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Biden hits Trump on 'wartime president' claim: 'Act like one'

Am I the only one here with a spouse who is grumpy about the cancellation of March Madness?

Just realized who Trump reminds me of at the podium

CDC says coronavirus survived in Princess Cruise ship cabins for up to 17 days after passengers left

Ease social distancing, open the economy

John Aravosis of AMERICAblog: This is Trump's scheme to avoid blame for economic impact of shutdown

I can't wait to see the politicians who are Ok with letting the sick & elderly die...but also claim

What Happened To Trump Saying That Our Economy Is Strong & The Best In The World.....

How did the networks handle Trump's grabbing...

Money for Nothing

GOP Greed Over People

Pelosi Unveils New Act As Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Fails For A Second Time

Bernie Sanders didn't win any larger argument

Klobuchar's husband tested positive??

As Brazil shuts down, one 'essential' gun manufacturer will continue operating

As Brazil shuts down, one 'essential' gun manufacturer will continue operating

If the 2020 US Pres.& Sen. Election is similar to 2016- same party wins both offices in each state.

Trump: "I'll be the oversight" on how money is doled out to corporations.

San Diego beaches and parks are now closed.

"Covered California projects premiums to rise 40% or more because of COVID-19"

This, is what leadership in a crisis looks & sounds like.

In Brazil, Bolsonaro Gambles on a Coronavirus Culture War

Have to grocery shop tomorrow. Would wearing a scarf over my face do any good...

Dr. Birx may not be back.

Man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent coronavirus

Democrats have a better chance keeping AL(Jones-D) than Republicans have keeping CO(Gardner-R).

Brazil's Bolsonaro walks back decree to suspend worker pay amid coronavirus

God bless Adam Schiff.

Shit just got real in Michigan. I just got an EAS text on my phone banning ALL

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Brazil's Bolsonaro walks back decree to suspend worker pay amid coronavirus

Have we heard what is happening in the detention centers?, the trump virus has hit prisons

What do you say?

I seriously believe that Trump is going to announce that the US is open for business.

Mayor reverses order to close Denver liquor stores & dispensaries after panicked crowds swarm....

It may be time to seriously consider secession

President Trump, Sen. Cornyn, & GOP have a Chinese Problem

Katie Porter hits ANOTHER home run.

Largest public sector union endorses Biden

Gov. Kemp bans large gatherings, orders shelter in place for 'medically fragile'

New York - 42nd Street live cam New York, view of 42nd Street, Madison Ave and the Hudson River

Brazil: Lula apologizes to China for Eduardo Bolsonaro's offense

Gov Inslee

Dr. Fauci needs to hold daily briefings on his own...

In Rio, Favelas Await the Arrival of Coronavirus without Water

Senate GOP super PAC books more than $67 million in fall ads

These states have implemented stay-at-home orders. Here's what that means for you

Majority of Brazilians Are Afraid of Coronavirus and Support Containment Measures, Says Datafolha


Texas Lt Gov Patrick says grandparents would be willing to die to save economy 4 their grandchildren

Inslee issues 'stay-at-home' order for Washington state

Before Trump called for reevaluating lockdowns, they shuttered six of his top-earning clubs and reso

Tx Lt Gov Dan Patrick says grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy

"I Never Wanted to Offend Chinese People," Says Eduardo Bolsonaro

Trump isn't listening to Dr. Fauci so Dr. Fauci must resign.

Coronavirus found among workers at facilities for migrant children: report

Fox is worried --about the health of the big corporate bailout.

So Paulo stadium turning into hospital for coronavirus

Tx Lt Gov Dan Patrick says grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy

President Pansy

A Modest Proposal...

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Luck o' the Irish!

So did Trump just find out last night that the real estate market was going to tank

Bernie Sanders - All In with Chris Hayes

Texas becomes latest state to halt abortion services amid coronavirus outbreak

The corporate slush fund...

US Defense Department Announces 1st Coronavirus Death

at our current confirmed case rate, we will pass China on Thursday

Tourists Get Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience With Whales

Five days in and the "War Time" president is ready to surrender.

Remember the "death panels" that never happened?

La Cumparsita (G.H. Matos Rodriguez) arranged and played by Soren Madsen

Well....Trump's essential "let them die" announcement has the Dow absolutely orgasmic

Watching Amy Klobuchar on MSNBC, let's all pray for her husband, please!!!

Senator Klobuchar behavior versus gop senators.

So it's coming

He really is about to tell his base to drink the Kool Aid.

Today I transfered my MM Fund savings to a bank account with this mess

Omg gotta catch Chris/Andrew Cuomo interview

I really can't tell if the Cuomo Brothers like each other...

I believe Trump's calculating that

Italy's amazing response to the shutdown-- people are singing out their windows!!!

Hotel California (Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder) arranged and played by Soren Madse

CNN: Trump falsely claims nearly 3,000 Americans in Puerto Rico 'did not die' (2018)

In the American South, Covid-19 Could Find Fertile Ground

The $-obsessed think if everyone goes back to work, some seniors die but everything else'll be fine

When you're a goalkeeper... and an only child... in self isolation

I wish we could bring in one of our lefties

Will hospitals refuse to take in patients from other states?

Good morning to the beautiful people who voted, defended,

Coronavirus: Spanish Army Finds Care Home Residents 'Dead And Abandoned'

A Republican admits that the 'toxic fantasies' of his party have led us to an unprecedented crisis

The cure to the problem is 270 Electoral Votes on November 3, 2020.

Colombian death squads exploiting coronavirus lockdown to kill activists

Guess who's behind Trump's latest batshit COVID-19 reasoning? Jared Kushner.

I don't get it. This is going to mostly kill people over 60.

Colombian death squads exploiting coronavirus lockdown to kill activists

Trump refuses to promise his own company won't get a taxpayer bailout

In the face of crisis, FDR had the New Deal to help suffering Americans.

I guess the GOP plan to kill off the older generation is their solution to reducing SS and Medicare.

Pastor, wife, and congregation part of 27 positive COVID-19 cases in Cleburne County

My nose has been itching constantly for the last week.

Arkansan living in Italy warns the U.S. as COVID-19 spreads

Bucket list time.

I've no doubt that many who heard Trump today (or read about it)

In order to save the country for the younger generation, the Trump administration ordered these.

Growing your own TP

Fossil hunters find evidence of 555m-year-old human relative

What can Trump do if states continue safety measures?

Coronavirus found among workers at facilities for migrant children: report

'I'll be the oversight': Trump vows he will personally oversee $500 billion coronavirus slush fund

White House hits CNN, MSNBC for cutting away from coronavirus briefing

Trump the murderer:

Trump Postpones Real ID Requirements Due to Virus Concerns

Louisville Courier-Journal: Rand Paul's me-first mentality exposed the US Senate to coronavirus

well our timetable to get our things from classroom just changed. County is locking down

Cellulitis in my leg

trump hints at ending

Something going on with Dr. Fauci:

*Jose Andres @ end of Lawrence show tonight.

Dan Patrick is trending on Twitter. He'll live in infamy even if he's willing to die for the economy

Grocery shopping PPE

Bernie wins Democrats Abroad.

University Of Minnesota Doctor Creates Simpler, Cheaper Ventilator - WCCO News

Just walk away.

Mexican city rejects plans for giant US-owned brewery amid water shortages

Man dies after ingesting drug Trump touted.

