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Archives: January 26, 2016

New fox national democratic poll-Clinton 49%(-5) Bernie 37%(-2) O-Malley 1%(-2)

Clinton Courts Youth With Celebs, But Many Prefer Sanders

Watch Bill C. defend Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan (in 2009)

Mother Jones ‏@MotherJones : This is why gun control advocates will never forgive Bernie Sanders.

Texas grand jury clears Planned Parenthood, indicts its accusers- EDIT- DUPE- LINK HERE

Robert Reich: I’ve Known Hillary Since She Was 19. Bernie Sanders is the Most Qualified Candidate

After slow start, $5M Offutt lab is now bustling in effort to ID remains of Pearl Harbor victims

After slow start, $5M Offutt lab is now bustling in effort to ID remains of Pearl Harbor victims

Sprint Job Cuts Reach 2,500, Mostly In Customer Care Centers

Joachim Street

My telephone was ringing. They told me it was Chairman Meow.

I'm Trying To Convince Someone To Vote For Bernie & Am Looking For Pics Of Hillary With Banksters...

Clinton news network poll-Dem race tightens nationwide

HAAAA!!!! Chris Mathews just announced that Jebbers is at 4% IN FLORIDA!

So Yes, the Oil Crash Looks a Lot Like Subprime

Being within a mile of Whole Foods or Trader Joe's will make your house more valuable

Does Snyder still have the power (from the state legislature) to remove local elected

Not Political Just Two Cool Videos

Chuck Grassley: The First Crack In The Republican Establishment Anti-Trump Wall.

What it's like to be a Christian in Iran

71% of Democratic voters think Hillary has a better chance than Sanders to win the general election

Emergency Manager Law spreads like syphilis.

Palestinians using foreign aid to fund anti-Israel terror, Hotovely says

*AMERICAN HORIZON* BERNIE'S Newest Campaign Ad: Beautiful, Inspiring, Optimistic ~ A+

Those Millennials? Not only will they vote, they've made

Alone again...

The LGBTQ Left Has an Anti-Semitism Problem

The serious people seriously want you to get serious about seriously picking a serious candidate

An Intersectional Failure: How Both Israel’s Backers and Critics Write Mizrahi Jews Out of the Story

Looking Back: Bernie's May 7 reddit Ask Me Anything

Anyone here see "The Hateful 8"? SPOILERS

What are the BEST BOOKS you've read in 2016?

So How Do You Know They Got It? Showing Evidence of Learning

I rarely can follow day to day politics w/o getting depressed!!

Is CNNgo the only way to watch online?

My generation went to the moon.

Hillary on the campaign trail in Iowa January 25

FYI: Pres Bill, & Chelsea to appear together in Iowa. Jan 29, 30, 31

Bernie: I have a message for Donald Trump:

New York Times: "Hillary Clinton Stumbles"

I'll give this to Trump, he sometimes tells the truth - Ted Cruz is "A Whack Job"

Johnny Sot: Manziel parties during AFC Championship

What Is The Format For CNN's Town Hall Tonight?....

It’s time to rally ’round O’Malley.

It’s time to rally ’round O’Malley.

The face you make when President Obama basically endorses you...

Snowy WV

This makes me weep -- Bernie responds crying woman at Iowa rally

I am astonished by the hour long Clinton infomercial

I think it is important

Lone attendee from O'Malley event makes up his mind

Ohio water system operator failed to notify public of unsafe lead levels

2 Abortion Foes Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Are Indicted -

Whether you agree with them or not, the Clintons are very popular with black voters, so if you want

Ben Cohen Of Ben And Jerry's Makes Bernie Sanders Ice Cream Flavor.

Does Bernie Sanders believe vaccinations should be mandatory for the greater good?

Wasserman Schultz: Unnecessary For Bloomberg to Run Because Dems Already Are Championing His Ideas

Hillary up by 6 points in latest Iowa Poll

As Iowa gets closer, Sanders' lead in NH grows. Two New Polls: Sanders +22% and +16%

The knuckle dragging Republicans in the Senate embarrassed America. Again.

Oregon militant challenges 'little brother' Chris Christie to sumo match with standoff on the line

NOWChris Hayes covering Planned Parenthood being cleared and indictments for ReTHUG

High School Students Pose for Yearbook Photo with T-Shirts Spelling Racial Slur

Motion filed to block State from delaying release of Clinton emails

Judge Sides With Group Building Noah's Ark on Tax Incentive

The 94-Year-Old Civil-Rights Pioneer Who Is Now Challenging North Carolina’s Voter-ID Law

My girls!! JINNY OOPS! (MY sisters in Japan!)

Sources: Bloomberg Willing To Spend $1B On Possible Presidential Bid

It's not just the Phelps family, that lives on hatred.

This fucking guy never ceases to amaze me..

Why does Bernie Sanders get to go first in the town hall? How is this fair?

Obama bans solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons

Sanders Supporters Overly Zealous and Divisive

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Final Countdown . . .! & a new Kittehs gif

More Chicago Police Problems :

My Girls! JinnyOops (My sisters, in Japan)

Summers: Most likely positive scenario for TPP is that new pres shifts ... position on trade deal

Malheur Occupation’s Heartbreaking Impact On County Schools

Official Iowa Presidential Forum Thread 1 - Bernie Sanders

Is the Sundance Film Festival open to like, ordinary regular people?

What the?

This town hall is bias towards HILLARY!

Ted Cruz, the Empty Evangelical

Fatal stabbing at asylum centre shocks Sweden (female worker killed)

Wtf (Trump related)

The guy Bush mistakenly left out of the Axis 'o' Evil is taking a 25th anniversary victory lap

I can't wrap my head around

Gay/Lesbian Pols Endorse Clinton (Hillary Group)

Pam Roach kicked off sex trafficking panel

Town Hall Thread

Judge Sides With Ark-Building Group on Tax Incentive

Iowa Democratic Town Hall Discussion Thread

SANDERS ENDORSED by Milwaukie, OR Mayor, Portland, OR City Commissioner, Locals, BLM

What is your dream bicycle?

