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Archives: November 5, 2014

Updating: NBC News, Others, Call KY for McConnell

NBC News: McConnell Projected to Win Re-Election in Kentucky

True test for the manliest of masculine MEN amongst men...

Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses Tuesday's elections

Paul and I voted this morning. We were in a line of about 30 people at 7 am. Small problem...

Virginia Senate: Too Early to Call

Good honest hard-working people . . .

TX Election Results courtesy of The Texas Tribune

I thought South Carolina hated Nikki Haley?

NBC calling south carolina for

SC called for Incumbent Gov. Haley

San Wang's Princeton Consortium site is live blogging the results

I hope my boy, Charlie Christ, gives us some good news...

CNN is calling it for turtle man!!!!!

Per Kos: Crist outperforming Obama in Pinellas & Pasco Counties in FL + new updates...

Did they call it for the turtle within seconds of polls closing to discourage voters

What time of the day are polls the busiet?

Have a drink whenever someone posts good results

What really scares the $#*! out of me is the budget.

Crist asks judge to hold some polling place open extra hour - DENIED

I won't watch election returns tonight.

52%-44% with Crist ahead. What is Ed talking about that it's too close to call? Am

Here's a piece of shit comment from the always loathsome Laura Ingraman

For what it's worth--GA exit poll date 48-48 Perdue vs. Nunn

Now that's my kind of woman!

Has the Michigan senate race been called yet?

CNN currently has Shaheen leading Brown 54% to 46%

Exit poll: Voters unhappy with Obama and GOP

Interesting tidbits on two house races IN02 & FL02

Is it really about the POTUS being black......really?

This - now, tonight, what we are doing - THIS is a big reason I love DU

No results yet in WI, but officials hint a record turnout

I'm not going to believe these "(Fill in the blank) called for (fill in the blank)."

Does anybody have a link to FL results by county and percentage reported?

On nights like this, I'm reminded of the wonderful story

Cnn exit polls have Hagan up 49 to 46 over Tillis. n/t

Why Why Why???

Roku Livestream Democracy Now!

Mark Warner in VA is losing?

Russian charged in Afghan attack makes U.S. court appearance

Two votes for Democrats in Michigan!

Kentucky state board of elections link for accurate information.

CNN call West Virginia for Republican Capito

I'm not going to watch any TV until later

Appreciation thread for Steve Kornacki, guy really knows his stuff and if it wasn't for him I

feels like a Coup

Early voter turnout explodes in New Orleans; could be good sign for Mary Landrieu

Oh Horseshit...

About 50 percent voter turnout predicted for La.

Google Election Results Doodle…

No Wave in Florida (on edit: Scott running behind 2010 in EVERY county)

CNN projects Kasich in OH

Union rips Detroit bankruptcy judge over legal fees (corrected)

Ok, everyone, take a deep breath.

Updates on GA & NC senate (Good news)

Ted Cruz: We don't need another Romney or McCain in 2016

Obama: Dems Senate challenge worst since 1950s

Brown, Grayson re-elected in FL (UPDATE: FL 02 is slipping)

Country Club Membership Cards still accepted

THe Young Turks?

Exit polls show last minute surge towards Dems...

No election coverage on TV in rural west MI.

CNn says Shaheen is up 52 to 48 over Brown. exit poll. n/t

Ed Markey wins re-election to the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.

PA gov is now blue!

Wolf projected to win PA

Thad Cochran wins election to the U.S. Senate in Mississippi.

Tom Corbett goes down says NBC Wolf wins

looks like record turnout

Warner too early to call?! Looks like a bloodbath tonight.

Waiting for Senate returns

Whatever else may happen

The 537 blog says the FL has a 60% chance of winning

Federal judge rules against Kansas's gay marriage ban

It's over in Kentucky.

Clay Aiken is leading his House Race... in case you were wondering...

Breaking! This just in CNN and MSNBC calls the race now!

More exit poll results IL, ME, NH

WTF, Senate 'too close to call???'

Jeff Sessions wins election to the U.S. Senate in Alabama

CBSPolitics: PROJECTION: Republican incumbent Jim Inhofe takes the Senate race in OK

Miami New Times: Florida Election 2014 Results Live Blog

Alison Lundergan Grimes is giving a concession speech

CRAP. Exit polls show Scott beating Crist.

Tweet from NC: Wake Co. (Raleigh) Hagen outperforming Obama by 5-points...

Israel’s air strikes on Gaza 'could be war crimes'

Now that your race is over, Alison, I can say this: You had nothing to lose and everything to gain..

No matter what happens tonight, the demographics are changing, and the republicans are an endangered

Ugh, waiting for the MD Governor's race

Cory Booker beats Jeff Bell to win re-election in N.J.'s U.S. Senate race

Here From Texas

NBC News: Reed wins re-election

Lamar Alexander wins re-election to U.S. Senate in Tennessee

Beloved fitness instructor shot by ex boyfriend in parkinglot on the way to teach a class.

just saw that WV went GOP Capito nt

Booker wins 6 more years in NJ, yay.

KS early returns. Brownback losing 42% to Davis 55%

I am a sore loser and something smells in the results from Kentucky and

Down goes Pryor

WRAL in Raleigh, NC Election Results page...

NBC News, CNN project Republican Tom Cotton unseats Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas

DWS needs to step down NOW !!

Ahhhh...the Mitch McConnell victory lap with a beaming Elaine Chao right behind him

Great update from NC...

January 3rd 1985...


It's a rainy night in Texas

Mitch McConnell looks like Mason Verger from Hannibal

The BIG 8 senate seats

Get Jack Fucking Kingston off my Fucking TV MSNBC

Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) won in New Hampshire

Dem. Chris Coons wins election to the U.S. Senate in Delaware


CNN calling Arkansas for Cotton but Pryor currently leads.

how can Nunn only be at 38.6 and Perdue at 59.8 ???

Please provide party ID when posting election results.

Now that voting is over, it is time to call out all the chickensh*t dems who

Koterba toon: End of the campaign

Breaking News: Scott Brown moving to Vermont. nt

Whatever else happens tonight, FUCK SCOTT BROWN - LOSER!

So Uh Where is this great GOTV we heard about??

After watching Yertle the Turtle's speech

So liar Mitch sez his mom is upset because she can't have her health care

Call me naive/partisan/insulated/etc., but I still can't figure out what people are voting against.

Fuck Tom Brokaw

So, MSNBC is predicting the Republicans hold the House -

Exit Polls Indicate Nation Suffering from Severe Memory Loss

WTF? How is Hagan ahead 101000 votes with 45% in and it's too close to call?