READ: House Democrats Offer Their Own 3rd Coronavirus Response Bill

Laurie Garrett will be on Brian Williams (MSNBC) in 45 mins.

Public Health Expert Warns Against End to Social Distacing

Mexican city rejects plans for giant US-owned brewery amid water shortages

This is what we can do-CENSURE! Who do we talk to?

5 policy disagreements holding up the Senate coronavirus stimulus

How low will republicans go? Low enough to kill millions of Americans in order to protect their

Five GA Supreme Court justices remove themselves from election dispute

This batch of Republican Congresspeople just earned themselves a new title:

'B-U-M-M-E-R': National Spelling Bee called off due to coronavirus outbreak

The isolated tribes at risk of illness from Amazon missionaries

Australia's NSW at 'critical stage' in relation to coronavirus

The Trump Death Cult is Demanding their Blood Sacrifice

You'll be the oversight?

All of the Bernie Bashing is a form of cyberbullying which has no place on this website.

California's increase of unemployment insurance claims is absolutely staggering. 4,000% increase

Denmark's Idea Could Help the World Avoid a Great Depression



'Remarkably talented': the epic photography of Kenny Rogers

When Trump starts attending his rallies (the only job he does) we'll go back to work. nt


Thousands of Liberty students expected to return to campus amid coronavirus outbreak

I knew Trump would get us killed.

went shopping today

Fucking Lt Gov Texas #SayingTheQuietPartAloud

Beto O'Rourke on Dan Patrick's "numbnuttery"

Stacey Abrams asks you to call your Senator, push for vote-by-mail.

That beer virus

For those of us who played and love hockey....................

Arizona man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent coronavirus

#TrumpVirus and #FoxDeathPanels

Pelosi unveils 2.5 trillion counterproposal to GOP coronavirus stimulus

Cat Has Had Enough Of People In Self-Isolation

Idaho's legislature hasn't addressed the coronavirus. But it has passed 2 anti-trans bills this week

Twitter clips of Italian Mayor's sick of it. Yeah, over it.

The First Lady sends an encouraging tweet: "We are in this together--and we'll get through it"

The Fed is going to buy ETFs. What does it mean?

from Steve Clemons:'Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's go to doctor

*FIFTH* TSA agent to test positive at Orlando Intl Airport

How politicians are using the coronavirus to seize control

The equinox reveals one of the secrets of Egypt's iconic Sphinx

Here is a simple request to every member of congress...

trump & co -no inspiration, no challenge to be in it to win, no shared sacrifice

I'm afraid I'm going to get furloughed.

Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Bloomberg Reporter Over Blaming Stimulus Stall On Dems

What about schools?

Trump in 2Hr Fox virtual Town Hall tomorrow with coronavirus task force

Trump signals he won't abide by doctors on coronavirus

NY cases up another 2300+ (26 more dead)

Update on David Lat and his fight against Covid-19

This is Fort Bragg's FOB-style quarantine

Republicans agree with Trump: He's done enough to fight the pandemic and the impact will be limited

My friends granddaughter called today.

Dan Patrick thinks you should die

Pelosi talks stimulus & slams Trump on ACA dismantling

Arizona man dies after self-medicating with chloroquine to treat coronavirus

Trump Won't Order Vital Coronavirus Supplies Because Corporate CEOs Asked Him Not To

Tweet of the Doomsday

Leaders of Virginia, D.C., Maryland call for concerted coronavirus response

Ruby Princess passenger dies in hospital, 133 coronavirus cases aboard the cruise ship

Texas Official Willing to Die from Virus for Economy

Watching Republican Denial of COVID-19: I think I know why Cro-Magnons displaced Neanderthals.

Trump Refused to Order Coronavirus Supplies Because Big Business Complained

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters

Dutch General Strike To Oppose Nazis Deporting Jews, Feb. 1941: Dutch 'Winter Famine' 1944-45, WWII

Trump considers following Fox News's advice on restarting econmy.

Thank you Kenny Rogers : Coward of the County !

Are Biden's falling polling numbers due to the Pandemic?

The Daily Show: Trevor Interviews His Grandmother and Brings Back Stories from Soweto

"It took 67 days from the first reported case to reach the 1st 100,000 cases, 11 days for the 2nd

Fish Fail -- Anyone have a good fish taco recipe?

Moscow Mitch is running tv ads against Amy McGrath

How many lies are in this tweet from 10 minutes ago

Stephen Colbert: Benny Colbert Behind The Scenes

Trump tweets 'No Deal' to Pelosi

No! Lee Yu-na (cover)

Trump's misinformation has now LITERALLY killed a person.

Coronavirus patients, doctors seem to be temporarily losing their sense of taste and smell -- here's

Seth Meyers - Trump Lashes Out as Americans Remain Under Lockdown: A Closer Look

Hey Patrick-- lots sexier if one selfsacrificing is beautiful young virgin jumping into volcano!

Vocal Coach reacts to Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton - Say Something

America in better days. From 1988

Islands in the Stream - great 2005 performance - posted on YouTube by CMT today

Who is in charge of taking issue with the virus situation ??

Bernie Sanders On Coronavirus Response: 'Act In An Unprecedented Way'

Mnuchin agrees to "significant oversight"

We've gone from Republican scaremongering that Democrats were out to kill Grandma

Stupid Kills. A stupid President will kill US.

Latest right wing Facebook Meme "Nancy Pelosi is holding up the Senate COVID-19 relief bill"

COVID-19 pandemic compared to 1918 Flu and the Black Death.

The fight against coronavirus brings out conservative skeptics in Missouri

Brazil's TIM ties-up with Rio de Janeiro to track people's mobility amid coronavirus crisis

COVID-19: UN chief calls for global ceasefire to focus on 'the true fight of our lives'

In February "CDC data shows government labs processed 352 COVID-19 tests"

Hiromi Uehara, what a pianist.

Now, do you understand why healthcare is a human right?

Inner City - Big Fun

shelter in place....

The McDonald's Monopoly Game Was Rigged for Years. One Employee Helped Bust a Crime Ring

Use Caution When Purchasing on Ebay and Amazon at this Time

I blame a lot of this on OAN and Mark Levin

The cure is not worse than the disease when the disease causes death.

Tx Lt Gov says grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy for their grandchildren

Locating an old post

Trump aides say he's starting to lose his patience with Dr. Anthony Fauci

3M CEO: Our medical masks should not be showing up in stores

Coronavirus: what happens to people's lungs if they get Covid-19?

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Minilogue - Stupid People, Sex Guidelines & Bill Burr

Think Biden has Young Voter Problem? Think Again.

The Daily Show: PSA For The Unwanted Groceries

Now that Trump has declared war on us, it's time for the gloves to come off

He should be impeached before his criminal stupidity kills us all

Texas Lieutenant Governor implies elderly prefer death from coronavirus over economic downturn

This is why its dangerous to have a "Businessman" as president.

The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Trevor Noah, DJ D-Nice)

Party Zero: How a Soiree in Connecticut Became a 'Super Spreader' (NYT)

Mississippi governor refuses any closures or distancing orders; holds Bible study

It's deathly quiet in MI.

