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At this point, it's really about GOTV

Look who came to Flint to campaign for Hillary (and follow up on the water crisis) - CHER

WA Secretary of State Accused of Voter Suppression After Mailing Mistranslated Spanish Voters Guides

Behind Dakota pipeline protest: Native American religious revival


About that SurveyUSA Poll

Comey's disclosure shocks former prosecutors - Politico

Trump Warns Failure To Repeal ACA 'Will Destroy American Health Care Forever'

Cummings on Chris Hayes talking about FBI

Catholics, the ultimate swing voters, lean heavily toward Clinton

Trump stokes skepticism of Colorado voting system

Yes, Donald Trump Has A Path To Victory

Michael Moore on now on AllIn

The War in Syria Cannot Be Won. But It Can Be Ended.

Now this is a poll I believe and I'll tell you why.

Chicago Elementary School Cancels Christian Haunted House Depicting Pulse Night Club Shooting

New Monmouth poll confirms neck-and-neck races for Missouri governor and senate

Michael Moore on Chris doing a great job!

***Must Read***Here’s How Trump’s New Campaign Manager Attacked Him As A Cable News Pundit

Trump’s surrogates for the past 5 months:

Wingers have always claimed to hate Russia. How can they vote for a fool

From the ground to almost half way up a 9 story outlook in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Dakota Access Pipeline Shooting Victim Was An Armed Instigator, Protesters Claim

Funny Jon Ralston (NV Political wiz) tweet about Trump GOTV effort


Trump supporters should be very worried

Why Texas newspapers are breaking with tradition and urging voters to support Hillary Clinton

Some questions about tracking polls.

One Week Before Election Day, Early Voting Is Nearly Twice as High as 2012

What will be your Election Eve (Nov. 7) soundtrack?

Republican operative raises 11.3 MILLION DOLLARS FOR HILLARY CLINTON!

What happens when you get that REALLY GOOD NUT

Secretary Clinton's reaction to reports that the polls are tightening

US Health Care – the Solution is Easy. #1 SP Myth Bites the Dust.

Just a reminder that the final polling average in 2012 had Obama winning by less than a point

What could tRump have possibly promised the FBI hierarchy to get them to campaign for him?

Red states are the unhealthiest states

Oh look! #Hillary with #AliciaMachado in Dade City & Obama in OHIO!

Texas Republican: Gay people were sent by Russia to destroy America

Tin Foil Alert: Is Comey another Hanssen?

Trump is Putin’s Patsy -Trump is an easy Mark, His Fans Even Easier.

Trump is Putin’s Patsy

SurveyUSA poll of North Carolina in 2008 had McCain up by 20.


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Cheaters Don’t Win!! Live, Uncensored & a new

College Of New Rochelle Financial Probe Reveals $20M In Unpaid Taxes

Looks like it Game 7


I will grab your p***y anytime I please.

The no-drama/no head-in-the sand state of the race open thread

Trump tells it like it is,

In Rare Move, China Criticizes Trump Plan To Exit Climate Change Pact

"Are you canvassing?" she asks

New York makes it illegal to speed past garbage trucks

New FL poll will be announced on Lawrence at 10

Luckovich Toon - The Problem With Our Media

Russian Tweeters:

How did a rich narcissist

Election Anxiety Pushes Global Markets Off A Cliff

"I'm usually here from opening to closing"

New York warns Canada over dairy regulations

The Drill we sent to Mars

Love Obama. Combo meal. Vote then get your free taco

Onondaga County could face penalties for 18-million-gallon sewage spill into lake

Ex-Gov. Spitzer's alleged Russian hooker indicted in extortion case

For all poll junkies, PEC is now updating hourly.

Fake story about Obamas, Hillary Clinton ensnares Sean Hannity

In the Nevada desert, Bundy family warns of another standoff

Councilor wants tighter controls to keep out-of-city students out of Boston Public Schools

Michael Moore Facebook Live Show starts at 9:50pm ET. Link below.

Number of Americans killed annually by...

MBTA worker awarded $2.6M in discrimination suit

(Texas Agriculture Commissioner) Sid Miller under fire for tweet calling Clinton the 'C-word'

Lawrence O'Donnell tweet!!

Poker pro bursts into tears pleading guilty to $31M scam

Trump Own Words = What He Believes * Hillary Clinton Ad

F.B.I.’s Email Disclosure Broke a Pattern Followed Even This Summer

The Ku Klux Klan Officially Endorses Donald Trump

Windows zero-day exploited by same group behind DNC hack

Are they bussing people to the polls in these swing states? In NC there are fewer early polling

New Hillary Ad = Trump's Own Words

New Hillary Ad = Trump's Own Words

Watching Mayerling now w/ Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer.

can I buy a smart phone, say from amazon, send it to a friend and have him get it activated etc.

Former Ohio County Schools Public Credit Union Director Pleads Guilty

Bloomberg: Tracking the 2016 Presidential Money Race

Check, please: Wait begins on $151M chemical spill pay out

This is CNN's website this evening - first time something besides emails for days

Bill Weld just told Rachel (of TRMS)

The WSOP final is I know some don't think it's sports.......

22 years old!


Last Word says FL poll Early Vote Survey HILLARY HAS 8% SPREAD

New Florida poll to bereleased Wed morning - early vote 17 pt spread for HRC!!! 28% of GOP!!

Hillary 48, Trump 40 in Florida according to Target Smart

Ding Dong the Drumpf is DEAD!

New Florida poll (targetsmart/William & MAry): Clinton 48 - Trump 40


Donald Trump can enjoy income tax-free living for the rest of his life

Breaking on Lawrence

In FL 28% of registered Republicans have already voted for Hillary!!

**TURN ON MSNBC - THE LAST WORD** **NOW** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also in Florida poll: 28% of registered Republicans voted for Hillary!!!

28% of early voting Republican voters in Florida have voted for HRC

O'Keefe is threatening to release a video tomorrow that will be

Huff Post: Black Voter Turnout So Far Is Not Good For Hillary Clinton"

Hannity Tweets Apology for Sharing False Report on Michelle Obama Deleting Clinton Tweets

Witness: Donald Trump Also Raped 12-Year-Old Girl, Threatened to Kill Witnesses

If those Florida GOP numbers are true...

Much needed good news from Florida, but we MUST keep the GOTV going, and not

Union group files complaint over political mailers

So what's the latest with the weasel named Jason Chaffetz?

TargetSmart/William & Mary Release Florida Poll of Early and Likely Voters

President Barack Obama on early voting

‘Jew-S-A’ Chanter From Trump Rally: I Was Just Using A Spanish Accent!

TargetSmart/William & Mary Release Florida Poll of Early and Likely Voters (LINK)

Washington state Voting Statistics UPDATE

West Virginia prisons chief had rent-free apartment provided by subcontractor

Woot Woot = Reuters/Ipsos Widens to Nine Point Spread

Bout them Florida polls......