Only 1/3 of precincts at most reporting in Broward and Miami Dade.

BREAKING: Democrat Shaheen Wins Senate Race Against Scott Brown in New Hampshire

More b.s. in Broward County, FL!

how does VA have Warner at 45 and Gilliespe at 52 this makes no sense.

For those of us who don't follow every single campaign, would

It's still very early, but DAMMIT!!!!

Dick Durbin wins re-election to the U.S. Senate in Illinois

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Vote for Me! & a new Kitteh gif

Does anyone know how Sandra Fluke is faring? n/t

VA-10: projected R hold


After learning of his victory McConnell gets caught twerking in celebration (Warning: Graphic Video)

Al Franken Wins Again!

I don't get it... I just don't

I'll tell you one thing that's appalling about this election, Repub or Dem

GOP Mike Rounds wins election to U.S. Senate in South Dakota

With 9% in Davis leads Brownback 50% to 46% fo Kansas governor (CNN)

Cuomo wins re-election. n/t

NH and MI are Wins...Waiting on NC (C'mon, Hagan!!)

MICHIGAN: Breaking News Gary Peters defeats Terri Lynn Land in race for U.S. Senate,

Wendy Davis lost :(

So Texas gets a new Republican Governor.

Dems are going to hold on to the Senate

Damnit Michigan :(

CBS: PROJECTION: Republican Greg Abbott Defeats Wendy Davis in Texas Governor's Race

Psssst...hey...Scott Brown...

Election results: Louisiana Link

Texas Tribune calls it for Abbott

Is stalking allowed on this site? I'm being harassed by a poster who claims

WI Gov--too close to call

Breathe. Relax.

I hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Brown, Going Down!

Talk to me about Florida

Ben Sasse (R) wins election to the U.S. Senate in Nebraska

"Each State can have two Senators, but each Senator can't have two states". Amy Klobuchar.

I just voted and the election official offered to override my vote

Link to Minnesota Secretary of State's election results

What I dont get is this...

We'll be singing the blues for the next few years, so...

Wisconson results link.

Sounds like Obama is about to have to get the veto pen out.

Voting machine, ID problems crop up in U.S. elections

anecdote from the Scott -double loser - Brown HQ, Manchester NH.


Gary Peters will be the Senator from

If this becomes a rethug tsunami I hope President Obama announces

Anyone know which senators/races Obama campaigned for?


Bottle bill fails.

Scott leads Crist by 1% with 97% in

Well Brown got kicked to the curb (again) MI senate stays blue, yay

Illinois Governor race is a real nail biter.

Curious if there is any correlation between

What about Ernst?....n/t

Today in Herstory: New York Rabbi Calls Women’s Disenfranchisement A “Great Moral Wrong”

2.7 % 0f votes counted in Wi

rabbi stephen s. wise" "the disenfranchisement of women a great moral wrong"

Looks like Dems will hang onto KY State Senate

Amendment 2 fails to get 60%

Bad news for Rand Paul in Kentucky...

So here's what's going to happen

Nebraska voters overwhelmingly approve minimum wage hike

Idiot Americans

CNN just projected Graham(D) the winner in FL 02; a flip for Dems ...

I think I need a drink

Richard Tisei, idiot, MA still hasn't figured out he wouldn't have a husband

Runoff in Louisiana in December

Medical Cannabis Amendment 2 fails in Floriduh

Watch Live Cty by Cty Wisconsin results

MSNBC: Louisiana Going to a Runoff

GOP Mike Enzi wins election to the U.S. Senate in Wyoming

Governer reporting, updated every 30 seconds...

Thank you to those who are putting (D) or (R) in your election results headlines.

Damn - with 41% reporting in Georgia, rethug Perdue up over Nunn by 20 points!

ABC, NBC: Louisiana Senate race between Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and Republican

Dem Al Franken wins re-election to the U.S. Senate in Minnesota

Scott Brown -- Making History!

Democratic not Democrat you fugging hacks

Jeanne Shaheen wins New Hampshire.

The Democratic Party Is Basically The Washington Generals.

They just called CD6 for Coffman.

Calls to election judges a 'serious attempt to disrupt' voting - Chicago only

Personhood initiative in Colorado fails.

Democrat Clay Aiken, famed American Idol runner-up, unable to unseat Republican Rep. Rennee Ellmers

I have met and worked with Ed Rendell many, many years ago, see him on MSNBC

There needs to be scientific rigor during elections for Democrats.

I can be very cruel to losers

The reason why Dems win the Presidency and why we struggle in the mid-terms....

CNN finally calls New Hampshire for Shaheen (D)

Faux news just called Gardner (rep) to win in Colorado. Damn.

New York Times doing nice election summaries...

It's not looking good for Crist.

Florida turnout percentages, by county: pretty amazing....

CO to close to call Gardner (R) Udall (D) nt

Medical Marijuana fails in Florida

Just a comment about the election coverage...

Garcia (D) just lost in FL 26. FL House delegation lost one, gained one D.

Lee Terry holds the early lead over Brad Ashford (has flipped to D Ashford)

personhood going down in colorado nearly two to one

Warner v Gillespie

Kansas set to become 33rd marriage equality state

That Kochsucking motherfucking Prick Scott is going to win again

Kasich Kicks Fitzgerald's Ass All Over Ohio

Fuck Fuck Fuck - Now my state senator is a Repug.

My God, why am I still getting solicitation emails

I have to fucking get this off my chest.

South Florida returns coming in, closing gap

one reason why.. Dem didn't great in Midterm?

Montana (R) S. Daines per politico nt

Ballot Question 3 Rejected

Cnn says Repugs need 2 more wins

It's time for a beer...

Florida Democrats Lose Motion to Extend Voting in Broward County

If Kay Hagan goes down tonight, I will chalk it up to voter suppresion from the Repubs.

not looking too great

Mark Udall out.

MOTHERF**KER Synder just won.

so I go to the denver post website for colorado results, and am told that the

THe Freep has called it for Snyder.

MSNBC calls race with 0% of votes counted

Braley (D) leading Ernst (R) in Iowa Senate race so far

'Bye-bye, Senate...

CNN projects Gardner beat Udall...

Life will go on and the sun will rise again.

Gough Whitlam Memorial Service

CNN reporter gleeful at Gardner rally.