One Kid Down....And This has Just Begun

Sen. Rand Paul kept working for six days after virus test

Missouri State Capitol, state office buildings to close to public

Man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent coronavirus

Paradise: Iconic plant's end spells doom for struggling coal industry

Interesting article about neurological effects of coronavirus

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Faster Tests, Postponed Olympics & States on Lockdown

Another pillar of the RW "free market" business model

'Where's Fauci?' America panics as doctor absent again from White House briefing

The Daily Show - Trump's Best Word Bracket: Round 3

Stephen Colbert Changes A Bike Inner Tube

US to cut $1bn of Afghanistan aid over failure to agree unity government

Primal Scream - Movin' On Up

Sending People Back to Work Now Will Not Save the Economy. It Will Doom It.

China to lift lockdown in most of virus-hit Hubei province

Missouri's irrational hatred of "Obamacare" left it ill-prepared for the current crisis

Covid 19, Update 25

Sikhs Pack Free Meals For Over 30,000 In Self-Isolation In New York

Christian journal claims government has forced the Church to worship 'the false god of saving lives'

Brooklyn school principal dies from coronovirus complications. She was 36.

Posted on Facebook

A follow up

Christian journal denounces healing the sick as "satanic" and "false god of saving lives".

Amy Klobuchar: My Husband is in the hospital with coronavirus

Dispensing with seniors to help the economy

I wonder if gas masks are of any use

Italian priest who gave up his respirator for younger patient dies

Unfortunately the true believers are going to see breaking quarantine as their duty

I've always thought that secession was a deranged and destructive idea.

Why Telling People They Don't Need Masks Backfired

Day 9 of "isolation."

Life after lockdown: has China really beaten coronavirus?

Breakfast Tuesday 24 March 2020

(Jewish Group) Plagues Are Always a Wake-up Call

Over 7,000 US troops died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trump is on track to lose that many (more) of US

(Jewish Group) SU president pictured dressed up as Holocaust victim at house party (UK)

Manu Dibango: African saxophone legend dies of Covid-19

NYC Influenza/Pneumonia Hospital Admission Statistics 10/1/2019 - Yesterday

Is Russia running a coronavirus disinformation campaign? That's what it looks like.

Did Trump say "Chinese virus" in the presser yesterday 3/23? I started watching just after it

Could you be re-infected by CV19 after suffering and surviving it?

USNS Mercy Departs San Diego for Los Angeles

Trump is going to go bonkers, as any firm related to him or his family is going to be banned from

Green, The Healing Color - A 20 Minute Painting

The Fragment of an Ancient Lost Continent Has Been Discovered Off The Coast of Canada

Climate initiatives in coronavirus bill

34 Heartbreaking Pics Of Overworked Doctors Are Going Viral, Proving That They Too Have Human Limits

Public encouraged to keep a diary

Biden: Trump's 'failure of planning and preparation' worsened coronavirus crisis

Trump won't require firms to help fight coronavirus -- after corporations lobbied Jared Kushner

People need to stop listening to Trump about 'cures' to Covid-19. Use your head people.

Could news organizations end up facing legal liability (civil if not criminal)

Trump will do a two hour virtual town hall with Fox at noon today

A nearly-finished painting of Mr. Femmedem staying home, staying safe.

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-22-20

Tuesday TOONs - COVID 2020

Tx Lt Gov Dan Patrick says grandparents would willingly die to save the economy for their grandchild

We need to remember , the Russians (et al) are actively trolling us .

Chris Brooks @chactivist: Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick went on national tv & argued

HBO's The Plot Against America is very good, but sadly...

Rick Wilson: "President Kevorkian's death toll is mounting."

"Don't let the cure be worse than the disease" "Open stores back up" "Get back to normal", right?

Biden will be on The View this morning, live via satellite - STARTING NOW

The Inn at Little Washington, lifeblood of a Virginia hamlet, shutters for the first time in decades

Trump is so stupid he re-tweeted an insult of himself

Gov moRon DeSantis (FL) Most Myopic M*F* Moron

Consult your doctor before taking medication that Trump prescribes!

Toon for our times...

In Jamaica, from tomorrow persons 75 or older have been ordered to stay home for 14 days

VHSL cancels sports for rest of school year, leaving athletes heartbroken

"If you put economy ahead of public health, and you have people dropping like flies from COVID..."

Instant Karma

CULT45 NEWS: He's finally about to ask his followers to drink the KoolAid. Will they do it?

Our mothers taught us how to react if Trump says "Back to work!" next week.

Woman in ICU: "Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure."

Just saw my first CDC PSA on the TV. Identifies who is most at

The stock market is the danger today

Joe Scarborough suggested that there is no way that trump would reopen "business as usual", if the

Unsure where your next meal will come from? Text "food" or "comida" to 877-877.

Therapy Dog Visits Quarantined Seniors To Let Them Know They're Not Alone

Trump's new 2020 reality: Nothing matters but his coronavirus response

I don't start many threads here

I.O.C. and Japan Agree to Postpone Tokyo Olympics

I want to send this to my Right Wing Brother

Not an exaggeration

Joe Biden vowed to pick a woman for vice president. Why not a Latina?

Some Bernie supporters are spreading the lie that Yang said Biden promised him a cabinet position

The Rundown: March 23, 2019

China Reopens More Than 500 Cinemas as Coronavirus Threat Recedes

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 03/18/20

Biden Addresses a Visibility Question: 'How Do We Get More of You?'

BREAKING: Singapore has re-introduced locked down after reports of a second wave of #coronavirus.

Man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent coronavirus

Add All Purpose Flour to the list of items that are hard to find in the store.

Excellent article about Coronavirus

Bernie Sanders On Coronavirus Response: 'Act In An Unprecedented Way' - All In - MSNBC

The New York Times @nytimes: Denmark has promised to cover 75% - 90% of salaries

Students have to be present in order to receive free meals from schools.

Am I missing something? The way I see it the state lockdowns are outside Trump's control

Nouriel Roubini thoughts on trump managing the republican slush fund

My son lost his job because of the coronavirus

The Best Books of 2020 (So Far)

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna 1836: "I really enjoy killing Texans." Dan Patrick: "Hold my beer"

Here's the depressing truth about Trump's 'wartime president' shtick during the coronavirus pandemic

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-23-20

Our "war time" president has surrendered

If I fits, I sits, dammit 😹

Is Trump trying to eradicate TV network news and make his voice the only voice?

Texas rural hospitals out of money as coronavirus threat looms

If a business owner re-opens his or her business and recalls employees into a

'It's heartbreaking.' Labs are euthanizing thousands of mice in response to coronavirus pandemic

General Malaise

Joe Biden Delivers Remarks on the Coronavirus pandemic

March 24 - Happy Birthday Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) AZ-2nd

The Coronavirus Bailout Stalled. And It's Mitch McConnell's Fault.

These things are true, IMO

What they're doing is insanity...

WHY have there been NO updates on Melanie's WH tennis pavilion? WHAT are they HIDING?

Republicans Add Insult to Illness

County health officials ask Yellowstone to close, while Glacier sees busy weekend

Lost Highway

Trump Unleashes Historic Tweetstorm as World Crumbles

Trump Visibly SHOCKED by Thermometers & Machines

What the Hell is this "Magical thinking"????

County health officials ask Yellowstone to close, while Glacier sees busy weekend

Spanish army finds care home residents 'dead and abandoned' - Ice Rink will be used to store bodies

Victory Gardens for the Pandemic

We are seeing the culmination of hypocrisy. They say "God" - but they mean "Money".

I spoke with a client this morning who is a Trump supporter

Quick question about RW argle-bargle point

The People From the Land of Make Believe; We are dealing with two pandemics.

