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CNN just called Florida for Biden.

Biden Wins Florida

Baton Rouge drive-through coronavirus testing runs out of kits after less than an hour

NBC just called Florida for Biden!


**Telecommuting thread** how long are you out?

Facebook says my post violates their community standards, and blocked it.

Pre election phone exit poll tonight has Biden up 25 in Illinois.

Updated delegates so far tonight: Biden 126, Sanders 17 - 90%!!!!

costco honolulu update in the pouring rain - TP crowd bad the first hour now normal and PLENTY of

U.S. government, tech industry discussing ways to use smartphone location data to combat coronavirus

Is anything being done

Biden wins Illinois.

Wife just told me

Coronavirus confirmed in all 50 states and D.C., after West Virginia reports first case

Parents are quickly learning how much work teachers do...

Think of the unnecessary physical contact taking place at the polls

Caribbean Covid-19 update

Steph Cameron

Is it true that if someone has COVID symptoms but no breathing difficulty then just stay home??

Facebook, YouTube warn of AI moderation errors as coronavirus empties offices

Don Sutton was asked whether he put a foreign substance on the baseball.

Time for Bernie Sanders to drop out.

Biden wins Florida primary!

CNN has Justice Democrats Alexandra Rojas. Time to watch MSNBS

To prove you're electable, you have to win elections, and Biden is doing that.


Suspected COVID-19 case at Conway's Kimberly-Clark facility

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 18 March 2020

52 deaths, more than 1,000 confirmed cases statewide

Mar-a-Lago Was a Petri Dish. Testing Nearby Is Still a Mess.

Will drive-in theaters become the rage again?

VA Governor & Health Commissioner Issue Public Health Emergency Order to Enforce 10-Patron Limit

AP Calls Illinois for Biden

Thank you Dropkick Murphys!

Biden has now topped 1M Votes in Florida - Sanders not even hit 380K yet....

Andrew Yang lauds $1,000 cash payments for coronavirus and insists it should be monthly

Grammar Nazis, your day has come.

Digital Bernie Sanders Rally

uh oh... Dow futures signalling big drop tomorrow. Down 2.54%

Recession Panel Could Make Its Official U.S. Call Within Months

Biden is now over 1000 delegates, actually 1044! Need only 950 more.

Is there a Sanders supporter who can offer some reasonable justification for Bernie remaining in

Coronavirus prompts CA courts to close, delay trials

Question about WIC and food shortages.

Coronavirus crisis 'worse than 9/11' for airlines, says US treasury secretary Mnuchin

LOL at TYT with Nando Vila

Gmail is buggy FWI

Happy St. Pat's DU Live Murphy's Stream!

Officials in Miami, the unofficial spring break capital of the US, are kicking partiers off beaches

When do we call on Larry David to appeal to Sanders to drop out?

Politico: Obama Team's Briefing to Trump Regarding Pandemic, Which Was Ignored

If Sanders were to drop out NOW, there is less chance GrandOldPricks can mess election up from Covid

infectious disease expert on MSNBC

How to Mishandle a Global Pandemic, In 60 Seconds

Sanders will not speak tonight - reassessing again?

George Conway Nails Fox News For Its Terrible Coronavirus Coverage With '1984' Quote

Is there any test for COVID-19 immunity?

Biden wins Florida, Illinois as coronavirus disrupts voting

Four more St. Patrick's Day tunes from Patrick Street:

MSNBC coverage of election night sucks!

Newsom on coronavirus: California schools likely closed through summer break

Senate coronavirus vote delayed after Rand Paul pushes doomed amendment

Dropkick Murphys streaming a concert for free...

What do you think the "silver linings" of this epidemic will be?

Illinois Stumbles as States See Light Voter Turnout, With Many Ballots in the Mail

Crisp bread and butter pickles.

Joe Biden is addressing the nation regarding the virus outbreak:

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

WTF with Facebook?

West Side Story - Tonight

What's the situation with the 3M N95 masks?

Finally...we'll see what happens...

Florida Democrats trusted BIDEN to protect Social Security

3/17@ 8:00pm - CV now at 89. 19 in Dane county. n/t

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Luck o' the Irish!

Liberty University now says most classes will move to online-only

Huge turnout in the Arizona primary

Minnesota is the 8th most aggressive state in managing the epidemic

School's Out

US coronavirus cases surpass 5,000, up fivefold from a week ago

Trump's Remarks in Meeting with Tourism Industry Executives on COVID-19 Response

McConnell says Senate will pass House coronavirus bill without changes

That's the way! (Community Get Together while Social Distancing)

Can a cyber attack kill the entire net but for one service? a service that's exploited?

Remarks Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-17-2020

U.S. Virus Plan Anticipates 18-Month Pandemic and Widespread Shortages

Kitsap food banks shift to meet growing demands of COVID-19 pandemic

Breaking Quarantine .

Caption Jared, he seems confused?

Uruguay Coronavirus Tuesday 17 March

My friend Laurie Garrett will be on with a Rachel Maddow at 10...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Link to rousing rendition of "When Irish Eyes...

Univ. of Minn. has launched a clinical trial studying a drug for those exposed to COVID19

This is cool. My local Sinclair owned TV station just accidentally put on yesterdays CBS Moneywatch

Coronavirus confirmed in all 50 states and D.C., after West Virginia reports first case

03/18 Mike Luckovich: Thanks alot

White House preparing to call on military to boost coronavirus medical response

Biden wins Florida, Illinois as coronavirus disrupts voting

Rachel is right, without a chance of winning, Bernies is unnecessarily endangering public

We got the scary alarm on our phones about an hour ago

one time wealth tax on 1% to pay for stimulus package?


Cook county Suburbs starting to come in, Biden winning 63% to 33%

Headline: Stocks close sharply higher on plans to curb virus impact

Biden wins Illinois primary!

Netflix. Cheers. Season 1. Episode 22. Opening.

Coronavirus In Pierce County: Latest Developments

Trump's late conversion to reality leaves out his supporters

What positive long term effects

With masks at the ready, ICE agents make arrests on first day of California coronavirus lockdown

For tonight:

He's going to get away with it, you wont get your test

David Lat (A lawyer on twitter, not me): My thoughts on #LivingWithCovid

*Joe B on MSNBC now.

Biden on live now on corona virus. Knocking it out of the park.

Wide swath of economy seeks share of COVID-19 rescue package

Is it drinkers and pool players that are the problem?

The reason Illinois didn't defer the primary was because there is no assurance that the virus

Time for those who care about Bernie to have a heart to heart talk with him

Every. Casino. In Vegas. Is. Closing. Actually, All of Nevada

IL-03: Lipinski's in trouble

Pitch perfect Joe Biden. Focuses on COVID instead of

Why Does Russia Have 114 Confirmed Cases?

Biden on live now on corona virus. Knocking it out of the park.

I got my first junk email selling 'Miracle Virus Oil' today.

It dawned on me that the fear that we felt for Y2K has now arrived, 20 years later

David Axelrod on Biden's speech: "He looks like a guy who is ready to be President".

Layoffs accelerate as coronavirus disrupts American economy

Happy St. Patrick's Day DU! If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!

It hit home for me today.

Terry McAuliffe: "The first day of the General Election starts tomorrow."

To Track Virus, Governments Weigh Surveillance Tools That Push Privacy Limits

If all schools close for the year, then I won't see my kids again. I didn't say goodbye last week

Drop out, concede, suspend Bernie. I don't care which.