With 20% counted Braley (D) leads Ernst (R) in Iowa 53% to 43%

Minnesota's 6th Congressional District - the gift that keeps on giving to comedians

The results are in...Republican gift shop owner fails to end recreational weed in Manitou CO

AP calls it for Scott in Floriduh

Texas US Rep Races: Only Close Race is in District #23, other incumbents reelected

Neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney are President right now.

I can't believe there are already

Warner Takes Lead

AP declares Gov. Rick Scott (R) the winner in Florida over Democrat Charlie Crist

Mark Warner has now taken a lead in VA

Awesome state, terrible politics.

Given tonight's results, we are all going to:

Idaho AG: Someone offering to pay for people's votes

Tonight is about as much a worst case scenario as we could've imagined.

If Baker wins, should I leave Mass.?

So - what is the GOOD news tonight?

They used to say that if you sailed far enough you would sail off the edge of the earth

It's a Record!

It's a shame I wasted my alcohol supply on the MLB playoffs.

Scott Brown refusing to concede

Do any states besides Louisiana have a run-off system for Senate?

CBS: PROJECTION: Repub. David Perdue takes Senate race in Georgia, defeating Dem. Michelle Nunn

The way things are going, I might be able to catch Agents of SHIELD tonight.

Admins locked this in 2 seconds in Politics

Projections: Cory Gardner takes Colo. seat from Mark Udall

NC Senate: still to close to call 90% reporting

Huffington Post projects Esty (D) defeats Greenberg (R) for CT 5th Congressional District seat. n/t

I feel helpless...

The Democratic party doesn't stand behind the traditonal pillars of

looks like amendment 1 passed in TN (but there is NO war on women!)

today, tennesseans amended their constitution so their legislators can regulate abortion laws.

I'm running out of states I want to set foot in....


Georgia just called for GOP

Ed Schultz: "I was told Charlie Crist has already written his concession speech"

Should have gone with Ashley Judd

Two more years of gridlock

Sad to say, Hickenlooper is behind.

GA has not been called yet here are the numbers from Politico

Don't start fucking whining now

I'm going to miss Jan Brewer.

Florida: Next time maybe choose a REAL Democrat to run against the Republicans?

Congressman Bishop -D lost NY1 n/t

MA Gov: 100 votes separate Coakley (D) from Baker (R)

Murphy's Laws

Republicans just got their first serious Presidential candidate...


CNN calls GA for David Perdue...

Looks like I have Glenn Grothman as a congressman for the next two years.

Sorry Wisconsin, you obviously don't know what the fu*k you are doing

A glimmer of hope in deep-red ND tonight!

Congresswoman Slaughter -D is behind.


Ugh. Turned off election coverage. Watching Law and Order reruns.................

Obama is going to cut deals with the GOP a senate

Republicans immediately claim credit for 5.9% unemployment

Ten Years Later - Jeb (Eye on 2016) hauls out election fraud software again !

Can someone explain what these "Republican" voters want?

No runoff in Georgia

Once again, Malloy-Foley will go down to the wire (CT-Governor, Malloy is Dem)


Look at at this way.

Please--when you report updates or results, could you please indicate D or R next to the name?

Let's not lie about who won Tonight

I'm predicting two calls within next 20 minutes: Hagan loss in NC, Quinn out in IL

So much for running against Obama

my congressman Michael Grimm wins! damn!

So as we watch this unfolding disaster, what are your first thoughts?

Apologies from NC

Way to go Kansas! Relecting a Senator that hasn't lived in the state for years!

Tonight doesn't make me wish I had quit smoking. An early death would be merciful

How do I change my monthly subscription amount?

Official video for tonight:

Post mortem thread. Why did we lose?

It's over

Grothman is bragging that he was the only

IM STUNNED!! are voters stupid?

It may seem minor, but some great local news for Dems - Wake County NC

Do you think if Democrats ran a more populist liberal race they would win?

Tonights election results have been brought to you by...

GOT Red Wedding? So said Jon Stewart calling the

Some good news and bad news from Colorado...

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz should be fired as DNC Chairwoman

Confirmation bias and election results

OMG - Maryland Turning Red?

Well, here we are again...

Midterm Election 2014 Results: GOP Will Retain Control of the House

Is it time to bring back Dean to shepard us through the 2016 election?

Scott Walker elected to second term, third election victory in four years

It seems the Republicans beat the Republican Lites this time around

Renee Ellmers. Thom Tillis (apparently). so embarrassing. so pathetic.

We just lost Illinois.

So, which country will we invade in January 2017?

Now what if we get a Rethug President in 2016?

Well all is said and done the Republicans can win 4 to 6 US house seats in NY.

Does it seem wrong that...

The American Villain Who Could Have Won Congress for the Democrats

We all need to realize it doesn't matter who gets elected. The game is rigged.

Maura Healy-D-MA to become first openly gay Attorney General

Voter suppression works. I am still suspicious of the enormity of the

Maybe FL Democrats should pool their money together to update the voting booths in

Joni Ernst is ahead?

The people have spoken

What are you listening to?

Pleasant Ridge, Huntington Woods, Berkley vote to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana

How long before the baggers overreach and try to impeach the President?

What the hell is wrong with me?

This is a worse drubbing for Democrats than 2010.

Watching MSNBC NBC has called Illinois Gov. race for Rauner (R)

This will be the typical Obama story tomorrow:

Regardless of what happens tonight, tomorrow this man will still be president.

Hagan outperformed - no way should Tillis be close, let alone ahead.

Gov. Jerry Brown wins historic fourth term

Mitt Romney: America will see the real ‘party of no’ when Obama vetoes Mitch McConnell’s Senate

Texas is gone. I don't expect we will get it back for a long time

Scott Walker AND Rick Scott? Boy! I really didn't see that one coming.

Example of the propaganda: USA Today headline the morning of a major election day:

On behalf of Florida Dems

Tillis wins. nt

The Surprising Truth About Where New Jobs Come From

GOP Thom Tillis wins election to the U.S. Senate in North Carolina (Defeats Dem Incumbent Hagan)

Two years ago EVERYONE was talking about the Republican party is nearly irrelevant

Deep breaths folks

i didn't see much more than koch money here in co this year

Hey if you feel shitty now...

For those that believe that impeachment will be a certainty, on what grounds? Also it takes 2/3 to

Kathleen Vinehout

Massachusetts' Dems couldn't do better than Coakley?

What a ride...what are we learning? think back to the horrors of 2000 and 2004.

If you've been to Asia and witnessed the slums and factory farms filled with impoverished workers,

The Dems that lost would've done no worse had they embraced Obama.

OPB calls Oregon for Dem Jeff Merkley. n/t

Oh god, ernst.