Revealed: Secret Labour report published in full

Bernie is killing it!

"I've known Hillary Clinton for 25 years. I like Hillary Clinton and respect Hillary Clinton."

Who's in *CHARGE* of the EPA and the Interior Department?!1

On Roe Anniversary, Let’s Remember the U.S. Women for Whom Abortion Is a Right on Paper Only

On Roe Anniversary, Let’s Remember the U.S. Women for Whom Abortion Is a Right on Paper Only

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 26: Governors Awards

On Roe Anniversary, Let’s Remember the U.S. Women for Whom Abortion Is a Right on Paper Only

On Roe Anniversary, Let’s Remember the U.S. Women for Whom Abortion Is a Right on Paper Only

Why is Bernie lying? He knows Glass-Stegall had very little to do with

Official Iowa Presidential Forum Thread 2 - Martin O'Malley

Sanders: "Hillary Clinton is a very good person. Martin O'Malley is a very decent guy."

I proudly stand with Robert Reich in his endorsement of Bernie Sanders

Bernie smashed it out of the park.

Headline on CNN. I am so sick of the MSM fucks!

To me, this quote sums up my love of Bernie Sanders:

Annnnd the Headline on CNN:

The Supreme Court Just Blocked The Harshest Abortion Ban In The Country

Why is Cuomo taking digs at Bernie in his question to O'M??????????

The Supreme Court Just Blocked The Harshest Abortion Ban In The Country

The Supreme Court Just Blocked The Harshest Abortion Ban In The Country

The Supreme Court Just Blocked The Harshest Abortion Ban In The Country

Just saw The Martian

Zika Zika Zika. Is this something I should be worried about?

Big avatar 1mb

You can cut the sexual tension in this commercial with a knife

Town Hall Draft Question.

Rick Snyder Donor Picked To Lead Investigation Of Flint Water Crisis

Rick Snyder Donor Picked To Lead Investigation Of Flint Water Crisis

I think Clinton made a HUGE Logistical error

Bernie Sanders: 'We will raise taxes'

BEFORE Citizens United what average Americans wanted have a near zero impact upon public policy.

Paris attacks: Did intelligence fail in France?

From the mind of my 17 year old son!

Official Iowa Presidential Forum Thread 3 - Hillary Clinton

Could Cuomo be any bigger of an asshole, buttonholing O'M on how to caucus???

Man was on his way to the refuge to become a personal guard for the Bundy famialy stopped by OSP!

Is anyone else seeing the xenophobic ads featuring Barbara Jordan?

Did Martin get even one Foreign Policy question?

These NumbersUSA ads featuring Barbara Jordan are creeping me out.

Hillary up now on CNN town hall.

Hillary is warm and effusive...

The 2016 Dream Team!!

Found the video of Bernie tossing coat to crowd at Town Hall yesterday. (Rockstar!)

O'Malley: "The fundamentals of American capitalism are still strong"

Hillary seems manic

Question 1: Hillary, you have endorsements, the president endorses you, you are clearly awesome.

Bernie Sanders: "I like Hillary Clinton, and I respect her..."

1st Lie - I have a 40 year record fighting income inequality

Given the choice between paying taxes or an insurance company, I will

Ok to the moderators... I just donated.

I knew what this would be going in, but didn't think it would be so blatant.

This place sometimes.

Homophobic inequality?!?

Bernie will be the greatest President since FDR...

God Weighs In On Palin Return To Politics

The people behind Hillary look bored and distracted

What a complete and total sham. They're not even trying to pretend.

"... planes to bomb; YES." You go to war, you do it without me Hillary.

Disney slapped with lawsuits that accuse the company violated laws of the H1B visa program

Sarah Palin at it again...

Use The Bernie Medicare For All Calculator To See How Much You Will Save Under The Sanders Plan!

Is anyone going to shut Hillary up? Isn't she going on and on way longer than Bernie or O'M?

What's this place gonna be like the week after Bernie drops out of the race?

A Surprising Number of America’s Mayors Support $15 Minimum Wage

Lawyer for Walter Scott Family Switches Sides to Endorse Bernie Sanders

Prepare yourselves, the MSM is going to turn Bernie's tax comments into a new "Dean Scream".

Bernie's closing statement TV ad before the Iowa Caucus.....

Is this a "town hall"? Or is it a filibuster?

I'm voting Bernie. But I have to say that I am so glad we Bernie supporters...

I have a possible fix for the Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff

The rest of the world knows that Kerry was the essential American on the Iran deal, why does HRC

"I respect Sen. Sanders greatly and appreciate what he has done during this campaign"

I apologize. They DID play Bernie Sanders' ad. I totally apologize.

Clinton on her email server: "Nothing that I did was wrong. It wasn't in any way prohibited."

Trump says he could shoot someone ... but this guy puts his money where his mouth is

Bernie's new theme song?

Help me with what I heard

Last Question for Clinton: "I can see why they gave you this question"

Making it through Hillary's Town Hall Segment

I am SO proud of all three of our candidates!

Millions of years ago the climate was much colder, and here is video proof

I think it is disingenuous of Bernie Sanders to state, in response to a very good question about

I like Clinton but I totally disagree with Smerconish's attack on Sanders.

Hillary claimed that she has been fighting Homophobic Inequality for 40 years.

In A City That Welcomes Hyenas, An Anthropologist Makes Friends

I just posted my 4000th post. Ask me something.

Archaeologists unearth the earliest evidence of warfare between hunter-gatherers

As seen on FB: Silly fun that'll cheer you up in no time: Add "In my pants" to any movie title.

I will GLADLY vote to pay higher taxes if it helps ANYONE get better health coverage.

Poll: Who Did the Best Job at the Democratic Town Hall?

Oh CNN - did you write the audience questions for ALL the candidates

So all of a sudden HRC wants diplomatic efforts first?

What's going to happen when/if Sanders drops out?

As President, Bernie Sanders would do.....

Bernie Sanders: “We will raise taxes, yes we will”

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 28, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: William Cameron Menzies

Hillary Rocked! (HILLARY GROUP)

All three of the Candidates on Stage were wonderful! They were so thoughtful & Gracious towards....

