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Archives: September 18, 2013

Senate Confirms Lesbian as Judge of U.S. Court of Federal Claims

DHHS hires Teabagger McCrookie donor at $95,000/yr

Virginia Republicans start rally for Ken Cuccinelli with Jewish "joke"

Okla. governor tells Guard to deny same-sex benefits

Navy Yard shooting near U.S. Capitol unlikely to spur new gun laws

Good news on natural gas production

Put the elderly in prison.

The Million Second Quiz

"It was beautiful" Salvador "Sal" Castro, leader of the 1968 LA school walk-out

How much pizza is too much?

Grayson gets new Republican opponent

(yes- 2013)University of Alabama Moves to End Segregated Sorority System


Mileage (mpg) Using Ethanol Seen 20% Higher Than EPA Says - Bloomberg

Hey DUers I Need Some Help Fast....

Priceless: Man running for office ‘comes out’ to his Tea Party Dad as a Liberal Democrat

"GOP madness on display" by Katrina vanden Heuvel

62nd Annual Chickahominy Fall Festival & Tribal Pow Wow - Sept 28 & 29

"5 Reasons The Republican Party Must Evolve Or Implode By 2020"

Robert Parry: Murky Clues from UN’s Syria Report

Father tells 6-year-old with 3 years of gun training to lie after shooting sister in face

Finalized the sale of our Florida timeshare today. Been to Florida dozens of times.

Time to Dance!

Moved into my new home, feels great, can you relate ?

... Top Donor Threatens To Withhold Donations From Democrats Who Opposed Background Checks

"The Plot to Kill Obamacare" By Jonathan Chait

just think ...

Sunitha Krishnan: The fight against sex slavery

Gonna see Martha Coakley in Newburport MA tomorrow

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Biggest Loser & a new Kitteh gif

Lil BUB's Big SHOW Episode 2: Featuring Little Prince

Conservative Christian Voyagers Who Were Lost In The Pacific Plan To Leave Again

Make The Homeless Smile - Worldwide

McClatchy: U.N. calculations of poison rockets’ paths implicate Syrian guard unit

#S17 General Assembly going on now...

Rachel has just exposed a serious security issue with Alexis. The Navy was notified

for my 5,000th post why I am a liberal!

FL lawmakers facing growing opposition to Common Core.....GOOD! Keep the heat on

Royals Belly Power!

Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Allegedly Tampered With Friend’s Car

Bill Moyers: Let Us Now Praise Common Sense

IRS list reveals concerns over Tea Party 'propaganda'

Talking about how inequality is rising under Obama. Is this not the result of Bush

What would TNG crew look like in TOS uniforms?

Amber Alert for Tennessee

AMC announces Walking Dead spinoff for 2015

The American Citizens' Guide to Seeking Asylum Abroad

Juan Williams, Rove Shout Over Gun Control: 'Nobody’s Trying to Take Away Your Guns!' - video link

Man who plotted to kill and eat children gets more than 26 years in prison

House Republicans plan on voting for Continuing Resolution without funding Obamacare...

Labor left caucus concerned over insistence on Shorten from the right

There Have Been More Mass Shootings Since Newtown Than You've Heard About (INFOGRAPHIC)

Big drop in children under five dying, says UN report..good news for everyone

Something odd under 'Latest Threads'

Post after post of DU'ers congratulating one another for affecting policy change.

Obama: Gun Control Is Something Congress Will 'Have To Act On'

Why some Palestinians want to learn like Israelis

How Cops Are Vetted For Aggression & Insensitivity: Interview with Capt. Ray Lewis

"Maybe Occupy Wall Street Wasn't Such A Failure After All"

Reach Out of The Darkness

American incomes are down 8.3% since 2007

"The Right’s Sickening Syria Spin"

Sorry MIM, the Rox aren't going to help you tonight.

carjacking and robbery gone wrong.

Genomes of big cats revealed

Which of Michelle Obama's many heinous crimes has shocked you the most?

The Colorado Frackflood Fuckup

Bohemian Gravity

I am a Fort Worth resident and I eat at the Happy Bowl regularly.

No Menstrual Hygiene For Indian Women Holds Economy Back

Not to preempt SCE's gig on Sundays, but this is highly technical. Anatomy of a Bunny.

Finally, a good use for a Mega Church

"Corno Curio Cabinet"? WTF?

my 1st ever glass of mead

Noose Tightens On Tax Evasion By The Wealthy

California high-speed-rail groundbreaking pushed back another few months

Technical item



Study finds increased cancer risk in Gulf spill cleanup crews

"State Law Prevented Sale of Assault Rifle to Suspect Last Week, Officials Say"

Jon Stewart trashes CNN again


Chris Matthews

Got a fun project in the planning stage, could use some opinions..