Drug firm seeks to keep lid on pain pill allegations

Holy wow!

Daily News doubles down on endorsement of Clinton for President — it’s that important

Texas Agriculture Commisioner Describes Election as “Trump” vs. “C*nt”

Moody's analytics projects big win for Clinton. Moodys has always been accurate

Moody's Analytics election model predicts Clinton win

Norfolk man called victim a gay slur, then shot him in the head, witness testifies

Will You #WearWhiteToVote? (or, if you already voted, white on election day)

Powerful Virginia Senate leader: It's time to look at marijuana decriminalization

'Voting While Black' Is Giving African American Voters The Attention They Deserve In This Election

So far, no meaningful emails found in FBI's review of those on Weiner's computer.

Will You #WearWhiteToVote? (or, if you have already voted, wear white on election day)

I know far too many Republicans who have defected to believe Trump is running strong.

San Diego Cops Seize Innocent Family’s Life Savings Using Civil Forfeiture Laws


Virginia Medicaid costs to rise again as governor prepares new push for expansion

Confederate flag group seeks permit for parade on MLK Day in Lexington

Vanity Fair - Is Donald Trump a Manchurian Candidate?

Miami Herald Makes DEVASTATING Donald Trump Announcement

DEQ proposes $260,000 fine for Dominion’s two January oil spills in Virginia

WaPo Eugene Robinson: "The Republican Party is basically Afghanistan"

Nevada's tea party secretary of state rejects Indian tribes' request for reservation polling sites

Susan Sarandon is once again part of the 1%. She's voting for Stein!

Just on Reddit. The garbage is out. All manner of slander against

I love the crack...!!!

**Trump Surrogates Respond To Florida Polls**

Trump Can't Read

How do I unsubscribe to this forum?

I just blocked my own brother on Facebook


President Obama asks men to seriously consider sexism, and whether

I Run Out to Buy Oranges and Return to A Very Different DU

If Hillary addressed her server issue the way Donald would have.

From the twittersphere.....

With Hillary, the Fear Is She Is Not Telling The Truth; With Trump, The Danger is That He Is...

Conspiracy theories, not facts, are driving hatred of Clinton

Hillary Clinton ad, speech grills Trump on women

WTF???? Marc Rich Pardon?????????

Brian Williams' show (LIVE) now on MSNBC sounds good...

Florida republicans

How come the result of the Florida "exit" poll isn't the same as the regular polls?

CNN (3/2016) - Trump on torture: 'We have to beat the savages'

An elderly female relative who once said she would never vote for "crooked Hillary"

NY Times (5/2016) - Donald Trump’s Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less

Is cold brew coffee any good?

What the hell is going on with the FBI? Yet another release of info on the Clintons!

WE'VE Got This


F. B. I.

Witness: Trump also raped 12-year-old — and used her disappearance to threaten another victim

Really. Is anyone surprised that Republicans are crossing over to vote for HRC?

I challenge all of you

Here is how the emails likely got on Weiner's laptop

How can we increase African American turnout in FL and NC? Obama is coming to FL. How about Michelle

Trump on Nuclear Proliferation (March 29, 2016)

Who will Pres Hillary replace Comey with?

Damn right we're with her!

***TargetSmart-Early vote in Florida HRC 55-38***

The Hill (5/2016) - "Trump: Women 'get it better' than men"

A Pimp Just Revealed Trump Also Raped 12-Year-Old Girl, Threat To Kill Witnesses

CNN - Trump Jr.: Women who can't handle harassment 'don't belong in the work force'

More BREAKING NEWS from Florida!

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters Occupy Part of Grand Central station

KKK paper embraces Trump in front-page article

Okay, just tell me why.

If this early result in Florida by TargetSmart in terms of crossover for HRC is correct

WSJ (June 2016) - Trump Says Judge’s Mexican Heritage Presents ‘Absolute Conflict’

Politico (2/2016) - "Donald Trump: We're going to 'open up' libel laws"

Best Of Luck With That Wall

I just LOVE how President Obama refers to Hillary's opponent as 'the other guy" over and over

The New York Times’ very fishy article about Trump and Russia

Why is Trump campaigning in blue states? WI, MI, CO, etc.? What does he hope to gain by this?

It ain't over! Cubs rock Cleveland, force Game 7

This stuff is worse than berlin in 1930

Time to admit it, this Bernie supporter has been influenced by Trump, the FBI and Putin...

Scott Walker Makes Surprise Hillary Clinton Endorsement, Internet ERUPTS With Joy

The obvious glossing over of the Comey excuse and the

So Senator Burr Will Keep SCOTUS W/Only 8 Judges For 4 Years.

Question? Did "The View"

Are you still wearing jeans?

In Ohio, a spelling error could cost you your vote - especially if you live in a Dem-leaning area

Obama in Ohio: 'Don't Be Bamboozled' by Trump

FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation based on "news stories and the book “Clinton Cash" per NYT

Louis CK's EPIC Answer on Trump vs Hillary

According to Nate @ 538, 11 of the top 13 Florida pollsters has a Democratic bias

President Obama: the federal government is looking for ways to reroute the Dakota Access pipeline

@NYDailyNews Tomorrow's front: DAMN RIGHT, WE'RE WITH HER! doubles down on Hillary endorsem

#TrumpFBIcodeName trending on twitter!

Targetsmart polls?

Nephew: George W. Bush may vote for Clinton

Jon Stewart Rails Against ‘F*ckface Von Clownstick’ Trump...

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Feelin' Alt-Right (parts 1 & 2)

Love this meme -- GOTV

Writing About Food - Hopkins County Stew (Excerpt from "Tales from Texas Tables")

Mike Papantonio signs on with Putin's propaganda network

FBI never asked top aides for devices used while Clinton was secretary of state

Damn, I wrote an essay. On Facebook. About cultural appropriation. It took a long time.

FBI Horrified As Spy Says Russia Has Been Supporting And Cultivating Trump For Years

Emails, not Trump U fraud, Sexual Assault, etc. Joy Behar

Is the FBI itself compromised?

If Congress was your co-worker, starring Chris Pine

Every Trump argument taken down WITH FACTS!!!

Every Trump argument taken down WITH FACTS!!!

Every Trump argument taken down WITH FACTS!!!

Are You Guys Aware That FBI Has Apparently Released Findings Report of Prior Clinton Investvestigati

Following US, MI5 and UK Also Prepare to Retaliate Against “Increasingly Aggressive” Russia

Anyone notice this at Hillary's rally this evening?

So when does the FBI change it's name to Comey's KGB?

Stupidparty Myth #1—USA has the best healthcare system; thus, why reform?

KKK's Official Newspaper Endorses Donald Trump For President, Trump Denies It

The positives of Obamacare.