Hold strong.

Ameritrade Ricketts, Republican Donor funds $600,000 in attack ads against Sanders.

Misrepresenting Single Payer Healthcare as simply a tax increase is a Republican tactic

All three candidates for the Dem nod did VERY WELL. O'Malley the clear winner

What? The pundits are saying that

Who Did the Aztecs Sacrifice?

Bernie Sanders vows to protect organic farming, calls out Monsanto as presidential campaign heats up

Who Did the Aztecs Sacrifice?

Gotta love all these Nu Dems losing their shit over the word 'taxes'

Bernie Sanders vows to protect organic farming, calls out Monsanto as presidential campaign heats up

Hillary Clinton Gets Emotional as Muslim Woman Asks Question About Trump’s Rhetoric

CNN Democratic Town Hall - Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley

Bernie Sanders a Target of Ads by Republican Donor

War Criminal on parade alert! Rumsfeld on Colbert. nt

Female birds may have lost desire to sing due to predation


Anyone else catch this? How many other audience questions were planted for her?

Obamacare: As premiums go up and tax subsidies go up, how will it be paid for?

Why President Obama is supporting Hillary Clinton....

I just made you a Bernie adviser. Let's chat.

Republicans aren't afraid of their views

Has the press asked Clinton/O'Malley for details of their healthcare plans (cost & how paid for)?

If ever there was a doubt about the tremendously powerful forces that Bernie is standing up to

W-2, Box 12 DD What your employer paid for your health insurance (not your portion of the premium)

290 Million in Reparations to Iran Hostages

Bundy militant threatens cops in drunken rant: ‘I will kill all of you’

When health insurance companies lose money on their investments, how do they recoup their losses?

I support European-style economics and government safety nets but I don't support Sanders

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 29, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Perspectives on Vietnam

2016 Election Will Be About Racism & Religion. Dems Giving US & Money To "Those People.

@HillaryClinton “touched and gratified” by @POTUS' recent accolades.

Has the press asked Clinton how she plans to pay for any of her promised stuff?

Who won the Town Hall? This Republican is feeling the Bern!

The Best David Bowie Tribute I've Heard

A bold agenda.

The REAL Story of This Town Hall... Chris Cuomo... Designated "Establishment" Hitman!

Has Bernie Ever Provided More Of An Explantion As To What A Tax On Wall Street Speculation Means...

Investigators fault community planning in deadly 2013 Texas explosion

Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans With A Presidential Performance At CNN Town Hall

Putin is 'picture of corruption': US Treasury official

Bernie Sanders won my vote tonight

Hillary must have done well

What if I told you Hillary Clinton promises to cure Alzheimer's?

Re: Colbert v Rumsfeld

Inquiry was for crimes by Planned Parenthood, but "evidence" led to crimes by anti-abortion activist

With all of the indignation around here - Sanders people must think Hillary did well

Brett Rosengren: it was my own question directed to any candidate

Time to donate for Bernie's primary ground game!

Ronny Cox

The only thing I find amusing about Bloomberg is

Bernie Sanders on the track team - contemporary newspaper item

Biggest issue young people should care about:

Hillary got the toughest question of the night, and she handled it like a pro.

What's the chances of Bernie walking back...

‘Won’t Forgive’: Communists Lash Out At Putin For Comparing Lenin’s Policies To ‘Bomb Under Russia’

Lighted Bernie signs made by Ben & Jerry and volunteers

Bernie's jus 5yrs older than Trump he just doesn't have time to dye his hair & get a fake tan

Canada will sign TPP trade deal Feb. 4, but ratification not certain

Honest Bernie: Yes I will raise taxes. A 2.2% payroll tax for healtcare, a tax on Wall Street

Five Reasons Ted Cruz Is Even More Dangerous Than Donald Trump.

Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden can provide a college education for their citizens.

Republicans should vote for John Kasich in N.H. Boston Globe

The West Must Curb Tehran’s Mideast Ambitions, Says Israeli Ambassador to Italy as Iranian President

Who ‘Won’ The Democratic Town Hall Forum

I'm Voting Republican...

Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections

No conspiracy with the questions on #DemtownHall last night.....

Poll: Who won Monday's Democratic 2016 Presidential Town Hall?

Pictures being auto resized down to 800 pixels.

More Good Cops: Woman Jailed For Calling City Too Many Times To Report Drug Dealers

As damaging as you think the Kochs are to American politics, the reality is infinitely worse

Davit Blatt's sudden firing!

James Webb: Hubble successor maintains course

Why Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton In This Debate - The Young Turks

Sanders consolidates 16 point lead over HRC, 55% to 39%, in NH

Bernie Sanders comforts crying woman at rally

Bernie Sanders surprises innocent lady with Hillary Clinton's Iraq War voting record!

Daily Holidays - January 26

Bernie Sanders SPEECH At GRINNELL - Iowa - 1- 25- 16

WTF was she thinking?!?!?

All Right. You want Ice Cream?

Obama environmental action passes another judicial test

Nature Reclaims D.C.'s Snow-Covered Streets

Settlement reached in police killing of dog; Called largest in U.S. history

New Yorker builds igloo in his garden, lists it on Airbnb for $200 a night

Stephen Colbert 1/25 - Cruz/Trump (Crump) HATED by GOP. HILARIOUS!!

All You need to know about the American healthcare system.

EMail or Send Letter? POTUS

Just look at this statement for a second or two - DWS Poll - forget the numbers...

Recursive Cursor Causes Cursing

Northern Song - Steve Tibbetts

Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans With A Presidential Performance At CNN Town Hall

Mike Malloy - The Clinton Gang Is Going After Bernie Sanders

How the presidential candidates’ extreme abortion positions distort a growing consensus (COMMENTARY)

NASA’s Opportunity rover was supposed to last 90 days on Mars. Today is its 12th anniversary

Former slave port keeps African traditions alive through religious syncretism

'Want Me to Go Down There With a Mop?' Chris Christie Says About NJ Flooding Cleanup

Syriac bishop for Canada says he will prioritize refugees, vocations

The Plutocrats Are Winning. Don’t Let Them! By Bill Moyers

Malaysian prime minister cleared of corruption over $681m Saudi 'gift'

Bernie Sanders is right about Obamacare: Here’s why it’s time to talk about single-payer

Valentine's Day Is Coming!

