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Sanders and Biden Clash on Debate Format

Is anyone else donating to Jaime Harrison in S.C.????

Ted Cruz self quarantines as he spoke for minutes to the person who tested positive

Harry Reid: Joe Biden is the Democrat best equipped to oust Trump and stabilize America

Is it just me or does Larry Kudlow always sound drunk?

*Jill Wine-Banks, The Watergate Girl, on C-SPAN2 Now.

Kana Chan Tv: [All selfie videos] Routine work during WWE tour

Coronavirus: Health Director Says Quarantines Of Infected US Regions Possible

U.S. stock futures tumble 4% on coronavirus fears in pre-market trade

michael Moore: Pundits.. instead of SC is Biden's Firewall..maybe try..

One Easy Thing Trump Could Do Tomorrow to Protect Healthcare Workers from the Coronavirus

Trump may be profiting from new Covid-19 test kit maker, Thermo Fisher Scientific Corp...

The major impediment to progress is not just a very powerful ruling class.

家入レオ -「Shine」(Full Ver.)Ieiri Reo

Young People to 'Fight to the Death' for the Amazon Rainforest

Trump: 'Fake News Media is doing everything possible to make us look bad' on coronavirus response

家入レオ -「Shine」(Full Ver.)Ieiri Reo

I asked my Governor's office to contact the WHO and request testing kits.

Blind man fails citizenship test after being denied Braille

Al-Shabab's Bashir Mohamed Qorgab 'killed in air strike in Somalia'

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Said He Would Give A Speech On Race. Then He Scrapped It.

Young People to 'Fight to the Death' for the Amazon Rainforest

Oil plummets 31% in biggest drop since Gulf War as Saudi cuts spark all-out price war

I've been on hold for over 90 minutes with Carnival

Trump COMPLETELY self-owns (Nero, (even though it never really happened), anyone????)

CDC is witholding approval for private labs in NYS to begin testing.

Oil Prices Plunge 30% After Saudi Arabia Stuns World With Massive Discounts

Help Requested: Looking for a Chart from The Economist

Experts make a sobering point about virus prevention in our schools...

Time To Remember - The Last Winter 1944 - 1945 - Reel 4 (1944-1945)

Medical and Scientific DUers: Why does the influenza virus have a "season"?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 9 March 2020


Chris Hayes: Trump Is Trying To BS His Way Through The Coronavirus Outbreak

Ted Cruz to stay at home after 'brief' interaction with coronavirus patient at CPAC

A few days ago I asked who was that man with a white beard adoringly looking at Trump at CDC

i was looking for 60 Minutes thread on Fiona Hill

For non-mathematicians who are interested in the math of epidemics

TrumpDOW futures down 1100

Deepening Rout in U.S. Stock Futures Triggers Limit Down Rules


Ted Cruz in self-quarantine after interacting with coronavirus patient at CPAC

For Trump, Coronavirus Proves to Be an Enemy He Can't Tweet Away

Disgusting: Look who Trump played golf with today:

Expelled from the US and now in limbo in Sierra Leone

Have The Activist Kids From The Parkland, FL High School.....

*What's eating America? MSNBC, Now.

School district in Westchester Cty (NY) has closed all public schools for 9 days

The youth vote goes missing in 2020 Democratic primaries

Inslee urges bipartisanship to combat coronavirus, brushes off Trump criticism

What the HELL is this? Don Jr. just shared it. That is his Rally music playing in the background. A

Controversial new Sanders advisor's "apology": i am not my tweets from 2009.

Ex-GOP candidate for Oklahoma governor convicted of assault

Tech support ?

Virginia reshaped as Democrats put historic stamp on laws

Ted Cruz self-quaratines after interaction with CPAC attendee who has coronavirus

South Dakota tribe set to vote on legalizing marijuana

Why would anybody do this? Betsy DeVos introduces rule making it harder for child abuse victims to c

There's one MORE thing you need to keep in mind:

Come on media. Report loudly that trump is not allowing states to test

Lawmakers pass bill allowing Confederate monument removals

'SNL': The Real Elizabeth Warren Joins Kate McKinnon's Elizabeth Warren for Cold Open

Pete Buttigieg is raising funds for the "establishment Democrats" (email)

WaPo Editorial Board: Congress wants accountability for Khashoggi. Trump breaks the law to stop them

I'm here in New Mexico, and ...

The Gathering of Nations & the coronavirus ?

The U.S. government couldn't shut down the Internet, right? Think again.

Harris: "Joe Biden is the kind of person who lifts people up. He always speaks to our better selves"

Nearly 1/4 Of The Way Through 2020, And FL GOP Legislature Will Allow Sea Level Projections

Biden will make a campaign stop in Flint tomorrow before Detroit rally with Kamala Harris.

My neighbor just came home from several stores and - More Than 20% Of Australia's Forests Burned From September 2019 Through January 2020

Cruz under quarantine!

UBS Bank won't fund new offshore Arctic oil, gas projects

Will people deliberately keep the air conditioner off this spring/summer?

WaPo Fact Checker Analysis : Sanders vs. Biden on Social Security: A guide to the claims

Adam Schiff for Attorney General?

North Korea fires projectiles into sea for second week running

Trump golfs with Washington Nationals players in Florida

How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S. The Trump administration's decision to f

Snopes: Did Trump fire the US Pandemic team?

U.S. Troops Cross The Rhine's Ludendorff Bridge At Remagen, March 7, 1945, WWII

sorry for a stupid question re: testing

Warren to Biden switch here

Thoughts and prayers for CPAC!

United States Corona virus tracker

*On Assignment with Richard Engel MSNBC now.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar under self-quarantine over coronavirus fears

Mayor of Flint, MI endorses Joe Biden

Today has been a very moving day.

And, just like that, the virus has arrived.

Family of coronavirus patient in Missouri refuse to self-quarantine--go to party and school dance

Our worthless first couple.

Stock futures sink deep into the red as oil prices plummet and coronavirus fears spread

TrumpDOW futures down 1200

On another board somebody posted the circuit breakers tripped.

We are about to see peak Trump incompetence.

Inside the mind of a Trump voter re: corona

Crufts: Hilarious Rescue dog Kratu steals the show (and a pole)!

Kitsap County resident tests presumptive positive (Bainbridge Island)

Any other president I would urge rallying around at this time.

Trump 2/24 "The Coronavirus is very much under control ... Market starting to look very good to me!"

For Trump, Coronavirus Proves to Be an Enemy He Can't Tweet Away

Biden column in the Detroit News: Michigan, put your faith in Team Joe

From 2 years ago. Trump cuts CDC budget by 80%

Anybody watching 60 Minutes?

Person who tested positive for COVID-19 attended mass in Houston

Sanders attacks Biden's record on gay rights and women's issues

It is worth spending some time with this site re COVID-19

Bernie Sanders employee is using Biden phone bank tool to trash Biden.

COVID-19 - very good advice.

Is someone famous going to have to die

Anyone visited Daily Kos lately?

Friend of mine came up with this...

Bill Maher Nails It!