#NVGOTV in Nevada (NV) 11TH day. Dems lead by > 31,000 EV, 43% to 37%

TargetSmart: Clinton outpaces Trump by + 17 % margin - 55 % to 38 % among early voters in Florida

Moody's say 332

Okay here's what will happen election night

Obama in Ohio: 'Don't Be Bamboozled' by Trump

Obama in Ohio: 'Don't Be Bamboozled' by Trump

Putin Wants to Push Microsoft Out of Russia in Battle with U.S

Donald is a Dinosaur!

Stanford sex assault survivor named a Woman of the Year

Jill Stein may cost the Dems the election.

GOP Pins Its Dwindling Senate Hopes On The FBI

Louis CK prefers Hillary (and YOU BETTER get out and vote)

LOL - damn funny meme about conservative delusions in regards to the Civil War.

Oldie, but relevant now: Donald Trump: 'If I lose, I don’t think you will ever see me again'

Indian Givers by Neil Young

Brian Williams: Just trashed FBI to the end... we need to change something systemic with FBI

there’s something going on with Trump, Putin, Russia, WikLeaks, the DNC/Clinton hack/reveal,

MSNBC/Brian Williams: Florida survey: 28% of -GOP- early voters picking Clinton

Hillary Clinton is not dishonest from a statistical standpoint.

Hillary Clinton is not dishonest from a statistical standpoint.

Holy Crap I Feel Dirty

Gross I know, but maybe a throw-up ad would help women and men realize how awful Trump is.

Dinesh D’Souza and his “Hillary’s America” Seen Through the Eyes of Two Idiots Posing as Film Expert

Will ‘bull’s-eye’ comment hurt Sen. Richard Burr’s re-election chances?

Obama visits Charlotte Friday; here’s how to go

NC GOP, Dems file dueling complaints with state board of elections

Bill Weld: "I know her well personally. I know her to be a person of high moral character"

Pipeline explosion shuts NC’s primary source of fuel

NextGen Climate...: Early Vote Exit Poll of Battleground Millennials...Strong Clinton Support

President Obama to campaign in Fayetteville for Clinton

I've been reading Hillary's book - Hard Choices

Baylor official called women who reported sexual assault 'mentally ill,' ex-Title IX coordinator say

The Early Vote In Nevada Suggests Clinton Might Beat Her Polls There

Indiana skips Amendment 38, goes straight for 39.. but has a disgusting undertone.

Paxton moves closer to trial in criminal fraud case

Beware the phantom swings: why dramatic bounces in the polls aren't always what they seem

So Comey's goin' rogue, eh? So, does President Obama say enough is enough?

Where are they sending Bernie these last few days?

By the end of Tuesday, close to half of all Nevadans who will cast ballots probably will have voted.

The Alt Right has joined Putin and his army of Russian trolls.

As SC faces another $63M in fines, Dept. of Social Services pressed to finish child support project

Greenville Health System hospital execs shared $2.4M in extra compensation as more job cuts loom

Biden implores Rock Hill voters: Don't take eye off ball on electing Clinton, Democrats

FBI Vault Tweets..

House panel discusses tax policy changes

Trump, Putin, and the Alt-Right International

Senators reprimand Cleary, order him to pay nearly $125,000 for violating state ethics laws

Less than two hours before the beady eyed troll

Trump also raped 12-year-old

Rhode Island sues Hewlett Packard over long-delayed computer system for DMV

First-of-the-month frustrations test Providence DHS computer system

Has Rick Wilson released his big story about Trump?

The Republicans let the Russians in our back door.

MY electoral college prediction:

Sean Hannity apologizes for using fake news story to attack Obama

Two Cops ambushed and killed in Iowa

Rindge Man Ordered To Pay More Than $22.8 Million In Restitution To Ponzi Scheme Victims

Daily Holidays November 2

Before the Flood - Full Movie | National Geographic

Before the Flood - Full Movie | National Geographic

GOP urges Pentagon to immediately return bonuses clawed back from vets

Feds: Others could face charges in police chief beating case

Jury to be seated in ex-cop's murder trial in South Carolina

New analysis boosts theory on MH370's final moments

Poor Mica - she's in pain saying that Hillary should win the election

More on the Target Smart Poll.

POTUS Airplane Pilot Meme: Heard on am Joe. "Crook vs idiot."

What the electoral map would look like if only Trump's twitter supporters voted

Seven men allegedly shot during protest at a Canadian-owned mine in Guatemala appeal stay ruling

Bernie Sanders claims charters let Wall Street ‘hijack’ education

Louis CK on the election

Biologists: New hope for rare mouse that resembles tiny kangaroo

Florida utilities spend $43 million to make case to limit rooftop solar

Eli Lilly shares fall on Bernie Sanders tweet

Here is a way to combat what the MSM doesn't say

Trump's call for policing urban polls stirs defiant reaction among black voters

White nationalists plot Election Day show of force

Trump's Honeypot

Día De Los Muertos: Not ‘Mexican Halloween,’ but So Much More

TargetSmart background: Professors Launch Presidential Polling Campaign. Pew/NBC partner

Bring back the Fairness Doctrine

2 Police Officers Killed in Des Moines 'Ambush-Style Attacks'

Cuba ballet festival reflects diplomatic pas de deux with U.S.

Beyond The Sugar Skull — What We Can Really Learn From The Day Of The Dead

Dumb Bloomberg poll

What percent of FBI agents are right wing nuts?

Hate Rising

Katell Quillévéré on 'Heal The Living,' science and mystery and the rituals of death

Heard something interesting about Obamacare on NPR yesterday...

Saudi prince flogged in court-ordered punishment - newspaper

Venezuelan first lady's nephews face U.S. drug trial

minutemen militia. stopthefed.

Ok who's pissed about what Morning Joe is Saying?

Philippines' Duterte rails at U.S. 'monkeys' for halting gun sale title

Former SEPTA spokeswoman is glad to be away from the frontlines

🐦 Nov 7 - Bernie Sanders Los Angeles & Sacramento Rallies - YES to Prop 61

Video shows Trump with mob figure he denied knowing

Paul Ryan says he's voted for Trump

In Ohio, a spelling error could cost you your vote - especially if you live in a Dem-leaning area

I Voted Today!

Video shows Trump with mob figure he denied knowing

Corrupt Guatemalan Official Commits Suicide Before Arrest

Don't miss November 14. Super moon.

China, Russia take step closer to new long-haul jet

I see our august site is being infiltrated by Deplorables

538 podcast: Colorado expected to vote down Single Payer Health Care referendum

OUAB Presents: Breaking the Silence with Edward Snowden

Brazilian schoolgirl's speech on education funding goes viral

Stay focused - that is what Mr Trump does not want

Jimmy Smits narrates new HRC ad "27 Million Strong"

Morning JOKE is so like Trump!--He sits there saying that the media started to act like cheerleaders

Are the Republicans looking for planted material?

