standing Rock, women lead fight in face of Mace, arrests and strip searches

Trump Campaign Pays Millions to Overseas Big Data Firm

At Standing Rock, women lead fight in face of Mace, arrests and strip searches

Mark Halperin visibly shaken when Brian Williams calls out his fawning coverage of Trump

FBI examining fake docs targeting Cinton campaign

"Donald Trump’s closing argument is that he can use a teleprompter"

At Standing Rock, women lead fight in face of Mace, arrests and strip searches

msnbc is doing the FBI--Rudy link--rudy denies. ha ha

Obama commutes sentences for 72 inmates

Allegations mount against FBI, possible campaign intervention

Bret Baier deserves the Brian Williams treatment for his shameful pushing of a fake story on Fox

***PPP poll of NC has HRC 59-40 in early vote***

This Is the Bleakest Poll of the 2016 Election

Will Obama, in the remaining weeks of his presidency . . . . . .

The FBI has become a part of the RNC

Here's an interesting International poll on Italy's La Repubblica


Another good Olbermann

Why is Comey protecting Giuliani?

Jack's Excellent and Brutal Carpentry Adventure

Cut finger, a few stitches, 45 mins...$14,000 medical bill

Hillary will be good for America

Trump to slash Social Security Bigly

For Native water protectors, Standing Rock protest has become fight for religious freedom, human

For Native water protectors, Standing Rock protest has become fight for religious freedom, human

For Native water protectors, Standing Rock protest has become fight for religious freedom, human

Sarah Palin to Join Trump on Campaign Trail, Election Night

For Native water protectors, Standing Rock protest has become fight for religious freedom, human

Tobacco Road Coaches agree on something.

"Florida's turning blue!"--My daughter this morning....

a woman's post about getting shot at standing rock

a woman's post about getting shot at standing rock

The Tobacco Road coaches agree on something.

***PEC HRC win at >99% bayesian***

Fox anchor Bret Baier on Clinton ‘indictment’ story: ‘It was a mistake, and for that I’m sorry’

CNN and Fox News have been off the air (2 Hrs) here in Phoenix...

Fox News' Bret Baier apologizes for reporting Clinton Foundation indictments were 'likely'

Jon Ralston NV report: Joe Heck's (R) congressional seat leans Democratic

Heard just a few seconds of tRump's latest insane diatribe against Hillary

It looks like we are getting nothing on Trump I'm pissed

Recipe for a Sustainable Food System: Skillet Apple Crisp Bittman

Trump Admits to Relationship with Putin in 2013

I just got an illegal robocall from a local Republican candidate

Not all Trump supporters are living in fantasyland some are coming to terms with reality

Jury finds reporter, Rolling Stone responsible for defaming U-Va. dean with gang rape story

LIVE Stream @ 3:30PM - Bernie Sanders Rally in Iowa City Iowa For Hillary Clinton (11/04/16)

Kellyanne ConArtist: Doesn't matter if Baier Clinton indictment claim was true, "damage is done"

At Trump rally, former N.H. governor jokes that Hillary Clinton's husband doesn't want to have

At her final rally in Philadelphia on 11/7 HRC will be joined by Pres & Mrs Obama!!

What's the deal with the Javits Center event?

There Really Will Be No Healing Or Coming Together After The Election The Way It Looks.

Poll shows Clinton winning Colorado

One does not have to watch MSNBC and Tom Roberts for more than

The Three R's: Rape, Racketeering, And Russia

President Obama will be in NH on Monday to stump for Dems up and down the ticket

Anybody remember Robert Hanssen?

That's it... Obama needs to call up the national guard

Former Christie allies convicted in N.J. 'Bridgegate' trial

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU, I feel it necessary to remind everyone of the sage words of wisdom.....

Arkansas Republican stood in polling place door shouting ‘shut up and go home’ at early voters

How Republicans will lose the House under a President Clinton

Trump U staff included Canadian couple involved in fraud

Lawsuit filed in New York against Trump and Clinton to postpone election

GOPer Steve Schmidt blisters Comey: No director ‘has done more damage’ to FBI’s reputation

PEOPLE magazine has a big story now on Trump's alleged rape of a 13 year old.

Moby: Donald Trump Is 'Actual Sociopath'

More than 9,000 had voted by 11 AM in Clark County today. That's 50 percent higher

Happy Trees-Pink sunsets - Soft Clouds -- Unwind with Bob Ross

TONIGHT'S the NIGHT for Bill Maher and his audience. President Obama is paying a visit

Trump's career after politics

Megyn Kelly: Ex-Fox News boss Roger Ailes offered career boosts for ‘sexual favors’

"If you know anybody who's thinking of voting for Trump ... please, stage an intervention."