Biden. WINS Florida and Illinois.

A little bit of good news: Trump's Gallup rating is down to 44%

So if you were suddenly put in charge at this point

After a very long hiatus, I am back!

Sisolak orders 30-day closure of nonessential businesses

Tweet of the day?

The American Virus Video

My sister's MIL passed and funeral limits 50 people

All Of Florida Is Biden Blue

Jake Tapper: "Here he is wiping the floor with his competitors!"

The Infuriating Story of How the Government Stalled Coronavirus Testing

Medical company threatens to sue volunteers that 3D-printed valves for life-saving treatment

IL-03: Marie Newman defeats Dan Lipinski!!!

No need for further Democratic debates having Democrats going after each other

Slate essential, brilliant read "Is This American Resilience?"

As of now, of 102 counties in Illinois, 16 haven't reported yet, but....

Watch COVID test: "A Lot Worse Than What I Was Expecting" (a journalist said)

NYC now has 923 cases, 10 deaths

Racism, narcissism, and an infantile personality led Trump to fire Obama's NSC pandemic unit.

Does anyone know why there are so few covid19 cases in India? NT

Non-essential travel is going to be suspended between here and Canada

Dan Lipinski (D-IL03) has likely lost

Vegas be like ...

MSNBC: Voter turnout in AZ higher than 2016

This song comes up often to me

Tulsa restaurants, bars to close tonight...

Any Tulsi Gabbard delegates tonight?

My cousin is presumptive positive, have a colleague in

Don Lemon.

The DNC needs a mercy rule like in baseball.

Remember Sons of Fathers?

Who is Laurie Garrett?

As China's coronavirus outbreak eases, a wary return to shops for consumers

Some of us know Muhammad Ali is my hero.

Whoever wants to weaken our nominee, Joe Biden, is pro-Trump.


One very unique thing about this pandemic...

If you're in a state with drink bottle deposits . . .

Kim Foxx wins Democratic primary for Cook County DA

Rachel Maddow just said...

#DropOutBernie is trending. Even Malcolm Nance is chiming in

Senate Coronavirus Relief Bill Blocked by Rand Paul

If this goes on for months what happens to dating?

I live in Florida. We've had a number of 80 degree days. The virus is spreading.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 19, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Stories of Wyatt Earp

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 20, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: It's A Gamble

MSNBC projects Biden will win Arizona

MSNBC- Biden Wins Arizona

NBC calls Arizona for Biden!!!

NBC Calls Arizona For Joe Biden!!!

Joe Biden wins Arizona primary!

Thousands of people head to Florida beach amid coronavirus outbreak

**Arizona Call**

Sanders wins ONE county in IL!!!

No dice! Casinos shut down in Missouri, Kansas over COVID-19

Take the Biden/Bloomberg/Buttigieg votes in AZ together: 60%

Mnuchin Warns Virus Could Yield 20% Jobless Rate Without Action


Plaquenil deemed "promising" for Covid-19

MAGA and toilet paper tweet sez Murica

Justice Democrats

You are quarantined for 21 days. Pick a person from today, or in the past in there with you.

"november is coming" great video highlighting trump's denial of C19

Finally Got A New Password To Work

Mel Brooks PSA on Coronavirus

Do you know the difference between Donald Trump and a fat braying ass?

Garbage - Stupid Girl

Maybe Dump can throw us some toilet paper.

Dear Sen Sanders. The time is now, to help unify the party

Imagine that.

The Democratic race is over. Voters have picked Joe Biden - Richard Wolffe

Thank You Again

New ad going after Trump on lying about #COVID19

We have been through weeks of a president who refused to acknowledge reality

Marie Newman unseats one of the last anti-abortion Democrats in Illinois's 3rd District

Hillary led Sanders by 309 delegates by this time in 2016.

Anyone know breakdown of Latinx vote in AZ?

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

It's amazing that something as small as a germ can bring nations of people to their knees;

Heat Has NO IMPACT on COVID-19

Trillion-dollar bailout justified at time of war -- on a deadly virus -- but better

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 21, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Safe At Home?

I just watched the first few minutes of today's presser

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to get back in the majority in 2020.


Biden sweeps three states, doubles delegate lead over Sanders,

Bernie is endangering the very people he's claiming to want to protect.

House of Pain - Jump Around

National Aquarium To Livestream Exhibits During Coronavirus Closure.

I expect that our presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, will wisely build bridges to Sanders voters

What do you get when you cross a philosopher with the Godfather?

This Article Needs a Delux: As New Coronavirus Spread, China's Old Habits Delayed Fight

The Doors

Has anyone heard if USPS, the post office, plans to change hours or services?

Here's a good article about how GWB* handled "stimulus" payouts to Americans.

Florida Megachurch Reluctant To Cancel Services Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Farewell to US-Cuba Charter Flights

DHS inspector general's office nearly dormant under Trump as reports and audits plummet

Step right up and request your absentee ballot here, Kansas

Congrats to Gerrold Longname on winning the Democratic Nomination

Alice Cooper - Desperado

Pence sent expired masks to Oregon and NYC

just switched insurance plans, my card was not in the envelope

Phil Donahue: Chris Matthews Was Threatened By Me

Perspective - Imagine A Real President Taking Smart Actions - Precautions With Plan For Coronavirus

Rolling Stones postpone tour kicking off May 8th due to virus. Must be a bummer man for

Should Sanders drop out?

Hardware question about a Win/Linux box -- probably need advice from gamers.

indicate the gathering of a massive wave of unemployment on a scale unseen since the Great Recession

Vitamin D and immunity

L.A. Times Special Series on the Science behind the Coronavirus

Bloomberg donates $2 million to support grassroots organizing in swing states

MD-05: Liberal group backs challenger to Hoyer

Germany made and distributed 1.4 million test by end of February

☦Blessed Saint Patrick, Teacher of the Holy Trinity:

Kansas Towns Are Insulated From Coronavirus Now -- But They May Take A Harder Hit Later

☦ Ancient Faith Ministries: The Orthodox Christian Blessed Saint Patrick:

The Daily Show: Trevor's Extended Thoughts on Trump's Initial Response to Coronavirus

This is what Bernie's campaign is putting out even as he has no path.

Dear President Biden, Be Bold. Don't fall for the "okie-doke".

The Daily Show: The Future of Handshakes

Why does the media keep broadcasting Dump's "press conferences" live??? They should edit out all

Italy's coronavirus response dramatically reduces air pollution emissions, satellites show

Blatantly lying

when can the super delegates start trowing them in to help Joe go over the top

Does Joe need to debate Bernie anymore?

why isn't he getting all the delegations for each state?

Don Lemon: trump is gaslighting you!

Martina Navratilova..So if @BernieSanders is serious about saying the most important thing is for..

Is it possible some areas may flatten the curve too much at first then that area gets nailed later?

I was searching for some information on Coronavius, and here's what Trump has done.

So what will it take to declare we are "all clear" regarding Covid-19? And when can that happen?

California governor places National Guard on alert

Did Federal Officials Really Question W.H.O. Tests for Coronavirus?

Experts urge mandatory isolation in Colombia, Duque embarks on religious rant

I live in PA

2018 presidential election fraud: Colombia's chief prosecutor asked to step aside

John Legend: The absolute wrong person is in charge right now.

Uribe managed Duque's illicit campaign funds, his former PA says loud and clear

Dear Students, We Didn't Even Get to Say Goodbye.

