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Susan Rice guts John Bolton's assertion that the Taliban agreement is Obama style deal

Wuhan at night right now, horrifying!!!

The Inspired Home Show 2020 Cancelled Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Last nite for Chris Matthews tonite?

Chris Matthews' last show! On edit: He won't be on tonight.

Last Hardball tonight

Teeetys last show.

Holy crap Tweety's out.

Tweety Chris Matthews just announced he is retiring

Pro-women PAC Emily's List endorses Elizabeth Warren

03/03 Mike Luckovich: King Trump


tweety got fired?

Winning His War on American Institutions: How Trump is destroying the civil service

I'll NEVER forgive Tweety for being behind Donahue's firing

Will tRump show up for the 2020 POTUS debates?

Can someone tell me if something happened with Chris Matthews?

they better not give Koranki the job

Just a bit of Biden bling

Completely gone apparently.

"Rich Kids". A wonderful little indie gem!

Chris Matthews announces retirement, mutually parting ways with MSNBC

NHL looking at plans if coronavirus spreads

Give the Job to Joy!

We just witnessed Howard Beale without the gun...


Israel election: exit poll puts Netanyahu ahead but short of majority

You raised $23,296.49 on March 1, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Can I get Keith Olbermann back now?

Texas closes hundreds of polling sites, making it harder for minorities to vote

Putin submits plans for constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

Putin submits plans for constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

Washington does not have a handle on covid virus

"I FUCKING QUIT!! Your thoughts?" -Tweety

World's beaches disappearing due to climate crisis - study

Good Twitter pages to monitor during this virus crisis....

Apparently Chris Matthews just "retired" on air.

How to Make Gel Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Here is why Both Siderism Matthews is gone. Good riddance.

In you early voted for a candidate in Texas who has now dropped out, what happens to

It would be nice to see a woman of color replace Tweety

I would love to see either

Isn't it ironic that Tweety was fired / quit the same day Welch died?


Any chance the Klobuchar and Buttigieg ground games will...

I used to read Chris Matthews in the San Francisco newspaper.

COVID-19, summary of part of TV news in Tampa Bay this evening-


Newsthump: Boris Johnson and Daily Telegraph to get married

What is Joe's message?

How to change your vote in CA if you voted for someone who dropped out

San Diego Union-Tribune endorses Biden ahead of California primary...Go Joe😎🎨

Bill Maher said it best

Covid-19: The difference between the west coast and the rest of the country:

STAND BY FOR NEWS (from Biden people)

New Puppy Crush!! /(not mine)

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

***Breaking: Biden Catches up to Sanders in Total Delegates Projection on 538***

Question for the Bloombergers...

And now a third endorsement tonight by a former Presidential candidate-

Ex-guard frees dozens of hostages in Manila mall, is subdued

As a Pete supporter, I have just pitched my support to Joe Biden for President.

Pete is endorsing Biden...

NYT reports: Beto O'Rourke plans to endorse Biden tonight.

Pete endorsing Biden live now

Pete is going to be Joe's VP


Matthews resigns / Kornacki's reaction (video)

Biden on Buttigieg: This is a man who's not only brilliant, but decent. He reminds me of my son Beau

Justice Department releases more than 600 pages of notes from witnesses during Mueller investigation

Who will get the all-important John Delaney endorsement


Biden and Buttigieg are speaking live on CNN right now!!!

Biden: I look over at Pete and say, "that's a Beau", Pete had tears in his eyes.

I am in tears again... The admiration they have for each other Joe and Pete

So is Beto another evil establishment Democrat?

Katy Tur caught totally off guard about Matthews retirement

Facebook VIDEO of Buttigieg endorsing Biden, Biden's response - 12 minutes of video

Trump administration to cut number of employees at Chinese media outlets in U.S.

Jack Welch, the CEO of GE, is dead.

Cuomo: New York directive to require insurers to cover costs associated with COVID-19

Jack Welch, the CEO of GE, is dead. (X-posted from GD)

Why I hope Senator Warren stays in the race...Everybody's second choice.

Ok as a math teacher I have to ask this

Stanford group wants to use your computer to help researchers study the coronavirus

Saw a college student on the news who returned from Italy study abroad

Liberals/progressives have to be honest with themselves

Do endorsements make a difference to voters?

Inside the actors Studio" host James Lipton dies at 93

Chris Hayes just said "Bloomberg is single-handedly handing the lead to Bernie Sanders."

Wonder if CNN might snap up Tweety?

WTF? Why is MSNBC giving a platform to this idiot saying the consolidation around Biden is

I'm in a few largish progressive facebook groups

Rob Reiner is speaking truth on Chris Hayes

Vulture fund billionaire Paul Singer seeks Twitter takeover

Democrats endorsing a Democrat. Wild.


MSNBC should hire Al Franken in Tweety's place. n/t

What Bernie's Movement Looks Like

What Bernie's Movement Looks Like

C-Span2 will be carrying Biden's rally live. Starts momentarily.

Said by one of my clients today, my son lost a good job, it was paying $11.75 per hr

Democrats embracing their own.

"I know a lot of parents who don't love their children very much."

*Joe B on CNN now.

Dallas NBC affiliate LIVESTREAM of Biden rally -- RALLY STARTING NOW!!!

Lab for Coronavirus test kits may have been contaminated.

Beto to endorse Joe tonight

A Reminder From Oprah

Excuse me, Mr. Olbermann? I think there's an open table at 7.

Benjamin Netanyahu defeats Benny Gantz with larger bloc

Retired, or Hoping to Be, and Saddled With Student Loans


Your Opinion, Please

Hello kitty! Leopard face reconstructed from ancient Egyptian sarcophagus

Biden at 26% in new California poll

Bring Keith back!

Please just make it stop.

Chris Matthews Announces Retirement

'Astounding new finds' suggest ancient empire may be hiding in plain sight

Did Kamala Harris ever endorse Joe Biden?

Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Beto converge on Dallas in all-star show of force for Biden, as centrists

Biden rally seems to be starting late.

This is for all the people Bernie brings into the Party

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! 1984!

Happy Texas Independence Day.

China's cases of Covid-19 are finally declining. A WHO expert explains why.