One Last Democrat To Sweep Out

Mowrer concedes to Steve King in 4th District (IA)

Breaking News Republican gain control of Senate...

14 Facts About The Obama Presidency That Most People Don’t Know

US mid-terms: Republicans win control of the Senate

From Harkin to Ernst is a tragedy.

If you want to feel better do what I did months ago, turn off network tv (MSNBC, Fox, CNN, and

Will we be stuck with Harry Reid as leader?

To Republicans: they say ignorance is bliss...

Let's drop the "we should have supported the President's policies" chant...

CT NBC affiliate reported that Malloy (D) won the city of Danbury, generally a Repub city.

Hats off to MIRT for quickly and quietly throwing out the trash tonight.

Folks, don't fall into short term thinking. Long term trends still favor Progressives mightily.

Hagan Out

Mitch Mc...just said he wants to make the Senate

The news channels are salivating over the ratings potential the next two years:

Where do we go from here?

Will the republican remove the filibuster?

Mr President, veto the hell out of all their extreme proposed legislation. They

So... 60 votes anyone?

Medical marijuana went down to defeat in Florida

Well, there goes the biosphere

What is the senate count now?

Um, Walker came on stage to a U2 song

Hagan won the exit polls. How did she lose the race?

Tom Udall (D) NM Ahead

Even LePaige is winning. Time to call it a night. nt


Looks like the Democrats lost the New York State senate.

It looks like Mark Warner (D- VA) is safe

The mid-terms as a barroom knife fight!

Sam Brownback won re-election.

WTF happened in Iowa while I was walking my dog???

there's a slimy asshole on my Teevee - making a face like he smells something bad.

When Democrats stay home, Republicans win. It is just as simple as that.

BREAKING: GOP Joni Ernst Wins Election to U.S. Senate in Iowa

Nightmare on Mainstreet

Should Dems let the pukes take the filibusterer away and just have Obama veto everything?

MY DIL just said Jonie Ernst sounds like a Horse In Heat with that laugh! nt

I think from now on I will think of Joni Ernst as

Joni Ernst has the most ANNOYING laugh I have heard in a long time!

Dear President Obama.

This Terrible Joke Explains the Midterm Elections

I said this would happen a few weeks ago when only me and a few others were pleading

Shit like this happens in a country full of ungrateful bastards.

MaloneyD is 2,000 votes ahead of HayworthR with all the votes in.

Governor Brown (D) won the Governor reelection in California...

California Secretary of State Election Results

Good News! If pitchforks and torches are in our future due to no safety net

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. H. L. Mencken

Oregon marijuana Measure 91 passes

Well, the GOPer overreach should be spectacular.

and here in the other Washington background checks for firearm sales and transfers is winning.

Our new National Anthem for the next two years

Is the GOP Senate result legitimate?

Martha Coakley was a terrible candidate.

can't do shit about shit, so i'm having a drunken solo dance party

Holy mother of God, Ernst is even more bat shit crazy than Michele Bachmann,

"Record Low Level Of Interest In The Election" - Where's The Mandate? Yet, Watch Media...

Dead [WA] State House [D] candidate still getting votes, and winning

How many days til impeachment, you reckon?

So now that we have nothing more to lose

Watch our environment deteriorate.

NYS: 3 House Dems defeated

Pat Roberts defeats Greg Orman to win fourth U.S. Senate term

Not a good night... to say the least..I have such a headache

Tonight's results remind me of one thing in particular.

Some good news, Alan Grayson won by a landlside.

What's different? Not much.

Msnbc says Brownback won! n/t

I wonder how long it will take for McConnell to pass the nuclear option?

Any bets as to when Obama gets impeached?

Scott Brown Haiku

Calling Dr Dean, Dr Howard Dean, please come back

Larry Hogan (R) defeats Anthony Brown (D) in Maryland Governor Race

Dems Blame Losses on Obama


One piece of good news in Florida

I wonder, does she castrate turtles?

A great oxymoron. Senator Burr now chair of the senate intelligence committee.

Anti-kink and transphobia have no place in Paganism

So, Iowa. The pig castrater AND the cantalope calves guy? Really?

I-594 in Washington State now at almost 60% in favor

We got our asses handed to us.

Something else really really bad happened in MO

Brown concedes to Shaheen

5 Things a Good Psychic Will Never Tell You

How many House seats did we loose

Limbaugh has lost popularity,kicked off many stations....yet he led the Senate to this great victory

Looks like Oregon legalized marijuana

Pat Quinn - Illinois incumbent Dem Gov - isn't conceding.

It's official we live in an Idiocracy now.

Have you seen the film "Idiocracy"? This would be a good time to watch it.

I want to run against Bob Corker in 2016.

So The American Voters Have Rewarded The ReThugs For Shutting Down The Government....

Brownback clears hurdle to win re-election over Davis

I think the President has to put resignation on the table and not give them the

So much for Sam Wang.

Bright spot in my home state of Washington

Prop 45 is getting trounced. Gawd people are stupid! Don't people read?

What difference does it make?-more than people think

No longer can they sit on the sidelines

From Wendy Davis' Concession Speech- A Quote from Poet Jacob Riis


Why did polling severely underestimate Repub performance?

Ways Dems can lose in 2016 with the odds in their favor?

Are Amercans really this stupid,

Is this real life?

Kathleen Rice D wins open NY04.

Brian Schatz (D) is beating Cam Cavasso ® 72-26 in Hawaii.

Dustin Johnson files $3-million lawsuit against former lawyer for theft and extortion

I heard that Gardner got a signifacant share of the Latino vote in CO

Greg Abbott's win over Wendy Davis bodes ill for Democrats in Texas

There is one thing I will blame Obama for concerning tonite's results & it's not the usual...

My record stays intact.

Election night recap

Dumb ass Americans. "Here, let me cut off my nose to spite my face. I'll show Obama!"

Well I hope I don't have to hear Obama

What will you do when the GOP say they have a mandate to govern

We should just refer to this Country as the United States of the Koch Brothers from this day forward

How long before Kansas becomes the Thunderdome?

Six Years Ago Today I Remember The Feeling Of Relief That Came Over Me When Obama Won.....

Prop 47

Ballot Measures: Oregon, DC Voters OK Use of Pot

Proud to be a Californian


Its not who votes but who counts the votes

May I just say:

NBC declares MARK WARNER the "apparent winner" in VIRGINIA.

Martha Coakley: A babbling, blithering nincompoop

Dammitalltohell! Way to go Democrats.