Georgia men plotted attack on Alaska aurora research facility to 'release souls,' detective says

In Bangladesh, tigers are being killed by the local 'mafia'

Hillary’s Male Tormentors - by Frank Bruni

These Are the Stories of Teachers Who Resist Violence in Northern Paraguay

A pastor I know just sent this to me - Can we get this to law enforcement?

Clinton Builds Unlikely Firewall

Obama Exploring ‘Ways To Reroute’ Dakota Access Pipeline Amid Protests

Trump Rated More Honest; Contest Stays a Dead Heat (POLL)

FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation based on "news stories and the book “Clinton Cash"

So George W Bush voted for Hillary

Deadly 'Jacuzzi of Despair' discovered deep below Gulf of Mexico

Nevada Judge orders NV GOP/Trump Campaign to appear in court

Nephew: George W. Bush May Vote Hillary

Writing about food: Angelo Pellegrini, "The Unprejudiced Palate"

Donald Trump Can’t Merely Be Defeated—He and His Deplorables Must Be Crushed

Brazil opens criminal case over Trump's hotel

Too Smug to Jail

Brazil opens criminal case over Trump's hotel

Hannity Sorry For Sharing Fake News Story About Obamas' Support For Clinton

If you read the paper this time next week

Obama Suggests Some Men Don't Like Clinton Because She's A Woman

Florida man driving home from strip club falls out of truck and runs himself over

have we been compromised- really

The primary system did this...This is how it happened.

Get ready for another bombshell

Militia groups prepare for armed revolt if Clinton wins: ‘Last chance to save America from ruin’


Michael Moore: Men better get ready for President Hillary because their ‘10,000 year reign is over’

Nevada: Clark raw vote lead is now about 50,000, which means it is almost identical to 2012

The cop murderer in Iowa looks to be a white supremist

Argentina government says $4.6 billion declared in tax amnesty

Renewable Energy Up Sharply In Asia - And So Is Electricity Demand - CSM

Nobody cares about Hillary's damn emails! Recent polls prove it.

Almost 3 Yrs Later, WV Public Service Commission Gets Around To Investigating MCHM Spill

Something is happening. I feel a positive shift in the race.

Argentina Teachers Union to Join National Struggle Protest

WOLF - Starring Stanley Tucci


Re-electing Isakson to the Senate might be placing rat-bastard Kingston in the senate.

For all its flaws the Weimar Republic looked pretty damn good compared to the Third Reich.

Guzzling Too Many Energy Drinks Can Cause Hepatitis

@JohnJHarwood: D, R, and non-partisan private polls all find Clinton lead holding

Troubles in America

Can anyone from Texas help me out?

Donald Trump is voting for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has a problem with emails.

What's the deal with these polls....

Kids vote Hillary!!

Staggering DOD Video: Dystopian Megacities Will Be Battlefields Of The Future By 2030

A Republican Governor Is Using His Own Money to Reinstate the Death Penalty


Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Hillary Clinton's Emails, Again

Raise a glass to the PG-13 kids covering this election

Deprogramming The Parents

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Personality Disorder

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Perpetual emails

Welcome To The New Miocene: 2016 On Pace For Record Rate Of Atmospheric CO2 Increase

I challenge you! Ten people GOTV by this Friday

I attended a very conservative oriented business meeting this morning.

I'll admit yesterday I had something of a low-grade panic attack.

Controversial ‘four-legged snake’ may be ancient lizard instead

Two Dangerous Men

Controversial ‘four-legged snake’ may be ancient lizard instead

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

White nationalists plot Election Day show of force

Who cares what national polls say! That's NOT how we elect our president

Great image about emails

Iowa Cop Killer's picture creates huge let down on the Right

Legitimize What Can’t Be Proven: Comey’s ‘October Surprise’ - by Gene Lyons

Moody's Analytics election model predicts Clinton win

Pix of Georgia Armed Militia Ready to take over U.S. if Hillary wins

One more last-minute Trump debunking thread: Trump Debunking Megathread

Why are there no ads on TV for Prop 64 - Pot legalization in CA?????

It looks like Nate Silver is not factoring in the Florida early voting poll from yesterday

ADP Private Payrolls Add 147,000 Workers in October

Votecastr will be providing real-time, turnout based projections throughout election day.


In light of the Florida poll of early voters,

RW shtick that is actually kinda progressive

Greenville Church burned and spray painted "Vote Trump"

Trump Mistakes Black Supporter for "Thug," Kicks Him Out of Rally

Know Your Rights When Faced with Voter Intimidation

Louis C.K. makes a mostly amazing case for Hillary

Greenville Church burned and spray painted "Vote Trump" (X-posted from LBN)

Election Day Is Less Than A Week Away, And We Still Don’t Know James Comey’s Next Move

Hope HRC's showing in TX/GA/AZ/etc. will energize the Dems

Lookin' back at 2012...

Let's Guess - Why Won't Trump Pay His Pollster????

Bill Weld: "I'm here vouching for Mrs. Clinton"

Big Tabacco's most evil venture - selling cancer to children

Sen. Johnson Already Ringing Impeachment Bell For Hillary Clinton

I recommend the Upshot over Five Thirty Eight for feeling a little better

Trump is more delusional than ever!

Ryan Urges Comey To Disclose If He Finds A Clinton Email 'Smoking Gun'

Groundhog day with David Plouffe

To all newbies at DU from a long timer. You'll find we require links to

"Guess What? I Got A Fever!"

If you need a sanity break, Dr. Strange opens this weekend

Groundhog day with David Plouffe

I Just Seen This Tweet About Polls

I checked CNN and MSNBC this morning for that Florida poll putting Hillary ahead by 8%.

I'm exploring whether I should publish the art essays I did for DU for some two and a half years...


Can President Obama Compel Comey To Make A Clarification Statement?.....

Accused cop killer waved Confederate flag at football game to protest ‘cop haters’ sitting out...

Questions on Donna Brazil CNN scandal

BuzzFeed: Suspect in DM police shooting angry police didn't let him wave Confederate flag at HS game

Video shows Trump with alleged mob figure he denied knowing

A good debunking of the Donna Brazile CNN fiasco

Would ABC publish a poll just for more coverage? (even if poll is wrong?).

Attention Filthy Liberal Scum!

Obama: Army Corps Considering ‘Rerouting’ Dakota Access Pipeline

Trump has so dirtied the Election that Scholastic's 35 kid reporters have been bullied & heard filth

With Republican threat of shut down and no Supreme Court hearings

Accused Iowa cop killer Scott Michael Greene taken into custody

Trying to spend about $3k on a new fence

We all need a laugh: a hilarious political ad, "Vote for Gerald."