'Astounding new finds' suggest ancient empire may be hiding in plain sight

Big Biden rally in Dallas tonight

A question for the scientists

Flavor Flav to Chuck D: 'I'm Not Your Employee ... You Can't Fire Me'

Bernie Sanders still national frontrunner ahead of Super Tuesday: CBS Evening News

I saw Buttigieg and Biden at a restaurant and B endorsed B. Is Buttigieg...

My 7 o'clock TV hour just improved immeasurably.

The FCC Fines Wireless Companies for Selling Users' Location Data

For Joe Biden to say an openly gay Buttigieg reminds him of his dead son


Here's a thought for MSNBC: Move Nicolle to the 7pm slot

How North Korean Hackers Rob Banks Around the World

Trump tax windfall evaporated -- and during an election year.

Beto is endorsing Joe Biden

White House, undoing liberal democracy, gaslight who real liberal

Biden Now Unofficially Leads in Delegates

Less than 8% of Democrats have voted early in TX. So the events of the last couple days--

NOTE to Joe Scarborough: Do NOT start your show by yelling and continuing to yell for a tirade

Daily Kos Democratic presidential primary straw poll: Post-South Carolina

Now: Bernie C-SPAN Now: Joe C-SPAN2

This Roman emperor believed he was a god.

Gov Kemp, GA, holding 10pmET press conference

Matthews is Gone. For Poetic Justice, Do You Know Who I'd Like To See REPLACE Him?

Concrete Blonde - Everybody Knows

Confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths across Washington state

South Korea offers drive-thru COV19 testing--if only trump admin was as efficient

Watch CSPAN-2. It's so much fun to be at a real, local rally. Complete...

Rabbit Eating Juicy Cucumber ASMR

The intense hatred and intolerance of 1774

Wow! I know this story broke earlier, but I just can't believe Matthews retired!

Trump repeatedly misunderstands health officials advising him about coronavirus

Free hugs

Ice cream & sour wine gudBYE to Tweety,'cause DONAHUE ain't mean enough to do it:

Trump to meet with drugmakers as U.S. sees more coronavirus cases

Biden: Buttigieg 'reminds me of my son Beau'

PBS NewsHour's YouTube link for the Biden rally:

If Beto O'Rourke(D-TX) becomes the Vice Presidential Runningmate to Biden or Sanders,

EMILY's List endorses Warren for president

*Amy + Jill, Amy @ the mike, msnbc.

Listening to the rally tonight, and the innumerable noble words, I can't

They've been chanting "Fired Up, Ready to Go!" while waiting for Biden.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 3 March 2020

if joe doesnt get his show going half the country will be in bed asleep before his moment nt

Mike Pence Responds to Donald Trump Jr. Claiming Democrats Hope Coronavirus 'Kills Millions'

Speaking carefully, am I the only one here who has noticed a decline today in something

Susan Rice endorses Biden's presidential campaign

Biden nabs Klobuchar, Buttigieg backing on Super Tuesday eve

"Join hands instead of pointing fingers," says Amy.

3 open House seats draw slew of candidates in North Carolina

Afghanistan deal: Don't trade away women's rights to the Taliban. Put us at the table.

Watching Amy.

White House withdraws nomination of Defense official who questioned Ukraine aid freeze

I will support whoever we nominate. I only want to WIN ! ! !

Breaking: "We have plenty of toilet paper to go around"

Charlotte Man Rents Van to Help Handicapped Get to the Polls

Amy: "I cannot think of a better way to end my campaign than joining his."

Pete Buttigieg meets up with Joe Biden...

Amy. You're making me cry.

Taliban end partial truce as Afghan violence resumes

What's the best way to contact MSNBC and ask them to hire Al Franken

🐦 MAR 5 at 6:30PM MST - Rally in Phoenix with Bernie Sanders

Trump claims Democratic primary 'rigged' against Sanders after Klobuchar, Buttigieg drop out

Vice President Pence assures coronavirus infection 'risk to Americans is low'

Sanders campaign rails against 'nervous' establishment, as candidates flock to Biden

The song for this week!

Seriousness of virus threat finally hits the Orange Blob

Biden moments ago: "Americans don't want a promise of a revolution, they want RESULTS!"

Where's Beto ?

Turnout in South Carolina makes Biden's win even more impressive

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Presidency and the US Senate in 2020.

What would be a possible position in a Biden administration for Pete Buttigieg?

What Biden just said about Trump needs to be in an ad.

Beto's up!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 5, 2020 -- TCM Memorial Tribute: Kirk Douglas

There comes beto on the stage of Joe Biden's rally.nt

A note from ATCC on corona virus reference materials.


Pence announcing all the great and wonderful people on his team to fight covid .

The remarkable thing about Pete and Amy...

"We're BETTER than this moment, we're BETTER than this president, GET UP..."

Biden's rally is more than just one of his rallies.

Georgia state reports 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus

Cap's Back! Did I Miss Anything? Is Shit Still Cray? Do You Have the Coronavirus Yet? (Ferret/SC)

Has anyone heard that a certain temperature (fever) is required for Covid-19 testing?

Do we have strong Biden surrogates or what?!

I forgot how much I liked Beto!!!!!!

Oregon tribal employee 'presumptive' positive for COVID-19

My first post in this forum:

Police find a fully grown alligator living in the basement of an Ohio home

I am enjoying all those establishment democrats on stage with joe biden. you? nt

Where was Pete?

***WHOA NELLY*** Biden and Sanders Now Tied At 538 Primary Forecast

Will be good to see Amy, Pete and Beto campaigning for Joe henceforth.

Trump's White House gave the green light to a dangerous chemical linked to fetal heart defects

Major question

MSNBC will have a LIVE interview of Joe Biden in a few minutes.

*Lawrence interviewing Joe B. next.

This is heartless.

So I have been undecided since Harris dropped. Nina Turner flipped me

Thousands Pack Biden's Dallas Rally As Trump's Nightmare Of Democratic Unity Comes True .Wow...😎

Bernie Sanders Two Opposing Messages On Biden

Former Beto field organizer, now working for Biden, on tonight's endorsement

I thought air was free.

Oregon coronavirus quarantines 'dozens' of Hillsboro hospital staff

Don't want this to be missed. Chris Matthews is a vile misogynist predator

Bernie bro pushing conspiracy theory re Beto/Amy/Pete wonders if Warren is "beyond redemption"

New Mueller 302s reveal a thought for Super Tuesday:

So, who might be the next to go at MSNBC?

book coming out in this month

and there you have it......Joe Biden is tops on our DU poll at 21%........