Officials: Trump mulls using pandemic powers to send all who cross border illegally to Mexico

MSNBC expert exposes Trump coronavirus press conference misinformation

Brazil's Supreme Court joins Congress Coronavirus Action Independent of Bolsonaro

Cleveland Clinic changing the way they test patients for coronavirus

Ohio governor asked to help home health aides amidst coronavirus pandemic

Birth of wild tapir offers hope for Brazil's endangered ecosystem

Birth of wild tapir offers hope for Brazil's endangered ecosystem

futures (overnight trading) is signalling a 1000 drop at open tomorrow, reversing today's 1k gain

In Mexico, a cartel is taking over: Jalisco New Generation

Bringing Christ and coronavirus: Evangelicals to contact Amazon indigenous

Bringing Christ and coronavirus: Evangelicals to contact Amazon indigenous

Astonishing landscapes of South America

Covid 19, Update 17

Hundreds of Americans stranded in Peru amid coronavirus closures

Exclusive poll: Public trusts health agencies more than Trump

Dow Jones Futures Tumble After New Rally Attempt In Coronavirus Stock Market Correction

If shitheal knew this was a pandemic

Thank you all Biden and Bernie supporters that voted today!


How long do you think it will take the trump virus,

Politico Magazine: Pelosi has Trump over a barrel (I say it's time she acts like it)

Stephen Colbert: And On The Second Day Of Quarantine, Stephen Colbert Discovered Fire

WAPO creates the ULTIMATE DAMNING video of Fox News COVID-19 coverage (Then & Now)

NC bars, restaurants close to the public

Right Wing Dem Dan Lipinski Defeated!!

Bernie shouldn't HAVE to be pressured out of a race...he's already LOST

With their spending driving the deficit upward now

Trump Transition Team Was Uninterested In Obama Planning To Battle the 'Worst Epidemic Since 1918'

Treasury Sec. Mnuchin first proposed a payroll tax cut to get money...

Coronavirus Vs. The Church: Orthodox Traditionalists Stand Behind The Holy Spoon

What evidence is there that shit-for-brains is a germaphobe?

It is over Bernie. Time to get out.

Should I take my child to the dentist?

I think maybe I am finally getting some idea what Alan Dershowitz really meant when he said that

Russian oligarch gloats after DoJ drops charges.

Trump: "I've always known this is a real pandemic."

Attention please: A new time-travel advisory is in effect.

Health professionals and first responders plead for more personal protective equipment

3 test positive in GA Senior home.


The NYSE is fighting to keeping its trading floor open amid coronavirus pandem

Maggie Griffin, Kathy's mom, has passed away

Which tree did voters root for in European Tree of the Year 2020? (5 pics)

The Democratic race is over. Voters have picked Joe Biden (Richard Wolffe)

UPDATED: Pentagon Preparing Navy Hospital Ships Mercy, Comfort for Coronavirus Response

A coronavirus cautionary tale from Italy: Don't do what we did

Read the Plan: An Emergency Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

will they ever run a number list

The Power of Social Distancing

Taiwan started preparing for COVID19 in December. Only has 67 cases

Spain nationalized all private hospitals to deal with Covid-19

Lyle Waggoner, foil on 'The Carol Burnett Show,' dies at 84

Stop the gaslighting bruh


Inside the Singapore lab on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus- Richard Engel

Preventatively, we should re-institute a new (CD) Civil Defense strategy

Pretty sure that Trump wants to personally own and profit from the corona test kits.

NYT: Give People Money

Headsup - King Con will be holding another press conference today

watch these sitnkers. Rand Paul, Louis Gomart and others who delay help

People get real Berniesque during a crisis.

American Airlines is asking workers to take unpaid leave and early retirement

Enema of the people

Jared Kushner was the one telling Trump the media was overhyping coronavirus

Joe Biden wins Arizona primary, NBC News projects, as he piles up delegates

Apparently there is a lot of Covid-19 in Westminster

This is important and worth repeating on GD: Video primer on corona virus....

Donations Arrive from Jack Ma

The Longest Record Broken: Gold/Silver Ratio Hits Highest in Over 5,000 Years

2 1/2 week break...

Now would be a good time for a Warren endorsement

Japanese flu drug 'clearly effective' in treating coronavirus, says China. From The Guardian...

Bill Foster (IL-11) fends off challenge from Berniecrat in yesterday's IL primary

Wednesday TOONs - The Hoarder, the Hoarder

Breakfast Wednesday 18 March 2020

The Coming Bailout's a Moral Failure, as small businesses struggle, the lobbyists are set to plunder

He honestly think anyone believes this?

How the fuck is a trump check gonna save us if banks are closed

Covid19 & Rain, Vitamin C, Fels Naptha, Listerine, Cold Water

Layoffs Are Just Starting, and the Forecasts Are Bleak

The home healthcare industry; A ticking time bomb ready to go off.

I have been looking at Facebook posts from

Chinese citizens abroad seek refuge from the coronavirus pandemic -- at home

BBC: Game over for Bernie Sanders?

The Era of Small Government Is Over

Say Goodbye to Movie Theaters. For now.

Email from Roto-Rooter

Who, at FOX News, ordered their people to halt the political propaganda and to report seriously?

I know it's cool here to bash Morning Joe, but today in its first block, the focus was on workers

All the people that help supply our food have to eat too, so they won't be shutting down soon.

Fox News is doing a lot of backtracking regarding Covid-19.

Democrats Now Favored In Presidential Race

I'm a dinosaur. I still have a paper copy NYT subscription.

As Western Coal Plants Close, The Water They Once Used Becomes Available - Where Does It Go Now?

Trump is the wrong person, in the wrong place, and at the wrong time

Not sure if this has been posted, yet. Examples of some good alternatives for toilet paper.

Coronavirus Cases Inch Back up in Asia, Denting Hopes That Disease Was Contained

Coronavirus: Experiment in northern Italian town halts all new infections after trial

Bernie is "assessing"

Ok I just had this idea about Trump $ handout.

He acted faster against the imaginary threat of caravans than actual threat of coronavirus

McSally blames "asymmetric people" for spreading coronavirus.

There's a New Potential Risk Group for Spreading the Coronavirus

Remember when Universal Basic Income was DOA?

FDA halts inspections.

Macy's is closing stores nationwide because of coronavirus

Damning Indictment - How Fox News has shifted its coronavirus rhetoric

These things are true:

This Mysterious Ancient Structure Was Made of Mammoth Bones

Dear America, Mr. McConnell has not brought up the House Bill to help workers for FIVE DAYS NOW.

What exactly is Trump supposed to run on?

I'm trying very hard to self-isolate but

America - A horse with no name (clip HQ)

seems the stock market can't be gaslit by the creamsickle douchebag

U.S. Virus Plan Anticipates 18-Month Pandemic and Widespread Shortages

When a vaccine is finally released...

Vote of no confidence.

There are predicting a 20% unemployment rate.

Trump Statements - Nine Days Apart

The mental health wave

What day is it??

The Rundown: March 17, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #78: The Reading from Home Edition (3/17/2020 Edition)

Statement from Faiz Shakir:

To those who have a pet food subscription, please read this post.

These millions of abnormally normal people

Joe Manchin NOT HAPPY That WV Was Being Held Up As Beacon Of Success In Coronavirus

I just watched a couple montages of fox news and the pResident

"last time we went through this, we created a government labor program, social security. THINK BIG"

Some random pixs and thoughts

Let's face it: we are collectively in an abusive relationship

We are ip to 16 in Missouri. 19 in Kansas. nt

So Much Winning!