Stock market opens up 1,100

In case you didn't understand, Italian authorities want you to stay the f**k home

As Fox News Played Down the Coronavirus, Its Chief Protected Himself

Party Zero: How a Soire in Connecticut Became a 'Super Spreader'

As Postal Workers Fall Sick, Colleagues Keep Working. And Worrying.

Chef Andres and "America Eats Now" suggestion.

White House agrees to allow oversight of huge coronavirus loan program as $2 trillion Senate deal ne

Live updates: U.S. stocks surge on hopes that a stimulus deal is imminent

I hope Laura Kelly (Gov-KS) hangs tough against Idiot's bullying tactics.

Something I noticed from the beginning of the outbeak in China, it was isolated to mostly


Redding officials ask residents not to flush shredded T-shirts used as toilet paper ...

The difference between U.S. flights and European

Please Stop Minimizing the Death of Older Adults

Love it! New Amy McGrath (KY) ad. Commonwealth, Common Health

Alexandria Now Morning Notes for March 24, 2020

Naomi Klein @NaomiAKlein: Hey sociopath, this is a massive heist for your friends at Mar-a-Lago.

Texas Has Banned Abortions During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Alexandria: DASH Eliminates Fares and Implements Rear-Door Boarding

YouTube Zumba!

How to protect yourself from Covid-19

So, the source of Trump's current anger at the NYT is...

How to REALLY wash hands vid

Local New York Republican won't say where he got a hold of ventilators and test kits.

NC-SEN: Majority Think Burr Should Resign; Tillis Unpopular Too

Now rethuglicans want seniors to die to save the Economy. Remind you of Death Panels?

Pretty rich of @ChrislHayes to invite the only Senator who voluntarily missed

One question

Trump Has Given Unusual Leeway to Fauci, but Aides Say He's Losing His Patience

OMG - This is the moron who beat Senator Claire McCaskill

I lost my grandmother last year. I would give all my money to have her back.

Where is Bernie?

NC-GOV: Cooper gets high marks for handling crisis

This. GIF. Is. Everything.

As Fox News Played Down the Coronavirus, Its Chief Protected Himself

This is essentially what happened to kill the Senate bill:

Can anyone say anything positive about Trump?

Two weeks ago I flew home from Bonaire--a tiny Caribbean island off the coast of South America--

Eww, McConnell is talking now. .....

Evil Narcissist Bernie Didn't Vote on a Severely Needed Coronavirus Stimulus?

Mitch This Whole Mess Is The Fault Of You And Trump

If *I* was a WH reporter, I'd go full "Network" on his ass...job be damned

How Many times has MoscowMitch said Democrat Party in the fucking Senate this morning?

Dear Mitch, you can end the 'gridlock' any time you want.

Go market, go!

Suppose you were writing a novel and saw yourself as a Ludlum wannabe:

So my biggest fear is Trump will get the virus..

Fossil hunters find evidence of 555m-year-old human relative

Arizona man dies after taking Chloroquine because trump touted it on TV

How timely is this?

City of Houston and Harris County stay ay home goes into effect tonight at midnight

BTRTN: Missing the Point... You Are Not Staying Home For Yourself, But For Everyone Else

West Virginia governor rambles, mixes messages on virus

City of Houston/Harris Count stay at home order goes into effect tonight at midnight

Home office tax deductions

are they batching the confirmed case numbers now? Hopkins app

West Virginia governor rambles, mixes messages on virus

New ad from the Lincoln Project:

Megabus has cancelled all trips for the next 30 days.

Cuomo Brothers at it again: "he's got hands like bananas" "I'll take you out and spank you"

QUESTION: If Trump is going to call off limited quarantine why is 2 trillion in aide needed?

Jerry Fallwell reopening Liberty University in VA this week--orders faculty back

The first questions I ask myself every morning.

The mayor of shark city is at it again this morning

Top Executives Sold Shares Just In Time

Coronavirus Latest: Old Rag Mountain Trail in Shenandoah National Park Is Closed To Reduce Crowding

Spreadin! Wicked in a good way

It is with no small amount of irony...

Now and Then - Fux is pure evil

As a Boomer I would gladly sacrifice my life

Carol Kaye, bassist in the famed studio band, The Wrecking Crew, has a birthday today.

Wall Street firms are all telecommuting with a zero contact rule in place. They won't return soon.

BTRTN: Missing the Point... You Are Not Staying Home For Yourself, But For Everyone Else

Cuban doctors arriving in Italy to help fight the virus outbreak

Clever German Shepherd tricks puppy into getting toy back

On this date in 1989

"Her child, apparently 4 or 5 years old, was in the home at the time."

Trumps circling has me dizzy

Diamond Comic Distributors Releases Official Statement on Ceasing New Comics Shipments

Obama logs on amid the coronavirus pandemic

Cuomo at Javits center broadcasting now:

Nick Lowe has a birthday today.

Stop Bernie Bashing! If He Was In The Senate, He'd Be Negotiating a Great Deal!

Mr. Wonderful From Shark Tank Lost So Much Money He's....

Released this date in 1973

WATCH LIVE: Trudeau addresses Canadians outside his home amid the coronavirus pandemic

India locks down for 21 days... and we are unlocking in middle of crisis

Ever occurred to you that if the Retrumplican economic policies of the past 40 YRs worked

Texas Lt. Gov. Gets Roasted After He Suggests The Elderly Should Die For The Economy

Criticism of Bernie Sanders Will Cease Here Immediately

It appears that sanders will stay in primary until April 28 NY primary

Loud, Heavy and Rambunctious

Brainstorm - Wake Up And Be Somebody

Governor Cuomo is a blessing!

45 years ago today: Muhammad Ali vs. Chuck Wepner

I believe one part of the DPA involves sharing of proprietary information...

So life begins in the womb and ends at a bad economy.

Midday Music for Millennials -- terribletuesday

Biden is on the veiw right now!

Americans' Revulsion for Trump Is Underappreciated: The Atlantic

Gov. Cuomo is making Trump look foolish

Release The Ventilators Now Trump

UPDATED: There is no random hoarding of Excedrin; it's a supply issue.

All of India Ordered Under Lockdown for 21 Days to Fight Coronavirus

---sigh---watching TV---have a question:

Watching real crisis leadership

Chris Hayes's podcast interview with Michael Lewis on May 1, 2019

The Best Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day

Common Household Products That Can Destroy Coronavirus: Consumer Reports

Dog tries to pick up electric eel - gets nature tazered

San Mateo health officer goes scorched earth on people not social distancing: 'You spit in our face'

NY Coronavirus Peak Higher Than Thought; May Be 2 Weeks Away

Cuomo is saving lives through his speech, while tRUMP

'I saved thousands of lives':Trump demands credit for his handling of coronavirus in Twitter tantrum

Been thinking a lot about abusive families

Pelosi says Mnuchin caved on accepting oversight: 'A $500 billion slush fund was really insulting'

NPR @NPR : Public health experts react to President Trump's idea

Governor Cuomo.

Don't worry about Godzilla

Why is Russia reporting so few COVID-19 cases? Some say it's a cover-up

Postal Service 'will not survive the summer' without immediate support, House Dems warn

With rw fundies like Liberty U reopening

Trump Is Painting Himself into a Corner Again

New Monmouth poll has Biden +3 over Trump nationally, but +9 in swing counties

Missouri man who licked items at Walmart for coronavirus video taken into custody

Here is a question for the Don

White House to use Defense Production Act to procure test kits, FEMA chief says

I gotta work tomorrow

Does the latest stimulus package help the long-term unemployed? Contract/gig economy workers?