Monday morning in Boulder officially put the city over its all-time annual precipitation record

Colorado's rains set to cause record flooding in Nebraska

Duck rescue

Do you believe public opinion expressed through a public outcry sometimes affects public policy?

Boy asks Santa to make kids stop bullying his sister

Jon Stewart, Daily Show Team Rip CNN Apart for Confusing, Frenzied Shooting Coverage - video link

I'm sure there's nothing racist about it....

Just had an experience that reminded me why I gave up fast food

North Korea's beggar diplomacy

Blessings, Curses, Perspective, and Politics

Just a quick question about where you get your news....

Labels for GMO Foods Are a Bad Idea

4) Repeat

For the BOG: Obama Is A Blessing.

Hi, I am Wrenken

Minute by minute: How the Navy Yard shooting unfolded

Healthcare Tax= much fuss War Tax= nary a peep

Bad news for DUers----- Partisanship undermines basic reasoning skills

Gay U.S. Figure Skater Johnny Weir Won't Skate in Sochi Games

I don't understand all this driver license snooping

Senate Confirms Lesbian as Judge of U.S. Court of Federal Claims

Guy who threw firecrackers at White House is from Wisconsin...

Experimental Photobucket Upload.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 19, 2013 -- Star of the Month - Kim Novak

My #1 concern for those who CC:

Jessa Duggar: "Off the Market"

An Open Letter from Howard Schultz About Guns In His Stores

What do teenagers need to know to be good adults?

Judge Throws Out Officers’ Convictions in Killings After Hurricane Katrina

Walgreen shifting employees to private healthcare exchanges

Need help getting yahoo back to original state.

Oh. Alexis called the police on the "microwave" people (re: DC shooter)

When a Pregnancy is Unwanted...

Dave Peiser for CA-49 (Issa's district)

Today in History, September 18

Heartbreaking aerial photos of the Colorado floods (115-image slideshow)

We need raise taxes!!

Lyin' Liars: Right-Wingers Are Blaming Bill Clinton for the Navy Yard Shooting


True Facts About the Frog:

The 194th Anniversary of Léon Foucault's Birth: University Students Ride the GVSU "Wrecking Ball"...

America: Fuck yeah...

46 years ago today. A menu series from a crossing of the Atlantic aboard the SS United States. Day 5

Cancer Survivor Shows Obamacare Unleashing Startups: Economy!

Writing contest shifts focus to the rising costs of higher education - $250 prize

CA Legislature Approves Dangerous Bill to End All Federal Testing of State E-Voting Systems

Defunding Everything Is All About Paying Tribute To The Rich

I have to ask again: Are we going to SHOW UP next year?

Howard Schultz: 'Obamacare Is 'A Good Thing For The Country'

Who's running for the 69th?

Sometimes the only correct response to rightwingers is "Who fucking cares? Honestly."

Almost went to hospital, may still...

Navy Yard Shooting Victims Remembered

An homage to the Boozy Feral Pig - Warren Zevon: Detox Mansion

You're listening to your Ipod on a transatlantic flight. Suddenly, an explosion...

I don't have to carry a gun. I live in the UK.

Envoys seek Syria U.N. resolution as France, Russia squabble

Thom Hartmann: More Guns Means More killings

Lone Democrat on appellate court decides not to run again

Concert Photography

Capitalism is the opposite of democracy

It's not a gun problem, it's a campaign finance problem and a gun problem.

SNAP - words that hide the truth

Which promising but small 3rd party could you vote for? (mebbe NSFW)

Woman Stabs Roommate for Refusing to Stop Listening to The Eagles

Cold, wet cases: Oklahoma troopers stumble on six bodies in two cars at bottom of lake

Syria gives Russia 'new evidence' on chemical attack

Erica Lafferty's(Sandy Hook) Tweet Call Out @ Kelly Ayotte on Navy Yard Gun Tragedy.

Cable News Far More Hawkish On Syria Than Public: Pew

Rachel Maddow last night - MUST SEE TV

E. B. White’s Poignant and Playful Obituary for His Beloved Dog Daisy

India Delhi Gang Rape Lawyer Faces 'Misconduct' Hearing

Florida is complicating enrollment efforts and limiting information about health care exchanges.

Keiser Report: CIA, NSA & Economic Espionage (E498) (second half with Greg Palast)

Brazil Spurns U.S. State Visit Invitation Over NSA Spying.

Morning Joe Scum has lost its brew

The WaPo loves the TPP, but even their ed board can't stomach the thought

Federal government to seize NYC skyscraper tied to Iran

one of DC shooting victims was an acquaintance of mine

The defenders on the TPP: "You don't know that" and "It's just speculation". Bullfuckingshit.