Google follows FBI precedent and snitches on Microsoft Russia-linked hackers exploiting Windows flaw

25 Surprising Facts About Organic Food That You Might Want To Know

In light of all anticipating hurling major crap towards the dems and Hillary these last days

Obama on FBI: We don't operate on innuendo

Greenville MS Church burned, spray painted "Vote Trump"

Keith is on fire today. Trump:Hitler stuff

Effigy of Donald Trump to be burned at UK bonfire display

Tom DeLay is still proud of the Clinton impeachment fiasco...

Nuttin piss a ,,,

Maureen Dowd on Donald & Bill's friendship...

CBS/YouGov Poll: Clinton +3 (unchanged)

So, after Clinton wins the election by a wide margin...


Regarding Iowa cop killer: "we may never know"

Trump Camp And NV GOP Ordered To Appear In Court In Voter Intimidation Lawsuit

Nate Cohn of NYT Upshot just casually confirmed difference in his and 538 methodology (Interesting!)

Khizr Khan says U.Va. made his son the man he was

Anti-vaxx kooks don't like these facts...

NYT: Right-Wing Book Was A Source For FBI Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation

Clinton Camp Cancels Event In Iowa Due To Death Of 2 Police Officers

Bill Weld Is Most Powerful Man In The World Today: Use That Power

Do You Want Real Time Election Results All Day Tuesday, November 8

Any word on the longest serving ReTHUG Speaker of the House

So long as we GOTV, in one week we'll be celebrating around here

When Trump loses the election.....

Amnesty International's Moscow office 'sealed by authorities'

I'm with Hillary

Netanyahu to Abbas: If settlements didn’t exist, would you recognize a Jewish state?

Isn't there a new Wisconsin poll coming today?

I doubt he actually saw it, but it looks like the President took my advice

AVERAGE the polls, don't use individual polls as therapy

My Wang is ticking up for Hillary!

***BOGUS POLLS*** A lot of republican pollsters

Looks like the Comey sucker punch failed 538 shows 70+% is the bottom for Clinton

obama speaking about Comey

********BREAKING******* CNN FLORIDA POLL CLINTON 49 ( +5) TRUMP 47 (+3)

Along with my yard signs, I'll be flying the American Flag

Deputy fired after accidentally shooting her daughter, 11 at Halloween party

Iowa cop killer, murdered cops over Confederate flag. Giant Trump-Pence lawn sign on his front yard

***AZ, NV, FL, PA CNN State Polls***

I just voted for a girl.

Video shows Trump with mobster he denied knowing.

Venezuela is telling hungry city dwellers to grow their own food

Watch the chipmunks getting ready for winter.

Just voted for first time in Florida. It went very smoothly and I was impressed with their system.

Actor James Franco steps out of shower to endorse Hillary Clinton in new ad

Real clear politics

CNN desperately spinning, lol

Election Consortium now has HRC win probabilities as 98% (random drift)

Minnesota Guv Claims Obamacare Call Center Was Jammed By Robocalls

Union: Drywallers working in Douglas County Courthouse were misclassified, denied appropriate compen

Union: Drywallers working in Douglas County Courthouse were misclassified, denied appropriate compen

KO: Trump and the Uncanny Resemblance to Horror We have seen all this before—during one of history

Venezuela’s Currency Is Collapsing on the Black Market Again

KO: Trump and the Uncanny Resemblance to Horror We have seen all this before—during one of history's

Union: Drywallers working in Douglas County Courthouse were misclassified, denied appropriate compen

Trump adviser Roger Stone reveals how Assange ally warned him about leaked Clinton emails

The main thieves who took those lost US factory jobs? Robots

The New Clinton Coailition

Donald Trump Hotel Tied To Criminal Investigation In Brazil

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA CNN poll has Trump ahead in Clark County by 1pt. BS!

Here's the problem with CNN's NV Poll

My FB feed is strangely silent

Disgraced ex-GOP Majority Leader Tom DeLay rolls out plan to impeach Hillary Clinton on day one

CNN loves to drop bogus polls right before an event to hype up a story

WATCH: Jon Stewart scorches #F*ckFaceVonClownstick Trump at New York veterans benefit

U.S. sues DIRECTV for illegal information trading during Dodgers talks

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Special: Best Of Edition

U.S. sues DIRECTV for illegal information trading during Dodgers talks

John King is a bright guy who knows better but he can't call bullshit on his own station's polls !

According to Sherrod Brown on T Hartmann Show, Clinton is doing better than Obama (2012) with

Ballot Initiatives Favor Dems Big Time This Cycle

Woman born before suffrage casts vote for Clinton

Disgraced congressman Tom DeLay rolls out plan to impeach Hillary Clinton on day one

Bad Romance – Women’s Suffrage… A Lady Gaga Alice Paul Music Video Mashup

Bad Romance – Women’s Suffrage… A Lady Gaga Alice Paul Music Video Mashup

Hope for the future - A look at 2024

MH370 out of control and spiraling fast before crash, report says

I'm just not an early voter

Democrats should not panic over one poll!

A Blast From the Past - Bush Administration Raises "Terror Threat Level" Days Before 2004 Election

Eugene Monroe Has A Football Problem

Waiting for Comey's "next move"?

What are the laws about yard signs?

I've tried watching cable to get news...

Clark County, NV results 1988-2012

Got my MA early voting on for the first time

West Virginia urges Justice Department to reject settlement with Mylan

The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support (Psychology Today)

Does anyone else feel the urge to vomit at the Kelly Ayotte ads?

The YMCA of the USA recently announced that hundreds of its locations are offering free child care

Republicans represent a dying way of life.

We’re about to see a record-breaking supermoon

Here's the firewall: If you use the single worst poll for HRC in every state, she still wins

A big win for Hillary will NOT be a mandate....

Former Tehran prosecutor general sentenced to 135 lashes in corruption trial

Watch Hillary slam heckler: 'I'm sick & tired of .. behavior of people who support Donald Trump'

2015 Nissan Tsuru vs. 2016 Nissan Versa

Is another devastating anti-Trump oppo dump coming?

London High Court to deliver verdict on EU exit case on Thursday

Monmouth PA: Clinton +4 in poll taken during "Peak Comey"

Iowa cop killings

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will campaign in Las Vegas Wednesday.

South Africa: Jacob Zuma report points to possible corruption


November guide to the bright planets

I'm on my iPod right now

Man injured by box-cutter blades hidden on Trump-Pence sign outside Plano polling location

Cure for Election Anxiety -- See Your Dentist

'Afghan Girl': National Geographic star denied bail

If you don't think that trump and his supporters are dangerous, racist, violent loons...

Better with a Businessman

Dr. Richard Wolf - Treachery At The Fed?

Coming up on CNN. Nancy Pelosi is saying:

Venezuela rivals' 'truce' crumbles amid name calling

Check out this tough interview with Kellyanne on The View..