Chuck Schumer now on the Senate floor....msnbc

YouTube video from The View of their interview with Joe Biden today (3 clips, several minutes each)

Health officials confirm 7th coronavirus death in Ohio (Gallipolis, OH)

Is anyone else putting together a DNR or Advance Care Directive?

Beethoven Violin Concerto, Joshua Bell

Guests at Trump National Golf Club disco party get coronavirus

'Release the ventilators!' Gov. Cuomo publicly begs Trump to stop hoarding 20,000 ventilators

For years, we heard about any economy slowdowns because of "job creator" or "investor" anxiety

The White House teams up with Oracle to promote malaria drugs to treat Covid-19, even though....

Trump late for his own town hall

Hank III

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Administration to exhume the body of John Trump.

It's insane, unacceptable - Gilead given 7 year monopoly on a potential coronavirus treatment

Manu Dibango: African saxophone legend dies of Covid-19

This is my response to those complaining about staying home.

Pic Of The Moment: But is That REALLY A Problem?

McConnell, Pelosi say deal on coronavirus stimulus is close

Democrats Explore Convention 'Contingency Options' Amid COVID-19

KIRO 7: Greta Thunberg says it's 'extremely likely' she had COVID-19

The anchor on Fox News just said the word "ferry" while speaking to VP Pence

Chris Murphy: The choice is between:

Hillary: Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.

Texas' lieutenant governor says US should get 'back to work'

Pelosi: When they came out with their bill, it was trickle down. Our bill is bubble up.

Just saw two events are going to be postponed...

US shames Afghan leaders' obstinance as pandemic looms

just got this email from the Mexican car insurance I use

Kemp bans many gatherings, orders shelter in place for 'medically fragile' in Georgia

Liz Cheney speaks sense(!): "There will be no normally functioning economy if our hospitals...."

Apparently, Airlines Are About to Shut Down Domestic Travel

Multiple Trump golf club disco party attendees infected with coronavirus

Man dies after ingesting aquarium product containing chloroquine

Beat this for exciting things to do while sheltering in place.

CV-19 claims two healthcare workers in Georgia

Hoarding in France, as reported to me by a German colleague experiencing German hoarding.

It's a mystery

Bloomberg sued by former field organizers in two class-action lawsuits

Bloomberg sued by former field organizers in two class-action lawsuits

Curious about Bill Barr's attendance at yesterday's Trump show

Hopping around google I see canceled gun shows. Stretching for a positive post.

Rand Paul and testing, N. Korea and Iran

"The coronavirus pandemic's impact on New York is an issue that Bernie Sanders has to consider"

As Fox News Played Down the Coronavirus, Its Chief Protected Himself

So JUst Why Has He Been In Vermont & Not DC

Obama asks, "What took you so long?"

Even Wall Street Is Asking Trump Not to Restart the Economy Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

I'm Concerned That Trump Will Interpret The Up Market Today Because He Said He Wants To....

Breaking News: Georgia will mail absentee ballot forms to all voters for May primary

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the next Sec. of Homeland Security under President Biden

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Republicans won't get the 'trickle down'

(Jewish Group) First Israeli coronavirus fatality,a Shoah survivor, is buried with social distancing

Greta Thunberg says she may have had covid-19 and has self-isolated

Priest who gave a respirator to a younger coronavirus patient dies

'This is not a playing matter': Perdue plant employees walk out over COVID-19 concerns

(Jewish Group) Last German honored by Yad Vashem for saving Jews during Holocaust dies

Trump risks the lives of millions to save himself - Dana Milbank

Sanders campaign shifts resources to future states, says nothing has changed since last statement

People are FINALLY staying home! I'm at the clinic doing telephone visits.

'Space Force' name changed postponed for Patrick AFB, Cape Canaveral AFS due to coronavirus

Arizona's COVID-19 cases are accelerating quickly as more testing becomes available

David Banner - Play

Bodies in homes have arrived. We are there

(Jewish Group) Is anti-Semitism the New Normal in America?

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Says Old People In Trump's Cult Are Willing To Die For His Economy

The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It with Robert Reich

States reject Trump's talk of restarting US economy early

Prepare yourselves for the economic fallout from this disaster

Looks as though people have discovered lactose-free milk.

Coronavirus: India to enter 'total lockdown' after spike in cases

Is Russia pushing Bernie?

Guests at Trump National Golf Club disco party get coronavirus

Going on now....Fox Town hall on Coronavirus with Dipshit

Trump Increasingly Believes Reopening The Economy Will Be Worth It, Even If More Americans Die

Spanky is on Fox's "Town Hall" and looks every bit the fool.

Trump's hotel revenue is taking a big coronavirus hit. No wonder he wants to reopen businesses

Meet Owen. He's celebrating his 101st birthday! He was stationed under the Eiffel Tower. Literally!

Mammal study explains 'why females live longer'

What Joe Biden should be doing now - Paul Waldman

caption Trump photo

I miss HOCKEY, and I love the Hip, so...

'Don't believe anything that Trump says': Wife speaks out after husband dies from Trump's advice

well F*** - Coronavirus Traces Lingered in Vacated Cruise Cabins for 17 Days

Spurious Correlations

#NotDying4WallStreet goes viral as progressives accuse Trump

This is like putting your unqualified alcoholic low-IQ brother-in-law in charge of a Steel Mill

Shocking, I know, but Trump's "cure can't be worse than the problem" meme came straight from Fox.

Bill Penzey and the Coronavirus....

Pelosi should bring Fauci to testify. Ask ONE question:

great tweet from jeff tiedrich today

Republican chickens are coming home to roost. Ex Wisconsin governor Walkers' anti rural broadband

Ed Asner on hearing about Trump's plan to reopen America

It's been two years.

Very Very Harsh words from Frank Schaefer

Trump retweets Fauci meme criticizing his coronavirus response

Missy Elliott was ahead of her time....

Perdue workers walk off job after they say company failed to sterilize chicken plant during pandemic

For the those of us who are "elders", there is no more personal decision than whether

Arizona Man Dies After Trying Substance Touted by Trump to Treat COVID-19

Florida governor joins the Death March

NRA to cut salaries, brace for layoffs as coronavirus disrupts fundraising, internal memo states

Georgia will mail absentee ballot request forms to all active voters for May primary

Trump addresses issues with coronavirus testing by pontificating on Ukraine "witch hunt"

"Cuomo had a chance to buy 15000 ventilators"

"Easter, it's an important day for other reasons, but I'd like to have the economy opened by then"

Beautiful diversion - National Park Service Instagram

Time for a MAGAT rally

So the Fed is buying up corporate debt via ETFs today.

DT seems to think there is some way to...

Burr sued over controversial stock sales

Trump on Fox right now blaming Cuomo for not ordering ventilators in 2015....

It's time for Sanders to bow out gracefully - San Diego Union Tribune

Unclogging Toilets at $400,000 a Flush Hits Navy's Costs

I Suspect We're Going To Need Another Stimulus Package Passed In Congress When We Beat This Virus...

Biden is crushing it on The View

Coronavirus: Millionaire Wetherspoon's boss tells staff to consider working for Tesco

U.S. could become next coronavirus epicenter, WHO says

Pelosi said she quoted the pope, then Mnuchin said he'd quote the markets

Bernie Sanders needs to drop out before the NY Primary on April 28th.