Not to be morbid, but this list puts COVID-19 in context - human disease fatality rates

Trump can still be removed

CPAC chairman reveals he had 'contact' with coronavirus sufferer and went on to shake Trump's hand a

Oil Drops 31% in Worst Loss Since Gulf War as Price Fight Erupts

Creepy empty streets..

The Novel Coronavirus is a perfect example of why globalization makes sense

Lawmakers increasingly anxious over COVID-19 after CPAC exposure and want a recess.

Members of congress are "anxious" & "very nervous" about virus--want to recess for a few weeks

Coronavirus Update: Cuomo Calls For Private Testing To Match Demand...

Hope the virus will not affect voting in the upcoming primaries.

Complete meltdown in Global stocks as indices drop and set to drop 1000 points or more

Noel Casler, former apprentice worker spills a lot of beans about Trump

COVID-19 -- Is this tRump's "Reichstag fire"?

Anybody want to predict what the Dow will look like about 9:45 EDT tomorrow morning?

Want to help w/ election security survey going on?

I wonder if President Obama is changing his calculation.

Trump Was Warned By Coats About The Danger Of A Pandemic

*Frost/Nixon on HBO now

Two GOP Lawmakers to Quarantine After Contact With Infected Case

Are there any facts/information about people who have recovered from COVID 19?

Nat'l Press Secretary for BS is retweeting random people who say the elections are rigged!

I just got a text from my boss asking for volunteers (paid) to pre-screen patients...

This will likely be many, many, many times worse than 9/11 in terms of deaths

****BRAND SPANKING NEW MICHIGAN POLL**** Biden 54% Sanders 33%

Testing coronavirus...

Italian soccer team forced to play in empty stadium as coronavirus rocks Italy

Sanders supporters attack Kamala Harris after endorsing Biden

Per 538, it appears that Trump's ratings are headed down again.

Interesting comments on Face the Nation this morning

A single show-of-hands from Trump-supporting Wisconsin voters explains why the GOP is in big trouble

Nekkei (Japan stock market index) down 6.15% at this hour

Changes to Trump's schedule are expected.

Trump: 'Fake News Media is doing everything possible to make us look bad' on coronavirus response

Anxiety in an aging Congress as coronavirus marches across U.S.

New polls: Biden way ahead in MS and MO.

Seattle Health Care System Offers Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing For Workers

Matt Orfalea, Jane Sanders' favorite video producer:

I thought time for some relevant movies tonight. A Face in the Crowd and The Andromeda Strain.

Latest 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls

CDC Warns Against Long Plane Trips and Cruises

First cases of coronavirus announced today in Iowa.

10 Herbs That Kill Viruses and Clear Mucus from Your Lungs

Seems like all the Rethugs are going to stay home this week..

Data for Progress state polls: MS Biden 77% Sanders 22%, MO Biden 62% Sanders 32%

Yeah. This tweet aged well. Idiot Son

Yes, yes. We all know that you made the cover of the bag.

entire U.S. Treasury yield curve from 3 months to 30 years is now below 1%

Rice University canceling in-person classes after employee tested positive for novel coronavirus

This 'homo historian' is uncovering LGBTQ history & educating followers on social media

Oil Price War

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz says he "briefly interacted" with person who tested positive for coronavirus

Punch him.


Visibility: Out on Television.

Poll: Do you think "Establishment Democrat" is the BS equivalvent of "Deep State"?

5.8 magnitude earthquake 89 km from Ferndale, California, United States

The market will drop another 750 tomorrow, the Fed will cut rates....

Mayor DiBlasio calls journalists 'class traitors'.

Somebody Told Me That Don Jr. Wants To Debate Hunter Biden - Any Truth....

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe can't stay in the shadows any longer

Eli Lilly Co. In Indianapolis has told employees. Stay home

Shanghai Disney Resort Set to Partially Reopen Monday

Mother Jones - "I Don't Know Who 'I' Am": Bernie Sanders' Brutally Honest Mayoral Memos

I cannot wait for this.

What's eating America - Tonight's episode Voter Suppression

Hickory Elem. School in Avon (IN) closed (for) 2 weeks after student tests positive for Coronavirus

Preet Bharara is angry and worried. He calls out Donald Trump in an epic twitter list for it.

Hillsboro middle school student among new coronavirus cases...

11 Memorial Hermann Employees Self-Quarantined Following Direct Contact With A COVID-19 Patient

Fergus the Jack Russell having a great time at Crufts 2020!

jerry garcia - dear prudence (studio-1982) one of my fave covers of all time

How worried should I be?

Dr Hatchett, Corona-virus expert...

I am more worried about a future virus with a higher mortality rate and similar or worse contagion

Oh wotta day! This morning I was looking forward to our usual relaxing Sunday but due to


And my favorite, Ollie, crushes the agility course at Crufts...

Senator Harris on Jones: 'Please send him back, Alabama'

State department advises U.S. citizens to not travel by cruise ship due to coronavirus

Alabama Senate OKs bill banning gender treatment for minors

For the Bernie supporters who say don't blame Bernie for the act of others...

Prediction: Obama will endorse this week if Joe has another big night.

'It's crazy, and then it's just peaceful': Iditarod mushers set out for Nome from Willow

per premarket stock trading (overnight trading) the DOW will fall off the cliff monday morning

Interesting chart involving the Spanish flu.

Hundreds of BP Alaska employees begin to move on, with a mix of feelings from 'bittersweet' to

North Korea launches unidentified projectiles for second time in two weeks

Sirius XM Has A Station Dedicated To This Covid-19 Crisis....

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Sheriffs

Barenboim plays 'Beethoven's Piano Sonata No.19'

Democratic Party in American Samoa to reassess after Bloomberg drops out

Before the Clyburn Endorsement, an Elderly Church Usher With a Question (NYT)

Kolten Wong is more than just a Gold glove second baseman

Heather Cox Richardson - March 8, 2020 - Letters From An American

On coronavirus, Trump is a walking, talking, tweeting disaster

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo switches disease name to 'Wuhan virus' as it spreads in the US

Meet the Press: It is Biden who is firing up Voter Turnout, not Sanders.

Gosar, Staff Under Self-Quarantine After Contact With CPAC Attendee With Coronavirus

someone is posting full episodes of 1968 and 1988 evening news broadcasts, commercials and all

My hunch on what's happening with COVID-19 test kits in the U.S.

Just got home from an awesome concert...

Mit Gott fur Konig und Vaterland

Holy crap check the Treasury yield curve today

"Trump just retweeted this. What does it kind of remind you of?"

dow futures (overnight) trading halted - hit -5%

Time for our next president to emerge

Trump's answer for why he shut down the Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense

Conservatives sue over state law that limits public employers' anti-union talk

Europe asia markets crash 8%

Women in Mexico plan to 'disappear' for one day to protest gender-based violence

Restaurants Fight Wage Increase For Servers, Bartenders

West Texas crude is now under $30

Democrats renew Connecticut health insurance legislation with call for expanded access to state plan

UD officials face questions on school's public-private status

Sudan PM Abdalla Hamdok survives assassination attempt

Parents: Read this to check your kid's disease safety at school.

Leaked coronavirus plan to quarantine 16m sparks chaos in Italy

NYT OP-ED : The Simple Reason the Left Won't Stop Losing

Throwing this idea out for discussion regarding community coronavirus prevention.