****Marquette University Poll Results (Wisconsin): 46-40 for Clinton****

MARQUETTE BREAKING: Hillary 46% Trump 40% among LV +6 in Wisconsin


Well I am glad that the Iowa cop killer is off the streets

Texas commissioner deletes tweet calling Clinton the C word. Running for reelection

Need help with a frog terrarium project.

Good poll news today so far

Non political discussion - are classic southern accents less widely heard?

Anybody have the result for the new Marquette Law WI poll yet , lol.

Duterte Says He'll Consider Sticking With US Weapons

Facing the Ugly American as the Face of America

On Twitter: D, R, and non-partisan private polls all find Clinton lead holding

False equivalencies in the news: Trent Davis -- "I saw this today as well"

Hostility toward women is one of the strongest predictors of Trump support

These dumb fuckers think trump has a boatload of silent voters!

The Fairness Doctrine would stop Trumps planned "News Network" in its tracks

Koterba toon: October surprise

Video shows Trump with mob figure he denied knowing


Dems on board with Scott Walker’s 2016 message

Once again, the Death Cult of Gundamentalism reaches out and touches Iowa.

POLL: "Every Kid Votes" -- Nov 1, 2016 (Clinton 363 EV, Trump 165)

How the Internet Is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth

Analysis: Reality Check Shows Clinton's Path to 270 Is Stable

Police: 'Vote Trump' vandalism, fire at Mississippi church a hate crime

Just voted w/ my son (His first time!)

Dakota Access pipeline protests: UN group investigates human rights abuses

My last minute Clinton campaign ad suggestion, 38-days...

To our new members here: Why are we often too quick in calling new posters trolls?

William F. Buckley, Donald Trump, and conservativism

This is a thing?! Trump to Clinton early voters: Change your vote

Trump Voters: If you believe everything he says is the god's truth

James Carville from monday....outrage that this was not run then.. Important

List of restricted things on US network TV and Airline TV

Is there any chance we will see any recovery in the polls before Election Day?

talk about a good read: Miami Herald endorses Hillary

Pick me up ad on NH radio.

Latest from the Trump conspiracy factory: Bill Clinton’s black son

So who will be Mr. November?

Report: FBI Is Investigating A Fundraiser Who Gave To Dem Senate Contender

Open letter to Comey from Weiner's teen victim: you victimized me too!

What are the candidates' middle names?

Anybody know about the early vote in WI

The GOP’s Trump blunder will haunt the party

Trump's daughter in law: another enabling liar

Compare the various poll aggregating sites.

Stunning, breathtaking con job...

Teen in Weiner sexting case calls Comey her newest ‘abuser’ in scathing open letter

Trump bullies female reporter who needed Secret Service protection in front of 4,000 people

This is usually the point in the campaign where Don Young says something deranged at a high school.

Trump: Wikileaks will drop more stuff today...

CNN has gone over the cliff today, pushing "Trump surge" and "dems are terrified" meme

Too bad about Game 7 of the World Series ...

It's Now Early November And Arctic Ocean Refreeze Has Flatlined

Kellyanne claimed on the View that Melania is supposed to give a "big speech" tomorrow


Women who sued Trump for child rape breaking silence today 3pm (Pacific time)


President Obama adds sexism to the narrative as he admonished males (VIDEO)


Daughter to Female Trump Supporter: "Would you believe My Mom?"

Trump: "Wikileaks will be dumping more details today. He will talk abt it tomorrow"

Sanders Welcomes Obama Step on Dakota Access Pipeline

Sanders Welcomes Obama Step on Dakota Access Pipeline

Unlike DUers and other political wonkers, most folks don't watch cable news.

BREAKING: woman who sued Donald Trump for child rape breaks her silence today.

FULL SPEECH: Bernie Sanders Rally in Milwaukee Wisconsin For Hillary Clinton (11/02/16)

The Boghog Number

Is Coal’s Political Heft Plunging? One State May Be Canary in Mine

What's with Nate Silver and 538?????

It has to be more than the Russians

Woman Accusing Trump of Rape Breaks Silence Today

538 just turned NC pink and FLA 50-50

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Rally in Traverse City Michigan For Hillary Clinton (11/02/16)

Republicans, if you care about yr party's future, you better pray Putin's Puppet doesn't win in Nov

Wyoming college discovers world's highest buffalo jump

27 Million Strong | Hillary Clinton ~ POWERFUL NEW AD!

Fmr. Nixon Lawyer on Trump: "He's Just Dead Wrong." (w/Guest: John Dean)

How Exactly Does The Right Claim Hillary Will Ruin America? (w/Guest: Carl Higbie)

**** QPAC POLL FL HRC +1, NC +3, PA +5, OH -5

******* BREAKING QUINNIPIAC SWING STATE POLLS - 7.5 on a Democratic Happiness Scale ******

Quinnipiac Polls

Live feed if anyone wants to watch Obama at the rally in Chapel Hill, NC

the Donald thanks Comey

Melanie studying her big speech -

Police ordered to arrest Dakota pipeline protesters and destroy bridge they built

Teen in Weiner sexting case calls Comey her newest ‘abuser’ in scathing open letter

Workplace injuries and illnesses incidence rate was 3.0 per 100 full-time workers in 2015

FULL SPEECH: Bernie Sanders Campaigns For Hillary Clinton in Kalamazoo, Michigan (11/2/16)

Don't forget polls are a lagging indicator.

Newest Marquette Law School Poll finds Clinton leading Trump among likely voters in WI 46% to 40%

Texas Keeps on Rockin (don't bother knockin!)

The group of old men in McDonald's at 6am every morning.

McConnell, majority leader of the silence of the GOP: Our view - USA Today

Wow, Discussionist has gone full-on Deplorable

If you saw me next to the average Trump follower you couldn't tell me from him...

Major update on Trump's child rape case...

Do you know what percentage of the population

Fed Sends New Signals About a Possible December Rate Increase

One billion dollars profit? Yes, the campaign has been a gusher for CNN

Don't panic

A good morning for us in Denver.

So, I had to get my car inspected today

Hillary Clinton in Arizona: Will the state go blue?

The "Sabre Ratting" Of Militias & Vote Watchers Could Mean Election Day Problems.

This is why media is not covering rape case

President Obama in Chapel Hill, crowd going crazy

If the MSM does its job, Donald is DONE tonight

Trump Child-Rape Accuser to Speak Today

Timing of Bombshells?

For those freaking out over state polls - compare to 2012. Go to:

An electoral tie is not out of the realm of possibility

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 2, 2016

LIVE: Obama Campaigns For Hillary Clinton in Chapel Hill

Blackwater Eric Prince loves Trump another Draft Dodger Extraordinar President, How Special

Did Alana Goodman time her Daily Mail story about Weiner for an October surprise?