Insurers limiting doctors, hospitals in health insurance market

Single Payer: Alive and Still Remarkably Well

The Daily Show takes on CNN again. Very funny.

Blizzard email: "NOTICE: Diablo III Auction House Closure"

‘Chemical Weapons in Syria is Tip of the Iceberg,’ U.N. Secretary-General Calls for Action

Americans Are 110 Times More Likely to Die from Contaminated Food Than Terrorism

As America’s Middle Class Shrinks, Labor Movement's Major Outreach Plan Is Making Waves

Young People's Unhappiness Comes from Our Broken Economic System They Shouldn't Not Shut Up About it

Hansen: The story behind all those 'Shame On' signs

UN Data Points to Assad's Forces

Public Mea Culpa: I now support the NRA.

Change of faith: Why young Brits turn from Christianity to Islam

NRA admirers (cartoon)

EU Parliament Furious about NSA Bank Spying

Facebook apologizes for dating website ad featuring photo of Rehtaeh Parsons

Democrats turn to vets to run in 2014

A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

To call the Washington Post a Fish Rap is an insult to Fish---Check their latest POS

Near-Toothless Man Guilty Of Biting Off Neighbor's Penis

'Unleashed and Unaccountable': FBI's Post-9/11 Abuse of Power

Ken Cuccinelli introduces hatemonger Mark Levin as "leading voice for constitutional principles"

Starbucks says guns are no longer welcome in their stores

Woman Stabs Roommate Who Wouldn't Stop Listening To The Eagles: Cops

Global economic crisis 'linked to suicide rise'

Wendy Davis to announce gubernatorial decision Oct. 3

French lawmakers ban child beauty contests

surprise - Noam Chomsky on the radio

cause of Seaside Park fire

Sanity & The 2nd Amendment

Christianity and climate change: the relationship between God and green

Another Shooting In The USA? --- YAWN....Just Fill In The Blanks...Now Back To The Weather

Pakistan Taking Its Case against US Drone Attacks to the United Nations

Occupy Wall Street marks second anniversary with quiet rally

Simply put--Maureen Dowd is an idiot--check out her latest whopper about Obama.

“I scared the crap out of them!”: Alan Grayson details how to work with the GOP

Judge grants new trial for ex-New Orleans police officers convicted in notorious Danziger Bridge...

Tulsi Gabbard and adam schock? sparkles??

FISA court defends NSA surveillance decisions

Russia says U.N. report on Syria attack preconceived, political

Surviving Whole Foods

Brazil to Obama: We’re not coming to dinner

U.S. poverty rises despite economic recovery

Russia says 15 hospitalised after nuclear sub fire

This entire village moved out to make room for tigers

Think Progress: Largest Gun Study Ever: More Guns, More Murder

FBI a ‘secret domestic intelligence agency,’ ACLU says

I wonder if

Pat Robertson Explains Faith Healing: It's Just Like 'Santi Claus'

Who is the oldest living DU'er?

Letter to an Unknown Whistleblower: How the Security State’s Mania for Secrecy Will Create You

Will Navy Yard Shooting Start Talk About Military Vet Health Care?

Small animals see the world in slow motion, or why your puppy is so hyperactive

Starbucks to Customers: Please Leave Your Guns at Home

How a town shadowed by Chevron built a vibrant movement to challenge corporate power

Too good not to share: On questions and answers

Environmental coalition challenges NRC on risk of HLRW pool fires yet again

Surreal Afghanistan boardwalk fading into memory as U.S. troops withdraw

Where would I communicate

David Gergen-CNN..

"Declassified" Court Ruling Shows Lack, Not Truimph, of NSA Oversight

So I was sitting in my office and hearing an infernal noise

Why Generation Y college grads are unhappy

Walgreens Boots 120,000 Employees Off Healthcare, Tells Them To Go Buy Their Own Plans

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- There will be blood

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Mental illness and guns

"Statistics is just a word with three 't's'!" . . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Truckers to Shut Down America

OK, you wanna know what I think of Generation Y?

British company pulls out of Pebble Mine project

Can anyone walk me thru this? Netflix Instant View.

Global Carbon Footprint Showing Biggest Culprits....

Stabbing suspect dies after shot by officer in Winter Garden

Violence Against Homeless People Is On The Rise

Vigilantes Rise in Venezuela

Republican Pushes Food Stamp Cuts, Has 0 Problem With Massive Giveaways to Big Food Industry

Court decides if gay juror can be taken off case

Microwave auditory effect ?