Sites Around World Close, Stocks and Oil Prices Plunge as Virus Spreads

Congress Considering Emergency Shutdown Over Coronavirus Threat to Aging Members

Unqualified and Unfit to be president

Six degrees of separation or is that infection?

Democrates United: Great Poster--UPDATED adding Booker (Pardons to original artist!)

Anyone else watching Morning Joe?

John Kerry to stump for Joe Biden in South Florida Monday

Florida will give teachers raises and fully fund affordable housing, lawmakers say

Italy's virus situation is getting worse, much worse

Breakfast Monday 9 March 2020

Duque 'raping and sodomizing' Colombia's democracy

Drumpf has finally figured out how to kill most of us. Leaving this here.

What is Jane Sanders' role in Bernie's campaign?

Colombia's cocaine production reaches all-time high: US

FTSE down more than 8%

Morning Joe for those of you that may have missed it.

Watched "The Laudromat" last night (no spoilers)

Duque denies knowing about mafia associate's confessed vote-buying

Twitter Slaps 'Manipulated Media' Tag on Bullshit Video that Trump Retweeted

Another Michigan Poll With Huge Biden Lead

I GUARANTEE the Rethugs are putting FAR more effort into how to use COVID-19 to steal the election

When it comes down to their lives or deaths ReTHUGs in Congress

Report Claims Trump Owns Stock In Company That May Play A Major Role In Providing COVID-19 Kits...

Booker endorses Biden!

Russia and Saudi Arabia have Trump by the balls.

4 more possible coronavirus cases as Ga. set to quarantine cruise passengers

What's the most likely place to get Coronavirus?

Everytown For Gun Safety Endorses Joe Biden

Real Clear Politics Biden leads by double digits. Biden leads in Michigan and Florida also. Updated

Mika on Morning Joe - "America has failed and you can thank Donald Trump for that"

I would be BANNED from DU if I posted what I think of Kellyanne Conway this morning...

How Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders voted on 25 important bills

Bolsonaro Says He Will No Longer Speak to The Press

American Experience: Influenza 1918 (watch online)

Michigan Was Once Bernie's Resurrection. Now It Could Be His Burial.

Epitomizes the admin's response to COVID-19...

Expect More Of This, Too: Hours After Nashville Tornado, RE Speculators Arrived In AA Neighborhood

In Orlando, Jill Biden tells black congregation: 'It only takes one person to stand up for what is

British Airlines Flying Empty "Ghost Flights" To Keep Landing Slots At EU Airports

What Joe Biden Can't Bring Himself to Say (article about stuttering)

North Georgia Tax Commissioner Arrested by GBI

*NEW* EPIC-MRA (B+ Rated) Poll - Michigan: Biden 51%, Sanders 27%

Monday TOONs - Parting of the Orange Sea

Shutting the door after the horse has bolted to the supermarket to stockpile loo roll comes to mind.

*NEW* OH Predictive Insights (B/C Rated) Poll - Arizona: Biden 45%, Sanders 17%, Warren 13%, MB 12%

Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson on Biden: 'He's the best Democrat for the job'

Bernie voted AGAINST The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

*NEW* Ogden & Fry (B/C Rated) Poll- Illinois: Biden 55%, Sanders 26%, Gabbard 2%

So I have a pair of latex gloves for my cleaning lady when she comes this week...

Moms Demand Action announce their Gun Sense candidate

Twitler is at it again this morning.

While Trump bullshits, grifts, and goes partying and golfing - DEMOCRATS work to manage COVID19

** NEW ** Point Blank Political Poll - FLORIDA: Biden 61%, Sanders 32%

Dow set to open with decline of 1,300 points after markets crater

The Rundown: March 6, 2020

*New* CNN/SSRS (A/B Rated) National Poll: BIDEN 52%, SANDERS 36%, WARREN 7%

MAR 9 at 3:15PM - Bernie Sanders hosting Coronavirus Public Health Roundtable, Detroit

538 just updated their odds, Sanders odd of winning now 1/100 down from 1/50

What will be their excuse for voting for him now?

Pelosi, Schumer to #Trump on #Coronavirus Response: Put Health and Safety of American

Max von Sydow, star of The Exorcist and The Seventh Seal, dies aged 90

Gov Bullock's officially in! Running for US Senate!!

Thousands of people in Italy panicked and tried to flee its 16-million-person coronavirus quarantine

Every human on Earth is ingesting nearly 2,000 particles of plastic a week

FYI - it's National *PANIC* Day

So Congress wants to stay home, but the rest of us

Mayor Pete was on Morning Joe a little bit ago.

This virus is like a tornado watch/warning for me.

Trump administration clashes with airline officials over coronavirus

More Pretty Girls Than One

O boy fox business is fun to watch

A little humor might help.....

Do I wish for the markets to tank to get rid of Trump? If that's what it takes. We can recover

Trump dodges responsibility as coronavirus spreads and markets crash

Are we gonna get a Coronavirus forum or at least a group?

Thank God "both parties are the same"

CPAC speakers who were in the same Green Room as the coronavirus patient (and are at risk)

The thing that scares me so about the corona-virus is the testing kits are so far behind.

Russia and OPEC

What Was Russia Thinking In Refusing To Cut Oil Production?

can #TRump be this stupid??? Trump retweet: Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!

What the media missed about Joe Biden's electability (Ezra Klein, Vox)

From FB: "Let me explain something to you about Joe Biden..."

New York attorney general to televangelist Jim Bakker: stop touting product as coronavirus cure

Rout in U.S. Stock Futures Would Trigger Trading Curbs at 5% (trading halt possible)

Are there testing kits on AirForce One?

Is anyone else so tired of all the winning?

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock to run for Senate, boosting Democrats' fortunes in their bid to claim Sen

Trump Overruled Health Officials Who Wanted to Warn the Elderly Not to Fly

Trumps death toll; A case study of how narcissists kill.

"Ok... MFs out here trying to get outta tickets... lol"

China turns to propaganda to right image in virus 'war'

Pic Of The Moment: Virus Crisis: How They Spent The Weekend

As soon as Trump figures out how to make money off this coronavirus crisis, the

Markets open in 5 minutes.....

SpaceX's 20th station shipment arrives with candy, science

6 Italian inmates die during protest over virus measures (methadone overdose)

2009 H1N1/Swine Flu- Refresh My Memory

DOW down over 1,800 points.


High Anxiety

U.S. markets crater as coronavirus-sparked oil war sends prices spiraling

Actor, Max von Sydow, dies at 90

"Extraordinary sense of entitlement to women's service" behind pressure on Warren to back Sanders

Dow circuit breaker just popped (to reopen @ 9:50a)

Dow plummets 1,800 points, oil prices drop as global recession concerns mount

It is difficult to understand what's going to happen to the economy over the next few months...

Flying "cars" on H

Italy is getting hit hard by covid compared to other countries, I think its population age has a lot

The market has panicked!!!! eom

As the country struggles to deal with pandemic and stock market fall, the 'president' tweets

At 9:49 the bloodbath continues.