For longtime DUers going through our fourth presidential primary

Going with the unity theme--my wife voted for Sanders and I voted for Biden

PBS NEWSHOUR Biden's Texas Rally March 2 YouTube video

The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is consolidating around @JoeBiden to beat Donald Trump!

Does anyone else see Barack Obama's

Mia Farrow: I am scared of a Bernie presidency [wrt to how Team Bernie treats the media]

Bernie-backing Marianne Williamson smears Buttigieg and Klobuchar for endorsing Biden

The Daily Show: Global Edition - Trump Visits India & Countries Respond to Coronavirus

Tonight I, as an up to today Amy Klobuchar supporter I say one final time...

Elizabeth Warren speaking in LA right now

California's largest firefighter union endorsed Joe Biden

So What...Peter Baker...Are The Questions That Should Be Asked About Hunter Biden?

My father passed away 18 years ago, tomorrow.

COVID-19 brings US death toll to 6 WNT

Biden's gonna need a bigger car for all the people ridin' with him.

Poll on where Buttigieg voters are going

The Daily Show: Coronavirus Hits America - Is This How We Die?

some smart people should get with tulsi and tell her to be DONE and not pull a Stein

Former Beto staffer tweets a photo from Whataburger - and Biden tweets 17-minute VIDEO

Dear MSNBC, Now do Chuck Todd...

I am feeling so much positive energy tonight.

Gotta Love the New Yorker

Happy 90th birthday to John Cullum, who played Holling Vincoeur on Northern Exposure.

The answer is obvious RACHEAL should get 2 hours

In 2024, we need to weight early primaries towards heavily African-American states

From my daughter.....

Who gets Klobuchar's and Buttigieg's delegates?

British Airways and Ryanair cancel hundreds of flights due to COVID-19 outbreak..

Covid 19 test is $3000!! - South Korea offers free testing, WTF is wrong with America?

*My Fair Lady on TCM now.

The Daily Show: Biden Wins South Carolina, Pete & Klobuchar Drop Out / Bloomberg & Stop-and-Frisk

If I were to vote in a presidential primary today (which I did), I would vote for...

It was the Democrats' embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump

I am in mourning

Seth Meyers: Trump Calls Criticism of Coronavirus Response a "Hoax" as Concerns Grow: A Closer Look

A millennial family member's view

Senate candidate Capt. Mark Kelly endorses Joe Biden for president

Why does Bernie think people he's been disparaging as "Corporate Democrats" --

DU support: Joe has climbed all day and Bern has stayed stagnant

"I think Biden's most significant endorsement today was @CaptMarkKelly,.."

Good riddance, Chris Matthews.

Joe Biden to rich donors: "Nothing would fundamentally change" if he's elected

Joe and Beto Get Burgers With Video!

Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position.

Biden is now at 22% on DU!

Michael Moore: South Carolina is not reflective of the United States

Have an idea, but need help

MN-07: Rep. Collin Peterson endorses Biden

Biscuits and sausage gravy

Virginia expert predicts Biden victory by 7%

Senators see tide turning toward Biden after big win

Central Valley Sunset

Joe's persona

Biden puts on Beto t-shirt at Whataburger: "Put me in, coach. I'm ready to play" -VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel's Daughter is Just Like Trump

Humans domesticated horses - new tech could help archaeologists figure out where and when

Warren on the edge of getting zero delegates from Maine

Klobuchar Campaign's final Minnesota poll.

What if mysterious 'cotton candy' planets actually sport rings?

Bernie Sanders and the Establishment Red Scare Meltdown

'The Nation' Endorses Bernie Sanders and His Movement

I miss this guy ... email from Beto 3/2/2020

NASA picks SpaceX Falcon Heavy to launch Psyche mission to metal asteroid in 2022

UBC student discovers 17 alien worlds. One may be capable of hosting life!

Spacecraft Could Approach Speed of Light by Riding Supernovas, Radical Study Proposes

New telescope to look for laser pulses from life around other planets

Operation Bernie Block Is in Full Effect

Weird star was born when two white dwarfs merged instead of blowing up

How Many Are Infected With COVID-19 In Washington State Trump? Stop Lying People Are Dying

Joe mania and Joe-mentum at critical mass. Has Kamala Harris actually endorsed Biden? Such

Bernie needs to earn a win just like everyone else. He's not entitled and it's not his turn --

Far out? You don't need this endorsement Bernie, not now!

If you are concerned about water and COVID-19.

Pro-women PAC Emily's List endorses Elizabeth Warren

Political Leaders In Massachusetts Campaign For Elizabeth Warren

Have Domestic Flights Been Affected By This Virus Crisis?.....

Elon Musk is vowing to support Twitter boss Jack Dorsey against the activist hedge fund trying to ou

I am curious about Gabbard....

Kid - The Pretenders (1979)

Biden now the Predictit favorite to win the Democratic nomination.

Heather Cox Richardson - March 2, 2020 - Letters From An American

A fast and furious tornado rips through Germantown, downtown Nashville.....

I am warning all now, my state of registration (CA) is going to turn into a pure shitshow tonight

O.C. Democratic Party headquarters vandalized with white nationalist propaganda

Biden gains on Sanders in Minnesota, reaches viability in Colorado.

A long text from my daughter on the eve of this Super Tuesday.

'I learned how to say it, so I'm gonna use it' Trump is not well................

Downtown Nashville struck by tornado

Pete's and Amy's Endorsements

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Senator Elizabeth Warren on Coronavirus, Bloomberg, Super Tuesday & Running Mate

Jimmy Fallon: Rachel Maddow Separates Coronavirus Facts from Fiction

538's self select Super Tuesday overall impact shows Bliden with 1853 to Sanders 1439

My Favorite by Poe: Annabel Lee

Who is supposed to be quarantined?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/2/20

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Heilemann

Breakfast Tuesday 3 March 2020

Chasten pays touching tribute to husband Pete as he quits presidential race

A Florida man spewed anti-LGBTQ insults so offensive at a public meeting a Republican shut him down

Pope Tests Negative on Coronavirus: Messaggero

#ThankYouPete takes over social media as LGBTQ people react to Buttigieg dropping out

Ginger Ale you got as a kid

Bloomberg campaign rolled out in American Samoa

Cuellar: We need a trust fund for land ports of entry

Bibi still cannot form a government

"I Waterproofed Myself With Aerogel!"