Just had an earthquake here 5.7 Magna UT

Billy Crystal Used Donald Trump's Words Against a Trump Supporter

For the good of the country, Please Bernie Sanders, stand down and get behind Joe.

UK manufacturers to regear factories to build ventilators for NHS

How is it that we can find all this money now, but when the call for Medicare for All comes up, ...

Why did Republicans lift the ban on creating lethal viruses?

Energy Bill Grinds To A Halt Over HFC Drawdown, Thanks Largely To John Barrasso (Asshole-WY)

Meanwhile, at the hospital

Two minutes into the Trading Day and the Dow is down 1,170 points.

Never Google Your Symptoms

Teck's Tar Sands Cancellation Came For The Simplest, Deadliest Reason - It Would Lose Lots Of Money

WAPO: Dana M.: Trump's late conversion to reality leaves out his supporters

So, I have this date that keeps coming up on my phone calendar

A Statistically Significant Love Song

Pet dog in Hong Kong with coronavirus dies after returning from quarantine virus-free

As Mnuchin and others propose or consider a $1000.00 check, what about the rest of us?

Biden Is Already Appealing to Sanders Supporters

Taking care of Dad AND trying to keep him safe

BREAKING: US Canada border to be closed.

CRASH: Entire Trump Stock Gains GONE

BREAKING: US/Canada border closed

UH-OH: Is Trump Lying About Coronavirus Test?

Donald: We are in a war. The enemy is the virus.

Has anyone heard from Rand Paul lately?

Happy National Sloppy Joe Day!

As seen on Twitter:

Aggressive testing helps Italian town cut new coronavirus cases to zero

To His Shame, Trump Is Attempting to Cast COVID-19 as "The China Virus"

Passing this along. Posted on FB by one of my Democratic millennial black friends in Illinois.

$1 trillion deficits and near-zero rates. The worst way to enter a recession

Emergency Podcast System. Michael Moore. The First Million Dead

Article:In a video from The Intercept, author and activist Naomi Klein explains

Had a guy attempt to scam me yesterday - Liberty Power Electric Service Slam Attempt

Presidential race now leans toward the Democrats

Trump Reverses Himself Completely On COVID-19 : 'A Lot Of People Are Going To Die'

Trump sends out a very presidential tweet that directly addresses our current situation...

We need to start this...

Delegates are NOT winner take all in Democratic Primaries.

5.7 Earthquake hits Utah about an hour ago

Sanders to 'assess his campaign' after Tuesday losses

The whole country needs to be Shelter in Place except for essential services for at least 30 days,

Watching Trump sign a printout of Friday's Dow Jones Industrial Average chart as his rubes cheered

Bernie has only two options at this point:

Well, everybody seems to be selling their pension funds to buy TP for their bunghole.

Pandemic cases and deaths, 2009 vs Covid today

Amy McGrath: At the end of the first day of my kids being out of school...

When President Obama proposed a stimulus package to boost the economy the market rallied

As of this moment, Biden has 1189 delegates, Sanders has 884....

"Men come and go, but Earth abides"

US and Canada suspend non-essential travel between the two countries

FACT: "Obama administration tested one million people for H1N1 ***in the first month***"

So, should we call it the "tRump Virus," the "tRump Plague," or the "tRump Pandemic?"

McConnell is now going to act at 'warp speed'???

What is the popular vote differential between joe and Bernie?

Hey Mitch, "the best way to put money directly into the hands of the American people"...

The "Museum Of The Bible" in DC...

5.7 earthquake in Salt Lake City

An Illustration Of the Problem, Ladies And Gentlemen

Let's not forget that one of the main goals of McConnell and Trump was to eliminate Social Security

Tom Toles on whether the Olympics is happening...

Come on people...............

15 Broadway Plays and Musicals You Can Watch On Stage From Home

Sign of civilization

I finally braved the grocery store.

Did you all hear that??

We Tried Every Girl Scout Cookie--This One Is the Best

Bernie Sanders 'having conversations' to 'assess his campaign' after Biden clean sweep

We are up to our asses in snapping alligators.. We do not need to pet anyones

A new poll shows Trump's magical lying powers are failing him

During the quarantine, a pianist in Barcelona went to his balcony to play "My Heart Will Go On"....

Across the street from my office, the lights are off in the dining area and playroom at McDonald's

there's something particularly hollywood dramatic about mr. "build the wall" being undone by a virus

Trump will forever be known as Potus who was so full of shit that country ran out of Toilet Paper

Sex in the age of coronavirus.

Louisiana reporting 240 positive #COVID19 cases today. Yesterday it was 136.

Simons Cat has advice

Simons Cat

Sheku Kanneh-Mason - The Swan (From Carnival of the Animals)

Fact-checking Trump on coronavirus: No, he didn't predict the pandemic

Never let Fox forget its hypocrisy

Maggie Griffin, impish mother of comedian Kathy, dies at 99

Progressive Marie Newman ousts conservative Democrat in Illinois House primary

Hey!! Mr President:

It's like Green acres around here We never knew

Canadian Prime Minister News Conference

My uncle had a sign in his office.

Boeing leads Wall Street slump as corporate damage grows

Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, MARCH 18 11:30AM ET C-SPAN

If he had an ounce of decency, he'd resign

Got an email from the vet this morning - they are drive-thru now, too.

Italy will rush 10,000 student doctors into service, scrapping final exams

IMF denies Venezuela emergency aid to help fight coronavirus

Biden Won Tuesday's Primaries As Voters Embraced Voting By Mail,,,,✉ 📭

"To The Rest Of The World, You Have No Idea What's Coming"

Day 1 Telecommuting ......MEMES 😁

This is our stellar Florida college, leading the way in a very Florida Republican manner.

Dow just dropped below 20,000...

A couple left a $9,400 tip at a Houston restaurant to help staff get through coronavirus shutdown

Another DOWN day at the Dow Jones Industrials....UNDER 20,000 points....

WILL THE VIRUS RETREAT IN HOT WEATHER? No one knows. The new coronavirus was identified only in lat

My brother has this 'flu' figured out

Trump loyalists take command of the intelligence community

"He's never thought about the presidency as governing."

Coronavirus hits Florida economy in threat to Trump's re-election hopes

There is a Virus

Saddest thing I have seen today

House Judiciary Dems

Chandelier (Sia) Twisted Measure

History of Pandemics

A chuckle to cheer us up:

Russia deploying coronavirus disinformation to sow panic in West, EU document says

At least our "leader" has his priorities in order this morning

My local library is closed! I don't know if I can bear it.

Customer leaves $2,500 tip ahead of restaurant, bar closure

The San Francisco Plague of 1900- 1904: California Gov. Henry Gage, Denier

Dear Lord. The local village idiot on Facebook actually asked *why* people needed to be tested.

Wrecking Ball by The Gregory Brothers

Florida is tamping down on coronavirus cases due to a Florida law

Florida is tamping down on coronavirus cases due to a Florida law

Day 24 of the Quarantine - Parents everywhere:

It's over for Bernie Sanders 👴🏻

Midday Music for Millennials -- Miercoles

Biden should pick the legitimate Governor of Georgia as VP

Update: My dog has a mass in his intestine.

So.... If the same number of people are expected to get the virus...

A bright spot from Italy:

Stuck at home? Cord Cutters unite!