The last gathering before France banned large group get-togethers...

Every time Dems get back the White House they have to clean up Republican messes.

Did anyone see the stock market expert they just interviewed on the stock floor?

Detroit Free Press article on their new poll showing Biden with 24-point lead in Michigan

Trump: So much FAKE NEWS!

Stock trading halted until 9:49 ET after the S&P 500 craters 7%

Trump shakes countless hands at big Mar-a-Lago fundraiser

We are witnessing the total ineptitude of donald j. trump. He can't handle ANY of this.

Simple question - is that 2,000 drop the bigliest in modern history?

Ornette Coleman was born on this date.

Princeton moves to "virtual instruction" for remainder of term

***HOT OFF THE PRESS MICHIGAN POLL*** Biden 51% Sanders 27%

what Trump should do: hold sober, serious address to the nation with real experts, no flattery

Why Pragmatic Voters Are Endorsing Biden

The Margin Stocks plunge, coronavirus spreads and Trump tweets image of himself playing fiddle

Keely Smith (Louis Prima and Keely Smith) was born on this date.

As Trump spends the morning ranting and whining like a pissy little brat on Twitter, remember this?

"The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!"

Ex-presidential candidate endorsements:

Why Bernie's attacks on the Democratic "establishment" are backfiring

Just after the Opening bell DJIA -1577 -6.1%

Robin Trower was born on this date.

NYT Live Updating Coronavirus: Italian prisoners, unable to receive visitors, revolt.

Pence's Remarks in a Coronavirus Briefing with Cruise Line Executives and Port Directors

At a time like this, I miss my President

A quick reminder that the only way to lose money on a long-term investment account is to sell now

Has MoscowMitch been tested?

How many times have you seen me post this. Trump voters will become infamous.

Every business he has been in failed

Trump is General Woundwart from "Watership Down"

Bullock is going to run for Senate from Montana. Good News

Next course - finger sandwiches!

Sigh. Sanders supporters on Twitter already busy attacking Booker for endorsing Biden.

I thank the @WorkingFamilies for their support.

With the TrumpDOW crash along with the credit and energy

Uber, Lyft say they will pay quarantined drivers

Have you noticed Sander's silence on tariffs and trade agreements?

Buttigieg: Joe Biden's 'commanding advantage' was earned over years

And now a word from Penzeys Spices

Biden to get cover from major super PAC as GOP attacks ramp up (Politico)

Where's trump?

The Bush Administration wasn't just full of bad agendas,

538's delegate projection has Biden gaining 53 delegates over Sanders tomorrow, 140 on 3/17

Trump's CDC Director Has a History of Controversial Opinions on Controlling Viruses

Biden sneaks up on Sanders in Washington

Endorsements by former Presidential candidates...

Biden has a +3 net positive among voters while Sanders's is -14.

Health agencies' funding cuts challenge coronavirus response

Booker will be with Biden in Flint today, and at Biden's Detroit rally, along with Kamala

Decided to fuel up this morning in case things get worse. Long lines.

DJT loves things named after him, so lets make him happy & name everything after him

Flight MH17: Trial opens of four accused of murdering 298 over Ukraine

Private Utility Monopolies Serve Shareholder Profits. Let's Make Power Public.

Tomorrow's Primary Schedule

Losing my mother to cancer, being kicked when I'm down, and my personal eulogy

Kellyanne Conway shredded on Morning Joe for her coronavirus lies

Kellyanne Conway shredded on Morning Joe for her coronavirus lies

Harry Enten: New polling is "indicative of a primary that is closer to the end than the beginning"

Sanders supporters are going through the five stages of mourning

MT-SEN moves to Lean Republican

Boeing shares plunge as FAA rejects proposal on MAX wiring

Princeton University: "Stay Home After Spring Break"

Here's how to see that huge asteroid that'll safely pass Earth in April (

Two U.S. service members killed in Iraq during counter-ISIS mission

Another, ever so slightly late endorsement for Bernie...

Trump has no work scheduled for today -

Trump is and has turned America into a high wire act without a safety net.

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba Endorses Bernie

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba Endorses Bernie

Jim Cramer Hits Trump for Leisure Time Amid Dow Bloodbath: More leadership; less golfing

Netflix Takes Aim at Jared Kushner: 'A Tier-One Predator'

Has there ever been a Democratic President...

Question for Undecideds

Factbox: Airlines suspend flights due to coronavirus outbreak

Trump proudly tweets he is flying to a Funderaising event as the Market shuts down and the #USA

New CNN poll: Biden's 40 points over Sanders on electability, uniting country, handling major crisis

Justices grant replacement for D.C. sniper case

Yesterday at the store

Michael Eric Dyson has endorsed Biden.

Of all the casino owners in the world to elect as President

10:47 am....trump sent out a tweet downplaying the coronavirus...twitter should shut him down

There is *literally* a raging dumpster fire today a block from the White House

Kevin McCarthy accidentally describes trump's Children

Covid- 19 Shows That We Can't Take On This Enemy Alone; Globalization May Change for The Better

538 projection of pledged delegates for Biden: 2343

Boeing shares plunge as FAA rejects proposal on MAX wiring

** Another New Michigan Poll ** BIDEN 53%, SANDERS 23%

When was the last time anyone mentioned Super Delegates?

Another new Michigan poll just added to 538's list: Biden 53%, Sanders 23%

Will Sanders run as a third party candidate if he doesn't win in the primaries?

Remain Calm! All is Well!

If Sanders objected to a sit-down debate format, he shot himself in the foot.

Trump should just go golfing for the rest of his term

New CNN poll shows *huge* shifts in favorability for Biden and Sanders

31 tweets from the orange hair furor and it isn't noon yet

Trump downplays coronavirus fears, oil price war as stock market plunges

Ireland cancels Dublin's St.Patrick's Day Parade

lol - C{AC attendees with flu like symptoms denied test... Symptoms are irrelevant

Biden leads Sanders by 24 points in Michigan: poll

Coronavirus or allergy symptoms? How to spot the difference

Lawrence O'Donnell will interview

The perfect description of Trump's COVID-19 response and planning:

Biden goes over 50% in the RCP average

Dirty, dirty doggie

IMPORTANT! Treasury Inflation Protected Securities are now negative yield (hugely) ACROSS THE BOARD:

Trump Blames Market Drop on Oil Prices and the News Media

Working Families Party endorses Sanders as the left struggles to consolidate

Women for Trump Tour cancelled. Also NO Trump rallies scheduled which is unusual says

Pete Buttigieg to Guest Host Jimmy Kimmel Live This Week

"Next he'll be taking a cruise with Cruz."

Trump 'didn't know people died from the flu.' It killed his grandfather.

Today, my wife and I were both reassured that I am not a total idiot.

Can someone tell me what states have declared

***Polls, Pollls, Polls***- Another Brand New MI Poll- Biden 53% Sanders 23%

I'm sick and I did everything I could to limit exposure

Go Mayor B, Go!: Scorched Earth against the Trump Klan

We all know one thing that keeps tRump going are his rallies

***It's A Michigan Pollapalooza*** Yet Another Michigan Poll- Biden 65% Sanders 24%

I've sent this question to my PCP, but I'd be interested in the thoughts of...