Powerful statement from Governor Cuomo.

Oil execs furious with Trump as prices collapse -- and it could hurt his re-election hopes

Once the agreement is made, Trump will attempt to change it..

The Town Hall is a Shitshow, The People In this Task Force Are Complete Sycophants

Trump wants the country reopened by Easter.

Trump: "We did not screw up!"

Donald Trump is losing even more money at his hotels and casinos.

Jimmy Kimmel Still Manages To Needle Trump From Home

Shakespeare in lockdown: did he write King Lear in plague quarantine?

91-year-old man 1st reported COVID-19 death in Arkansas

Mathematical Models on COVID-19?

Seattle was the epicenter of coronavirus. Now it's the best case scenario.

HEROES! Nurses, doctors, healthcare practitioners working night and day to save our lives

Trump on Fox now ...

Stories of Hope- inspiring new Obama website. Stories of selfless acts in this time of need

If a nation cares more about money than human lives...

Ireland extends Coronavirus restrictions. Schools/Universities closed until at least April 19.

Jimmy Kimmel Still Manages To Needle Trump From Home

PHYSICAL distancing replaces SOCIAL distancing, in the Covid-19 lexicon.

A viral plea to let grandparents sacrifice themselves captures a truth about Trump

Is Tucker the fucker at faux talking about grandparents being willing to die

GOP Congressman Wants Oversight For State Spending, But Not For Trump Slush Fund

Trump should be removed from office BEFORE he is allowed to kill half the country.

this needs to be reexamined and not forgotten

Jim Bakker throws a tantrum about being told to knock it off...

Trump Obsesses Over Flu Deaths, Attacks Cuomo in Softball Fox News Chat

Biden just posted a month-old tweet from Trump

I'm over 60 & Dr. Birx assured me of 2 things:

So, let me get this right - we have an ignorant narcissist not legitimately elected

And this is how a Rapture inspired jerk foments libertarian crap................

Mnuchin to Pelosi: You're quoting the Pope I'll quote the markets

US Covid-19 Map by County infection/death rate

Don't worry, she likes to be kicked ...

John Pavlovitz....March 24, 2020

With Clubs Closed for COVID-19, Strippers in Portland, Oregon, Take to Topless Food Delivery

Which is worse, the colective ignorance, or the collective insanity?

Trump, in Tweet, Says He's Considering Plan that Would Kill a Lot of People

Why Telling People They Don't Need Masks Backfired

From Facebook....

A Portland Strip Club Has Started a Meal Delivery Service Where Dancers Bring Food Directly to Your

So considering Trump's ignorance where will the next COVID-19 hot spot be in the US?

Republican policies are detrimental to America, now is the time to change them.

Better. Next time we'll try using soap.

Two sentences to prove Trump is a liar

PCC hires 70 employees, many from the restaurant industry

Coronavirus: Freemasons invite public to take part in centuries-old tradition

He never ceases to go lower than you can imagine

Votes, not donations, are what determine elections

Medical appreciation during Argentina lockdown

Nurses claim a previously unreported coronavirus symptom in tearful CNN interview

Trump Calls for U.S. to Be Open 'by Easter'

United States could become coronavirus epicenter: WHO

China could Save The United States But Trump Insults and Lays the Blame At their Feet

Coronavirus Rhapsody

Notice no John Bolton book?

The daily embodiment of the United States government was just at my door. Bless the Post Office

For the Dan Patricks of the world - hang THIS on 'em:

Why are some of these shallow, inane, irrelevant TV commercials not being replaced by

This may be where we are headed if republicans insist..

Cartoons 3/24/2020

'This is life or death': homeless families reclaim vacant homes to survive virus outbreak

Snohomish County restaurants struggle to adapt to shutdown

Dr. Fauci was absent from trump's faux 'interview'. Guess he's out.

Italy's coronavirus deaths rise by 743 in 24 hours, reversing recent decline in daily fatalities

A dog and a flowerpot

Trump's Touting of Chloroquine as a Possible Treatment for COVID-19

Video Clip: On the View, Biden talking about the Democratic base coming out for him.

Sen. Marko Liias to launch campaign for lieutenant governor

The last picture show: COVID-19 closes Blue Fox Drive-In

In an effort to inject some measure of humor into things


Peter Jackson, writer and Scoop's son, dies of cancer at 53

Temporary site allows 250 more coronavirus tests per day

Construction company donates N95 masks to Seattle Children's

Coronavirus prevention: Why soap, sanitizer and warm water work against Covid-19 and other viruses

Rand Paul's colleagues are calling him out after he went to the gym after testing for coronavirus

Well we bugged out just in time.

Boeing CEO does not want U.S. to take stake in company after coronavirus stimulus

New York state plans to treat severe coronavirus patients with a 100-year-old blood therapy

Next product shortage: Blue masking tape

The coronavirus pandemic has made Trump's psychiatric issues clear. We should remove him for our....

Another heartbreaking plea -- Sophia Myles (actor), update on my father. R.I.P.

Russia Swore It Whipped the Virus. Fox and CNN Bought It

It turns out the president* is more dangerous than a car is.

A new smilie

Coronavirus outbreak could shut down the post office in less than 3 months, lawmakers are warning

Norway central bank declines comment on planned U.S. dollar auction

Coronavirus: Italy records 743 deaths on its second deadliest day


Breaking: Tony-Winning Playwright Terrence McNally Dies from Coronavirus-Related Complications at 81

The Latest Cook Political Report Electoral College Map

Pence: Feds May Let Those Exposed to Virus Return to Work With Masks

Trump must be removed. He is truly insane!

Travel plans for Easter

Costco Seniors opening mobbed, local grocery store NO waiting immediate checkout....

If Trump had a brain, he'd take it out and play with it. Could we just STOP broadcasting his

Ever noticed how often we see Trump with his mouth wide open, bellowing the

Perdue plant employees organize walk-out: "We're up here risking our life for chicken"

Trump boasts of 'great early result' against coronavirus in one Floriduh man

Aid bill has 'unemployment insurance on steroids': Schumer

A Fox News Channel Producer Promised Betsy DeVos "An Easy Interview" in 2018 Email

Amazon - Jacksonville FL distribution center employee tests positive for Covid-19

Now that Trump et al are calling for the extermination of millions of Americans...

Trump takes aim at Cuomo over request for more ventilators

Trump: Cuomo 'supposed to be buying his own ventilators'

Fact check: Why is the 1918 influenza virus called 'Spanish flu'?

Spain turns ice rink into morgue as coronavirus outbreak overwhelms hospitals, cemeteries

Psycho Dumpster

Pelosi Plan Vs. Trump SlushFund

Does anyone truly believe this administration is

Dir., Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security: Millions of US deaths if we end social distancing

I do not think you only have a right to health care if you have the money to afford it.

Biden holds 3-point edge over Trump in White House race: poll

Trump will use Defense Production Act to secure thousands of test kits

U.S. lawmakers nearing deal for massive aviation sector bailout - sources

Dear Bernie supporters.. Bernie will not be the nominee

John Fugelsang - the King of the one word takedown.

Playwright Terrence McNally Dies Of Complications Due To Coronavirus

Stocks rally on hopes a coronavirus rescue bill is close

Todays numbers are gonna be frightening. Michigan up about 500 cases

It's come to this.