Could Trump delay November election? Not without inviting 'President Pelosi'

He did it - not yet -When Obama left office, Jan 20, 2017, the Dow closed at 19,827.

The Hill: Biden has broken all the 'rules' of presidential primaries

Coronavirus forces U.S. lawmakers to overcome divide

Why is the concept of "we over me" so challenging for some? I've read very snarky and

Las Vegas, Times Square, Miami Beach, Rome, Washington DC, London Cams.

White House coronavirus plan aims to send $2,000 to many Americans, includes $300 billion for small

Compilation of Faux News "flip flops" about Covid-19

Don't let Trump rewrite history on COVID-19

Wilson Pickett was born on this date.

Charley Pride was born on this date.

Gov. Kelly bans home and business evictions in Kansas until May 1

Gentleman Jack - O'Hooley & Tidow

Swiss toll of coronavirus victims surpasses 3,000, 21 dead

Plenty of Coronavirus tests - nope

Tough Measures to Stem the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Be in Place for 18 Months, Scientists Say

Another one who went off the deep end...

I admire those of you who can watch the Captain Covid pressers

Dance Monkey - Sera (by Tones and I)

Interesting: A whole hospital is being designated for virus patients:

Correction of the day -- Richmond Times-Dispatch

Now would be a good time for Trump to release his tax returns to reassure investors

New coronavirus stable for hours on surfaces according to a study from National Institutes of Health

Since Trump has screwed over everybody in America

"Nothing is more punitive than to give a disease a meaning."

Bernie Sanders suspends his 2020 campaign Facebook ads

Bernie Sanders suspends his 2020 campaign Facebook ads

Interesting developments re: Sanders....

Pretty good couple of ads about Trump and coronavirus. More of these, please.

From Robert Reich today, omitting links to start a petition...

Donald Trump Looks and Sounds Like an Idiot in His Press Conferences

Ayman Mohyeldin: Journalists will need memory span longer than a flash to hold trump accountable

Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover

UVa cancels Final Exercises, classes to stay online for rest of semester

Listening to Cuomo. He is very impressive

A very happy video..3 Words.".I Love You"

The White House response to this pandemic has been a real Clustertrump. nt

Mike Pence WANTS the "End Times" to come. So why is he in charge of trying to stop this?

David Brooks slams narcissist Trump coronavirus failure

If You Think Coronavirus Profiteering Is Bad, Wait Until The Climate Heats Up

Bernie Sanders is ending his campaign. ("sources" say, nothing direct from Bernie)

If bernie drops out can we close this forum? Please say yes! Nt

Not so fast on Bernie news

Came out calling it the Chinese virus invoking defense production act

Corona task force thread here

PBS Alcindor: Sources near Sanders said path became impossible when Biden didn't implode in debate

Sen Chuck Grassley tweet on corona virus shows the cretin he is

College students at top posts in the White House WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The big white ships with the Red Cross on the sides"

Ah, so Dr Birx was an Army Colonel

"shortage of coronavirus tests in Wisconsin & even health care workers are having a hard time gett

Sanders is NOT suspending his campaign -- just his Facebook ads

DOW Drops Below 20,000!

White Nationalist Rebrands Self as Coronavirus Expert

Thinking this morning, if only Hillary were in the WH. NT

FFS, tRump sounds like an idiot whenever he speaks, doing presser now. n/t

Does Trump have early dementia or not ?

Nobody wants to hear the idiot. Conducting media events is not leadership or insightful.

In good news from Uruguay, it is huge, many people say, and I am grinning

Gov. Cuomo of NY is calmly explaining how when, where and what...


How can you believe anything a pathological liar says?! You can't. **warning lots of F-bombs **

Trump Just Doesn't Know What The Hell He Is Talking About.....

DNC Chair Tom Perez Calls For States To Expand Voting By Mail

EDIT: Down 2,000+ now! Dow Jones now BELOW where it was on trump's inauguration day!

I am NOT IMPRESSED with Gov Cuomo's message today - DON'T GET TESTED.

Don't drink bleach to prevent coronavirus, poison control center warns

There's a Kind of Hush...

Inside the Pro-Trump Facebook Group Where First Responders Call Coronavirus a Hoax

Rand Paul is an idiot. He's got some cockamamie amendment about money or something...

The tragic legacy of Republican ideology is being written.

'My instructions from the president were clear'

Recommendations for a 14 year old?


Trump says calling it "Chinese Virus" "is not racist. It's from CHI-NUH"

May non-paritsan/city/local elections moved to November

"It snuck up on us"

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Statement from @JoeBiden on immediate steps to combat COVID-19

I, Maxrandb, will give $1,000 to any reporter at dipshits briefing who says

Well, we know his new re-election strategy now. "Wartime President"

Our cleaning lady has called us to let us know she's working from home ...

Regarding "Bernie Being Out" All campaigns, winning or losing, want to control their own messaging.

Did Trump get an erection when he called himself a wartime president at today's noon presser?

Your daily schadenfreude, Fox Noise hosts eating crow, do about-face

Good Explanation for Virus

Spain orders hotels to close

Trump's pandemic priorities

Meet Dr. Chen Wei: A pioneer in COVID-19 vaccine research, development

Bill Ackman on CNBC


Bush 41

Pointing out the obvious

Did he just say "we inherited an obsolete system"?

Will this virus push us into a Single payer health care system? Medicare for All becomes a reality.

The market needs a steady hand guiding the nation and giving confidence and not

Republicans and some independents seem to have gotten inured to Trump's NON-STOP LYING

Trump is picking a fight with China

About unemployment and sick leave; any business accountants or HR here?

Netflix Party Lets You Watch Movies With Friends Online, Mixing An AOL Chatroom With Streaming Servi

5.7 magnitude earthquake in Utah knocks out power to thousands and diverts flights

Biden's Top 12 Running Mates, Ranked (by Bill Scher of Politico)

Coronavirus: Soon we won't be able to help sick - Lombardy Governor Fontana

Minnesota COVID-19 testing is restricted amid supply shortage

Over two weeks ago DUers were asking what they would do about spring break

Anybody listening to Bill Ackman on CNBC? Noon hour

China gave the US notice in January

tom cotton - spreading fringe conspiracy theories:

I highly recommend this company to everyone here. Earl B.Feiden

Best Infantry meme ever!

Keep talking tRump, maybe you'll take the market down to -2,000 today. Trading halted again. n/t

Pic Of The Moment: Let's Check In On How Our President Is Dealing With The Coronavirus Crisis Today

COVID 19 is not "just" the flu - please educate yourselves

Kushner repeatedly advised Tump media was exaggerating threat

30 Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas

Dr "This Morning On Fox and Friends" Deborah Birx. Anyone know her politics?

Polio Precautions

Notice that Trump (and Pence) HAVE to stay in the camera frame

The Speaker of the House needs to call for the immediate resignation of this monster

Any Spanish speakers here? (T-Rex in Murcia)

Is The Stock Market On Hold?....

If Biden needs about 900 delegates to reach the magic number

South Korea's Supreme Prosecutor embroiled in family corruption scandals

Kung Flu

Italians Found Way to 3-D Print Key Ventilator Piece for $1, face lawsuit from patent holder

US STOCKS SNAPSHOT-S&P 500 slides 7%, triggers 15-minute trading halt

Damn it! THINK, people!

Slate "Let's Never Forget That Trump and Fox News Started as Coronavirus Truthers"

I wondered what the MAGA cult thought about this crisis.