Nate Silver: Biden and Sanders should consider mutually agreeing to pause rallies.

Elderly Grant County patient dies from coronavirus. 1st Eastern WA death

NEW: The head of the Port Authority of NY & NJ tested positive for coronavirus.

Bob Geldof Sounds Off on Drumpf the 'Vulgar Fool,' Boris the 'Simpleton,'



Thousands Prepare To Get Off Ship Hit By Virus In California

Cuomo: NYS producing its own hand sanitizer

MMM -- Jes' grew Monday

I wonder if there will be a study done to determine why Sanders didn't do as well as Biden?

"Don't shake hands"

Hillary was being honest

Port Authority chief tests positive for coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo says

Sheriff Accused Of Theft Makes False COVID-19 Claim To Delay His Trial

Voting for our progressive agenda, which the American people support, is not risky.

Biden's cabinet shortlists: another reason for Bernie to stay in the race.

Several Nationals players go golfing with President Trump in Florida

Poll: Would you fly on a Boeing 737 MAX?

What's happening in your Community....I'm in Kirkland WA


Mailed in my Biden ballot today

No doubt, healthcare will be front and center in the upcoming primaries and in the debate

About the "Con Artist "

I was wrong. Just saw Trump shaking hands at the rope line fundraiser on Orlando Florida ...

US begins troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, official says

Threat of coronavirus pandemic now "very real," WHO says

Another positive idea about Joe Biden. Guess who will positively campaign for him? ..OBAMA!!

Major gun safety group endorses Joe Biden's presidential bid

It took a while but

So when Jim Jones was at the point Trump is now...

538 now gives Biden a 95% chance of having majority of delegates. Sanders 0.5%.

Paid Sick Leave And Financial Aid For Anyone Testing Positive - Like That Is Gonna Happen

Daily Trump Temperament Advisory System

Pete Buttigieg set to guest host "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Pete Buttigieg set to guest host "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Now All Them Sick Folks Get To Go Bankrupt - Yayyyy!!!

Vox: Trump's denialist tweets are the coronavirus reaction we feared

Enten: Biden stronger than Clinton on day before Michigan primary.

Top Virus Doctor Says High Blood Pressure Is Major Death Risk

Republican Rep. Gosar tweets from his CPAC quarantine: He wants to die in battle, not from a virus


I think it's about time for a child to say, "the emperor has no

Primary Delegate Numbers

Blasts in Afghanistan as presidential rivals hold oath ceremonies

A question about replacing toilets, part II

5%-Cenk has a Total Meltdown on Super Tuesday

Many compare the coronavirus epidemic to polio from the 40s and 50s

As stocks dive and coronavirus spreads, Trump continues to downplay risk

Corona means crown, COVID-19 means death so, could this

New Michigan poll (Monmouth): Biden 51 (+15), Sanders 36

How REPUBLICANS handle a pandemic (let's get RID of them, they can't LEAD)

The Bloomberg Commercial

WaPo: The U.S. government couldn't shut down the Internet, right? Think again.

Dog Found Starving On Streets Is So Happy Now

Should Cory Booker be ruled out as veep because he is not a woman?

Ted Cruz Quarantines Himself After Exposure To Coronavirus At CPAC

JoeBiden's endorsements by his former Democratic primary rivals:

Trump even lost Ben Shapiro with his tweeting this morning

Help flip a US Senate seat, retake the senate majority and ditch Mitch

What to watch for after tomorrow's primaries:

Donations for Steve Bullock's campaign - up and running

A Normal President Would Have Addressed The Nation.

To Downplay This Pandemic is Truly Criminal!

Brian Klaas: The coronavirus is Trump's Chernobyl

Abba - Dancing Queen (Official Video)

Beware - CoronaVirus False Ads and Phishing

Need an answer to the # of flu deaths per year

Driver pulled over with expired 1997 license plate tags. He says he's been busy.

Covid-19 and hypertension. is there a possible risk mitigant?

Ted Cruz has quarantined himself. Now, if

What also sucks about the coronavirus kicking off a recession is that

I keep thinking about the thousands of migrants in detention centers

I find it suspicious cases in Europe are exploding and not the US.

Pierce: Who the Hell Wants Another Four Years of This?

March 23 is the 10 year anniversary of the passage of the #ACA:REMINDER what life was like before...

VDH press release for third Virginia COVID-19 case

No namaste: Alabama schools might allow yoga, but chanting would still be banned

Biden must-read Detroit, Michigan Op-Ed: "We saved the auto industry"...

Which Candidate... Among Democratic Voters

REMINDER: Bernie Sanders was the only candidate to call for an end to Detroit's water shutoffs.

While all the real leaders around the world are working to solve problems

It's free and you don't have to stand in line - how to stay healthy

The road ahead for Bernie Sanders....

Florida is asking anyone who traveled internationally to self isolate for 2 weeks

"He's definitely melting down over this": Trump, germaphobe, struggles to control crisis

22 Days to the 2020 Census

🔥 Bernie Sanders Holds Coronavirus Public Health Roundtable in Detroit (3:15PM ET)

Watch the Trump Administration Fumble the Coronavirus Response in Real Time

🔥 Bernie Sanders Holds Coronavirus Public Health Roundtable in Detroit (3:15PM ET)

Can't help but feeling tRUMP is in this to make as much money as he can off us!

Did you ever accidentally hit the side button of your phone when putting in your pocket...

"of 170 patients who died in January in Wuhan ..nearly half had hypertension."

Covid case confirmed In Larimer County

I always thought "the dog ate my homework" excuse was not something anyone actually said

Yet another secret meeting with the Kremlin leaked by the Kremlin.

The NYS COVID-19 hot zone is Westchester County, where my (81 yo) mother is...

Ancient shell shows days were half-hour shorter 70 million years ago

Trump claims he had no idea people die of influenza despite his grandfather dying from the virus

John Oliver Rips Trump's Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign

This is Chicago's Political Revolution

Florida asks international travelers to quarantine for 14 days amid coronavirus fears

You raised $773.00 on March 8, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Cruise-Ship Passengers Demand to Be Housed at Mar-a-Lago

How many older folks here have had the 2 step pneumonia vaccine?

Kill yourself that's fine, start killing others and now we have problems but not the one you think

Meeks to Endorse Biden

Boy, did this needlepoint canvas bring a flashback!

Trump tells aids that journalists want to get coronavirus so they can infect him on Air Force One

Cartoons 3/9/2020

Regarding Trump and Pandora's box

Wonder if those oil barron's who laughed at us when oil was 145.00 a barrel

Fauci: Elderly, those with underlying conditions must suspend travel, no crowds "right now"

Trump in total meltdown....but

Biden campaign spox says Axios article on possible Biden Cabinet picks is "laughable speculation"

Trump steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump University, Trump America: Failing to plan is planning to fail

student or staffer at Rice U, Houston, tested positive---found on internet

Why do most campaign spokepeople lie? I have MSNBC on in the background and thery just had a rep.

They Tell Us Don't Panic - Yet They Want To Shut Down Congress.....