THE GUARDIAN: Meet the new Bernie Sanders: he's now a real candidate, against Clinton's robot

How Do You Save For Retirement When Employers Keep Driving Wages Down?

The beginning of China's deindustrialization?

“The world has lost one its greatest minds in science.” R.I.P. Marvin Minsky

Satellite Scientist: Senator Cruz is Wrong, Surface Temperatures are more accurate than Satellite

Sundance films put guns in the crosshairs

This Stock Market is Really Sick, and Big Institutional Investors are Bailing out

I'm in a bit of a somber mood today. The reason I support

"I have friends that are in the FBI and they tell me they’re ready to indict." He has "FRIENDS?"

Banks Much Deeper in the Hole on Oil & Gas Collateral than they Pretend

The Nation: Why Is Hillary Clinton Using Republican Talking Points to Attack Bernie Sanders?

Bill Clinton Compares Single-Payer, Universal Health Care Vs. Free Market, Private Health Coverage

Birth of a Nation, Oscars (so white in 2017?) and challenging corporate America

There are a lot of truthers out there who think The X-Files is actually a documentary

Comeback is real!!

So have JoeScum or Mika interviewed anyone from Planned Parenthood

Meet the real-life Jedi Knights bringing their religion to the mainstream

2 SKorean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Japan PM

Robert Reich: The Volcanic Core Fueling the 2016 Election

I've figured out who the "establishment" is.

Bernie Sanders: "I am Angry"

This Mexican Company Is Converting Plastic Into Affordable (And Eco-Friendly) Housing

Atheism is a religion

Hillary Clinton gave an impassioned answer to Sanders supporters who doubt her character

How a Small Company in Switzerland Is Fighting a Surveillance Law - and Winning

Poor Moonpie is now terrorized.(Update)

Ho-boy! Bernie Sanders Releases NEW Optimistic Closing Ad in Iowa

Dems blame trade deal as Ford exits Japan

Charles Pierce: Rick Snyder Is Done. He's Toast.

Rush Limbaugh Announces Possible Launch of Operation Chaos 2

what was the point of having Hillary watch Sanders' "America" commercial?

How and Why Medicare for All Is a Realistic Goal

My Prediction: Bernie Sanders Will Win the White House

A DISHONEST campaign: 17 Hillary memes the media just won’t stop pushing — or factcheck

Why a are there no jokes about the Rev. Jim Jones?

Given some of the positions taken by DUers lately...

Rendell walks back Bloomberg remark

Damn, my camera crapped out on me. UPDATED

Lizard found in kindergartner's salad becomes new class pet

Why the sudden surge of "billionaires" wanting the White House?

Why Poison Drinking Water?

The U.S. was supposed to leave Afghanistan by 2017. Now it might take decades.

Carter: US to send 101st Airborne Division to Iraq

Here's why people can't save for retirement.

Noam Chomsky Says GOP Is 'Literally A Serious Danger To Human Survival’

Israeli Woman Stabbed in West Bank Settlement Dies of Wounds

JUSTIN TRUDEAU, Canadian Prime Minister: Raising His Daughter & Sons to Be FEMINISTS.

To those inclined to see a conspiracy behind every rock, please be prepared for Iowa...

Pope to Visit Sweden, Apologizes for Catholic Wrongs

Minister: Poland Will Veto Forced Relocation of Migrants

Surge of Americans tests limits of Cuba's tourism industry

Surge of Americans tests limits of Cuba's tourism industry

‘You reap what you sow’: CNN host tells Glenn Beck to suck it up after ‘birthing Donald Trump’

Syria conflict: Troops recapture key southern town

Fancy a 'political revolution'? Try 'Bernie's Yearning' ice cream

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP surprises

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

The Flint water crisis

Powerful anti-Trump tv ad

Dolphin activist detained in Japan says he's a 'political prisoner'

Wash Post: Bernie Sanders is the realist we should elect

Australian government pressured to cut ties with Britain

Bernie Sanders' Presidential Campaign Stops in Duluth and St. Paul Tuesday (Today!)

Getting the appropriate soundbite

China stocks tumble 6 percent as oil price slips

Michigan appoints ex-prosecutor to lead Flint water probe

Has Senator Sanders even bothered to inform the Senate that he has changed parties?

Secret Domestic War Games In Washington State - Dahr Jamil 1

Person with gun prompts lockdown at North Carolina college

So who controlled this consortium? How were they going to profit off the poor?

Killer Mike on how Sanders will get his legislation through Congress

This 1962 Movie Is The Anti-Porno Version Of 'Reefer Madness' And It's Hilarious

A look at the group that made Planned Parenthood videos

'Today We Are His Family': Teen Volunteers Mourn Those Who Died Alone

Some Twitter comments from people with big followings, re the town hall

Donald Trump humiliates Sikh protester in Iowa, ridicules turban for ‘hat’

Mystery dog lost for 10 years shows up in Houston

Trump promising another big endorsement

Donald Trump said he'd kill terrorists' families at a rally. His crowd went wild.

Martin O'Malley tells supporters to 'hold strong' on caucus night

Man seeking to join Oregon standoff, 'help with killing federal agents,' arrested

The Chilling Rise of Islamophobia in Our Schools

Investigation underway after authorities fatally shoot man

How Did We Get To This? Yes We Can vs. No We Can't

Fox's Megyn Kelly Asks Whether Indictment Against Center For Medical Progress Is A "Political Hit Jo

APNewsBreak: Survey: Religious objections law cost millions

How was Trump able to demolish his Republican opponents?

When Hillary starts losing states, will new Democratic debates magically materialize?

Perhaps this civil war is a good thing.

Game ON. Wall Street exec's Super PAC will air $600,000 in ads against Bernie over the next week

Iowa poll-Clinton-47%(-2) Bernie 45%(+18)

"Huh. He really touched a nerve out there."