Car Companies Closing

BREAKING: Ford, GM, and Fiat-Chrysler shutting down all U.S. plants as the coronavirus spreads

Dr. Fauci wasn't there.

Trump reportedly angry at Kushner over coronavirus screw-ups

Medicare for all and UBI for every adult American, NOW!

Tape up trump's mouth at the briefings and that will cure the market plunging problem.

Sex in the age of COVID-19

Jeff Tiedrich. LMFAO.

No one is asking the most important question.

In this time of social distancing, Internet providers could do a HUGE service

Dow down 400 points

Copper Destroys Viruses and Bacteria. Why Isn't It Everywhere?

Are the markets about to halt?

We know Joe's VP will be a women, but how to balance the ticket? On what principle?

Ex-Sheriff Clarke urges far-right followers to 'take to the streets,' defy coronavirus measures

McMenamins to temporarily lay off 3,000 workers, close most locations

Where did Trump get this 53% Approval?

Comment: This is a sacrifice; it won't have been wasted effort

Dow was about 19800 when Obama left office

It is official the Donald's Dow he brags about

I called the NY State health department complaining about the home healthcare industry.

Weirdness comes to my town...

It's time for Bernie Sanders to...

ACLU is suing ICE in the Seattle area detention center for immigrants

Penguins on a Field Trip!

This is the biggest blunder in presidential history

Cartoons 3/18/2020

Italy's COVID death rate is now 8.3%, worldwide 4.1%.

Boeing stock tumbles after it seeks $60B government bailout

We don't have a president, we don't have a leader. That's the problem.

Everett to suspend evictions during coronavirus pandemic

The M$Media always finds a way to blame the Democrats as well

[UVA] Students continued to congregate in groups Tuesday despite the ... request to return home

Nicholas Kristof: "If confirmed, this could be a breakthrough" blood test for COVID-19

Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler will close all factories amid coronavirus outbreak, sources say

Please, people, stop hoarding! It can be harmful -- even to you

Contagion came out in 2011. Watch it.

Dow wipes out gains under Trump's presidency, still slightly positive since his election

Ford's N.A. plants to shutter through March 30

The next month is going to key, that's the way I am looking at.

Tucker Carlson: Trump at 'His Very Best' Defending Use of 'Chinese Virus'

Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield) just emailed me with their COVID19 response

The first lines of 10 classic novels, rewritten for social distancing.

We will get through this folks.

where are these MAGAts today (said the coronavirus doesn't exist)

UK schools closing on Friday bank is going to drive-through only

Schools in England to close from Friday for all pupils except the vulnerable and those with key work

Kroger CEO says there's plenty of food in the supply chain

If at all possible please pay for your cancelled services: barber, dentist, manicure, etc.

Here's what I would have done, probably a few weeks ago.

GOP Sen. Hawley Calls for 'Full, International Investigation' into China's Coronavirus Coverup

How Trump sees the huge stock market drop, now that it's below the day he stepped into office:

Millions of American workers are left out of the coronavirus paid leave bill

It is time folks to roll up !!!!

"This is a virus that came from the territory of China but came from bats. This is a bat virus"

Australia: Football matches to continue.

Perfect Timing - March Edition

GOP Group Uses Donald Trump's Coronavirus Lies Against Him In New Attack Ad

Italy Reports 475 New Coronavirus Deaths, Lifting Total Death Toll to 2,978

I always wonder who is "shorting" stocks

New York City "almost to point" of recommending 'shelter-in-place' to Governor-NYC Mayor

Share with family, share with friends, share with neighbors.

Trump Adviser Paula White Wants Money For Her Fake Coronavirus 'Hospital'

Ailee and Ali - Someone like you

Today's as good a day as any for a friendly reminder:

Run while hunkering. Run around the couch and do 1.8 mi in 20 min, with less impact!

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard's most vulnerable workers allowed to go home amid coronavirus concerns

If A Person Is Not Self-Isolating At Home And Is Out And About Exposed To Others.....

'People coughing all over each other': US Navy sailors are reportedly being packed into close quarte

Barbara Boxer: Democratic voters have spoken. Joe Biden is our choice.

For all the Bernie folks

Trump..."it's been the story of life that the well connected go to the front of line"

Experts say Trump's decision to disband pandemic team hindered coronavirus response

Not sure where this originated, because I saw it on FB...but interesting compliation:

Some comedy to help you through these crazy times.

Coronavirus: WA Hospitals Lack Beds To Handle Likely Cases

I feel like I'm the only Biden supporter who wishes Bernie was more competitive...

Witness the madness we are dealing with.

De Wine is having a presser, today Wednesday 18 March sometime in the next hour, 2pm

WATCH: damning indictment of Fox News from the wASHINGTON Post video team here.

IMO providing whether a candidate wins or loses a county is not appropriate.

Census Bureau Suspends Counting Effort

Did you hear Trump slyly blame Obama? Anyone have a transcript?

I have lost count, TBH, how many times, has the Circuit Breaker gone off?

'Hell is coming' -- Bill Ackman has dire warning for Trump, CEOs if drastic measures aren't taken no


Bernie *not?* suspending campaign Axios got it wrong

Could Trump be sued for criminal negligence? (Re: testing for Covid-19.)

Cochise, Pima, and Santa Cruz Counties Border Barrier Projects Request for Input

Mr. Trump - You're Calling It The China Virus - Are You Aware That The Majority Of American People..

Where did the term "gaslighting" come from?

Am I immune to COVID-19 if I recover?

Worldometer site for COVID data now a 404 error. working again at 2:40

Trumps Coronavirus Calendar

READ: What Washington Told The Trump Admin About How Bad Its COVID19 Crisis Is

walls keep people in too

Tweet from 73 year old Navy vet about trump's inadequate response to coronavirus

Suppression of student vote.

My First Hit At A Trump Fan

A Grandma gets real about trump

Textron furloughs 7,000 Wichita workers in struggles with coronavirus, economy

Russia deploying coronavirus disinformation to sow panic in West, EU document says

USNS Comfort is LAID UP in maintenance, won't be ready for WEEKS

I can't stand it anymore...

tiedrich tweet on deplorables & socialism

DU long-timers!! The Magistrate is back!!

Daily Goat - best thing to watch all day 🤣

Closed case numbers on COVID-19

How about all that "winning" MAGATS

Idea for an ad campaign: "Watching Fux News & Listening to Rush Limburger is hazardous

White House pauses testimony for officials handling coronavirus response

Hawaii governor - tourists stay home for 30 days, implements closures

Yashar Ali: I received this email from an RN at a hospital in the United States.


New Biden ad on response to virus

Sorry if repost, but a good article about testing

Trump's Incompetence Lies And Playing Politics Will Cost Lives Possibly Thousands Of Needless Deaths

After 4 Hours of Fauk News they are : ....

On this day, March 18, 1933, Studebaker went bankrupt.

So when do we get our Checks?

He is our Great President and we should support Him!

Democratic Senators can make competent Presidents:


Powell's Book Store is laying off most of its employees

You know the worst part of this

Just noticed Tylenol is not using Susan Sarandon

Hospitals are holding back from ordering more medical ventilators because of the high cost

Victory Garden, 2020 ed.

This is just a sample of the crap going around on Twitter that Gray embraces:

Nearly 100 More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Florida

Now we know how far he could coast on the Obama economy

AZ-SEN: McSally campaign to suspend TV ads, canvassing amid pandemic

Should we be worried about a run on the banks?