Boeing tax-break repeal is still pending as clock ticks down

Why is Warren delaying giving an endorsement? I think it's because...

I give Kudlow a couple weeks.

Fearful of a Coronavirus Backlash, Some Asian-Americans Are Stocking Up on Guns

Maybe someone should tell Trump this disease could kill off many of his most reliable voters?

First case of Covid-19 in Louisiana

Gates Foundation to help with coronavirus testing in Seattle

Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina to headline upcoming Tom Tom Festival in Charlottesville

Coronavirus: Grand Princess to dock in Oakland at noon

Trump's Latest Twitter Meme Is Music To The Ears Of QAnon Adherents

Sign up for the CDC weekly newsletter for covid-19

Harvey Weinstein fell and hit head while in jail, is reflecting on past behavior, rep says

Coronavirus: All sport in Italy to be suspended because of outbreak

More DEVASTATING polling out of Michigan. It's OVER for Bernie. OVER!

Cory Booker endorses Joe Biden.

Thank you Governor Cuomo

Bernie Sanders needs his hotel rooms to be 60 degrees, close to the ice machine

Campaigning During a Pandemic

Sandernistas Use the Trump Playbook to Paint Biden as Senile

Dell employee returning to India from Austin tests positive for coronavirus

Hillary Clinton: Biden 'is building the kind of coalition that I had'

Vitamin D3/Cholecalciferol

BREAKING: Grand Princess entering Oakland harbor...

PBS NewsHour YouTube link for Biden's Detroit rally LIVE NOW + spare links

American Chemical Society 2020 National Meeting in Philly cancelled.

Andy Slavitt: "best estimate is it will be 8 weeks before we have all the nationwide testing needed"

Nursing home with coronavirus outbreak reported shocking escalation from 'no symptoms to death

We Are Watching the Probable Demise of Trump's Reelection in Real Time

Cardiologist from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is in critical condition with Covid 19.

Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing Clinic Set Up in Hard-Hit Seattle

It is possible that Biden will win Michigan with a higher % than Sanders won Vermont

Whistlebloweres for COVID19: You get pro bono (free) legal representation.

***One Of Bernie's Best Michigan Polls*** A + Rated Monmouth Poll Biden 51% Sanders 36%

*NEW* YouGov Polls - PA: Biden 59, Sanders 31 / Wisconsin: Biden 49, Sanders 38

As Warren stays on sidelines, key allies move toward Sanders

Well, Damn! Cory Booker and Joe Biden are in Flint!?!?!?!

Dear Vlad, please help me. I'm so sad

dow is down 2, 115

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows Biden crushing Sanders in Michigan and other battleground states

Trolls and Trollees

Bye bye Don the fucking

The GOP runs campaigns based on slogans.

at times like this we need and FDR but instead we get a RFD...

Northshore School District puts classes online amid coronavirus concerns

Why would any sane person want to get into a boat

Israel says anyone entering the country must self-quarantine for 14 days

Bloomberg donates $2M to group looking to turn out black voters

Sign up for the CDC weekly newsletter for covid-19

Tweet with livestream of Biden in Flint (24 minutes of VIDEO)

How Trump's business empire is cashing in on the 2020 campaign

Visual: contemporary air travel

2020 Horse Racing - Navarro, Servis Among 27 Indicted On Charges Related To PEDs

i wonder if this is what the GOP needs to pivot away from the moron

Per ESPN - BUI basketball is ranked #14 in the country

White House invites Wall Street executives for coronavirus meeting - source

Biden Crushes Sanders In Democratic Race, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

20 Jan 2017 Dow close...19,732.40

Exit Polls, and Why the Primary Was Not Stolen From Bernie Sanders

*NEW * Quinnipiac Poll - Biden 54%, Sanders 35%

Paris cancels marathon due to Coronavirus

In yee olden days, my Aunt used to go on cruises in an inside (no window) stateroom...

Booker on endorsing Biden: As "darkness has descended, we need a president who is a lightworker."

"I just wish there weren't so much confusion in direction"

If a SC primary and a couple low-percentage candidates dropping out

Land ho! Grand Princess docks in Oakland...

The CDC has gone from the world's leading public health organization to a laughing stock.

Biden on The Last Word tonight.

What do you think Joe's winning margin will be in Michigan?

Presidential tweets can't paper over Trump's coronavirus failures

Where is the "Biden group"?

I want to see a woman on the ticket but I really like Cory Booker.

Max Von Sydow: The Exorcist and The Seventh Seal actor dies aged 90

a. Trump is using a provision of the Affordable Care Act to require that insurers cover the Coronavi

3 in Ohio test positive for coronavirus

Charles Barkley is selling memorabilia to build affordable housing in his Alabama hometown

South Korea has tested 140,000 people for the coronavirus. That could explain why its death rate is

Bellevue Closes 2 Community Centers Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Difference Between an Epidemic and a Pandemic

BREAKING: All schools/offices in Fulton County (Atlanta) will close tomorrow...

Mnuchin, Kudlow to meet with Senate GOP as coronavirus's economic impact grows

Detroit Free Press poll: Biden holds huge 24-point edge over Sanders in Michigan

Congressman Doug Collins joins the CPAC quarantine brigade

Three now -- Doug Collins going into self-quarantine

#trumpcrash trending on twitter

Stocks plunge as oil price war adds to coronavirus anxiety


There are 2 things that, under normal circustances, should wake the American people the hell up

Trump calls oil price plunge good for consumers, blames media for stock plunge

Bloomberg donates $2 million to register black voters in key states

anyone with a cough is banned from the White House

There goes the bull market.

PredictIt now says that Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, is the 2nd-most-likely Democratic nom

3 in Ohio test positive for Coronavirus Biden Has 96% Chance Of Getting Enough Delegates Before Convention.

If a foreign agent were doing to America what trump is doing they would be in Guantanamo.

Trump is melting down today because it isn't all about him.

Here's who Joe Biden is reportedly considering for top positions in his administration

Remember Nancy Grace?

Trump's new anti-contagion suit ....

Hogan presser re: Covid

***Quinnipiac National Poll***Biden 54% Sanders 35%

Malaria's WH tennis courts...

Coronavirus vs. Infuenza.

Jennifer Epps-Addison is on MSNBC right now talking about Bernie.

Meditation for when the stock market drops

Bloomberg donates $2 million to register black voters in key states

DOW is down 878 points since Trump's policies went into effect in 2018

Well well well

My cousin lives in the shut down section of Italy, near Milan

Black Monday 2k

Our Conservative Media

No Donald!

Probably good that Gaetz wore that gas mask in Congress -- he was exposed too

UC Berkeley going to all online classes until 3/29

Photoessay in the Atlantic: places left empty by COVID

Louisiana driver pulled over with expired 1997 license plate tags

Gaetz, just with Trump, was informed he was in contact with CPAC attendee who tested positive.

Hospital treating Vermont's first case of coronavirus offering drive-up testing

Connie Schultz and their dogs and hand washing

Stock Market Implodes, Oil Prices Crash in Possible Global Recession

A poll for Sanders supporters. If Bernie has a bad night tomorrow

Black Monday: Shares face biggest fall since financial crisis


Facebook just flagged my "WE'LL BE CUTTING" post as "Partly False Information Found in Your Post"

#Trumpdemic trending on Twitter!