To further emphasize the importance

Boeing stock jumps because CEO won't give up equity for bailout


One map shows how many coronavirus tests each US state has done so far

F*ck a duck, Needy Amin has another coronavirus MAGAt rally scheduled for tonight at 5:30

Terrence McNally, Tony-Winning Playwright, Dies of Coronavirus Complications

US coronavirus outbreak sees its deadliest day yet as a third of Americans are ordered to stay home

"all they had to do was order them two years ago but they decided not to do it. They can't blame us"

Do not amplify misinformation.

How Many Dead for the Dow? By Eric Hensal, who was a close friend of WCGreen. Copied w/permission.

32 new coronavirus cases at Shuksan nursing home bumps Whatcom to fourth-highest in state

Just got back from a supply run for my parents

I'm reposting this information about a simple, cheap ventilator

Gun stores must close amid coronavirus restrictions, L.A. County sheriff says

Show the Horror. Stop the Spread.

More Than 100 Seattle Restaurants Petition Lawmakers for Immediate Relief

If Trump feels seniors should be willing to die for the Dow...

Does Putin Ever Sleep?

I wonder If Trump might be going a bridge too far with his cult followers.

Please post a picture of your pet.

Coronavirus: France deaths hit 1,100 (2500 on life support) as another 743 die in Italy

This is how South Korea flattened its coronavirus curve

'Dumbest s---': DeSantis takes heat as he goes his own way on coronavirus

Spokane groups make masks amid shortage, but hospitals can't accept them

Trump's only path to re-election is to convince the public he halted the pandemic crisis he created:

Former Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan diagnosed with skin cancer

My pregnant daughter will be induced tomorrow.

'Stay-at-home' violators face $500 maximum fine in Edmonds

Trump wants to end social distancing on Easter because..."packed churches all over our country"

Biden leading Trump 50-41 in 300 swing counties

The secret of trump's hairstyle - he has no forehead (explicit)

Trader Joe's helps customers stay healthy while they shop for essentials

3 sailors aboard Theodore Roosevelt test positive for coronavirus

"Easter is a very special day for me" - tRump to Faux re: back to work date

So shout to the USPS. on my porch damn every day. Thank You

Sick of the GOP talking points on everything, but this one REALLY grinds my gears...

Pelosi says there is 'real optimism' Congress can reach a stimulus deal in the next few hours

Your local salons and tattoo parlors should have gloves & even masks to donate to healthcare workers

India's prime minister decrees 21-day lockdown to curb virus

Big national retailers plan to stop paying rent to offset coronavirus closures

Biden on MSNBC's Deadline WH today

Cuomo: It's not the economy or public health, it's both

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH) on Trump's "reopening" remarks.

Wall Street stages massive rally as coronavirus stimulus hopes grow

Cambridge (MA) To Pay Restaurants To Make Meals For Homeless People

Uh OH, Trump and Pence held call on economy with key investors

Hillary: Do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.

Springfield Mayor right now issuing stay at home order for 30 days

Mitch McConnell's Dirty Double-Cross On Stimulus Checks

Unearthed emails show Fox News promised Betsy DeVos an 'easy interview' if she came on Maria Bartiro

Who else says Pelosi had to once again take front stage,

Modi Orders 3-Week Total Lockdown for All 1.3 Billion Indians

Coronavirus poses lethal threat to great apes, experts warn

He's planning to give you all an Easter Sunday resurrection

Help Me Understand..Please!

First positive COVID-19 case confirmed in Marquette County (Upper Michigan)

Mayor excuses himself to toilet but forgets to turn off his mic.

New York's case count is doubling every three days, the governor says.

OMG! I just googled the number of tests done by each state.

So now what? Are we *STILL* waiting on this "stimulus"...?

Should You Be Disinfecting Your Mail?

Covid 19 Vaccine

Just for fun-What should we call Trump's daily assbaring?

Black Easter

36-year-old NYC school principal dies of coronavirus complications

Albuquerque buses going to a Saturday schedule 7 days a week

Johns Hopkins official warns of consequences if Trump walks back Coronavirus measures...

No, your slaves should not go back to work just so your corp profits go up

Oh, dear! In Italy today, a priest decided to live-stream a mass due to COVID-19...

What are politicians doing to help people in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak?

The coronavirus isn't mutating quickly, suggesting a vaccine would offer lasting protection

Timeless Freedom Parts 3 & 4

Didn't take much math? A visual introduction to what "exponential" really means

New York robot maker will produce up to 100 ventilators per day as coronavirus spreads

Weird impulse buy today. Maybe it's all the virus panic that's been going on.

It was late in coming, but I finally heard about a hip-hop group from Sao Paulo, Racionais MC's.

If Trump gets his way and USA is open by Easter

Trump's cynical call to his base to go to church by Easter.

Governor Rejects State Lockdown: 'Mississippi's Never Going to Be China'

Trump: Governors have to treat us well, too If they want assistance.

FYI: Senator Sinema Letter w/ link to her coronavirus website and contact info

Maximus Dan - Royal 1963

Why don't we do it in the road?

Unasked Covid19 Questions: What happens when...?

DU Discussion thread- What happens when Trump gives the All Clear next week?

OMG I Will Survive!

Songs for dark times

Holy Shit - another WH Covid-19 coming up to try and kill Prime Time news

Made a new friend in Costa Rica today.

Welp. COVID-19 just passed guns as a daily killer of Americans

Harvard president and wife test positive

Anyone got a online platform they reccomend? For either Live or canned content?

'"The man who would lead the fight against this dreaded disease (AIDS)

Frank Figliuzzi said on Nicole's show that Trump needs Fox News to promote "Cure worse than Disease"

Schumer: Proposed Coronavirus Stimulus Plan Will 'Deal Directly With This Crisis

Three #Breaking COVID-19 stories from the last thirty minutes

Trump's tweets will appear in all history books. He has defined

Enough with the damn lies, realDonaldTrump. Listen to the scientists. Millions of lives are at stake

Trump: If states want federal gov't help, "they have to treat us well."

Trump wants to see the churches packed on Easter Sunday

Trump Obsesses Over Flu Deaths, Attacks Cuomo in Softball Fox News Chat

Does Trump stop taking antibiotics

THE question that needs to be asked of Trump today......

Under lockdown? You can still ride.

Murika 2020 : Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow WHAT?!?!?!?!

"It's Brutal": Man Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 Shares

Sanders wins Utah in final presidential primary results

Government calls for 250,000 volunteers to help NHS support vulnerable people during coronavirus pa

Business Leaders Lobby Biden on Veep Pick

How is Canada handling this? Dont hear much about them...I bet better than we are.

In case you are safely ignoring El Mango Grosso's standup routine...

We fused our favorite versions of Ghost Riders In The Sky into this version:

Greta Thunberg says probably had COVID-19, urges #StayAtHome

Harvard's president tests positive for coronavirus

Chris Murphy said it right

Amazon scam alert!

Why can't the states share ventilators depending on where they are on the coronavirus curve?

FYI: CNN: Dr. Fauci will be present at today's press conference. NT

Here's What I'd Like To See Happen With Dr. Fauci And Trump......

Counter-intel expert says Trump needs Fox News to 'perpetuate the fraud' that people must die to sav

coalition of anti-abortion rights groups want abortion providers 2 "cease operations" & donate equip

Doctors Are Stockpiling Trial Coronavirus Drugs

Another member of the death panel speaks up.