New York can only be described as a major disappointment tonight.

So how do the Repukes keep the Senate beyond 2016 or how do the Dems not retake in 2016?

what the pundits won’t tell you

My wife and my mother-in-law who lives with us voted

It appears Rotellini lost

I was wrong -they won the Senate

it's a short term victory for the Repukes

Fuck, we lost the Senate. And some good things about the results.

More or less? Number of votes to put Reagan on Rushmore, or votes to repeal ACA?

What are they gonna do now?

We knew that this would happen since the ruling of Citizens United

At least pot and minimum wage are winning in Alaska

A great big bunch of fuckit in a bucket

WTF is wrong with our country?

Truman Calls Out The Republicans

This is what's up.

Haven't been here in a while, this election is depressing.

Anyone watching Ferguson MO tonight?

This election was too close to a full moon. Zombie Apocalypse; take-over by the dead of heart and

Coakly lost in MA as well

"Typical Republican Voter" Captured and Quarantined by Bill Maher

It has to be done


How Soon Will The American Electorate Realize That They Screwed Up Tonight?.....

Here's how Dems lose - My two daughters didn't vote today, despite

Puppies and kittehs will get us through the next two years

Good thing we didn't get rid of the filibuster.

For the next two years, this is the general form of the Obama/GOP Kabuki theater about to unfold:

And Mia Love wins.

Well tonight sucked. But Election 2016 starts tomorrow. Overreach by the R's will change everything.

How long will it take for McConnell to change the Senate filibuster rules....

Good news for libraries across the country tonight.

Rachel is pulling Tweety's feathers out

TPM - Yes, Republicans Are Totally Winning The Dark Money Game


At least Mark Warner and Jean Shaheen held on.

OMG - The largest musical instrument ever built by humans!

Republicans Outspend Democrats in Most Expensive Midterms Ever

Time for President Obama and Biden to resign.

Sens. McGraham: Who are we going to bomb first?

Bright Spot in Connecticut! Gov Malloy declares victory in rematch with Foley

Brad Blog is Ablaze With GOP Election Fraud Red Flags

The President should give this election all of the consideration that Republicans gave his landslide

Is our Democratic leadership stupid or spineless?

I think this sums up this election quite well.....

Gwen Graham defeats Steve Southerland (House, FL-2)

I DO NOT think resignation should be on the table.

Rachel repeated a history lesson she mentioned a couple days ago,

Pew - "No matter how tight the race, midterm voter turnout likely to remain lackluster"

I'm too angry to articulate. Videos will speak for me.

Democrats hold Kentucky House of Representatives.

We all seemed to be losing tonight. How did the voting go in Ferguson MO today? Did they get the

Texas: looks like we LOST a House seat - Gallego (Dem) in House Dist. 23

Voter turnout always drops off for midterm elections, but why?

America lost tonight

Why is everyone happy and laughing on MSNBC

What will happen to Obamacare?

Mia Love Wins FFS!

A World Full Of Cops

WA beats the NRA.

Amnesty Says Israel’s Attacks on Civilians During Gaza Offensive Amounted to ‘War Crimes’

Alert seems to be broken

Wow. We Americans sure do love our Republican politicians don't we?

Photo of the Day

Repukes have several more years to blame all their fuckups on Obama

Can Dems even retake the Senate in 2016?

Republican Larry Hogan wins Md. governor’s race in stunning upset

Election Results

Damn! Aloha! Another Ray of Sunshine in Hawaii.. We have a new Democratic Governor.. Meet

Hey guys, remember how the Republicans were "dead"?


America's citizens vote to fuck themselves over.

If I had not been preparing for tonight's disaster for a few months;

American politics suck.

We are all upset here but HRC dances of joy. ..

My fear: Because huge numbers of Americans don't even know who's in charge of Congress...

scrolling gone crazy

Manchin Switch is it possible?

GOP Wins Don't Alter 2016 Math: Our View

FDR: "We have nothing to fear except fear itself," 2014 voters: "Ebola! ISIS! We're all gonna die!!"

Negativity Wins the Senate. Editorial

With rethugs in control of both chambers, tomorrow I become a prepper... B.O.B. is your friend now..

The Koch brothers are probably squealing like happy guinea pigs right now.

Center/right Dem Presidents, policies and Congress-critters *always* succeed in "electing" far right

How Do You Think The President Will Sleep Tonight?....nt

OK. Stop. This is a setback, not the end of all things democratic

San Benito County's (Calif.) Measure J: Voters back anti-fracking plan

This is what I do not understand, how could the Rethugs

Democrats Should Use the Filibuster Ruthlessly Against the Republican Senate

Whoever in the Democratic Party thought it was a good idea to scrap Howard Dean's 50-state...

Be very very very very very Afraid!

Notice along with the Dem losses,

How Will The Stock Market React To This Election?...

Please stop posting the following idiotic bullshit:

I hope like hell that President Obama has a firm grip on his veto pen

OK, will someone please tell me, since I wasn't here many Senate seats did we lose?

It's been a tough night for Dems in Appalachia

250 seats

I just spent a couple of hours comparing the results of

One reason why we lost in Kansas

SF: Sugary drink tax measure fails

President Obama as a happy child.

LGBT choir to fight homophobia with songs, on Manchester trains

This time, the polls vastly overrated Democratic support.

I am deeply disappointed in my fellow Americans tonight. The suffering that will ensue was

Correct me if I am wrong Scotty

thoughtful words on how to WIN from Bill Curry at salon

Happy fucking birthday to me...

At least we held on to Colorado's governorship.

Again - We Failed Our National IQ Test

Rauner declares victory, Quinn won't concede (IL gov.)

Goodnight, everyone. Let me leave you with this...

Prop. 45 and 46 go down in Cali..

LA Times: GOP triumph tempered by hard problems, now and in 2016

Republican weirdness going on in Cochise County, AZ Dist 2?


Best Example YET

The red states got redder, some purple states went reddish

CNN exit polls: Majority of voters were over 50 years old

The Nation: Republicans Just Took Over the Senate—Here's Why That Sucks

Is Mitch McConnell breaking election laws?

When do you expect the next supreme court vacancy?

On a brighter note, 87 year old former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards is heading for a runoff

Alan Grayson re-elected to US House

Nick Rahall’s 38 years in House come to end

Reality....Florida is not a blue state, folks

For a much needed smile:

Al Franken had better cut loose on these GOP fuckers now

The impending death of the Republican Party:

Our Only Way Forward

Everyone needs to calm down

Tell me again

Mitch McConnell's horrific agenda as Senate leader:

Hickenlooper has taken the lead in Colorado by 8,000 votes

Hey, guys. Commiserations. I have some observations for you from Scotland...