So, why does Deborah Birx tie a different tablecloth around her neck for each of

Breaking news Smart News big three auto

I proudly stood with @PennaNurses and @District1199C to fight the closure of Hahnemann.

Got an email from Target. They are reserving Wednesday mornings,

Well crap: "Contract payments suspended"

Trump calling himself a "War time President" Hmmm....

My street is empty - except for the lady that was riding her horse and walking her dog just now

Tell trump to STOP calling it a Chinese virus. That's Scapegoating. Its a bat virus.

You raised $270.00 on March 17, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Rick Wilson: "MAN, the energy Trump's agitprop machine is putting into 'China Virus' is astounding"

Nineteen elderly residents die in Madrid convalescent home.

Home Health Mexico installs an inflatable hospital for possible cases of coronavirus

NPR Poll - Do you think the coronavirus is a real threat or blown out of proportion?

Layoffs intensify, leading to soaring unemployment claims as coronavirus closures continue

"Chinese Virus, China Virus....."

It just may be a good thing that I am voluntarily sheltering in place. If I was out

Trump said he knew nothing about the Firing of the Pandemic Response Team.

Woman visits grandpa at nursing home, stands outside his window:

facebook is very handy at times like this...really

Russia deploying coronavirus disinformation to sow panic in West, EU document says.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #4 in B-flat Major, Op. 60

I'm going to war

Chinese blogger calls for coronavirus-related bias to stop

Wag the dog? I have been searching and I can't seem to find

Coronavirus: Italy and France have highest daily deaths from COVID-19

Former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld (R) suspends presidential campaign

1,900 suspected cases in Texas?

Self swab

Senate voting for the House bill now

Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

NM Gov. orders closures

Marie Newman has defeated Dan Lipinski in the IL 3rd District.

Chemical plume near SLC. National Guard called

EU says pro-Kremlin media trying to sow 'panic and fear' with coronavirus disinformation

Has Bernie commented on last night's results yet?

Coworker (works remote) tested positive

Links to state government coronavirus websites

Coronavirus and Socialism

children are getting beat up because fucking asshole is calling it the Chinese virus

Sanders to Reporters: I'm dealing with a fucking global crisis.

I want to apologize for having a post hidden in this Forum Yesterday

you should see Frank Schaeffer's latest vid, pro Biden

DIY hand santizer gel - FAIL!

Biden will need a VP that can do the heavy lifting of drafting new legislation, budgets, policies

Coronavirus: All Indoor Mall Sections To Close In NY, PA, CT, NJ

On March 17, 1966, the last Canadian Studebaker was built.

What are the latest updates on The Trump Virus?

There will be an accounting

All the DJ comedians are talking about the Baby Boom of December 2020/January 2021

What is everyone watching?

Sarah Jarosz - Childish Things (Live From Home)

how will they decide who gets how much?

On March 17, 1966, the last Canadian Studebaker was built.

Trump telling about how bad the test for COVID-19 supposedly is was not helpful.

Iran warns virus could kill 'millions' in Islamic Republic

Self Care Tips from Ohio University in Athens Ohio

Gov. Lujan Grisham orders recreational facilities to close; restaurants, bars limited to takeout and

John Rich will keep paying workers in his Nashville bar, challenges other owners to do same

Oil plummets 26% to 18-year low as global price war escalates

Had our daughter's Abyssinian cat for a week

Bank in Reno offering 6 pack of TP if you open a new account.

Chinese blogger calls for coronavirus-related bias to stop

Moroni loses his trumpet

HA...russian bots in obvious view. TeaPainUSA tweet poll is obviously being BOT'd

What's better than getting a dog? Getting a second one

Pieces: The St. Louis Board Game Bar & Cafe

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 18, 2020

Coronavirus surfaces in 19 elder care facilities in Florida

U.S. markets fall sharply as rampant volatility takes hold

So I had a issue last night

Senate Passes Coronavirus Emergency Aid, Sending Plan To President

I love her.. and I love she speaks out for @JoeBiden

LIVE UPDATES Read the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The 'Trump Bump' in stocks is nearly gone.

Dollhouse + tiny toad 😂

I heard people were panic buying essentials, so I stocked up.

33 Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas

Wow! @FoxNews just made its first tweet since Nov 2018

FOX viewers are reporting severe cases of whiplash.

98 cases in TN.

Japan developed drug shows promise against coronavirus

This pittie weighed 17 pounds when she was rescued -- look at her now!

Jack Ma sends US testing kits and masks:

Washington state works with the Pentagon to prepare for a wave of coronavirus cases

Coronavirus Rhapsody

Watch this cat very slowly fall in love with his new baby sister

So I bought 24 cans of Vienna Sausage to go with 24 packs of ramen noodles

CNN: Senate just passed House Coronavirus Relief Bill

Dogs Used To Getting Tons Of Attention Get A New Human Sibling

Bernie just gonna leave all his supporters hanging?

George W. Bush tried to put an end to rising anti-Muslim sentiment after 9/11

On the bright side-

trump: follow the "Primrose Path"

Coronavirus Infections Pass 200,000 Globally

My latest COVID-19 numbers and estimates

Trump supporters

Watch this abandoned puppy get so furry and pretty

My dentist's office just closed.

"I'm sure the deaths are horrific, but . . ."

Weeks of downplaying: trump's coronavirus calendar

Stocks sink again as coronavirus sell-off reaches a new low

I am confused, how much debt is too much debt?

Larry Freakin' Kudlow thinks furloughed workers should work for free

WHO officials warn US President Trump against calling coronavirus 'the Chinese virus'

a reminder - warren lists 8 terms for "corporate" bailouts (was here a few days ago also)

Anybody know who are the eight senators who voted against the Coronavirus Relief Bill?

A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe

NYSE to temporarily close trading floor, move to electronic trading because of coronavirus

Biden Sweeps Three States and Takes Commanding Lead, as Virus Reshapes American Politics

What Went Wrong with Coronavirus Testing in the U.S. - The New Yorker

'Moron' Trump shredded for claiming coronavirus 'snuck up on us' -- one day after insisting he always

Will handling cash put you at risk for the coronavirus?

Reports reveal what officials are being told about COVID-19 ... and it's not what they are telling us

A Weirdly Appropriate Song For Today, My Friends

could it really go like this re COVID-19? (I am updating data over time)

Can Trump use the national emergency to delay the election?

Ditching Mitch and the case to #REpeach Trump for abuse of the public trust on #Coronavirus

S&P 500 Large Cap Index - 1925-Present

Game:Name a major US disaster.

Stores designate shopping time for seniors, vulnerable amid coronavirus: Safeway, Whole Foods, Targe

CBS News Video - Miami Spring Breakers... Humanity - 500,000 BC - 2020 AD ... R. I. P.

While Thump was using nurses as props in his second presser of the day...

China Rebukes the U.S. After Saying It Will Expel American Journalists

Paul Says 'Non-People' Shouldn't Get Tax Credit

Whatcom group dedicated to helping neighbors amid coronavirus becomes 'a place of hope'

The COVID-19 report from Imperial College - London

Seattle music scene struggles amid coronavirus shutdown

I'm seeing an inmate is COVID-19 positive at Riker's...

Evictions stop in NY because of coronavirus pandemic: If you were there Monday, you stay, judge says

Treasury plan calls for emergency checks starting April 6

Boy, did anybody just see John Heilmann on Deadline: White House?