Tennessee & Nashville DUers check in please. The photos are awful

Tornado hits Nashville

(Jewish Group) The dam is breaking for LGBT acceptance in the Orthodox world

Does anyone know if there is a place online

(Jewish Group) The Gay Rights Movement Has an Anti-Semitism Problem

At least 2 killed when tornado smashes into Nashville

Chris Matthews announcing his retirement sounds really pissy...

Two cases of Coronavirus confirmed in Georgia

Does anybody know how to pass this on to SNL? Anyone? Please?

Rx for stress relief (edited to add)

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 is winning-

Here's the Tory coronavirus plan:

Biden wins SC and Repubs pull Hunter Biden out of the hat again.

This Pipeline Case Could Gut 100 Years of Safeguards for Federal Parks

I admit I went to costco yesterday

'Democrats really must stop': Trump begs his critics to quit treating him like he treated Barack...

Sexy Vixen Vinyl and Brit Hume

Scientists Were Hunting for the Next Ebola. Now the U.S. #TRUMP Has Cut Off Their Funding.

Colorado may name two Democratic primary winners as field tightens ahead for Super Tuesday

Vatican announces Pope free of Coronavirus:

You know, it's only sometimes funny when someone gets duct-taped to a wall.

Biden +20 in VA, +9 in NC, +2 in TX & down only 7 in CA according to latest polls.

When you don't know how to finish a news-report:

Deadly tornado moved through Nashville and suburbs overnight.

Morning Joe is saying Harris may endorse in Oakland this morning!!!!!!

Election Protection

local CBS affiliate this morning

Per MSNBC - Biden will be in Oakland, CA this morning

Dare we make a prediction?

Happy 76th Birthday Roger Daltrey

The Wire, on "evacuation".

I can't manage to be in 2 countries at once, and yet Greenpeace thinks I've been cloned twice

TraitorGOP election fraud in Texas, pure and simple

The Rugged Individualists Of Alberta's Oil Sector Can't/Won't Pay For Well Cleanup - So Here's $100M

Just sent in my Democrats Abroad ballot

TN Emergency Mgmt confirms 7 dead from tornadoes that shred more than 40 bldgs (now 9 dead)

Driest February On Record For Much Of California (Normally Wettest Month); Small Wildfires Confirmed

Tennessee voting

Good morning, Virginia...

Green Bay Packers bath mat was one of their most common Walmart purchases of 2017.

Is there a "I voted on Super Tuesday" thread?

Good luck BERNIE!

47 Members Of BlackRock's "Investment Stewardship Team"; Each Responsible For 500 Huge Corporations

Disappointed in Amy and Pete

Sen. Bernie Sanders talks to CNN's Anderson Cooper ahead of Super Tuesday voting.

Sen. Bernie Sanders talks to CNN's Anderson Cooper ahead of Super Tuesday voting.


EPA's Wheeler To Congress: Please Cut My Budget, But We'll Do A Great Job, And We Really Care

The Rundown: March 2, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 02/26/20

Here's something about Bloomberg I can't get out of my head...

Election Day in Nashville

How many names were on your ballot? Virginia-14

Climate Lies, Epidemic Lies - In The End, It's All The Same Damned Lie

Tuesday TOONs (Yes, We're Back) - Patient Zero

Little vignette about Giuliani, Trump, Nadler and the Cuomos.

Weather in Ohio is like .....

I don't expect early results will be good in Calif for Joe when polls close tonight

77 Flood Warnings In England & Wales; 15 UK Rivers Hit Highest Levels On Record

Trump's confusion on display during meeting with pharmaceutical execs

Moscow: Avg Temps Above Freezing Dec 2019 - Feb 2020; Helsinki: No Measurable Snow Jan-Feb

Smithsonian Released 2.8M Images Into the Public Domain

Could coronavirus stop Ultra? Miami officials examining safety plans, daily updates

The Latest: Italian region using strap-on breathing masks

Latest 538 Projection (ST morning)

How many Democratic POTUS candidates have dropped out?

I am a life long Democrat. I am a bit disturbed that Bernie says he is running against my party

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 47 - Which Side Are You On? (The Dig, Michael Brooks, & Natalie Shure)

Jon Lovett: "...because coming together is the absolute most important thing."

Cut for Time: Love Is Blind - SNL

***Comeback Joe has grabbed the lead at predictit***

East Los Angeles is ready for @ewarren ! #VoteWarren #CaliforniaPrimary


Defense Secretary Warns Commanders Not to Surprise Trump on Coronavirus

I Just Cast My Vote For Warren

Trump controls the CDC,

Mother and son at Sarasota Military Academy under quarantine - Pence visited school Friday

Beto was great on Morning Joe

Latest 538 numbers...Who will win the 2020 primary?

Good Morning DU politicos!!... Good Morning Super Tuesday voters!!!

Coronavirus in N.Y.: Cuomo Confirms Second Case in the State

This "The Establishment" talk is old and tired.

The scandal: we had one month to make and distribute test kits. Trump deferred.

Biden will be in Oakland today, but the details are hush-hush.


Fired up and ready to...

I'm Ridin' with Biden 💗

🥰 Everybody Loves Bernie 💞

A LITTLE tour of Monster Hunter World ...

Late poll show huge shift to Biden in NC.

Local news from Nashville, TN

Low pay impacting Florida's teachers.

"This is bonkers" WH releases stmt of laudatory tweets about Trump's leadership in COVID-19 crisis

Senator Bernard Sanders (I-Vermont) Seems Concerned

Susan Collins doesn't understand why Maine voters don't love her anymore.

A case before the Supreme Court could expand the president's power to remove their leaders

The dictatorship is almost complete

Was one of the first to vote this morning! Loved voting for Joe Biden!