I hereby propose the Trump Trot, a corollary to the Gish Gallop.

I normally report headlines verbatim but the MSM sure likes to hide isht contrary to their narrative

Morning Reads: Democrats Take a Hard Look at Sanders vs. Clinton

Heh. George Will has a sad on about Donald Trump.

Gov. Ann Richards and dancing backwards -

Disney World Opens New Ordeal Kingdom For Family Meltdowns

Rapid, affordable energy transformation possible

Super PAC founded by ESA Fund Against Bernie airing in Iowa

How do minnows in Florida survive cold winters when

Lead Poisoning Strikes Another U.S. Town

California cities and counties race to ban marijuana growing

If you try the Ben & Jerry's Bernie Sanders ice cream flavor and don't like it, his supporters will

FIFA five hunt for votes as campaign enters final month

Resentment simmers as Greece launches debate on pension reforms

Ill-prepared response failed family of Lincoln man killed at Pearl Harbor

Ill-prepared response failed family of Lincoln man killed at Pearl Harbor

We can't vote for Bernie because he's too "Hope-y and Change-y" and won't get anything passed?

Stupid Sexy Sanders

Aaron Sorkin on the Internet

Action needed! Bring back KidsCare

How an American preacher came to help the Colombian rebels who abducted him

Drug shortages in American emergency rooms have increased more than 400 percent

Yosemite Sarah, just for a chuckle

U.N. has invited Syria's warring sides to Geneva peace talks

Yemen Ready for Federal State, Yemen’s Foreign Minister Said

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray running against U.S. Sen. Rand Paul

Kansas Lawmaker Retracts Panel's Dress Code, Apologizes

Bill Black: Wall Street Declares War Against Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has the most realistic plan to boost wages and job creation

President Obama and Bill Simmons: The GQ Interview

“The Big Short”, the movie the Conservatives don't want you to see.

2008/2012 REDUX - Director's Cut

Solar panel costs predicted to fall 10% a year

Porn Stars ‘Feel the Bern’

Pataki just endorsed Rubio -

I'm puzzled at defense of Hill's AUMF Iraq vote saying she was representing NY.

That Anti-abortion activists Indictment is Huge

Ten New York Gay Politicians To Endorse Hillary Clinton

Officials from Obama's Cabinet lining up behind Clinton

A good question. Maybe we should ask a random Republican.

Welcome back Frenchie cat!

Great response to Trump's hate rhetoric directed at Hispanics - 'naturalization blitz'.

CBC IN RUSSIA - Russia's bleak winter: Protests grow as ruble weakens and Kremlin makes painful cuts

Map shows the craziest law in every state, lets you know where you can't wear a fake mustache.

Does Hillary support trickle down economics?

Just a little glimmer from Iowa

Sanders Becomes 3rd Senator to Block Obama's Pick for FDA

Sanders turns confrontational and Clinton emphasizes her record in Iowa town hall

Lucinda Williams has a birthday today.

Since when is an energetic candidate "manic?"

USA Today: "Forecast of distrust with a chance of revolution"

Has social media lessened the impact of smears and

Republican Candidate for President Threatens to Kill Law Enforcement Officers.

M.L.B. Considering Raising Bottom of Strike Zone

Stop The Nonsense: Single Payer Healthcare WILL Work

Clinton in Denial About Impact of Trade Policy on Immigration

Tulsa state senator wants to revisit "Stand Your Ground" law

Denmark approves controversial migrant assets bill

Did I miss anything worthwhile in the Bernie ambush/Hillary infomercial last night?

TRUMP: The Dictionary


Richard Wolff: How Two-Party Political Systems Bolster Capitalism

'did you cover up all the nudes for President Rouhani's visit?'

A dictionary entry citing ‘rabid feminist’ doesn’t just reflect prejudice, it reinforces it

Stephane Grapelli was born on this date.

The RNC and it's representatives are still condoning Trump

A dictionary entry citing ‘rabid feminist’ doesn’t just reflect prejudice, it reinforces it

One thing Bernie forgot to mention during the town hall

A dictionary entry citing ‘rabid feminist’ doesn’t just reflect prejudice, it reinforces it

Today's Google Doodle: Who invented television?

Judge Dread

Bill Mckibben: Bernie Sanders Refuses to Melt

10:30am CT - MSNBC is about to bad-mouth Bernie for his response to the lady...

Bernie:Experience is important, but so is judgement....

Teacher dismissed as ‘angry black woman’ for racism complaints before school's N-word scandal

When Ted Cruz Wanted to Be Part of the Establishment

Netflix recently added Don Hertzfeldt's animated short, "World of Tommorrow (2015)"

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? 90th anniversary of 1st television image

'Behemoth' Daddy Longlegs Discovered in Oregon

Dog Joins Half Marathon, Finishes 7th

About working with Congress to get things done -

U.S. approves more business trade with Cuba

'Socialist' programs from FDR and LBJ:

The worst 1-star reviews of Levi's Stadium

Seeking info/links regarding restorative justice and reparations for the AA community

U.S. Eases Restrictions on Financing Exports to Cuba

Sanders Blocks Obama's Pick for FDA (Playing Politics With The FDA)

Proud of all three Candidates

Oh Hell no! - get the boot

ROFLMAO watch this video of this stupid drunk douchebag trying to join the bundy fuckers

Active Shooter Reported at Naval Medical Center San Diego

Romania offers Moldova aid to keep it solvent, and with West

BREAKING: Live shooter at San Diego Naval Medical Center (unconfirmed)

Asi es! David- a proud and hardworking Latino 4 Bernie

Meanwhile in Philly...

The Guardian: "'Hillary, can you excite us?': the trouble with Clinton and young women"

Flint All Over Again? Lead Poisoning Scandal Strikes Ohio Town

Stephen Colbert makes Donald Rumsfeld squirm about Iraq

Flint All Over Again? Lead Poisoning Scandal Strikes Ohio Town

Lol: I have had it with naive Bernie Sanders idealists

Hillary Clinton Ad: "Children"

Sanders Campaign First to Fill Out #PwDsVote 2016 Campaign Scorecard

Town Hall Forum enabled each Democratic Candidate to have equal time to put forth their platform

From a Tweet...