The End of the Road for NIST

I'm Sorry - Something Is Really Wrong - The Rethugs Wins Really Defy Logic....

The Washington Post's Putinology

The secret to campaign success

Ukraine Elections Bring Society Closer to Brink of All Out War and Economic Collapse

Senate Now Has Enough Votes To Pass Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Bill

How can incompetence and dishonesty be rewarded in this way ?

Well Folks - Fill Your Gas Tanks Up Today.....

How did Dems do with the Governors

NOT a setback. Just a temporary stall

Autumn in Tumwater Canyon

Charles Pierce on the election

Kansas will get what they deserve.

Well, it feels like we all woke up in South Carolina or somewhere.

Sorry folks, the 1% now own our government in fee simple.

Larry Find The Yin To Hysteria's Yang.

Evangelicals Mobilize Voters, But GOP Candidates Less Vocally Supportive

Madison Bumgarner Gives Jimmy a "MadBum" Gift

Election Day, 2014, Massachusetts

In Memoriam

Madison Bumgarner Gives Jimmy a "MadBum" Gift

I just signed up for Obamacare. Are the Repubs going to

Deceased Candidate Leading Washington State House Race

Breaking news : Terror attack in Jerusalem; three seriously wounded

Civil Rights Pioneer: America's Discriminatory Election Landscape Worst in 50 Years

Anti-Chevron candidates sweep to victory in Richmond races

I Used to Be a Climate Change Denier

Did money play a big part?

5 Facts About How America Is Rigged for a Massive Wealth Transfer to the Rich

Housing Alone Won’t Heal New York: Sandy Survivors Need Healthcare, Too


Joe Madison: Mr.President get your veto pen ready

My analysis of this very unfortunate election:

The Hate Machine Won..

How Hillary Clinton actually Won 2014 midterms.

Ashford (D) leads Terry (R-NE) by 4,100 votes with 15,000 to count

Thank you, Democratic candidates

Can the President veto bills? Can the Democratic minority filibuster?

Rosetta comet mission: Landing site named 'Agilkia'

If it is any consolation......

Assembly Republicans win largest majority in 50+ years. Yikes, guess this says it all.....

Alarming new report: Sam Brownback’s policies blew $258 million hole in income tax revenue

The path to victory: Remembering Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Second Bill of Rights

Before noon today I would like DWSchultz to either resign or be fired. She has always been in way

Neil deGrasse Tyson's 'Most Astounding Fact About The Universe' May Bring You To Tears

tates head on a plate

Anyone have the breakdown of the state House and senate

Idiocracy is Here.

So sorry to see Brad Anderson lose

If You Think D.C. Is Awful Now, Wait Until Wednesday

Redfern resigns as Ohio Democratic chair.

Voting Machines Allegedly Switched Votes and Other Election Day Horror Stories

So where do we go from here?

Sam Brownback prevails over Paul Davis for second term as Kansas governor (VIDEO)

Islands of blue in a sea of red...

Young people will stand in line for Obama and Steve Jobs

Saw this comment on FB, which pretty well sums up yesterday . . .

Jerusalem car attack kills 1, injures 14, as driver shot dead

One thing to remember now...

The person I am sorriest to see lose last night

Hey guys enjoy this. Compared to what is coming this will look like good times.

I think the Maryland governor's race hurt me the most.

I've been at work 10 minutes...

How many of the fundys won?

Walmart and other corporations will soon

post mid -term election TOON--says it all.....

Take heart -- A Retired Navy Officer’s Message to Liberals on the Eve of the GOP’s Big Mid-Term Win

November 5

An appropriate quote from Gore Vidal for the day after

Bonfire Night at the Patsy’s Club, Wherein I Learn the True History of Guido Fawkes

2014 Oregon election results

I look forward to 2016

NY Times: "Riding wave of discontent..." GOP takes control of Senate

And the Silicon Billionaires cry

Massachusetts 2014 Ballot Question Results

Somehow I just knew it. (Sigh)

So, how long will it tale the GOP

Best thing that could have happened for Hillary

The biggest winners yesterday: the phony "liberals" & the phony "Democrats"

liberals need to embrace a strong/imperial President at the expense of Congress

Army Slow to Investigate War Gear Missing in Afghanistan

Oh, and then there's this......the business folk chime in.....

Ernst by 10 points?

I was watching the Senate races and just noticed

Somebody Needs To Stick A Purple-Heart Bandaid On Congress

The Democratic Party has become The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Has anyone tuned into Morning Joe? Wondering how the gloating is moving along...n/t

It was bad last night, but I have a feeling that the republican party will not be as united as the

Well now. WTF!!!

Bummed, pissed, disgusted and looking for someone to blame. A rant.

There goes any hope of Medicaid expansion.

The Democrats lost because of Bush's failures

Expect an announcement from Jeb Bush that he's running for president- soon

I am very happy about the results of this election

Well, the Koch Brothers got their money's worth. Their two star, know-nothing, candidates,

are alerts broken or am I doing something wrong??

Israeli forces displayed ‘callous indifference’ in deadly attacks on family homes in Gaza -Amnesty

This is the takeaway and what people need to get their heads wrapped around

What was the GOP's "coherent message" that they "stood for"?

America is About to Get the Government it Asked For. God Help Us.

On Democrats and Bears

NRA goes down

I just woke up in Dumbfuckistan!

A Poem (from Vonnegut) for all the Democrats that spent hours knocking on doors, making calls, and

Chuck Hassebrook’s (D-NE) grass-roots effort falls short in governor's race

Assuming Obama has the good sense to fire up the veto pen, nothing has changed...

When life gives you lemons-

Alaskans you're going to need to smoke tons of grass

Q: Do you support Harry Reid for Minority Leader or...

Why Democrats lost

How long until permanent cuts to Social Security are passed by the new Congress?

How the Lame Democrats Blew It (Goldie Taylor)

The Trojan Teabag built by Dark Money has now slipped into the city gates

I think this sums up how I feel today...

how many seats in senate do dems have?

Wendy Davis stood up for her principles, called out the GOP, and ran a very hard-hitting attack ad

Where you can deny citizens access to healthcare & living wages, then get them to vote for you . .

"Drunk on a Plane" just won best music video award.