‘He’s got to get control of the ship again’: How tensions at the FBI will persist after the election

Trump supporter points gun at 6 kids after his sign is destroyed

I am a type 2 diabetic, I was wondering about drinking alcoholic beverages

Have to find a new Barber

Reuters/ipsos 44 HC 39 T

Cat gets mild case of early chicken pox

Heated Political Debates Banned From Part Of Long Island Hospital

BTRTN: Clinton Maintains Lead, Though Swing State Support Softening; Has She Weathered the Worst?

Text scam on Twitter. Trump supporter should be in jail.

Florida early vote?

Could this the mystery guest at Hillary's Ohio rally?

Hey, Pete's Pond Peeps! Found a cool thing!

Fine company we keep on women's equality

I stopped worrying today ... almost.

Could "Fraction Magic" Steal Part Of Your Vote? (w/Guest: Mimi Kennedy)

Will Trump Appoint White Supremacists If He Gets Elected??

A fantastic election time find that reinforces my pedigree

Trump and the FBI have a music video, I see

Advice From HRC: "Stop refreshing FiveThirtyEight"

100 hours till first returns!!!!!!

Russian Roulette.

"Carry her..."

Wayne Barrett on msnbc right now

Daveed Diggs - from Hamilton- on Clinton v Trump

StarCraft II: DeepMind unveils latest game its AI plans to conquer

Edited to show pic - USDMXN (Mexican Peso) and Hillary (nice move for her today)

yeck. Hugh Hewitt on now.

Eternal Fascism: 14 ways of looking at fascism by Umberto Eco

Sununu asks Trump rally: Was Bill Referring to Hillary When He Said ‘I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman?’

A request for CNN and MSNBC, today.

Love this photo

Morocco: Two teens face 3 years in prison for a lesbian kiss

Christie just send his guys to jail for years

ABCnews: Hint of Momentum for Clinton

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 4, 2016

Pres Obama Livestream in NC. Now

I attended Hillarys event in PGH this morning.

Obama up in N. Carolina right now on msnbc

***** LIVE Stream: President Obama in NC

So where are the calls for Bret Baier to get the Dan Rather treatment and lose his job?

Three members of US military killed in Jordan army base shooting

State Of The Race - Summary of latest National and State Polls

FYI: 6pm EST Pres Obama rally in Charlotte, NC tonight. Livestream

Disney gets federal permission to fly drones over theme parks

lol CNN host just said re Obama...

Putin unveils 'provocative' Moscow statue of St Vladimir

The crowd at Trump's rally in NH has graduated from "lock her up" to "execute her."

Hillary Clinton Wants You To Imagine The Headlines After A Trump Win

BREAKING: Trump Tower Goes Bankrupt – Being Auctioned Off

Russia and wiki leaks are working overtime.

John Sununu just handed New Hampshire back to Clinton

Sting to reopen Paris's Bataclan before attack anniversary

Election day weather forecast.

Kansas judge strikes state's dual voter registration system

PPP say polling is now finished for them in 2016 - campaigns have stopped ordering

San Wang throwing shade back at 538....

Clinton Camp Boasts Early Voting Performance In Key Battlegrounds


Police transparency


So, have we given up on Friday oppo dump on Cheeto then

Marina Abramović mention in Podesta emails sparks accusations of satanism

Florida measure calls itself pro-solar but critics say it's 'a wolf in sheep's clothing'

It's time to play Where in the Fuck is Major Nikon

Attention all Hands: when Watching MSNBC, it is critical to remember

Nate Silver in September gave GOP donors a closed-door presentation.

Comey: "I thought you might like an update"


It is the last Friday of this national enema of an election.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends at exactly at 2:00 am on Sunday Nov 6th 2016

John Kerry will visit Antarctica (climate change) and represent the US at COP22

Brandon Vandenburg Sentenced To 17 Years In Rape Case

Yuengling Owner Backs Trump And Gay Bars Promptly Dump Their Taps

Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Trump Campaign to Prevent Voter Intimidation

A C+ poll of 500 LV out of Utah just moved 538's presidential forecast 1.3% all by itself

Great advice from a pollster

I thought the FBI was finished with J Edgar Hoover

I wasn't going to post this article

Next-generation smartphone battery inspired by the gut

Donald Trump campaign starts beef with Jay Z ahead of Cleveland concert for Hillary Clinton

Top Five 2016 Election Terms that Need to Die

Sam DuBose: University of Cincinnati police officer was wearing Confederate flag T-shirt under unifo

University of Cincinnati police officer was wearing Confederate flag T-shirt under uniform when he

One for the weekend: Steppenwolf, "Monster"

Hint of Momentum for Clinton, With Issues a Defining Factor (POLL)

question: is the bullying of muslim children in school an acceptable topic of discussion here?