Facebook "Fact-Checking" (FYI)

Tulsi Gabbard's Nine Supporters Urge Her to Drop Out of Race

At least two New York high schools close after suspected coronavirus case in local community

James Franco accusers are 'jumping on the #MeToo bandwagon', say actor's lawyers

The Democratic party's philosophical shift reminds me of what happened with Apartment Life vs

Coronavirus: Tokyo 2020 could be postponed to end of year - Japan's Olympic minister

Democrats living overseas: find your Democrats Abroad voting locations here

(Australia class action) Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $2.6m in damages over vaginal mesh implant

World's biggest meat company linked to 'brutal massacre' in Amazon

World's biggest meat company linked to 'brutal massacre' in Amazon

Senate candidate Capt. Mark Kelly endorses Joe Biden for president

Miami woman who traveled to Italy reportedly denied proper testing for coronavirus

So, Was President Obama Involved in Bringing Democrats Together

Facebook made THE DAILY CALLER an official fact-checking partner.

Did Pence Come In Contact with Infected Cadet?

Brit Hume (Fox) takes polling data screenshot on his iPad but forgets to close Sexy Vixen Vinyl tab

Could Trump try to postpone the 2020 election if Coronavirus is affecting the stock market in Oct.?

WH approves new contamination suits for the coronavirus

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts, 03-02-20

Seventeen Nominations and One Withdrawal Sent to the Senate; March 2, 2020

Hillary Clinton responds to Sanders on delegates: 'Let's follow the rules'

Our government at work - Pence holding a meeting

What would you like to see change with the next election?

I cry when I vote.

2017: Leon Westmoreland named to Amtrak board. 2020: New development

Kitty slippers

Fed cuts rates half a point.

Japan Olympic Minister: Games could be held any time in 2020

How a data-backed Christian nationalist machine helped Trump to power

UN agency: Iran nearly triples stockpile of enriched uranium

CNN Analyst Predicts The Exact Date Trump Will Dump Pence From The Ticket

Next, Martial Law

Centrists of the world unite!

North Korean swagger may conceal brewing virus disaster

Has anyone noticed on ESPN how damn near all of the sports venues are re-evaluating

With These Hands

Ok who pooped in the tub , Paps watching grandsons this morning

Iran orders troops to fight coronavirus outbreak as 77 dead

Just cast my vote in the Virginia primary for the next President of the United States, Joe Biden!

The real question is with the emergency fed rate cut is

538's New List of Probable Delegates (as of this morning):

Federal Reserve Cuts Interest Rates By Half Percentage Point

Rights group: Lacoste gloves made in Chinese internment camp

Mayor Pete Was Good for the Left

Trump administration quietly cuts funding to the nation's poorest schools

COVID-19 Stats and an observation

538 probabilities for each state

It's an Anniversary! When a GOP candidate publicly defended his manly "junk"

The King in the military - Rare photos

'He reminds me of my son': Joe Biden gives Pete Buttigieg the 'highest compliment'

Doc Watson was born on this date.

USCIS Seattle field office closed when employee shows flu-like symptoms

For those that didn't see this, and this "guy" is a senator, who is suppose to defend

JUST IN: @MikeBloomberg here in Miami describes the state is the race this way: "Joe's taking votes

In the event a hack of the RNC had occurred, Trump campaign would seek to separate itself from RNC

A dangerous rift in the Democratic Party

I don't have the heart to officially switch from Warren, but Biden's the one.

Fucking judge rules HRC

Student Quarantined Days After Classmates Shook Mike Pence's Hand, Report Says

Netanyahu in huge win?

What on earth do they think a rate cut is going to accomplish?

Medical experts have to tell Trump that flu vaccine won't work on coronavirus

Tommy Chong Talks Weed, Bernie Sanders, and Smoking with Snoop While Eating Spicy Wings Hot Ones

Bernie Sanders : With These Hands

Aaron Blake: Trump's baffling coronavirus vaccine event

I suspect John Oliver's ridicule had something to do with Tweety's abrupt exit

Flooding closes road in Australia - Take the detour

Comparative twin study: Access to healthcare in the NHS and the American private insurance system

TN Emergency Mgmt Agency confirms 19 dead from overnight storms

Warren takes aim at Biden: A 'Washington insider will not meet this moment'

If Biden can't win Super Tuesday, He won't win the 2020 Nomination

Remarks by Trump and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Meeting with Pharmaceutical Companies

GOP lawmaker: Senate should be able to ignore impeachments it doesn't like

The View talked about Tweety - mostly summing up his history & sad ending

So the last GOP President/Disaster, GWB, policies left the country's economy a wreck

Are you afraid to go out due to the Corona virus?

Upbeat/Positive News Of The World 3-3-20

Follow your heart and head today

Beto O'Rourke: I'm voting for Joe Biden Today in The Texas Primary because

Trump loyalist installed in top intelligence post on National Security Council

Trump jawboned the Fed to cut the funds rate by 50 basis points and the market's still tanking.

Ok. So sell me. What does Biden stand for?

WATCH LIVE: CDC officials, Fauci testify to Senate on U.S. response to coronavirus outbreak

Trump Barely Conscious in Disastrous Press Conference

Trump Calls Man Who Died a "Wonderful Woman"

VP Pence potentially Exposed to Coronavirus

Frankly, I find these things scarier than COVID-19 itself.

"There has been a tremendous amount of interference..." (COVID19)

GOP senators ask for more CDC funds after voting previously to cut them

NY Times: China Stopped Its Economy to Tackle Coronavirus. Now the World Suffers.

trump's 'fix' for the dow flopped -539

Greg Sargent: Trump's new attack on Biden exposes his own unfitness 👀

Maybe this was well covered--what was to be gained by multi agency announcement re: Super Tues?

"Maybe Joe Biden is taking votes away from me?"

Airlines face worsening coronavirus impact, European bosses warn

Hope all DU'ers in Nashville are safe. Much destruction

Proofreading, explained for the president of the United States

Betting Odds - Democratic Presidential Nomination

Second coronavirus case confirmed in New York state, U.S. cases top 100

Trump loyalist installed in top intelligence post on National Security Council

Case closed: No evidence of hacking as alleged by Georgia Gov. Kemp

The coronavirus is an enveloped virus--meaning it has an outer membrane made of oil and fat that

Coronavirus stats

MMM -- Jes' grew Week

If only Trump had a doctor in his Cabinet to lead the coronavirus team

Donna Brazile Just Told Ronna McDaniel to go to hell on FOX News

What if Trump declared Pence the corona-guy because he WANTS him to fail?