Oklahoma National Guard reverses stance on same-sex couple benefits

ACA Health Insurance Exchanges

Great news French Senate votes 197-146 to ban child beauty pageants

Former bank vice president gets 17 years in prison

Making Money Off the Poor

The Left Pushes Back

FARC systematically recruits child soldiers: Study

In every whale's earwax is a record of their lifetime exposure to pollutants

Elisabeth's debut on Fox & Friends!!!! . . . Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!

Larry Summers: Goldman Sacked by Greg Palast

Aaron Alexis tried to buy assault rifle but was unable to

8-foot crocodile spends the night under a lucky guy's bed

U.S. could be left behind on infrastructure, Biden says

Exposing the Financial Core of the Transnational Capitalist Class

French lawmakers ban child beauty contests

Dealing with aggressive cats

Luckovich: Another tragedy

Navigators in some states are givng the grant money back to the ACA Health and Human Services

ACA Navigators in Texas are on pages 23 - 24 of the file.

America’s kids eating healthier, getting fitter

I'm finding it harder and harder to believe that mental health exams for gun ownership....

There Will Be Another Mass Shooting. This Is What the Data Tells Us About It

Anyone else think this story sounds hinky? Somehow it sets off my hinkometer big time.

Great Prognostications in American Conservative History

Moms Demand Action: Thanks, Starbucks!

Wild horses shot with arrows. State Officials Investigate Wild Horse Killings

Raise The Wage?


"Four Muslim Families in San Angelo Is Four Too Many" Overheard at Tea Party

Crowdsourcing Failure: The Navy Yard Shooter

Warren Buffett says reports he wants to scrap Obamacare are 'outrageous'

PBO's Speech On Economy & Jobs On The Day Of The Shooting At The Navy Yard......

I reley dont wan to say this...

Sen. Leticia Van de Putte Reminds David Dewhurst That Veterans Matter

{Charlottesville} City Council considers benefits for same-sex couples

Modified Johnny Marzetti rears its ugly head again...

Man Sees Gun, Thinks Bank May Be Robbed, Gets Arrested Himself (CT)

Please Share Your Favorite JFK-Related Movies, Images, Texts, Etc.

Tim Thomas: Playoffs ignited itch

Baby for unwed U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro is a blip, not a bombshell

Via train, Ottawa bus collision causes multiple deaths

Being liberal on social issues yet subscribing to a corporate controlled economic vision

Please Share Your Favorite JFK-Related Movies, Images, Texts, Etc.

Bernie calls out Barack

Southern Political Attitutdes: Geography vs. Identity

The Anxiety Chicago Public School Parents Face After Rahm Emanuel's School Closings

High gun ownership makes countries less safe, US study finds

Congressional Spending is why the Debt Ceiling has to be raised. No other reason.

We have Socialism and Capitalism

Secession Talk - Still Crazy

Choose Life

Government Hands More Than $1 Trillion to Wealthy While Deficit Is $642 Billion

Wendy Davis Will Announce Intentions For Texas Governor October 3rd

Here's a good idea. No, two good ideas.

House GOP to propose increasing debt limit for 1 year, while delaying Obamacare for same amt of time

Science: Address Guns, Not Mental Health

Only renewables - not nuclear - could be too cheap to meter

Most expensive Superbowl tickets more than double in price

It's worse, a lot worse, than you thought

Have $85? The TSA Says You're NOT A Potential Terrorist!!!

Please tell me this guy is satire. A Poe. A grossly exaggerated fictitious character.

Starbucks caves, partially.

To whom it may concern: The most cynical approach to mass-shootings.

CSPAN Host Noticeably Irritated by Birther Call-in

"Keep the car running. We'll be in-and-out in seconds." Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa!!!!

Heavy drinking may prove costly in Britain, calls to charge drunks for their care

There's a new republican alternative to Obamacare!

'Neo-Nazi' held over Greek musician Pavlos Fyssas death

Last Night, George Noorey C2C had a Special JFK Show with his Historian Expert Jerome Corsi

Story update: Accused Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty To Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

Nigeria: Army - Over 150 Boko Haram Insurgents, 15 Soldiers Killed in Borno

Give Back? Yes, It's Time For The 99% To Give Back To The 1%

I don't know how many have ever *heard* a gunshot in an actual fatal shooting.

Desperation in Mexico resort as storm toll rises

Seems like laws against carrying guns are falling apart in Illinois..

Another victory for the left, Keystone Pipeline is next!

Are we headed toward Medicare For All??

Frackademia Exposed: Federally Funded, Industry Driven

On the Subject of Diapers, How about Diaperless Child-Rearing?

Human Rights Watch: Mapping the Sarin Flight Path

Just because...

Perry Go Home! Maryland does it better than Texas

Question about blue state/red state trends in gun laws.