Disgustingly appalling--8 vote vs Family bill--BOTH OK senators vs!!

Russell Wilson, Ciara pledge to donate 1 million meals to Seattle during COVID-19 outbreak

We need to rename this virus,

Contactless credit cards

Simon Property Group closing all of its malls due to coronavirus starting 7 p.m. Wednesday

Senator Amy Klobuchar has a great Joe Biden story

Yesterday's FB mystery solved.

A comprehensive list of COVID-19 resources for Washington residents

Michigan has had its first coronavirus death and 15 more cases identified in the Detroit area


Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-10: Sorry Folks, Humanity Is Closed Edition

Seattle to add hygiene trailers, hand-washing stations across city, pause most homeless camp sweeps

How Fox News has shifted its coronavirus rhetoric.

Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Used For COVID-19

Seattle Mariners to create fund to support ballpark employees losing pay amid COVID-19

I just want to personally thank all the Biden supporters here

Trump on "Chinese Virus"..."Cuz it comes from CHINA. It's not racist at all. It comes from CHY-nuh."

Do I need a new doctor?

The Coronavirus Relief Bill H.R. 6201 does not apply to companies with more than 500 workers.

Unbelievable. Due to a shortage of tests, OH only testing medical personnel

The tech execs who don't agree with 'soul-stealing' coronavirus safety measures

Ron Johnson votes NO on Coronavirus relief

How Biden Should Debate Trump - WSJ McGurn

Arkansas property owner tells restaurants to pay employees instead of rent

China virus, huh?

Dancing Australian Shepherd shows off some pretty slick moves

Trump brushes off 'kung-flu' remark and claims Asian Americans would agree

Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Know What He's Going To Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Folding@Home has a Covid-19 Project!

Cat Who Loves Sliding Across Floor Runs Back For More

Russia Wages Disinformation Campaign on Coronavirus

Sanders Calls For $2,000 Per Month In Coronavirus Financial Aid, Plus Temporary Medicare For All

8 Senators voted against the corona virus bill

How Trump's Mistakes Made Coronavirus Worse All In MSNBC

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-18-2020

IRS has postponed payment for the 2019 taxes owed to July 15

Former CDC director reacts to coronavirus response

Why so many new viruses seem to originate in China.

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts, 03-18-2020

Is "family" singular or plural?

Have not seen Nicole Wallace this week

Trump Loses It During Coronavirus Briefing And Rants About Biden

Dr. Sanjay Gupta 'surprised at lack of seriousness' given to coronavirus

Robert Reich @RBReich: Just so we're all clear: In the middle of a global pandemic,a sitting senator

GOP right pushes back on Kansas governor for closing schools

U.S. worried coronavirus could hit young adults: White House official

So, be careful about Coronavirus stories and conspiracy theories -

Recently read: Airport rules

Cleaning Expert Teaches You How to Disinfect Your Home

Democrats Fight Back As Trump Attempts To Add Oil Industry Bailout To Coronavirus Relief Package

Fayetteville reports coronavirus case; legislator urges governor to shut down to essentials

"What a revoltin' development THIS is!"

Ron Johnson: We don't shut down our economy because tens of thousands of people die on the highways.

pic of Trump's signature on the stock market ticker (DOW) on that last big jump

REM nailed this 40 years ago

Am the Very Model of Effective Social Distancing - Sandy and Richard Riccardi

America Botched Coronavirus Testing. We're About to Find Out Just How Badly.

trump is having daily press events to star himself and make up for the lost rallies. its all

Yep Trump failed. He will be gone in November and the adults will be back in charge.

Irish-developed kit confirms infection in 15 minutes

A couple of weeks isolation with the family. What can go wrong?

Corona virus comics:

Describing himself as a 'wartime president,' Trump invokes the Defense Production Act to marshal pri

U.S. Air Force flew 500,000 COVID-19 test kit components from Italy to Memphis

I hope I will be allowed to welcome back The Magistrate!

My Fish Loves Me! He would rather play than eat!

A refreshing conspiracy theory about the primary

Does anybody know if cooking temperatures kill Covid-19?

So our government is printing money, but means of production and distribution are diminished

Perth doctor rigs up solution to feared ventilator shortage

We need a forever name to pin this event on Trump. Something like The Trumpandemic ...

The single most important thing you can do to ensure your well being is ...

Bloomberg, or some billionaire, needs to buy and widely distribute

Free live dance class!

A Coronavirus Public Service Announcement from Nirvana

If our planet could breath it would be taking its first clean breath

Professor of epidimiology dies, University of Washington.

Wolf administration announces Pennsylvania's first death related to coronavirus (Northampton Co)

Wolf administration announces Pennsylvania's first death related to coronavirus (Northampton Co)

USBG Foundation

So the airlines just had their best year ever?

Re: Airports ...Riddle me this,

Coronavirus Pandemic Reveals Just How Devastating the Greed of For-Profit Insurance Industry...

No, COVID-19 Coronavirus Was Not Bioengineered. Here's The Research That Debunks That Idea

Dr. Peniel E. Joseph @PenielJoseph via @NYTimes :This is why we need a guaranteed income, healthcare

California earthquake: Massive 5.2 quake rocks US striking just off the coast

Covid 19, Update 18

Cruise lines and casinos are part of the bailout plan?

NFL Game Plan is currently free

Rubbed the trump supporters hard today

Loner check-in

CV: What top concerns do you or your close ones have at this point?

Why don't we take more aggressive measures against the Russian cyber operation?

Huibiao Corona Hand Washing Song

Japanese treatment

What will we call the baby bubble starting 9 months from now?

China to expel American reporters after US curbs its media

The Coronavirus May Keep Trump's Financial Records Under Wraps Forever

Trump Corona Virus Calendar on YouTube

Seems Bleach may be coming back

Just got an email from my financial planner telling me not to panic. Oh good, that's a relief!

Oak Park IL(shelter in place)

This is what briebrie wants us to believe:

Florida Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Here is what happens when you privatize Emergency Preparedness.

Serious question

Don't forget, he "loves chaos." At some level, 45 is enjoying our national crisis.

"We're on a mission from God"

Second member of New Jersey family dies after coronavirus diagnosis - 4 of the other 5 are critical

No one can possibly be this clueless.

Dolphins in Italian port

Truckers are starting to be denied access to running water, modern toilets..

Rep. Diaz-Balart (R) tests positive

Video Appears To Show Louisiana Cop Planting 'Crack' On Handcuffed Black Suspect

Kushner coronavirus team sparks confusion, plaudits inside White House response efforts

Is free money really the best answer?

How long til "SoDis" becomes a thing?

Bernie needs to step back and let other progressive leaders flourish -- especially women

Why is #PeopleVsPelosi trending on twitter?

Is he having a laugh?

Bernie sounds a bit stressed.

Osprey diving into lake behind my house

Margaret and Helen's COVID19 Quarantini. Strong enough to make you think Obama is still President

My home city just announced 'shelter in place'

Is This Fair - People At Some Companies Are Told They Could Stay Home And Self-Isolate If They....

This piecemeal shutdown approach is dragging things out. Why not SHUT IT ALL DOWN

Covid Beach - Millennials Celebrate Spring Break

When (if) they hand out money to all how

Well guess I got my question answered. Knew Providence

PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN! CV Tips from Ah-nold

I'm Bill Gates.....

Raffi has a new song

MLB Network All Day-Cubs/Phillies May 17, 1979

Comfort and Inspiration from a REAL President

Do you realize