"You liberals have no idea what you're talking about..."

For information, on 'election' day: edited

UPS worker who threatened mass shooting had 20,000 rounds of ammunition, small arsenal, say police

2020 Census

LOL. Came across this online psychopathy test. It should be called the "are you Donald Trump" test.

Randy: Any DEM Will Do!

Texas closes hundreds of polling sites, making it harder for minorities to vote

Biden campaign predicts Texas upset over Sanders

Ok, this is meant to be light-hearted, but when I saw this parked on the street adjacent to my home

538 Final Forecast For Super Tuesday

Watching Nikki Haley

Wasserman: Warren has no realistic path to the nomination.

Pelosi: Trump 'the most dangerous person in the history of our country'

58 degress here on Cape Cod this morning,



Made up my mind in the voting booth.

Poor Tennessee

I VOTED TODAY! It felt good.

If you haven't acquired something.. you cannot be stripped of it..

The awakening of Norman Rockwell

PACs, super PACs, Citizens United, etc: a lexicon

a 50 basis point rate cut was already priced into the market

Rick Wiles: If Trump Wins, Democrats Intend to 'Hunt Down and Shoot Conservative American Citizens'

Once youve had covid-19, do you have immunity to it?

Our lack of paid sick leave will make the coronavirus worse

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Cold Cut Day ☀️❗️What's your favorite cold cut/lunch meat sandwich?🥪

The Struggles of Having a Little Sister

My vote this morning in Dallas TX

I had a very sad experience, today

What a disgusting erasure of a female candidate. Dinosaur.

If Joe gets the nom here are my choices for vp in order of preference

Information coronavirus des Pompiers de Paris

Information coronavirus des Pompiers de Paris


Are there any Olivia travelers in this group?

Biden regains lead in national polling!


In talking about tornado in TN today, Trump again lies that Hurricane Dorian hit Alabama

Did you vote yet?

**There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Joseph Robinette Biden** The polling leader

For any undecideds: why I voted for Warren today

Mika And Joe Poke Trump Over His Obvious Fear Of Facing Joe Biden

ER Doctor In New York City Can't Get Diagnostic Tests For Coronavirus, CNBC

Trump: "Therapies are sort of another word for cure," and Ivanka created 15,000,000 jobs

The Texas Congressman Who Isn't Afraid of the AOC Left

Burr, Warner ask DNI to declassify Khashoggi info

Super Tuesday

WaPo's Margaret Sullivan: The real reason Chris Matthews had to go

Vice chair for DNC on Brazile claim: There was no rigging , She told RNC chair to go to HELL!!

538's estimate of delegates won on Super Tuesday

WHO chief warns we are in uncharted territory as number of coronavirus cases worldwide passes 90,000

For those who keep saying Biden isn't progressive or liberal enough

Just spoke to my sister who is back from voting in small town Oklahoma.

I voted!

Uh-oh: Fed overnight repo proffer is oversubscribed

Talking to my friend in Nashville

Three way tie in Massachusetts

Sanitary towels, fruit, and bottles used as masks in desperate bid to avoid coronavirus

In defense of Bloomberg.

Husband of LA County DA pulls gun on Black Lives Matter protesters

I voted for Elizabeth Warren in Florida

Pulling for Warren

THIS is why you need government you f@cking #MAGits!!!

Third 'presumptive positive' coronavirus case confirmed in Florida

"UAE Tour Canceled Mid-Race After Two Staffers Test Positive for Coronavirus" X-Post GD

"UAE Tour Canceled Mid-Race After Two Staffers Test Positive for Coronavirus" X-Post Bicycling

They're not even going thru the motions of pretending any more

Trump's Coronavirus Rhetoric Has Some Supporters Unworried, Claiming It Doesn't Exist

Panicked WHO Officials Not Sure How To Respond After Coronavirus Brings 12 People Back To Life

We needed to see if Biden could bounce back...

We're not the only country with a total idiot leader...

The Bernie slide continues, Sanders down to just 8% at 538 to outright win, and has crashed out

Dow Jones down over 500 points.....

The Doctor will see you now.....

'I'm Proud To Endorse Biden And So Are All Of You,' Announces Pipe-Waving Amy Klobuchar

Hillary Clinton will be guest on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

You don't remodel when your house is on fire.

Going to get JohnnyRingo out of the hospital today.

Who's taking Tweety's spot on MSNBC?

Poll Closing times tonight (all Eastern):

Tulsi Gabbard has 1% here?

I have seen so many new DUers posting

Wow Nina Turner on CNN didn't go all church lady

Jokes I've Told that My Male Colleagues Didn't Like

Daily Beast: Democrats Plan for Coronavirus Convention Chaos in Milwaukee

Was losing IA/NH/NV so badly the best thing that could have happened to Joe?

Warren supporters have lined the walk from her home to her polling location to cheer her here in Cam

"Weighted Blanket Sure To Succeed Where CBD, Salt Lamp, Oil Diffuser, Acupressure Mat, Bath Bombs,

Meditation Advice - Pith Instructions by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche - Dzogchen

Donna Brazile tells critics of her book to 'go to hell'

CNN's Begala: Trump Will 'Dump Pence' for Haley on Day of Democratic Nominee's Acceptance Speech

My Costco run was positively schizophrenic

PSA...I have seen several posts with cut & paste from articles but no links...

Why I voted Sanders

Amy Klobuchar rejects idea that moderate Democrats are trying to crush Sanders

Eating lunch in a small town diner

MA voters, who are you voting for today?


538 : Five Scenarios For How Super Tuesday Could Go

Dow's down 780. nt

Michael Bloomberg: "Tejas, we'd say here."

We got at least two votes in Vermont. Find your polling place and make sure we get a few more:

Why is the CDC being prevented from announcing the increasing numbers and

With These Hands

What if the orange menace loses but refuses to concede?

The Dystopian Lake Filled by the World's Tech Lust

Seattle Times endorses Biden

The Involved: Valerie

The Involved: Valerie

Mississippi seeks abortion ban for race, sex, genetic error

I just read the most demoralizing comment from a friend...