Rome's nude statues covered to spare Rouhani's blushes

Editorial: Christie to South Jersey: No, you weren't flooded

 The Schools Where Free Speech Goes to Die-- Some of the worst offenders against 1A are religious

You Can't Trust The Mainstream Media

 The Schools Where Free Speech Goes to Die--Some of the worst offenders against 1A are religious

You know Hillary won the night when all you hear from Sanders supporters is...

My niece contributed to the Hallmark Channel's "Ultimate Legacy."

To the Chagrin of the Establishment, Bernie Sanders Refused to Melt at Hillary's Forum

Young Voter Confronts Hillary Clinton: People My Age Say You're 'Dishonest' + Video Clip

What Sanders will do that Hillary will not

Is Hillary running on Obama's appointments?

I don't understand it

The Poor of Flint Were Left Under the Cover of Darkness

The Poor of Flint Were Left Under the Cover of Darkness

He Finally Has A Family That Wants To Make Up For All He's Lost (GRAPHIC PICS)

Report: Blake Griffin broke his hand hitting an equipment staff member multiple times

Obama Insiders Say Clinton, Not Sanders, Is His Natural Heir

Are they giving Bernie everything they've got?

Your Team Cheats: The Definitive Guide to NFL Cheating

Criticism and conspiracy

I Ain’t Got No Home: Woody Guthrie Hated Racist Old Man Trump

This is becoming an interesting OP in *GD-P if you want to check it out. :)

Stephen Colbert interviews Donald Rumsfeld - Brilliant!

Bernie, "We don't have a SuperPAC. We don't ned a SuperPAC. This is a people's campaign."

Falwell endorses Trump, exposes his bullshit morality

WaPo: Bernie Sanders is the Realist We Should Elect

Reddit reaches benchmark of $1,000,000! Go Bernie!

(The latest video) Bernie Sanders - The President We've Been Waiting For...

Pic Of The Moment: Here's What Ends Up Happening To People Who Think They're Friends With Trump

Iowa Town Hall Man Asks Clinton Why She Lacks Enthusiasm, Seems Dishonest Among Young People?

How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age

C. Wright Mills: Sociological Imagination and the Power Elite

LePage: ‘Bring the guillotine back’ and other radio highlights

Although I've stepped back from the primary circus

Updated Odds from Offshore Betting- For Informational Purposes

Poll: Clinton 6 points ahead of Sanders in Iowa

To HELL with mass media

Oregon man joining Bundy militants threatens cops in drunken rant: ‘I will kill all of you’

Ben & Jerry's New Bernie Sanders Ice Cream

does anyone here watch or listen to The Atheist Experience?

Martin O’Malley renews his commitment to fight for LGBT rights Monday night

Israel sees ISIS in Sinai as biggest border threat

Anybody going to the Bernie event tonight in St. Paul?

Let consumers look at the code running their devices, says Federal Trade Commissioner

Jimmy Fallon plays song sung by Bernie Sanders off 1987 folk album!

CNN Iowa Democratic Town Hall: TYT Coverage

This is NOT how you call batman

Hillary's Unsurprising & Disingenuous Opposition to Real Health Care Reform

Bernie Sanders Refuses to Melt

Martin O’Malley encourages his backers to support Bernie Sanders

Stephen Colbert explains why he thinks Donald Trump doesn't really want to be president at all

Bernie Sanders Struggles to ‘Champion Women’ like Hillary Clinton

NARAL Pro-Choice America Spokeswoman: Bernie Sanders is not a champion for women

Right-wing media attacks on Democratic presidential candidates

TYT: Who Will Win The Iowa Primary Elections?

Cass Tech on lockdown after midtown Detroit shooting

Foes of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela See Opportunity in Houses He Built

"that water came from hinckley"

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Maintain National Leads: Poll

Bernie's VERY IMPORTANT point for women to consider

‘White culture’ dies if women are ‘outside the home not having babies’

Iowa Town Hall: Who questioned Hillary about "dishonesty", and why?

TYT: Ted Should Be Worried, Trump Is Coming

Opioid OVERDOSE/ADDICTION mostly a white problem...and why.

Silly fun that'll cheer you up in no time: Add anal to auto names

Feminist Majority Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. endorses Trump

TYT: Why Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton In This Debate

This gentleman proudly stands with The Feminist Majority in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Thai airline allows passengers to buy seat for 'supernatural' dolls.

R.I.P.: Marvin Minsky

Top 5 Ways Putin has won big in Syria and why Europe is embracing him

Loincloth-clad Oregon militant challenges Chris Christie

GOP Candidates Freaking Out About Grand Jury That Indicted Anti-Abortion Activists

There goes a C-Note.


Governor Snyder, DEQ served with subpoenas

I love the new X Files after watching 2 episodes

Sikh-American Protester Removed from Trump Rally

TYT: Apple No Longer Letting Government In Your Backdoor

Undocumented Immigrants in Flint Not Receiving Emergency Water

The Next Refugee Crisis

The new target for gun bans: All semiautomatic weapons?

Previously unpublished Beatrix Potter story discovered.

I just Loved "Jessica Jones"

Pacifica in state of emergency over El Niño storm damage-Falling cliffs & buildings pic

Massachusetts Gun Essay: Writing Component Added To Concealed Carry Permit Approval In Lowell


Ah poverty... this a revised map for poverty in California (xpost from GD)

Carl Mears PhD on Climate Data vs Models

Spanish Bullfighter Draws Outrage for Carrying 5-Month-Old Daughter in Ring

“The Big Short”, the movie the Conservatives don't want you to see. (short version)

Martin O’Malley to Barnstorm Iowa in Final Days Before Caucuses

TYT: Ana Kasparian Kicks Ass On CNN’s Reliable Sources

NARAL attack on Sanders unnecessary

Be Like Del...