No More Half-Ass Gun Control purposals, please

Joe Biden's Niece Arrested, Accused of Taking Swing at Cop

WBUR's On Point program today had a really interesting discussion on the mess of school reform.

Dr. Zoidberg could have had fingers!

US gov't to seize Manhattan skyscraper over owners' ties to Iran

Honest homeless man getting bigger bag of money

GOP Base Would Vote For Jail Or Execution Of Gays And The Poor If We Had A Referendum On It.

An Open Letter to The Youth of America

The State And Federal Government Instrumental In Colorado Rescues

Boehner Gets It Over With, Agrees to Tie Overall Budget to Obamacare Funding

"The good and just society is ..."

"If we spend 57% on war and 6% on education ..."

It's in the Brain

Please post your prediction.

Young Stars Cooking in the Prawn Nebula

Pelosi: The day I heard our economy might fail

Sen. Harry F. Byrd Jr. leaves $760,000 to 76 employees of his family’s newspapers

I'd like to ask DU's help in attending an upcoming JFK conference...

State of Michigan Incredibly Claims It Has The Right To ‘Regulate Sexual Relationships’

quick question

This *MUST* be a fake Amazon listing, right??

Progressive Generations (Sen. Sander's Junior Staffer ;)

They STOLE our money to bail-out people who STOLE our money, and now this --

SEC Moves Toward Mandate on CEO-Worker Pay Gap.

Substitute "biting off neighbor's penis" for any phrase in a thread title.

Bonehead Folds To Tea Party Caucus: Agrees to Tie Overall Budget to Obamacare Funding

If the NRA ran the Tobacco Industry, the Solution to Lung Cancer would be... MORE CIGARETTES!

We Live In The Emotional And Economic Wreckage Of This Broken Home....

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Seek To Ban Homosexual Conversion Therapy

Yemen child marriage: minister calls for ban after death of eight-year-old girl

Court decides if gay juror can be taken off case

I was wrong, it's not the guns, it's the Band The Eagles

NSA says Snowden took documents from internal website: report

A bunny

Secret court declassifies opinion providing rationale for metadata sharing

Sexton High School student shootings: 3 shot in planned attack

Cuccinelli "Father's Rights" Ally Offers "apologies for rape, domestic violence and child abuse"

Religion at Work: Who's Listening?

The Star Trek: TNG crew looks amazing in Original Series uniforms

Sorry to be late but,

Doctors Trace Texas Man's Alcohol Posioning To An "Overabundance Of Brewer's Yeast In Gut"

Unpaid Pastors May Be 'Future Of The Church' For Protestant Congregations

They are going to shut it down,

Atheist PAC Launches To Promote Equality For Nonbelievers

Russia says it has proof rebels behind deadly chemical attack in Syria

Scott Lively claims Obama is the "antichrist."

Navy Yard Shooting: Capitol Police tactical team called back to Hill

Greek Golden Dawn member arrested over murder of leftwing hip-hop artist

Rick Perry's pet young-Earth creationist shows what an ass he really is...

Human Foot Found On San Francisco's Ocean Beach

Dumb Criminals: Woman Stabs Boyfriend Over Constantly Playing Eagles Tunes

Perry directs the Texas Department of Insurance to impede the ACA enrollment process.

43 years ago today. RIP Jimi Hendrix. (Damn, I feel old today!)

What happened to walrus?

Court rules firms can’t ignore law; 2 in Mich. must offer contraception coverage

Pic Of The Moment: Boehner Shrugs, Sets Up Yet Another Government Shutdown Crisis

Cleveland Clinic to cut $330 million from next year's budget, may cut jobs

Hillsborough teacher says sexting boy was help to his education

Today's google doodle

How do you DU think measures

"Obama wants to shut down the government!" . . . Please come CAPTION Eric Cantor!!!!

Orbital's Cygnus space freighter embarks on maiden voyage

I'd like to hear other people's opinion about why the teabaggers continue to try and defund

Former CIA /NSA chief Hayden is one sick bastard

Browns to start 19th quarterback since 1999

Tony Abbott sworn in as Australian PM amid row over male-dominated cabinet

Hi, I'm Michele

The Rude Pundit: How Republicans Are Motherfuckers Where Democrats Are Not

What a ZINGER!!! Romney/Ryan campaign attire donated to Kenya... See what they did there?

Chuck Todd: It's Not Media's Job To Correct GOP's Obamacare Falsehoods

Coal's Future Darkens Around the World.