First time in history. US 10-year Treasury yield drops BELOW 1%


Even after all this shuffling, I'd still be just as glad with Sen. Warren as the nominee as VP Biden


Trump Is Flunking His Final Test

institutional ability of the press to fully convey the abnormality of this presidency is in doubt

Seattle story about being unable to get covid-19 test, despite symptoms:


Joe Biden's Campaign Gets Pre-Super Tuesday Boost From Showbiz Figures

Our health care system complicates virus response

Problem solved!

WHO estimates coronavirus death rate at 3.4 percent - higher than earlier estimates

Cartoons 3/3/2020

Coronavirus: Student in quarantine after classmates shook hands with Mike Pence

My son that is a freshman in college said his friends

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1 in G Minor, Op. 26

Fuck ALL Democratic "establishment" talk.

'Whatavirus?' Says Half-Naked Mike Pence Brushing Crumbs Off Stomach While Taking First Call From

Bipartisan support to allocate $100 million for COVID-19

We have a crisis situation like 2008

Mariner High School closure related to coronavirus death

In honor of baseball season, let's talk hot dogs

Cherry blossom forecast: Peak bloom in Washington around March 27, several days early.

Trump asks if "a solid flu vaccine" could "have an impact or much of an impact on Corona"

Trumpists write

Paul Simon is a much better musician and songwriter, but goddamn, when Art was singing..

Biden, told of Bloomberg complaint Biden's taking his votes: "Michael, have a good day."

Another almost 1000 point slide in DJIA even after half percent Fed interest drop

Kill 'em at the polls!

Is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's structure constitutional?

You raised $15,393.10 on March 2, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Make Trump Pick a Brown Person for VP

Where are the goddamn test kits! I thought hundreds of thousand would go out now

Coronavirus toll reaches 9 deaths, 27 confirmed cases in Wash. state

Fauci says the coronavirus could be 'one of those things we look back on and say boy, that was bad'

Bernie Sanders fights for working families: Sen. Don Riegle

Conservative Tara Setmayer votes for Biden, 1st vote for a Dem; Jill Wine-Banks agrees with her

Trump suggests using flu vaccine on coronavirus and is instantly corrected by health experts: 'No'

🔥 🔥 Lots of info in those new *Muller documents* just released. 🔥 🔥

It's a sure bet that Trump will soon be infected with the coronavirus. You just can't have

Warren tells Jimmy Kimmel coronavirus epidemic is a bad time for a president 'who believes in magic.

Chairman Nadler's having none of the NY Post's racism. Not at all!

One woman's miserable experience trying to get tested for the coronavirus

So, What is Biden's plan for the Coronavirus? It's now an election issue

Wendi C. Thomas wins 2020 Selden Ring Award for series on predatory healthcare debt-collection

Just reported on CNN: Nine confirmed coronavirus deaths in Washington State

Did Obama cut Social Security - link?

J. Gorsuch snippy with Paul Clement, making his 101st argument at invitation of #scotus

So only 108 COVID cases so far in USA......

Trump administration's proposed rollback of nursing home regulations faces criticism

Liberal Librarian: The Coronavirus election

Trump: a vaccine will be ready "relatively soon"

Most GOP senators including McTurtle are old and high risk to die from corona

Court considers whether men-only draft is constitutional

White House questionnaire adds new litmus tests for prospective hires

A candidate being able to form a coalition in the primaries could be seen as a demonstration of

Coronavirus is in a large Metro Philly Hospital--one of the floors are quarantined.

Opinions Bernie Sanders is the new Ronald Reagan

caption Trump photo

Publisher pushes back release date for John Bolton's book

Black voters seek to flex political power on Super Tuesday

Polls show big bounce to Biden ahead of Super Tuesday

James Comey says he's backing Biden for president

Ventilator supply is also very critically important!

US prosecutors tie Honduras president to drug trafficker

Bernie effect or Beto effect ?

First COVID19 cases diagnosed in NC

Elizabeth Warren and Her Fans Reject Two-Man Race on Super Tuesday

just an observation: note how the whole "barr and trump hate each other" vanished?

Steve Wozniak just tweeted that he may have had virus in Jan. but CDC wouldn't test him

So glad to live in a blue state

Trump picks guy who hyped bogus Obama wiretap claim + hid Trump's Ukraine call, for top NSC position

When should we expect the first results?

Senate candidate Charles Booker endorses Bernie Sanders for president

A president can only be as progressive as Congress allows.

While I'm on a music kick...Amy Winehouse was REALLY effin' good.

I too was a willing part of "the establishment".

S Carolina mulls electric chair as only option for condemned

A very conservative (small "c") friend of mine just voted for Warren in Texas

Funniest Rolling Stones song I've ever heard of...


Scientists meet in Havana on diplomats' mystery illnesses

James Comey says he's backing Biden for president

A message for Super Tuesday:

Snarf! What MSNBC should do (post Matthews)

props to women... esp Black Women!!

Chris Hayes has been talking to health officials/experts today-they are very angry & frustrated

"Long Shot"

MSNBC must be mad at Ari Velshi. He just fin8ished the 3PM program and said I'll be here with you

This dog was raised alongside rabbits

I've become really anxious and stressed during the primaries.

"He will risk making Ross Perot and Ralph Nader look good": Bloomberg resists adviser's push to exit

2020 quilting projects

Senator Patty Murray on the Coronavirus Outbreak

Uh oh: Senate Ds emerge from Pence briefing saying US not prepared for Coronavirus

"Don't Make Me Fight" He Cries Out Loud While They Bite Him All Over

Biden Reclaims National Lead

trump makes up another new word: vivor

I voted in the TX Democratic primary today. Here's what I can tell you.

Sanders supporters: "Even Trump is better [than Biden]"

The Official Coronavirus Numbers Are Wrong, and Everyone Knows It

Esper Warns Not to Surprise Trump on Coronavirus


**Breaking** IOC says Japan Olympics to go on as scheduled.

The alien in our midst

Texas Closed Hundreds of Polling Sites in Areas With Fast-Growing Black and Latino Populations

Trump campaign sues Washington Post for defamation, week after similar legal action against NY Times

Dr. John Campbell PhD/Gives Updates on Covid-19 Daily

I could not find a proper group to post this.

Is it too late for Trump to get a primary challenger?

Keep your damn money and do your job!!

Elizabeth Warren Announces Plan For Swift Federal Action On Coronavirus

Monster Hunter World OST: Main Theme - Stars At Our Backs 星に駆られて メインテーマソング [HQ 4K]

For those who aren't too worried about having a few supplies on hand....