NRA: If Those Officers Had Been Armed, They Would Be Alive Today

'Better to be belligerent than innovative': Argentina's new approach to fighting drugs is stoking co

UN Observers Monitoring Abuses Against Standing Rock Water Protectors

Gawker settles with ex-pro wrestler Hulk Hogan for $31 million: court document

obama speaking now

I was a Bernie Supporter, then a Stein Supporter...Now I'm Voting Clinton and the FBI Made Me Do It

Mental Masturbation

Philippines’ Duterte discovered this week that his actions have consequences

Glad to see the MSM showing President Obama for at least a little while.

Guy Fawkes Day is almost here.

Jury set in trial of cop who shot South Carolina black man

If Donald Trump is too dangerous and unstable to lead our nation..?

‘Deplorable’ suspect draws blood from poll worker by hiding box cutter blades in Trump-Pence sign

Santos hints new Colombia peace deal will be ratified by Congress, not through referendum

Santos hints new Colombia peace deal will be ratified by Congress, not through referendum

Company showed ‘lack of transparency’ in reporting artifacts discovery in days leading up to pipelin

Hannity said we are breaking the 13 year old girl rape case Weds afternoon

102-Year-Old Born Before Women's Suffrage Casts Ballot For Clinton

POTUS is on a roll!

Dear Obama

Accuser Set To Tell Story of Trump Rape: Why this presser will be totally different...

The voters have a chance to fix this political system.

Fragile Peace: Another Campesino Activist Murdered in Colombia

fivethirtyeight just updated their election forcast: Clinton 68,9 % - Trump 31 %

Hi! This old dog wants to learn new tricks.

How come the October Surprise always helps the repugs

Families Reunite as US-Mexico Border Opens for 3 Minutes

I'm going to miss that guy.

Trump Rape Case Presser at 3PM, California, all over a Google search now!

The Wall Street Journal is chopping down sections and eliminating positions

#CrimingWhileWhite: Ammon Bundy's Oregon Terrorists and Weaponized White Privilege Prevails Again

How do you feel when you pull for your favorite team and they lose in an upset?

Question: Could the rape allegation backfire and galvanize Trump's base

Boy! Hillary has the best surrogates!

Odds that any tv network carries the child rape press conference.

Olbermann: Trump and the Uncanny Resemblance to Horror

C-Span callers are ridiculous

Black Mississippi Church Burned And Vandalized With ‘Vote Trump’

Forget conspiracy theories. This is why Trump’s Russian connection is actually a problem.

Awkward moment at work...

Donald Trump just said that he has had a great life and wants to give back to the country he loves..

All the polls today

Kornacki: "Let's say Trump (somehow) carries (fill in the blank)"

Motorcycle gang fight involving Bandidos leads Texas police to explosives, 11 arrests made

The website that Donald Trump doesn't want anyone to see

Cuban: 'I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president'

Deplorable Strikes Again

Trump surrogate claim that goes unanswered...again and again.

Anybody have thoughts on South Korea being run by a member of a cult?

FBI investigating Hillary's ties to Bill Clinton

college kid in Wisconsin murdered by hate..thanks Cheeto

msnbc has Horrible Hugh Hewitt on

Donations Pour In For Black Church Burned, Vandalized With ‘Vote Trump’

Next up after the presser

Trump backer Mike Flynn erupts on MSNBC host over Putin criticism: ‘Stop it with that kind of stuff’

well, at least the UK MSM is already covering Raping Donald...

Hillary is one tough mother!!

Collared wolf dead, 3 others survive in Idaho wilderness

The Presidential Campaign Reveals the Real Donald Trump: A Closer Look (Seth Myers)

Don't buy into the tightening race BS -- check out the comparison with 2012

I will be so happy to see this election over

Email. I am so sick of that fucking word. God forbid anyone go through every single email i ever

Mass media has utterly failed to convey the policy stakes in the election

Kelly ann is everywhere..msnbc and cnn right now

Trump proposed poll-monitoring in urban areas, so black voters are fighting back with monitoring of

Dear Dudes: This Is What Rape Culture Looks

our Joy is on MTP now

Watch Lisa Bloom, attorney, destroy Kayleigh McEnany, Trump surrogate, Oct 26 on CNN.

Stream "BEFORE THE FLOOD" while it's free

FL: over 1/2 million african americans has voted - 1/3 higher than at this point in 2012

Study reveals previously unknown component of whale songs

A super PAC needs to run audio of Trump talking to Stern where he wants Marla to have an abortion

Pipeline company could face fines; protesters pepper-sprayed

Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia? - a group of computer scientists investigates

Suspected terrorists believe research facility controls minds, traps souls

Judy Shepard worries that we’re S.I.C.: Silent, indifferent, complacent

New York Times reports 95.7 percent fall in quarterly profit

Oregon standoff leaders head to Nevada jail for new charges

Bill Cosby is ‘legally blind,’ can no longer defend himself, say lawyers

Toy Time


The FBI is politically tainted: Comey must go - by Jennifer Rubin


***New Lucid polls: NM HRC +8, Co HRC +7, Nev HRC +7

How Sociopathic Capitalism Came to Rule the World

Virginia CPP( B rated) poll shows Trump gaining 15 % in one month. Leading Hillary by + 3.

Director @ Heritage Foundation "not sure" what their SCOTUS-blocking fundraiser page means.

Polls in the last week of any election

A hot mic, groping charges and sexting: 2016 has not been a good year for men

E-Score Lists The Top 10 Creepiest Celebrities

Go Cubs Go...

mmflint on mtp daily now

Funny Biden video for Hillary:

Alabama Secretary of State: Helping More People Vote Would “Cheapen the Work” of Civil Rights Heroes

A-Z of Trump: 26 illustrators imagine a 'ghastly' future – in pictures

Good News to Counter the Naysaying, Bedwetting...

Kellyanne Conway says on CNN campaign internals show Trump down 4 in PA.

Is the blue firewall cracking

Does anybody know who will be covering the Trump rape case presser?

Alabama Republican likens automatic voter registration to giving ‘everyone a trophy’

POTUS says Trump is "unfit to be commander-in-chief, and he is not equipped to be president"

Livestream of press conference? 10 minutes, yes?

Trump Attacks NBC's Katy Tur During Florida Rally

New "FBI leak": Anthony Weiner checks into cybersex addiction rehab center - no new emails

Obama To Voters: 'The Fate Of The World Is Teetering' On Your Shoulders

Who Monitors or Oversees the F.B.I. ?

Oklahoma GOPer Says Hillary Clinton Deserves 'Firing Squad'

Homeland Security Chairman: Clinton Could Be Impeached If Elected

BERNIE in Raleigh with Hillary and Pharrell Williams on Thursday!