How much did Trump pay for that Falwell

Florida Republican Lawmakers Are Trying to Make Abortion a Felony (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Florida Republican Lawmakers Are Trying to Make Abortion a Felony (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Florida Republican Lawmakers Are Trying to Make Abortion a Felony (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Florida Republican Lawmakers Are Trying to Make Abortion a Felony (but, there is NO war on women!!)

The Private Sector Is Now Providing Basic Services to Flint

Forty Years of Fighting Against Homophobic Inequality!

Democratic mayor to challenge GOP’s Rand Paul in Senate race

Help with Democrat-sponsored laws that benefit the common person.

"Hold strong. "That is the message I told my supporters in Iowa tonight.

"Hold strong. "That is the message I told my supporters in Iowa tonight.

$262K settlement for owner of dog killed by police

OMFG. Jennifer Rubin is on CNN and she has the same crazy-yet-vacuous eyes as Michele

NEW Cinton ad in Iowa highlights history of fighting for children and families

PISS OFF THE GOP & VOTE sign over freeway

Queerty, supposedly free of an agenda, posts pro-Clinton piece. The comments...

OMG - Abe Vigoda has passed away. Just is for real!

GA state senator wants to rename highway after "Prosperity Gospel" preacher Creflo Dollar

How you know Bernie won the debate.

I got a girl in the castle and one in the pagoda

Abe Vigoda has passed.

Seen posted in GD:P

I would love to see this!!

Hillary Clinton Goes Back to the Dunning School

Bernie Sanders: I won't get as many votes as Obama in '08

Challenger tragedy, 30 years later

I was blocked from Hillary group


What do the Ricketts expect from Hillary

Does ANYone remember exactly what Cuomo's comment/question was to whom, when the whole audience

Exciting space missions could unlock secrets of the solar system in 2016

Andy Borowitz on Trump-Cruz matchup . . .

Godfather & Barney Miller actor Abe Vigoda dies at 94

Jewish transgender man gives birth and embraces life as a single ‘abba’

Hillary, the incorruptible...Talk about rainbows and unicorns,

Don’t be a Dodo: Why voting Republican is a vote for our own eventual extinction

Well, it finally happened. Abe Vigoda has passed.

A Confederacy of Dunces: The Democratic Establishment’s Assault on Sanders Begins

NFSW - Today Show host Karl Stefanovic in stitches over Oporto robbery heroes

This thread about Trump from Freeperville, is the canary in coal mine

How Nate Silver Missed Donald Trump

New Iowa Poll has Clinton 47% and Sanders 45% - But it's actually great news for Sanders

Clintonians your time is coming to an end.

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Increases to a Three-Month High

Bernie Sanders’s Big Turnout Problem: He’s Reliant on Infrequent Voters

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Climb by Most Since July 2014

Live Stream at 3pm Central from Duluth.


Clinton Says She'd Build on Obama's Legacy

German coalition rifts deepen as Merkel ally threatens legal steps Reuters

Latest Coates's post about racism and democratic candidates. Worth reading with an open mind.

Trump, Sanders and the Future of Parties

Why Congress Allows Big Pharma to Rip Us Off

Memorial service for Omaha police dog will be Thursday

Donald Trump asks supporters if he should attend Thursday's debate

Auto-trash by Keyword doesn't work in "Ask the Administrators".

"My last rodeo"?

"Bernie can't do everything he promises" = big, fat Straw Man!

Guess who else is giving Trump an endorsement?

Clinton breaks the mold by cashing in before winning the Oval Office

Would like to see Bernie have a shorter answer on What is Democratic Socialism

Sheriff Joe heads to Iowa to endorse Trump

Bernie Sanders goes Full Mondale, admits he will raise your taxes

An honest question regarding primary rules

Real numbers from Sander's Health Care Plan

M$M is getting weirder and weirder, as Iowa approaches.

An Oregon man involved in the armed standoff has been arrested on multiple charges today

Local union chapters disregard national leadership to endorse Bernie Sanders

RW & Fundamentalists Still Behind Videos & Still Demand Shutting Down PP.

Chris Christie Proposes State Takeover of Atlantic City’s Finances.

(UK) Anger as government blocks TTIP legal documents relating to health service

Primary challenger for DWS - Tim Canova

Union Leader to Host UNSANCTIONED Democratic Debate on Feb. 4th

US Rep. David Price endorses Hillary Clinton

Kim Davis: God Chose Me To Stand Against Gay Marriage

This is sad news.

Man arrested after saying he wanted to join Oregon militia to kill federal agents

Facing Crippling Debt, Scott Walker Puts House Up For Sale

Berniecare savings calculator

CNN Townhall: An O'Malley infomercial with no critiques of his answers by Cuomo

New initiative would force San Jose employers to offer more hours to part-timers before hiring

Franchisees in Seattle look to supreme court to delay $15 minimum wage

Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Motorcyclist, Blames Muscle Memory - Video

Hillary Clinton Doing Back-to-Back Finance Industry Fundraisers Just Before Iowa

New Bernie video is totally inspiring.

O'Malley shines in final Democratic forum.

Aggregate polling in early states. Clinton with leads in 3 of the first 4 states

Free trade with China wasn't such a great idea - article

This is how you campaign in the week before the first caucus!

Gov. O'Malley took control of the stage at last nights Democratic Town Hall

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Stop the incitement, stop the killing

Prominent Florida Democrats agree Hillary Clinton is stronger candidate than Bernie Sanders


Will those who led the financial system into crisis ever face charges?

I was an Independent, just became a Democrat to be able to vote for Bernie @ primaries!