Orlando Sentinel: Obamacare insurance could cost as little as $100 a month

Suspected human hair in tablet cited in FDA's Ranbaxy import ban (Leading Indian Drugmaker)

"If You Still Think Pot Should Be Illegal, You Are an A**hole"

LinkedIn asks to disclose US security orders

Driverless will replace between 5 and 25 million pro drivers within a few yrs.

Thom Hartmann: Has fracking contaminated Denver flood waters?

Take My Guns, Please

Left behind: Stories from Obamacare’s 31 million uninsured


Greece: Clashes break out at anti-fascist protest after stabbing attributed to far right party

We have heard as much shock over Alexis' security clearance as Snowden's

The reason these people want to carry guns in public places like Starbucks is to shut up anyone...

Thom Hartmann: There is Something Evil in our Society - The Gun Industry

BREAKING: Police find mising 14 year old Ayvani Perez!

Abducted Clayton Co. teen found alive

Blacks’ income remains the lowest of any group

The ACA and mental health from a county perspective.

What do children know of guns? A suggestion for one small step.

In ~2 yrs, what's left of the GOP/TBers will be ecstatic that they managed

Obama tells Rouhani he sees a way to resolve nuclear issue - White House.

There is a way out of the crises for Republicans..(those who care about this country)

Internet copyright censorship is outgrowth of 1500's policy

State Dep't, GOP spar over Benghazi accountability

California will not tighten medical marijuana laws this year – AB 604 killed by cops

Russia Denounces U.N. Chemical Report on Syria

Iran Frees Political Prisoners on Eve of President’s Visit to U.S.

The Amplituhedron: Newly Discovered Math Object Means "Space & Time May Be Illusions"

FED keeps $85B asset purchase plan in place. Bond yields drop. Stocks rise.

Fed keeps $85 billion asset-purchase plan in place

Germany sold Syria chemicals with military potential: government

Death of an adjunct

UN Report on Ghouta Gas Incident Points to Evidence Tampering, not Syrian Culpability

Survivor reminder

Abducted Georgia girl, 14, found alive, officials say

Gay Mass. Candidate 'Comes Out' to Tea Party Dad

AWESOME: Dems Strike Back - Spoof GOP House Of Cards

Tiger Woods: A time limit is needed on call-in violations

Virginia Republican Not Trying Real Hard for Jewish Vote

Let that baby cry

Anti-LGBT Violence Runs Unchecked in Some EU Countries

New Hampshire Senate Candidate: More Women In The Workplace Led To More Mass Shootings

Congress outraged over Navy Yard shooting

When I was rejected for a preexisting condition by Golden Rule health insurance, I vowed...

Hump Daaaaaaaay!

Prediction: Reaction to the October opening of Healthcare Markets will rock the political landscape.

Sen Jay Rockefeller-Keen To Amass Evidence-Visits UK to gather News Corp hacking & bribery evidence

My "WTF?" statement of the day...

Every "ism" has a top priority.

People Should Know About This Awful Thing We Do, And Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware (Midway Is)

From The Mouths of Rapists: The Lyrics of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines

If ya' see someone carrying a gun in public

Greg Palast: Larry Summers Sacked

10 Recipes Every Kitchen Gardener Should Know (Kitchen Gardeners International)

Richard Trumka: A Working-Class Hero Helped Win Pay Rule for Home Care Workers (updated)

Do you think President Obama is fearful that Boehner and Repubs will shut down the government?

Projection: France to top Germany in population and GDP

The NFL city redraft

Police Officer Gets Fired for Wrong Reason

In Search of Baseball's Holy Grail

Finally: Obama uses the E word.

I had a dream about mountains of croissants and donuts and rivers of flavored coffee

Video from Kim Stagliano: THIS is Autism Too "SOUP"

Blackfish: the Science Behind the Movie (movie on captive killer whales)

Iran's president Rouhani: We will never develop nuclear weapons

Jordan jails 6 for trying to join Syria jihadists

Does the House remember what happened in 1954?

What Does Opposition to War in Syria Tell Us About the State of International Law?

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Sept 18th

No, Analyzing The Gender Politics Of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’–Or Anything Else–Isn’t ‘Unprofessional’

Jimi Hendrix passed away on this day in 1970 ...

Map: Number Of Minimum Wage Jobs Required To Rent In S.F. (lowest is 3.4)

Chamber pleads with Congress to step back from the brink

County board bans ‘Invisible Man’ from school libraries

New iPhone 5S Commercial

Family: Teen Suspended After Trying To Do The Right Thing

FBI study: Marijuana arrests stay near record high

"Doctor Sleep," Stephen King's sequel to "The Shining"

The republican dilemma re. budget vs ACA in 2 sentences: It's a smart-for-one, dumb-for-all problem.

Why can we Rec a locked post?