Jon Stewart Discusses Twitter War With Donald Trump

Joy Reid: What It's Really Like To Cover This Election As A Black Female News Anchor

U.S. militia girds for trouble as presidential election nears

Game 7 of the World Series - the greatest event in all sports.

Trump, Putin's puppet... no words needed!

#TrumpRapeCase = Trump’s Child-Rape Accuser Going Public

The world's first zero-emissions train could be running by 2017

The press conference has been rescheduled due to death threats...

Per Twitter Lisa Bloom Press Conference canceled.

Cop sobs in the arms of a stranger.

Duterte (Phillipines) having problems

Pro Tip: Nate Silver is not the only person to build a political model

Sheldon Adelson Fights Marijuana Legalization While Funding Pro-Marijuana Research

H.L. Mencken on the American electorate:

Standing Rock - what to do when MSM ignores and the US Government delays any action........

Why the Cubs will win it after 108 years:

Accreditation For State Medical Examiner's Office In Danger

GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Reported To FBI For Using Potential Illegal Private Email Server

Press conference called off for woman accusing Trump of horrific child rape due to ‘threats’

MUST SEE -Barack Obama delivers stinging critique of FBI: 'We don't operate on leaks'

Poll: Trump leads Clinton by 3 points in Virginia post email investigation

How to win the Election, easily

List of Japanese-Cubans sent to internment camps during World War II found

I will always remember today as the day I found out what the lyrics are not...

I have an ipod 5th generation that won't hold a charge.

The State Department is fuming over Russia's 'ludicrous' and 'insulting' comments about Mosul

PoliticusUSA: Nobody Shows Up For Trump Rally In Florida As Trump’s Big Boasts Draw Smaller Crowds

***** New Colorado Poll HRC 44 CHEETO 34 *****

List of Japanese-Cubans sent to internment camps during World War II found

Press conference called off for woman accusing Trump of child rape due to ‘threats’

Iowa Cop Killer Had a Trump Sign in His Front Lawn

Lisa Bloom calls off press conference about child rape due to threats.

Standing Rock Protectors Brutalized By Cops In Standoff

As Pipeline Construction and Repression Grows, DAPL Protest is Looking More Like a Mass Movement

Teen Whom Anthony Weiner Allegedly Sexted Blasts FBI Director for Making Her an Election Pawn

My Gawd!!!!

Solidarity From Cuba, Courtesy of the Revolution

Regarding that Virginia Poll giving Trump a 3-pt lead...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 3 November 2016

We Can’t Trust Trump With Today’s NSA

Yokoi Kenji - Mito 1 ¿ Los japoneses son mas inteligentes ?

LIVE Stream: Hillary Clinton Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada

***Details on TargetSmart/ William and Mary poll of Florida***

Louis C.K.’s Hillary Clinton Endorsement Is Bad

The election feels like a game of Russian Roulette

State Auditors Question $250,000 Severance Payment For CHFA Employee

Well Lisa Bloom is trending on Twitter

Comptroller Lembo Puts Deficit at $42 Million in Current Year


**Ispos National Poll Oct28-Nov1 Hillary +7**

Alabama’s Human Guinea Pigs: Burning People Alive on Death Row

Hillary Clinton in Pittsburgh Fri, Nov 4, 2016, 12:45pm – 1:45pm EDT Doors open at 10:45am.

NC Early Voting Numbers

So on MSNBC the word of the day is MOMENTUM nt

For what ever reason.. I am not worried.. go figure! I am usually such a worrywart

Less than one week out, new poll shows Greitens up for first time

Breaking: James Comey awards Trump with honorary G-Man status.

Many more good polls than bad today.

MSNBC: Poll- nearly 2/3 of Americans support legalizing Marijuana

CNN giving out lies re drumphs "rise"

Just got a call from local Dems in southern Ohio

Polls: Trump opens up big lead in Missouri

Can we PLEASE stop fixating on a single bad poll…

Clinton leads T by 6 points, same margin as before FBI announced email review - Reuters/Ipsos poll

We vote, we win. Isn't that conventional wisdom? Well....

Historically black church in Mississippi set ablaze, vandalized with ‘Vote Trump’

Trump rape accuser abruptly cancels press conference (NYPost story)

Donald Trump Will Not Get His Son-In-Law’s Newspaper’s Endorsement

Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum makes the conservative case for Hillary Clinton

Anyone remember the site, from 2008?

Whats Trump done?

Trump supporter's MyPillow Subjected To Plenty Of Legal Tossing And Turning

INTIMIDATION: "We feel the backlash of the Trump supporters ... We are in fear of our lives."

Trump supporters are in for a night of unpleasant surprises on Nov 8

Brexit sees UK drop to new low in global renewable energy league table

Cruz Campaigns for Blunt Today

The high school bully vs the high school smart girl is what this election looks like

Hillary's campaign is doing the right thing putting more money into Wisc, Mich, Colo, PA.....

Trmp poll numbers will tank by end of this week

Chill the f out read this from Kos

Russ Feingold leads by 1%. I just kicked in a few buck. Please do if you can. He's a good guy. nt

Letter from our next president to a mixed race child

Florida polls

William Weld, Libertarian, Sticks Up for Hillary Clinton, a Rival

LeBron James sends the Tribe a message before Game 7

Someone fed the NYT information to quickly kill emerging Trump/Russia stories ... was it Comey?

Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine cancel Iowa event after police shooting

Cast my vote today in Austin, TX

Clinton leads Trump by 6 points, same as before FBI announcement: Reuters/Ipsos

If you're not reading Prof. Michael McDonald's twitter,

A request: If you see polls favorable to the Right, DON'T POST THEM HERE.

Trump Camp And NV GOP Ordered To Appear In Court In Voter Intimidation Lawsuit

**Latest Update Huffpo Pollster**

B.C. Appeals Court (Canada) Says Anti-Gay Christian Law School Grads Can Practice in the Province

Trump Camp And NV GOP Ordered To Appear In Court In Voter Intimidation Lawsuit

We can put these polls to sleep after we get out the vote!

Put this ad together asap--release it by the weekend

Chris Hayes show on soon! I highly recommend it!

Greek hospitality is put to a religious test

Now I know Nate Silver is trolling

A Kenyan crisis-tracking team has deployed to monitor US election violence and voter suppression

Frank Luntz wants YOU!!!

So who wins the Indians or that other team from Chicago? nt

What David Bowie's art says about him

Obama's most positive and candid endorsement of Hillary that I've heard.

Pope Francis at cemetery: Christ gives us hope – even in death

Late Hallowe'en 'toon ....

***Q early vote poll results- NC HRC 58 DT 36, Ohio HRC 58 DT 32***

Ok, so was Joan Doe the big Rick Wilson tease?

So are we to dismiss the Trump/Russia connection due to a quick counterpunch and media indifference?

Trump must be worried about Texas.

With all the stress in this campaign, it's time to think fondly back to the Happy Warrior...