The Fed is setting aside greenbacks from Asia for 7 to 10 days before processing them, citing corona

Let's hear it for the Costco workers

Health Experts Say Virus Past The Point Of Containment

On this day, March 9, 2009, the bear market of 2007-2009 bottomed out.

Led Zeppelin did not steal Stairway To Heaven riff, appeals court rules

Is Trump holding back testing kits to Blue States on purpose?

Cute Puppies Photos#3

Now why would God let Corona virus infect good ole boy Repulicans at CPAC?!?!

Just got my part time retail service job hours cut

Matt Gaetz's tombstone will read ... I received this Darwin Award by owning the libs.

Vice President Pick

Good to see the virus is just fake news.

Breaking: FL House of Representatives evacuated immediately. CPAC-related

All heck broke loose in the markets overnight.

what effect will/is covid-19 have /having on census?

So Chump Jr. wants to debate Joe Biden?

Paul Krugman: Trump is like a lab experiment to design 'the worst possible leader for a crisis'

Me me me me me me.. That's all that matters to orange menace.

Interesting conversation overheard in the barber shop

The flaw in Bernie's assertion that the moderate candidates consolidated against him.

NEW: Jesse Jackson Endorses Bernie

March Madness -- choose your own context.

Gaetz becomes fourth GOP congressman to self-quarantine after possible coronavirus exposure at CPAC

NEW Video: Jesse Jackson Endorses Bernie

More homophobia from the Bernie crowd...

Am I the only one who finds the results of this poll to be somewhat disheartening?

BREAKING: New isolation/travel restrictions for all of Italy...

Just food for thought has the red "hat" figured out if the military readiness is compromised

Who else is scared to go anywhere?

Coronavirus, Conte: «Extension of restrictions throughout Italy to stop the virus.

Russia 'hired network of Britons to go after enemies of Putin'

Russia 'hired network of Britons to go after enemies of Putin'

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 9, 2020

Matt Gaetz is self quarantining due to possible exposure

I want a "primary preference" that says Vote Blue No Matter Who.

Connect these two dots to win the General Election

Trump's trade war is crushing Midwest farmers -- and their suicide rate is going up

Capitalism is great and socialism sucks, right?

Is Drumpf really going to hit the airlines with Real ID after/during this mess?

The whole of Italy was just closed until April 3rd - on lockdown.

Ben Carson: Slaves Were Immigrants Who Came Here And Worked Really Hard 'For Less'

Right-wing media keeps pushing 'manipulated' Biden video they know is misleading

Im to the point where all of my "solutions" to Trump involve violations of either

God help us; the White House is going to hold another Coronavirus briefing...

What Does It Really Cost to Run a Restaurant?

Donald Trump's new song

Fox News calls out Trump for ignoring his own virus advice: 'He's glad-handing this entire rope line

Trump thinks Journalists want to get the virus

Trump hits the golf course as he continues to downplay coronavirus threat

Trump campaign theme song!

Hey god fundies, looks like "an act of God" brings down your man trump

Why is @JoeBiden most electable? New insights from @QuinnipiacPoll tell us why:

Have you seen the new Biden ad?

"Joe Biden isn't moderate, he is on the right wing of the Democratic party."

My walmart trip. What they had and what they didn't.

HHS secretary says 'nobody is trying to minimize' coronavirus as Trump does just that

28,000 redo ballots already cast in Michigan.

Russia, Saudi Arabia squabble over oil strategy, but the real battle is with the US

Guest Access for Navy Recruit, Officer Training Graduations Temporarily Suspended

Dow has worst day since Oct 2008, when that other (R) asshole was prez.

I speculate from time to time about who is really in charge in the White House.

Not bad for a hoax

A week ago, my daughter cut her finger and needed stitches. Went to urgent care clinic.

Katy Tur just asked if he's going to "change his response to the virus."

Trump's greatest prediction:

My hands have never been so clean...

Coronavirus in Illinois updates: 4 more cases of COVID-19 confirmed, bringing total in state to 11

theme for the day: Blonde Redhead - For The Damaged (with Coda)

New York State Has Prisoners Making Hand Sanitizer. It's Unclear If Prisoners Can Use It.

Pioneering women of photojournalism

Lift the Ban on Plastic Bags-help curb the spread of the virus

@RepMattGaetz Gaetz was on Air Force One with Trump roughly an hour ago-flying back from Florida

Trump retweets video of Biden labelled by Twitter as 'manipulated media'

matt gaetz self quarantine

Connecticut's Governor Lamont issues new coronavirus guidelines

I think Trumps luck is out

Ukraine Whistleblower's Lawyer Offers Free Legal Representation to Coronavirus Whistleblowers

Stop. Voting. Republican.

Aw crap. I just realized Gaetz and trump were here in Orlando. If it spreads here....

Dr. John Campbell Monday 9th March

Roger Stone was just a Mar-a-lago

The Head of the New York/NJ Port Authority has the virus...

This old tweet had been deleted but someone saved it

I'm voting for a Democrat.

WH press conference in half an hour...

Dow tumbles more than 2,000 points, marks worst day since 2008 as coronavirus fears rock stocks

Rep. Tlaib Arabic GOTV

I kinda wish Joe and Bernie would stop holding these big rallies

Facebook and Twitter slapped warning labels on altered Trump campaign video of Joe Biden

A friend of mine is reporting that some European news outlets

A quick rant: Some young people who don't give a damn about Coronavirus -- they think

More about Gaetz/trump on AF1. trump coaxed Gaetz back up front from closed room upon landing

Dr. John Campbell Vitamin D and immunity

France bans public gatherings as 4 MPs are hospitalized

Bernie taking more shots at Biden

Russia 'hired network of Britons to go after enemies of Putin'

Is there a comprehensive list of colleges/universities where classes are shut down?

Ireland cancels St. Patrick's Day festivities over coronavirus concerns

Elizabeth Warren ought to make an online course in economics

Have you noticed the silence from the

As the Economy Weakens, the Case for Bernie Grows Stronger

Prez hard at work:

Torn - Natalie Imbruglia (#Coronavirus Parody)

Could states go to vote by mail for November election?

Florida school defends handcuffing seven-year-old boy with special needs

Possibly encouraging news, one patient cured of COVID 19 with antiretroviral agent

How prisons around the world have reacted to the coronavirus outbreak

The Virus Overtaking the World

CDC: As of today, 75,000 tests available in 50 states

If he would just stop with his twits, with his bullying, being pugnacious

Free breadsticks during a coronavirus outbreak (workers forced to come in sick)

Meanwhile -The first Kentucky Derby winner ever disqualified from the race is once again making head

Andy Slavitt: Lab companies indicate it'll be 8 weeks before USA is able to do all needed testing

Biden VP pick? None of the above....

UPDATE: Fulton closing schools Tuesday after teacher tests positive for coronavirus

The limiting factor for the response is not money, or even hospital beds

For info,

CNN: Trump Expected To Join Coronavirus Briefing - Arrest Him

New presumptive positive coronavirus case confirmed in Montgomery County, bringing state total to 10

Coronavirus: Italy's Prime Minister Extends Lockdown To Entire Country

Gohmert told he was in proximity to CPAC atendee - choosing not to self-quarantine

Stop it, Sanders, stop it

Tweet from Mike Bloomberg...