People keep going to this home looking for their lost phones — and nobody knows why

Lies and deception during campaigning or ENDORSING candidates come and go but reputations endure

Malaysia prosecutor clears PM Najib Razak of corruption

8 Yr Old Shoots & Kills 7 Yr Old Brother In TN With Gun From Mom's Purse

UPDATED: CNN/ORC national poll: Bernie stronger against all Republicans than Hillary

Damn, I thought that Abe Vigoda meme would last forever

Confirmed: Governor Snyder’s Aides Knew Flint River Was Toxic 3 Years Prior to the Switch

Declassified Memo Proves Pentagon Told Rumsfeld There Was No Evidence of WMDs in Iraq

Bernie Sanders Fighting for Women's Rights Puts his Critics on the Ropes

The Hill: "MSNBC, NH newspaper to hold unsanctioned Dem debate" on February 4

Bernie supporters have asked in a previous thread how will

Donald Trump says Medicare should negotiate drug prices

NARAL Spokeswoman Faults Sanders For Not Addressing Question At Town Hall

The CDC’s “Wikileaks” Moment on Vaccines & Autism!

MSNBC, NH newspaper to hold unsanctioned Dem debate

Bunny yoga organizers hope to find homes for abandoned bunnies

Does anyone have video of Carl Bernstein on CNN today?

Sanders: It's A 'Mythology' That I Need To Win Iowa

We Are Headed For A Real Clash With These Fundamentalists. They Are Doubling Down In 2016.

FBI Arrests Milwaukee Man Planning Temple Attack

Anthony Kiedis "That's how Bernie Sanders rolls"

Christie's "mop"

GE CNN polls-Bernie more electable than Clinton

WARNING from Robert Reich re: building RW momentum to amend Constitution

With liberals like these, who needs conservatives?

Reposting from GD-P-CNN has bernie more electable against Trump,rubio,and Cruz

"I could shoot SOMEONE"

Nina Turner for Sanders: no one owns our (poc) vote, you have to earn it

Attn: Stay At Home Dads and Elderly Women!! You need Bernie.

Former Pentagon chief Robert Gates: Republicans’ grasp of national security is at a child’s level

Downstate NY Berners! NEED ASSISTANCE!

Netanyahu Blasts UN's Ban: Your Remarks Are A Tailwind For Terror

Pat's fan (joeybee?) get tattoo saying Pats are SB 50 Champions!!

Ted Cruz: God Is Helping Me 'Bring America Back From The Abyss'

Goldman Sachs is in the eye of the campaign storm

Donald Trump Promises ‘Christianity Will Have Power’ If He Becomes President

Interesting article on Kerry in Asia

3 Democrats May Debate Next Week in New Hampshire.NYT

How Indiana, Incredibly, Is on the Road Again to Passing Discriminatory Anti-LGBT LawsUnbelievably,

So it won't surprise you that Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is gonna endorse Donald Trump. in Iowa

This Applies to all Republican Candidates, yet Still Amusing.

Does Trump go to church? Which one?

The Rise and Fall of a Fox News Fraud

This HAS to be the best version of the theme from 2001 ever. (Also sprach Zarathustra)

A rant: I'm getting angry too!

Will The Oregon Occupation Ruin Bird Habitat?

Iowa Student Shoots Down Theory That He Was A Plant At Dem Town Hall

Local Teamsters decry potential pension cuts

There's Nothing on DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz's twitter page on the MSNBC Debate

McLaughlin Group: McLaughin & Clarence Page - Clinton won't be indicted by Justice Dept over emails.

I'm OK with paying more taxes for:

Totally inane for NARAL, Planned Parenthood to battle with Bernie with 100% rating from them.

China Warns Soros Against ‘Declaring War’ On Its Currency

Oregon standoff venue changes to Grant County, where counter-protesters await

Donald Trump to run as NSGOP candidate in November

Americans Hate The U.S. Government More Than Ever

We Need to Pay More Attention To Environmental Racism...

What the heck is a tanuki? 8 things you didn't know about raccoon dogs

Prosecution wants Uribe investigated over possible homicide of former chief of staff

Prosecution wants Uribe investigated over possible homicide of former chief of staff

Rest in Power, Fish

A candidate of by and for the 0.01% — Bloomberg will lock-in President SANDERS

Colombia closes national parks around Bogota amid severe drought

Colombia closes national parks around Bogota amid severe drought

A rant: I'm getting angry too!

Zebra stripes not for camouflage, new study finds

"Affluenza" teen Ethan Couch drops Mexico appeal

Spaceport America Wants $2 Million More From Taxpayers For Its Space Tourism Fantasy

Shaq has a laugh about all the money LSU definitely gave him 25 years ago

Amherst College drops Lord Jeff mascot

New Mexico cult leader could be getting out of prison early

NARAL and PP attacks on Bernie are stupid and non-productive

Migrant Children Starved, Sexually Assaulted: Investigation

Anti-Socialism vs the Democratic Primary

Migrant Children Starved, Sexually Assaulted: Investigation

EXODUS: Tidal Wave of Corporations Flee America...

Doomsday Clock stuck near midnight due to climate change and nuclear war

Just heard on CBS evening news...DC's snow removal plan is called...

Who would you want as Bernie VP or as Hillary VP?

EXCLUSIVE: Ecuador's Most Famous Sloth Returns Home

Leading Iraqi Shi'ite Says Islamic State Shrugging Off U.S. Air Strikes

Man was watching porn while driving before fatal crash

Sanders called the notion that he must win Iowa's caucuses against Hillary Clinton "mythology,"

The attacks I'm seeing here against Bernie and his message are positively Republican in nature.

New closing ad from Hillary Clinton running in Iowa.

Gov. Christie calls for state takeover of Atlantic City

Cleveland fires six police officers over deadly 2012 chase

Mom accused of child abuse hauls seven kids to Oregon for surreal performance before armed militants

Abe Vigoda has passed away at age 94

Police: Vegas Strip sidewalk jammed when officer shot at man

Sanders Contrasts Record with Clinton on 'Disastrous' Trade Deals

Don't forget: Deflategate hearing still on track for March

Man to be executed for Texas game warden's death in shootout

David Gregory is on FOX NEWS now?

Just got home from seeing Bernie in Duluth MN. It was

Canada To Send 'Tough Message' On Violence To Ally Israel

Robert Reich Explaning Bernie and Supporting Him

Future fund for Flint victims complicated, unlikely, says legal expert

Why reproductive rights groups are taking sides

President Obama to meet with Bernie Sanders in Oval Office tomorrow

States ask U.S. top court to block Obama carbon emissions plan