Latino Turnout Surges in Early Voting

A dirty trick that won’t change the outcome - Katrina vanden Heuvel

Twin Cities, MN, set to break 143-yr record for longest growing season

Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Trump Campaign to Prevent Voter Intimidation

Trump University's Canadian Courses Taught By Known Fraudsters

Donald Trump polling percentage at 0.0% with Wisconsin African-American voters

Donald Trump And The Art Of Asbestos

Where will Latino votes put Hillary over the top?

Donald Trump in 2018:

The GOP’s Dysfunction Is Our Dysfunction Now

Too Far: Dunkin Donuts Holiday Cup Is Richard Dawkins Giving The Finger

Oh boy. There's going to be a big ol' lie fest on Tweety tonight, courtesy of Ghouliani

Calvert County early voting

Diver may have found 'lost nuke' missing since cold war off Canada coast

Religious freedom at stake in this election, but not in the way evangelicals think

Everything you wanna know about Jon Stewart

James Comey Visits His Shrink

Stephen Bannon’s Long Game

Is this the big story? Another watergate, DNC headquarters possibly bugged?

EXCLUSIVE: The Democratic National Committee Has Told the FBI It Found Evidence Its HQ Was Bugged

The real Clinton email scandal is that a bullshit story has dominated the campaign

Bishops to concelebrate Mass at historic African-American Catholic church

Clinton, Cuban: Trump will do what's best for his bank account, not the country

Rudy Ruined It. Democrats Call For Probe Of FBI Leaks About Clinton After Rudy Giuliani’s Comments

Exclusive: The Democratic National Committee Has Told the FBI It Found Evidence Its HQ Was Bugged

Here’s a tweet that should shame everyone at CNN

State of EV in Nevada: HCR builds insurmountable lead


The Paris Climate Pact Is in Effect, but It’s Not Enough

Duck, rock, dog.

CNN now has Trump winning by 1 electoral college vote with their latest "scenario"

Teen's shirt warns he'll kill gays if they approach him

Teen's shirt warns he'll kill gays if they approach him

so the Rachel and newsweek story that will change everything

Ryan Says He'll Seek Re-Election as Speaker

It's past 5:00 EST: HRC Drop Your Oppo. Please?

Rudy says there is going to be a big surprise in next couple days

1998 flashback: "Nation to Trump: We Need YOU"

Questions for Seniors

Rudy Giuliani is walking back his bullshit in a BIG and FRIGHTENED way on Wolf Blitzer.

Giuliani says he was talking about the advertisement coming

Russia feeding Trump talking points?

Prostituting Colombia’s police – Former congress security chief charged for pimping cadets

What We Still Don't Know Ab Donald Trump:A list of mysteries that will not be solved b4 Election Day

Prostituting Colombia’s police – Former congress security chief charged for pimping cadets

The war on terroir

Feds: No Charges in Police Shooting of Black Man With BB Gun

Just voted for Hillary

Christian 'Haunted House' was to depict Pulse massacre ...

A question for Intelligence Professionals

Investigate FBI Leaks to Rudy Giuliani, Top Democrats Tell Justice Department

Alabama: After Saying Education System 'Sucks,' Gov Lauds Schools

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Breeders' Cup

New PPP polls of Virginia (Clinton +5) Michigan (Clinton +5) Colorado (Clinton +5)

S&P 500 Falls for Ninth Session in Longest Losing Streak Since 1980

37 million people have already voted — here's what the data say

Dave Chappelle To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ On November 12

A Militia Gets Battle Ready for a ‘Gun-Grabbing’ Clinton Presidency

I don't think I am going to survive the weekend

Since the 24/7 news services are making billions from not reporting the news

"Can we stay?" Clinton ad

More and more African americans are perplexed about reports

I Am Woman. Hear. Me. Roar.

Early voting in Florida now looking pretty good (70% will be early voting)

Stop Refreshing FiveThirtyEight

Trump just proposed ending all federal clean energy development

What would the FBI under Trump look like?

Registered late and voted early in less than 30 minutes!

FBI looks like Trump's base

Fox news National Poll HRC +2 (45-43)

How will early voting be reported on election day?

Officials: SA cop fired for attempting to feed fecal sandwich to

Is Elon Musk starting a 2020 run???


Rabid rudy on Chris Matthews tonight

2.2 million and counting have voted early in GA, a new record!

Predictwise shows bleeding has stopped and momentum shifting back to Hillary today

"What ITM Power are doing is brilliant, efficient, counter intuitive and is thankfully catching on."