The Right-Wing's platform was 1. HATE OBAMA 2. HATE OBAMACARE 3. I'm NOT OBAMA

Democrats Lost Because They Weren't Progressive Enough

A message from 2064 to my conservative grandfather

Dammit! What a miserable thing to wake up to. Very disappointing election pretty

If my Latino friends withheld their vote because of immigration, they are

I'm sorry but I think Obama is partly to blame

Silent Thread to Mourn the Real Liberal and Progressive Values.

We here on DU do not represent Americans.

How Hillary Clinton won the 2014 midterms

ADP National Employment Report Shows 230,000 Jobs Added in October

Obama needs to declare amnesty/pardons and end deportations because "F*** the GOP"

One Bright Spot - Scott Brown

Going Underground seems appropriate this morning

5 Facts About How America Is Rigged for a Massive Wealth Transfer to the Rich

The final gasp of america-

Republicans outspent Democrats by $120 million.

PA. House and PA. Senate Became More Republican

During the lame duck we should ditch the filibuster rule

County Map of PA Governor's race -- mostly predictable, but . . .

Remember Remember - another fifth of November. Listen to this again

Joni Ernst. Really?

When pointing out RW's racism/bigotry doesn't

Did the Democrats actually turn out to vote? Is there any data on this? If the total voting

A Message to Liberals on the Eve of the GOP’s Big Mid-Term Win

Florida Governor Race: 471,000 more votes than in 2010.

Congraulations, Voters: You Just Made James Inhofe Chair Of The Senate Environment Committee

Anti-vaccination craziness is nothing new...

European stocks up while Asian markets, oil down

Last night's ballot initiatives show that progressive issues are big winners in the eyes of voters

Victory For Michigan Wolves!

States Vote For Minimum Wage Hike, But Is It Enough?

Jordan recalls envoy to Israel over mosque clashes

Its Morning In Dumbfuckistan

Is 44 as smart as 42?

Project Censored's #1 Unreported Story - Ocean Acidification

To be honest I didn't like the whole "Obama who?" theme of

The Big Winner in 2014 Elections: MSM Brings in Windfall Profits from Political Ads & "mud-slinging"

"Democrats have their Schlitz Beer Reckoning" from over on Daily Kos

I really wish Luke Russert would just go to fox and rid us of his presence on MSNBC.n/t.

Jon Stewart: The ‘success story’ of this year’s midterm elections was Big Money

Israeli forces displayed ‘callous indifference’ in deadly attacks on family homes in Gaza

Minions get their spin-off (Despicable Me) trailer

Never underestimate the stupidity of American voters when they vote! n/t

Mississippi, Burned: How the poorest, sickest state got left behind by Obamacare.

Sad this morning

Here are the rats that are fucking Democrats

I was told last night that liberals are un-American.

I don't want to sound like a paranoid jerk....

Ballot Initiatives

EU plans power supergrid to boost renewables

Uruguay #1 for Prosperity in South America; Venezuela and Bolivia the Worst in the Region

Colorado deserves better

Abundance launches Europe's largest crowd-funded solar project

Colorado deserves better

So, did we hold on to the house at least?

What's next for Scott Brown?

I suggest Republicans revive an old greeting salute and "Hail Victory".

Congresswoman Slaughter ahead by 608 votes with 2,800 left to be counted

Curious. As things stand the 3 Dem Govs who pushed hardest for Gun Safety...

Anyone looking for me can find me on rock pile 7.

time to ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign immediately.

Is Media religion?

I am 70 years old. And sometimes I long for the 50's and 60's,

The Georgia and Iowa strategy of "no, we're really Republicans" really paid off, didn't it?

Election Results from Ward 6, Precinct 13 in St. Paul, MN

Why the heck do we celebrate a theocratic would-be murderer?

Engineer Creates Special Bullets For 3D Printed Guns

Horrible night for NY democrats. We lost the state senate and we lost 3 house seats.

Pui Avanti!

Progress doesn't stop

I think I'm in love! (OK, she needs to be about 40 years older...but still)

Hope everyone gets to watch President Obama's press conference this afternoon.

Is this worse than 2000 or 2004?

Has the Central Valley lost its longtime D rep?

We are now strangers on the shore

I'm talking to you like a Dutch Uncle

Well Now, Here’s Your Problem

“Bumper month' for Scotland's renewables - New data published

Interesting Exit Poll Data Here

41 million fewer voters in midterm than last general election.

Obama Should Not Accept ‘Lame Duck’ Status

Iran general said to mastermind Iraq ground war

D.C. Votes To Legalize Marijuana


I'm celebrating the election results . . .

8 Simple Ways to Look forward to 2016

Need help with an outside cat house for winter

Open-carry activist charged with intimidation after bringing gun to Alabama polling place

Does this mean that the baggers have control of the house and senate?

Voting Machine Problems in Newport News, Va. Beach

Rate the elections you've voted in, from best to worse. Explain why if you like.

Oligarchy [ol-i-gahr-kee]

Chill Out, Liberals! The Republicans Took The Senate And That’s TERRIBLE…For Them

So a talking head sticks a microphone in the President's face

Minimum wage wins show the power of organizing (and more feel-good news)

Where are the jobs, Republicans?

To the party bosses that chose Domenic Recchia to go up against Grimm I say...

French MPs call for vote on recognition of Palestine

SCROTUS is a BIG part of why we lost.

Did I just hear correctly on Chicago's WCPT- McConnell didn't take the President's phone call? n/t

It's money...plain and trumps everything

It really was a perfect storm, wasn't it?

Do you expect a cabinet shakeup?

China factory whirs overtime to make Ebola suits

Juan Cole: How a Republican Congress could Entangle the US further in the Middle East

Washington voters approving I-594 to expand gun background checks

So what. The Republicans won. So what.

Initiative to raise Nebraska's minimum wage received strong support

Back To Bizzaro World.....

How are we feeling today, DU? Like this:

The European Conundrum: Stagnation, Massive Unemployment and Rising Debt - Despite Austerity

To Quote Mayor Koch:

What do you think the Koch brothers are going to do

Two years of unrelenting all out war or

A Black White Supremacist?

Republicans to fix Obamacare: Remove Mandates,No Absurd Copays,No insurance,Regulate Hospital Costs

Navy Appoints the First Atheist Lay Leader

Stop the self-flagellation about the Senate

At Least Brownback Won

Words of wisdom from Harry Truman ...a guy who knew the difference

Glad to be a Minnesotan, that "bucked the trend"

Woke up with this song stuck in my head..... Green Day.....

Who Will Speak Up For Minority Voters?

Oakland has a new mayor.