NSA Says Snowden Took Documents From Internal Website: Report...

Supreme Court condemns members of the FARC negotiating team to 31 years in prison

Qaeda seizes Syrian border town with Turkey: activists

After Tiller

Yizhuang, China To Open Jackie Chan Theme Park

Last three weeks shows had great guests discussing Syria, Alan Grayson, PJ Crowley, Pat Buchanan

For the loonies who think giving guns to little kids is cool. As cool as teaching them to lie.

Minnesota Woman Eviscerates Her Street Harasser in a CraigsList Missconnections Post

Facebook 'like' deserves free speech protection, court rules

Brazil’s Cancellation of State Visit Marks Another Low Point in U.S.-Latin American Relations

Getting GWAR to the Super Bowl

Baby elephant determined to play with

Obama’s Genius Labeling of GOP Demands Extortion Has Already Won The Debt Ceiling Fight

After Tiller

Aboriginal Literacy program to Enngonia and Bourke

Tony Joe White? Didn't know this guy was still kicking around...

Shutdown Report: How to Play Chicken and Lose

Monsanto Spends Millions to Defeat Washington GMO Labeling Initiative

"The Planets Op. 32" by Gustav Holst

Moose rescued from ice water by 3 Russians

'Downton Abbey' season four sneak peek reveals dark, depressed Lady Mary

Russia Today Airs Fake Footage of Rebels Using Sarin Gas in Syria

Less money does not mean less security, heads of the armed forces...

Checks did not come in today to the store, trying not to panic...

"Laws don't prevent crime. They exist only

Wind (don't cry) by Akeboshi

Frackademia Exposed: Federally Funded, Industry Driven

Best Anti-Gun Memes and Cartoons

Oregon's minimum wage up 15 cents to $9.10 in 2014

[Michigan] State lawmakers pass bill requiring community service for those on welfare

STIGLITZ: "We have postponed doing anything about the fundamental problems we confront"

When a Gay Guy gets Nabbed by the Sexual Orientation Police

Cubans 'won't take jobs from SA workers'

Color Me WTF??: Rand Paul and Pat Leahy Draft Legislation to Overhaul Fed Sentencing

Dumb Criminals: Man Arrested For Wrapping Doors Of Edinburgh Mosque With Bacon

An 80-year-old Irishman goes to the doctor for a check-up

Don McLeroy(Fmr Chair, Texas State Board of Education): The Teaching of Science Disproves Evolution

Opposition To Anti-Gay Russia, Illustrated

Passionate Mother of Slain Child Pleads for New Gun Laws: 'This Is Genocide in America' - video link

I don't live in a place where these douches walk around with guns on display

New Hampshire 2016 poll: Rand Paul, Chris Christie dead heat

This Tech has never, ever seen this problem. It has me WTF!

Developer destruction of Pre-Inca pyramid goes unpunished

Man testifies he plotted to kill priest who sodomized him

Developer destruction of Pre-Inca pyramid goes unpunished

Confirmed Whooping Cough Case in Huntington, West Virginia

Dust storms in Africa affect US and the Caribbean's air quality

I love Regina

EARTH ABIDES and the Colorado flood. **SPOILERS** (for book, not flood).

Member of neo-Nazi 'Golden Dawn' arrested over death of Greek artist Pavlos Fyssas (VIDEO)

Honduran Government Moves to Silence Indigenous Activists

Stacey Ritter is my hero. Mother

Money in Politics Prevents Changes to Gun Laws

Do You Want to Know Why People Are Angry? (Bernie Sanders)

once again, lost my progressive radio station.

I love Joe Biden & Warren...but Howard Dean....

The DEFINITIVE poll re: "Help a DUer" stuff going forward. Please vote!!!

All DU vets - READ THIS!

Uproar as French jeweler kills thief, is charged

Chile's U.S. ambassador leaving to focus on legal fight with Bolivia

The stupid nutcases really do want to blow it all up

How an Engineer Earned 1.25 Million Air Miles By Buying Pudding

Wow! Nina Turner is running for SOS of Ohio!

Democrats hoping for a blue Texas

McDonald's 'McEverything': Man Creates Monster Sandwich From All 43 Varieties (and Survives)

If the GOP truly attempt to shut down the government before full implementation of ACA provisions...

Papantonio: Why Gun Control Debate Won’t Be Revived

Alan Grayson debunks GOP Benghazi talking points completely.

Walter Rhett: Wordkill

MPAA Says Google Fosters Piracy, Because Why Wouldn’t It

Not the Onion: "Give Back? Yes, It's Time For The 99% To Give Back To The 1%"

What day is it?