30 Years Later, This Devastating Photo Series On Poverty (NSFW)

In ‘Little Moscow,’ Russians helped Donald Trump’s brand survive the recession

FYI: Pres Obama Rally in Charlotte NC about to begin.. LIVESTREAM

Weird. 538 has Raonoke poll with Clinton +18 in Virginia and has her odds going down.

Clay Pigeons: How Lobbyists Secretly Woo Top Election Officials

Military tactical training for college students

Nate Silver is getting hammered on twitter right now

The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2016

Making calls over the weekend

I want to know who was responsible for the Philadelphia

These Officials Help Write Ballot Questions. Companies Write Them Checks.

I don't play poker, but...

Investigators find body on property where woman was chained 'like a dog'

BREAKING: FBI to investigate FBI. Sources report that one half of the FBI will investigate the other

CBS Evening News: Russia's goal is no Democracy anywhere.

Protesta vote

CNN seems to be focusing on Russian interference and alluding to them trying to help Trump

The Latest: WA Democratic Elector Won't Vote for Clinton

Trump Slump


Delaware County, PA Tosses Most Late Voter Forms From Grassroots Group

We need the Senate, 538 is showing NOT good news.

Anyone have experience with small mortgages?

Cop Fired for giving Fecal Sandwhich to Homeless Man...(yes a real s**t sandwhich)(no, not made up)

Pipeline Protest Reporter Shot With Rubber Bullet Mid-Interview

Riding the election roller-coaster…

Can someone post about rudy's interview with tweety? On now!

De Niro Refuses Photo with Schwarzenegger Over Election Politics

The presidential election of 1908.

On CNN, Trump Advisor Rudy Giuliani Walks Back Claim That He Has Direct Knowledge Of "Surprise"

Does anybody else plan on taking Wednesday off from work?

Charles P. Pierce: Content Farm to Content Table

After the Election

I just got called by Bloomberg polling

Well, we all know this Comeygate has screwed the swelling lead Hillary had, so...

Five Simple Words that Describe the Republican Party...

Question about tracking polls

5 A-rated National polls just posted H+1, +2, +4, +5, +8

Don't trust the polls they are heavily skewed in favor of the Democrats

I'm hoping pres Clinton will rescue the women and children locked up in Utah polygamist compounds

EWWWWWW...I got a robocall from Donald Trump Jr. inviting me to a campaign event on the 5th

Toxic Trump distanced by surragotes Vs. Big Names Campaigning for Hillary Clinton

ABC News Poll: Clinton Lead contiues to Grow, Now 4 Points in Tracking Poll

Attacks on Russ are starting to get really bad......"voted against our veterans"

I wonder if the much anticipated oppo dump was supposed to come from NDA

Breaking: Hillary campaign with Jay Z in Cleveland evacuated- Sniffer dogs found exploisives at site

How come the new Reuters/Ipsos hasn't made it to 538 yet?

Rudy Giuliani is a big fat liar.

Are people retiring from the FBI in droves?

TWEETY is not going in for the kill

Trump campaign hit with restraining order over voter intimidation fears

Lie, Rudy, Lie. Spin, Rudy, Spin.

Speaking of Unusual Aggregation Activity-Pollstar Hasn't Changed Numbers in 20 Hours?

How to Cook Brussels Sprouts

Now Is The Perfect Time For The Indians To Quietly Abandon Chief Wahoo

Judge Says North Carolina Must Restore Voter Registrations Of Those Removed From Rolls

I voted!

Warming Earth Thaws Diseases Dormant within Frozen Permafrost

In Russia, drug-addicts and people with AIDS get demonized, kidnapped, abused.

Acquittal for Louisiana Sheriff Whose Deputies Beat Inmates

Mark Burnett Clamps Down on ‘The Apprentice’ Staff Over Donald Trump Leaks

Suppose Clinton wins, Trump goes to trial for fraud, and he gets convicted.

What time did that game end, anyway?

ABC News under fire for staging a crime scene report

The mere possibility of a woman president throws the FBI

All this, and as far as I can tell, complete silence from Comey.

U.S. Govt. Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election

* Graphic Warning * ..."Lock Her Up"

Philly for Hilly......see you all there.

Arizona 'jihadist' gets eight years in prison for terror bomb plot

Attorney: Chelsea Manning again attempts suicide in prison

Cloudy feedback on global warming

Had an appointment with my cognitive therapist tonight.

This Election Is Being Rigged – But Not by Hillary Clinton

U.S. acts to block North Korea access to financial system

Tweety is betting that Trump wins more than 10 states

I spent 2.5 hours in the Social Security office today to get a replacement card.

Chris Matthews just said that he 'hates that this election is coming to an end.'

I just moved to a new house and the previous tenants were Republicans

Some Clark County (Las Vegas) Polling locations open 1 extra hour this evening, last day to EV