Proof of a Hero / 英雄の証 Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary Orchestra / モンスターハンター狩猟音楽

Hari Nef Endorses Bernie

Warren: Biden is a "Washington Insider."

Hari Nef Endorses Bernie

Do you have a Discover card?

For me, as a healthcare worker, the scariest part of the Covid 19

Do you have a Discover card?

Bloomberg says contested convention 'only way I can win'

Johns Hopkins and other Coronavirus Global Cases tracking web sites

Dow plunged despite Fed's emergency rate cut to stem coronavirus panic (786 points)

How Big Oil and Big Soda kept a global environmental calamity a secret for decades

Looks like the virus spreads just fine in the summer ... link

Sanders Campaign Was Caught Off Guard by Quick Massing of Opposition

Airports not even checking people!!

In this election year, this song seems to to take a little...

Guess I'm not undecided any more. I voted for Joe in Alabama.

The U.S. and Viktor Orban's Hungary: Avoiding A Dystopian Future

ICE Agent Conducts Warrantless Arrest in Northampton County Courthouse

Trump reportedly tells Taliban official 'you are a tough people' in first phone call

Trump reportedly tells Taliban official 'you are a tough people' in first phone call

Where are the social media posts from the coronavirus-afflicted or their families?

Here's what to know about the tornadoes that killed 23 in Tennessee

London couple comes up with a 'lap' hack to deal with clingy cat

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 3, 2020

Expose yourself to art!

Trump Roundtable at National Institutes of Health

Holy Diver - Dio - Mellow Metal Style .

Mitch McConnell's Do Nothing Republicans

Trump admin trying to overturn Obama admin policy for nursing homes to hve infection control pgm

Biden Surges To 8 Point Lead Over Sanders In New Poll...Go Joe 😎

More winning: Iran triples stockpile of enriched uranium

Now that Matthews is gone

UPS worker who threatened mass shooting had 20,000 rounds of ammunition, small arsenal, say police

You can change your absentee ballot in Michigan:

New York's 2nd coronavirus case. 50-year-old male attorney works at a law firm near Grand Central

Exit polls! Biden doing well in red states

Democratic Party has filed an emergency suit against Davidson Cnty

Don't read this if you have a weak stomach

Mike Pence shook hands with 44 cadets whose fellow student is being quarantined for coronavirus

Man brings llama to his sister's wedding. She is not amused.

New York's 2nd coronavirus case. 50-year-old male attorney works at a law firm near Grand Central


Randy Rainbow

Elizabeth Warren on Ellen Show

Charlottesville and Albemarle turnout

Rammstein- Mein Teil - English Subtitles also Rammstein - Mein Teil (Live aus Berlin 2019)

Comey is backing Biden by endorsing Biden early Tuesday morning!

I have hopes.. real hope.. that if we catch this wind that is blowing and

Feel-good video of Joe coming out of grocery store. (2018)

One In Three Voters Picked Candidate In Last Few Days

(HHS Secretary) Alex Azar says that scientists have developed a potential vaccine after three days

STAT: Washington State risks seeing explosion in coronavirus cases without dramatic action -analysis

thread of the week

Is this just bullshit, or does Pussy-Grabber REALLY believe this?

NBC News Exit polls are showing young ppl 18-29 aren't voting

Donald Trump rewrites history about his 'Russia, if you're listening' comment about Clinton's emails

Lawmakers close in on $7.5B measure to battle coronavirus

How much impact will open primaries have on today's results

I *had* been bemoaning the fact that I've had to delay orthopedic surgery

Bloomberg is STILL working it today 😁

Fight For Someone You Don't Know

DEA gets blasted by Detroit Police Chief for protecting informant/serial killer

Fight For Someone You Don't Know

We've seen this kind of Executive leadership before. 😁

When a candidate has spent $500 million dollars, it is hard to get out of the race.

Experts Warn U.S. Healthcare System Is Woefully Unprepared For Coronavirus

Boycott threats after AfD fascist stands for Thuringia premier

OK, who took Davidson County to court and lost.

Cheese and Climate Change (Q&A with The Prof)

It is all rigged I tell ya!

Do the Knicks have too many fans?

Judge rules to extend Tennessee voting after tornado - polls open until 10pm CST

My 17yo son voted for the first time today.

Thank you thread for Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of NIAD and our national educator about coronavirus

WH Coronavirus briefing: No audio or video permitted--only still photos.

Does anyone know people working for the Buttigieg or Klobuchar campaigns?

Amazing conversation with a Rep councilman re: presidential race

Stocks Fall Sharply Despite Surprise Fed Rate Cut

Is UK still part of EU pandemic group?

Do the ubiquitous campaign lawn signs & bumper stickers influence voters?

Get ready for trump religiuos worship of the BEAST

Coronavirus emergency bill held up over vaccine cost concerns (GOP protests cap on vaccine)

Trump plan: Have a blockbuster RNC, toss Pence for Haley, and then refuse to debate this fall?

Arnold has postponed the Classic festival in Columbus OH to a later time TBA except for

My Republican daughter in law voted early in the Democratic Primary

Wait times to vote in the primary.

Tennessee extends voting in several locations after tornado damage - live Super Tuesday updates

I posted this on a professional dental website whose

Trump's baffling coronavirus vaccine event

Comey endorses Biden; campaign says no thanks

One In Three Voters Picked Candidate In Last Few Days

You guys wanna see something freaking HILARIOUS from the Post Office?

White House forbids recordings at press briefing on coronavirus emergency measures

Sanders operatives already making case

Has Sent Harris Endorsed VP Biden? 6:30 pm eastern US?

My grandmother's house got sold today.

A Younger Perspective on Recent Endorsements

Coronavirus emergency bill held up over vaccine cost concerns

This month we celebrate #Fierce women. Over the past several months, I've crisscrossed this country

Ya'll wanna know what? I really want calcium

The Supreme Court could be Trump's ACA nightmare

Warren pitches herself as new center of Democratic Party

LOL. Hand washing advice

US Navy locks down 6th Fleet in Europe

Final DU candidate preferences before results on Super Tuesday (candidates only, no Undecideds)

Show my man "SciManDan" some love on YouTube!

Lemon or Lime?