IMHO. The most worthwhile tweet I've read regarding COVID-19

Is it time for some corporate welfare?

Joe Biden Wins Endorsement Of Machinists Union After Rare Rank-And-File Vote 😎

Have not yet seen Trump supporters move away from their dear leader

trump, splitter, personality disorder

The unfortunate reality with the coronoa is that people have more chances to be infected

Am I just getting old or do these young MSNBC guests seem clueless?

Good Question from Rep. Ted Lieu

Reminder: MAR 9 at 6:30PM ET - Fox News Town Hall with Bernie Sanders in Detroit

Argentine landowners stage 4-day farm lockout over export tax hike

Argentine landowners stage 4-day farm lockout over export tax hike

Boston cancels St Patrick's Day Parade over coronavirus fears

Italy data thread: 5% of reported infections lethal, 10% cases asymptomatic, 19% critical

There is hard data that shows "Bernie Bros" are a myth

For the adults in the room:

When you lose your integrity, you have lost the race.

If a potus loses 1000 dow points in 2 day

Excellent source on the coronavirus

Evangelicals need to know that....As in plagues .............

Just received this email from Harbor Freight Tools regarding Covid-19

"Interesting. There hasn't been a single Zodiac killing since Ted Cruz went into self-quarantine."

Trump to join Coronavirus briefing soon..

Matt Gaetz entering self-quarantine after exposure to coronavirus from CPAC attendee.

03/10 Mike Luckovich: Petsmart

It takes an average of 5 days for coronavirus symptoms to show, new study says

Oh look. The hostages are assembled.

**** Corona Virus Task Force Press Conference Thread #1 ****

The Con presser on now

trump starting the coronavirus briefing...

All three of Ohio's coronavirus cases from Cuyahoga County, governor says (Cuyahoga County)

Atlanta news reporting that an "itinerant" teacher at two public

Trump told aides he's afraid journalists will try to purposefully contract #coronavirus to give it t

Family Of St. Louis County Woman With Coronavirus Violated Quarantine By Going To School Dance

Gohmert Refusing to Quarantine Himself

Chumps's first words.

If it was a Progressive Conference with an infected person,

Trump presser: so far it's "Screw sick people! Let's cut taxes for the poor corporations

Harvey Weinstein injured in Rikers Island jail

WTF is this bullshit?

Bloomberg May Target Trump Family Business Dealings

We're all going to die...

good gaud Pence is

Campaigning in the age of coronavirus- as seen at @JoeBiden 's event in Detroit this evening

Earth Abides, 1949 by George R. Stewart

Bloomberg Bankrolls Effort to Register Black Voters

This would appear to be a lie: Pence says 1 million tests have been distributed w/4 million more

Reminder here. If you DO buy some bleach READ THE LABEL!

To those who would like a recap of Trump's Statement 5 minutes ago..

Don't you love that they think people should be "reassured" because the most risk

How many grammar Nazis does it take to change a lightbulb?

KY ran 13 more tests. 2 more positive with Covid-19. 6 total in the state

Trump admin members Kellyanne Conway & Betsy DeVos may have been exposed to the coronavirus at CPAC

2020 Becomes the Dementia Campaign

Biden rally in Detroit.

Trump Demands Barr Investigate The Media's Coronavirus Coverage

Trump stood in front of the American people today and didn't mention the largest stock market drop

A 'Test Kit' and a 'Test' are two different things ...

Newtown Action endorses Joe Biden!

Fox News right now. Bernie town hall.

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong...

Biden/Harris GOTV event covered at 7:30 EDT so 4:30 West Coast

In some ways maybe we should do what Italy is doing

Abundance of caution has been replaced by Chump's administration abundance of

I love Elizabeth Warren, but

For some reason the Saudi Gazette thought this worthy of a Breaking News banner

Cancellation of the Tucson Festival of Books

Italys deaths 463. The country has 9,172 cases so far.Can you even imagine what the numbers are here

COVID-19 news update for 3/9/2020

Louie Gohmert may have been exposed to coronavirus at CPAC -- but he's not going to quarantine himsel

People have said this before - All Dem candidates should halt traditional campaign rallies NOW

I wonder if Matt Gaetz

California representative to self-quarantine after interacting with coronavirus patient

Curious. Does anyone know how the CPAC attendee

Pelosi: Tested for what?

new Quinnipiac national poll on prospective Trump vs Biden: white men (trump), everyone else (biden)

Who possibly infected Gosar, Gaetz, Cruz & Collins?

For now, Steve Kornaki has taken over Chris Matthew's 7 PM HARDBALL slot...

Orange County NY opioid deaths finally decrease

With a shortage of hand sanitizer due to coronavirus, NY is making its own with prison labor

Trailer Park Boys (imagine 'greater than' symbol here) Letterkenny

Pence is giving a lot of press conferences for a 'Hoax'

Kellyanne Conway May Have Been Exposed To Coronavirus

Not a statistician, but would venture a guess. Pence NOT knowing if Dipshit

Have there been any polls regarding how Trump has handled the virus so far? Nt

why is trump not quarantined.....

Ouch! George Papadopoulos' wife just dumped his ass on Twitter

New Biden ad shows Democrats coming together...and Bernie going after Democrats

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump had the coronavirus

Boston cancels St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston amid coronavirus fears

Fox Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Fox Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Everything You Need to Know About the Arizona Democratic Primary Debate

Entrance door at Biden rally:

Oxford: 2019 novel coronavirus is undergoing active recombination

Today's polls are all devastating for Sen. Sanders. (Real Clear Politics)

Don't Panic, You Don't Need Hand Sanitizer to Fight Coronavirus

Do you think any of these smiling nodding sycophants standing behind Trump understands that the fact

Always about the almighty dollar with the orange

Should I stay or should I go

Melania Trump cancels California fundraiser

Trump to seek payroll tax relief to help calm financial markets livestream for Biden rally tonight -- ALREADY LIVE, pre-rally

Zero Guarantee Warmer Weather Will Dampen COVID-19; Warmer Winters May Make Next Flu Seasons Worse

Coronavirus could be like 1918 flu pandemic, warns ex-CDC expert

Can't Find My Way Home

So now the Trump WH rolls out help for people with COVID-19. No longer

Coronavirus: Irish St Patrick's Day parades cancelled

Trump reportedly fears journalists will purposefully try to infect him with coronavirus

"Nazi Greta" Likely Heartland's Last Gasp -Her Mom Reps Alternative Fur Deutschland, Parties W. Milo

Almost 200 North Korean soldiers have reportedly died from coronavirus, thousands more in quarantine

Trump is upset that Bernie Sanders is losing. Blames Elizabeth Warren and DNC.

Trump compares coronavirus to common flu and attacks Obama as he blames stock market

Energy Bill Stalls: WH, GOP Oppose (Of Course) Plan To Cut Hugely Powerful Greenhouse Gases (HFCs)