"Wartime president" is going to call the "All Clear"...

Orange County, FL mayor, Jerry Deming issues stay at home order!

If I Had A Grand Excess Of Money

Juvenile dies of COVID-19 in Southern California, one of the youngest US victims

We need a National Sanity Taskforce

San Francisco WEB CAM...Check out the traffic

So far today 129 coronavirus deaths in the USA.

Presser with doctor Trump. "My first priority is always the american people".


The presidency is way too powerful.

Easter is very important.


The priorty is not about what is the best course of action

PSA..California granted a 60 day extension for


***Live Assbaring thread ***

Rick Wilson Tweet:On a call with a nurse at the end of her physical and mental endurance. Agonizing.

You do realize that if three million people die

TONIGHT at 6PM ET: @JudyWoodruff interviews @BernieSanders about the COVID-19 pandemic ...

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing, from Mar 24, Tues

I had a long informative conversation with the manager of my local Albertsons

I'm done watching him.

NEWS: Bernie plans to participate in an April DNC debate-sign he isn't planning on dropping out soon

As Fox News Played Down the Coronavirus, Its Chief Protected Himself

I cannot watch anymore - He is completely insane - nt

It's like Saturday here in northern Illinois; what's it like with you?

Canada (23.86%) and U.S. (21.21%) have highest percentage rise in new cases since yesterday...

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 24, 2020

UK Boris Johnson: 'Confused, Dangerous, Flippant': World Pans PM CV Handling

Deborah and Tony?

Fuck this orange shit bag on tv

I CAN'T STAND THAT GUY... LARRY KUDLOW. Bring on Nancy Pelosi !!!!!!!!

Meijer and Aldi have special day/hours for vulnerable population and critical workers

Where is the Illuminati? What happened to the one world government?

A timely song from yesteryear

Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to participate in April's #DemDebate, should there be one, ...

And now Mrs GoS is worried about pmurT cancelling the election.

The albino bobble head is speaking. (Pence)

He's going to steal Jesus' Resurrection

Atlanta Mayor tells #cbs46 News ICU units in hospitals across the city are at capacity

Trump and Pence have no credibility.

Gallup: Trump job approval rating matches.......................

Some Coronavirus information on presence in water and sewage that might be helpful

NEWS: MAR 24 at 8PM ET - Sanders Coronavirus Town Hall with Rep. Jayapal, Health Experts ...

My question.

Yale's massively popular 'happiness' course is available free online.

Easter would be a beautiful timeline

Within a week America will be the Coronavirus capital of the world.

Dr Fauci looks like he has been kidnapped - scratching his face, his hand on his neck

Trump claiming that more Americans will die by suicide if lockdown continues

Bernie Sanders Plans to Participate in Next Debate, Campaign Says

It looks like Trump is walking back the All Clear.

Orange County, FL (Orlando) issues Stay At Home. Stepping up where Gov moRon DeSantis has failed

Dan Patrick's miscalculation

Remember when ten days, or "a mooch", was a comically short period of time?

I went to the post office today

Fauci is a genius!

I LOST it with my doctor today.

WTF about "opening up" after Easter?

Is Trump punishing New York?

What if

Bolivia suspends presidential election due to virus lockdown

SAN FRANCISCO is a Ghost town...

Bolivia suspends presidential election due to virus lockdown

The Second Coming

Martha Wainwright hosts a Leonard Cohen sing-along from her Montreal balcony.

Trumps stock market obsession will kill us all

Democrats Near Deal With White House on Stimulus Package


Honey!......I'm home!

The Gallup poll is just one poll . Their last couple polls have been outliers like Rasmussen.

Trump: "We don't want the cure to be worse than the illness"

Trump-endorsed news outlet says it's God's "judgment" that a gay activist died from coronavirus

Trump is the guest who won't leave, even after you've changed into your pyjamas:

It will take massive number of deaths

While most of Europe is in lockdown, Sweden is going its own way

IF---we get rid of Trump, we can say "That's ONE!"

Trump wants the coronavirus to win.

Coronavirus: Rule of law under attack in southeast Europe (DW)

I have a glimmer of hope....

He CANNOT allow isolation/prevention measures succeed.

Message from presumptive Democratic Nominee Je Biden

Listened to Fox for 30 seconds

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel......

About Trump's Aborted All Clear

I'm going to lose my dog.

Are we watching Darwin's Natural Selection in real time?

FYI for all Trump-Humpers


Elizabeth Warren: Our obligation, our moral imperative, is to save lives.

Afro-jazz pioneer Manu Dibango has died from coronavirus

The rough beast just claimed the US has tested more people in 8 days

Trump's "wartime president" shtick is ghastly -- and it could totally work....................

2020 Olympics be like:

A map tracking Coronavirus testing and fatalities by Counties in all States

Am I a bad person

King Trump makes it explicit: he won't help NY until Cuomo flatters him

Preview of Easter Sunday

Kentuckians get together to hold a 'coronavirus party' -- and it works

Matt Gaetz: It's unfair for Richard Burr to keep seat when Katie Hill resigned

Sex in times of the coronavirus (DW)

Each for their own in Trumpland...

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 49 to 51 US Senate seats.

There is no way the economy can recover in time by the election.

On Fox just now, guest Art Laffer says he's been in this situation muliple times before

The hold up on the bill is prolly dotard balking on giving funds to NY. n/t

Let's say the markets recover this week....

Has the stock exchange changed their environment?

Priest Dies After Giving Ventilator to Younger Patient

I'm an RN in San Francisco.

Coronavirus: US-China battle behind the scenes (BBC)

Texas is fucked. Abbott and Trump talked today about opening up large swaths of TX

PBS LIVE: Sen. Bernie Sanders holds town hall on coronavirus with public health experts

Coronavirus: Prototype ventilators could be mass-produced to ease NHS pressure

Nicole Wallace interviewed Joe Biden on Deadline White House today

Trump FDA Grants Drug Company Exclusive Claim on Promising Coronavirus Drug

Sanders Calls on Trump to Rescind Pharma Giveaway of Potential Coronavirus Treatment

Trump continues to divide the country over the corona virus.

Nervous these days

16 Coronavirus Deaths: (IL Gov.) Pritkzer 'Not Willing To Sacrifice Anyone'

Detroit-area hospital system 'nearing capacity,' currently treating nearly 450 COVID19 patients

Hello from Houston.

Are there links to Biden's interviews today?

Trump Invokes Defense Production Act to (laugh)

Funeral Homes, Eying Pandemic, Fear Equipment Shortages, Too

Trump announced he's building 4 new hospitals in NY

We are all up "shits creek" but trumpers in Red States are really gonna get it

Economy vs. Lives is a False Dilemma

Huntington Beach Pier--in Southern CA --Empty (live cam)

'They Are a Clown Show'

NYC Mayor De Blasio is asking for the military to come to NY

GOP lawmaker slammed for claiming Democrats' efforts to protect voters

Rammstein - Deutschland

Every time I hear Don the Con demand unity from the Democratic Party

Trudeau leaves door open to using smartphone data to track Canadians' compliance with pandemic rules

If US Senators Burr(R-NC) and Paul(R-KY) resign, Who gets appointed to their seat?

Things that happen when you work from home with pets

Kentuckians get together to hold a 'coronavirus party' -- and it works

Wonder where I'll be in a year?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 25 March 2020