Navy Yard - Names of the 12 victims and some details of their lives

NYT Editor Calls Out Own Paper for Ignoring NSA, Israel Revelations

University removes wrecking ball landmark after students ride it nude a la Miley Cyrus

Brazil hackers mistake NASA for NSA in spying payback

FYI for those counting with me...

It all comes down to Obamacare

I just upgraded to OS 7 on the iPad

The Benghazi Testimony The Conservative Media Will Not Dare Show You

Why does Wisconsin send so many black people to jail?

Why does Wisconsin send so many black people to jail?

How did you hear about the YMCA?

House Dems escalate shutdown fight

Calling ALL Dems! Special Election in Pasco County. GOTV for Amanda Murphy!!!

Durbin to GOP: Stop acting like ‘squealing political pigs’

So now the media dunderheads aren't upset about WHAT Obama is doing but HOW he is doing it

Tchaikovsky Wasn't Gay Claims Russia's Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky

Mr. Sulu meets Nina Davuluri, newly crowned Miss America

The assassination of an atheist

I think it's time that DU gets the respect it deserves.

What are you going to do this week to support expanded background checks?

Has anyone been watching AMC's "Low Winter Sun"?

"Wonkbook: The Republican Party’s problem, in two sentences" By Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 19 September 2013

Obama named one of Russia’s top 5 gay “heroes”

Wedding delayed as ring-bearing owl goes for a sleep

Rand Paul: 'I Am Here To Ask That We Begin The End Of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing'

I love Bernie Sanders and what he stands for.

Humanizing Enemies: Iran’s Post-Religious Intellectual Discourse

Gun carrying classes at church...

"Republican Debt-Ceiling Extortionists: We Are Not Extortionists"

The biggest untold story of the week . . .

I've always heard that Sweden is the happiest nation on earth

Louie Goober's latest chart-topper

I use this international symbol in my home all the time...

John Kerry Costs U.S. Defense Industry $400 Billion

Navy Yard weapon exempted under proposed ban

Catholic nun awarded UN's 'Nansen Refugee Award'

My weekend plans are set

High profile U.S. Navy commander charged in bribery case

Report: Several NFL Teams Interested In Tim Tebow

Why You Should Not Be Enthusiastic About Janet Yellen as Fed Chairman

Theology Essay Title Generator

Guantanamo computer problems worsening, defense lawyer tells judge

Obama Tells Rouhani He Sees A Way To Resolve Nuclear Issue - White House

The Wall Street Ego on Display (toon)

Water Cress, Roasted Beet, and Tiger Prawn Salad with Parsley Aioli

U.S. charges 6 people, 3 firms with $100 million biofuels fraud

Netanyahu To Focus On Iranian Nuclear Threat At U.N.

Lewiston-Porter special ed teacher is 2014 New York State Teacher of the Year

‘Beanie Babies’ creator will pay $53.5 million penalty for tax evasion

Tweet from a Karla

Brazil's top court OKs retrials in landmark corruption case

Guess Which Countries Helped Syria Acquire Chemical Weapons?

Rubio: Obama Should Stop Threatening Government Shutdown

Okay, I did it. I managed to put myself on ignore

Any wealthy lovers of old buildings out there? This Detroit neo-Gothic gem is in trouble


White House Threatens Veto on Oregon Lands Bill

"Wendy Davis has more balls than Ted Cruz."

George Takei and Brad celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on September 14th....

Dana Milbank, WA Post: "This is government by ransom, piracy over policy."

"NBC Washington: Navy Yard Shooting suspect took assault rifle, pistol from cops"

Assad Tells Kucinich Chemical Weapons ‘Not a Secret Anymore’ During...Fox Interview (updated 2x)

Guys, we need new blood in the Democratic party in Central Florida.

Assad Tells Kucinich Syria’s Chemical Weapons 'Not a Secret Anymore'... - video link

Syria's main arms suppliers (Russia and Qatar) among least generous aid donors, says Oxfam


Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner Woodstock 1969

has everyone seen the google doodle for today-celebrating leon foucault's 194th birthday

TEXAS State Board of Education

Americans Are "About to Discover That the GOP Not the ACA is Hazardous To Their Health"

a friend called and said he's bringing me one of these.

The "SPIN" on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's Cancelling State Dinner at White House!

Upton/Cboy writes a letter to the SF Gate editor

Please post your current favorite song...

Georgia needs to help Gingrey find another job. Really. He's not happy where he is.

Mayor Bloomberg targets internet gun markets

(Milwaukee) Journal Sentinel files motion asking John Doe judge to release sealed county records

Just bought some fresh apples at the market. One of my favourite fresh foods

I have been crazy busy but I wanted to share some nice news.

Chuck Todd, listen up!

The Oakland A's stink!