China, the Party admits: More and more Communist officials are Christian or Buddhist

Running more liberal candidates wouldn't have helped. That's the reality.

And now for a look at the Brighter Side of things... (pic heavy)

Republicans win control of Senate

Wow, just what I want for Xmas - a Nuclear Sub for just $6.98!!!

2014 the First True Post-Citizens United Election

Sorry. Democratic Losses Grow as More Midterm Results Come In

Things I Will Not Have To Apologize For: First Thread

Public sector hating DeMaio **UPDATE**

This is interesting.....Texas was not always red.

The new loss is the same as the last loss, ain't it

At least DU will be relevant for a long time to come!

What is the republican's 100 day agenda and what can we do about it?

How soon will senater gardner put up a bill so wimmins can buy birth control over the counter?

Look whatever goes up must go down but trust me it will go back up again

Despite the money spent, Minnesota held on

Tevlin: Controversial priest's visit exposes rift in Catholic Church

How could all these progressive issues be passed

Guess what, America: It's a cookbook

"Democrats were so confident of victory in the Senate race..."

The Hispanic vote?

Have Any Voting Irregularities Showed Up - Any Funny Stuff Reported Around The Country....

The Wave Election


Let me be clear: It is delusional to claim dems lost because they didn't stand with the President

If the options consist of running as Progressives and getting our asses kicked

Now the Democrats become the "Party of No" to obstruct the R's

could the votes have been miscounted

Disappointed, but not crying

A Big Win for Climate Change Denial: Republicans to Target EPA Regulations After Taking Senate

Remember This Headline......

Gun control and the election results

Federal highway agency OKs construction alternative for CSX tunnel project in D.C.

Three Reasons...

FFRF combats ‘pervasive religious endorsement’ in Texas school district

And awaaaaayyyy we go! (Impeachment delusions)

Toon: Like a Game to Them

This setback isn't the end; there is no end:

Ignore the 3rd Way shills with extreme prejudice

Racism and misogyny won

Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss: Religion could be largely gone in a generation

Damien Rice has a great new amazing album coming out next week

Giving the Devil his due.. last nights election

think the President needs to put soup on the table and not give them the

Republican victory will boost these 21 stocks

"Which Hamlet character are you?" I got Polonius

Tom Toles on what comes next....

When the Democratic Party turned its back on the American factory worker..

I hope I'm wrong about a theory I found preposterous

Telling America that it's stupid if it doesn't vote Democrat...

Great night for the Koch Brothers!

Climate Panel Issues Dire Report as Renewables Make Little Impact

This will be my only comment on the bloodbath, that was the 2014 General Election ...

A brief history lesson of "wave" elections in my lifetime and a few thoughts.

Like Robert Reich just said on Facebook

Estimates are only 40% of eligible voters, or 19.6% of Americans, actually voted in 2014

We lost because we lacked a time machine to take voters back to November 2008.

Charles P. Pierce sums up last night succinctly.

Will Obama push bi-partisanship and reconciliation at his press conferance today?

Just What Are The "Failed Policies Of Harry Reid And President Obama That The Rethugs Cite?....

Three years ago, at this time gold hit 2k/oz.

To All Of Those Telling Us Not To Be Pissed - Shut The Fuck Up

For everyone wallowing in self-pity today...

Here we got more Republicans - less Sharia Law.

Analysing heat waves – new index allows predicting their magnitude

Winning the House and Senate will be their waterloo.

Oil Jumps $2.80 pr Barrel two hrs after market opens today.

The high price of apathy in North Carolina

So here's what I think could actually pass Congress and be signed into law:

Progressive ballot initiatives passed by huge margins

I have a question concerning a new Senate

Pic Of The Moment: Thought Maybe We Could All Use Some Cheering Up Today

I think Midterms are useless .. we should get rid of them

SO.... what happened?

Math equation explains yesterday:

"The pony-demanding leftists need to stop tearing down democrats and get more elected!"

If you believe in 'mediums'...

Cuomo did not win all that big. Very low turnout.

X-ray vision of photosynthesis

Some tangible reasons we lost and other random musings on a not very good morning.

Wow, lots of birthdays today.

What My Grandma Means to Say: Talking With Kids About Alzheimer’s

I think impeachment is off the table, but not repealing ACA.

CHART: The 2014 Electorate Was Really, Really Old

Let's name Democrats who won on populist message.

Sam Wang - Princeton Consortium - his take on the disappointing (for us) results

Do you think the Senate will go back to the old filibuster rule for judg re s?

The Dawn of the Age of McConnell

Michigan's 1st Congressional district results

I would like to mention that in the UK, this is Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night.

University students hike to polling place that was moved 4.5 miles away

Would you like some good news about the election results?

The Morning After - Outsmarted, Outspent, Outlast, Frankly Plain Smoked - Michigan Elections 2014

"How can you tell a Republican is taking Viagra?"

Hickenlooper declares victory; Beauprez refuses to concede in Colorado

Pot is legal in now Alaska- Large Minimum wage increases pass with 65%

And So The Gloating Begins.....

Kos:Running scared on popular immigration didn't help democrats

18-Year-Old Wins State Legislature Seat in West Virginia

What does the Senate look like for 2016?

Looks like we lost Alaska.

Remember, remember

I'm not much interested in the blame game. I want to know, what are we going to DO?

How religion played in the midterm elections

Is Rachel Maddow covering the election fraud problems from Brad Blog?

I have a question for you:

The latest on a potential bright spot: NE-2

Well liberal members of this board - I hope you're happy

Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto; Let the will of the People be the Supreme Law?

The silver lining in sending complete ass-hat morons to the Senate

Richmond California defeats Chevron & a lesson on how to build a Party.

Coping Mechanism: Post Cuteness - My Contribution (100 Day Old Pandas)

It was a good night for Dems in Oregon. We won the Governorship, Senator Merkley got re-elected. All

Congrats, GOP: You just won control of Congress with a Democratic president

Recreational marijuana needs to be on the ballot in as many states as possilbe in 2016

Nate Silver: The Polls Were Skewed Towards Democrats

Remember what 2008 felt like? Then 2010, and then 2012? And now this...

I think The Onion said it best:

Today is gonna suck, so the only cure is....kittens!

Hillary for Supreme Court Justice.

The Rude Pundit - Random Observations on a Reaming: That'll Teach That Negro to Be President

Funny Cozy Mystery Series....

Non-voters: Why do you hate America so much?

Okay, now we can talk about 2016.

US expat tax law proves unfair intrusion

Voter turnout among lowest on record for midterm election

The day after the election. Guess what's no longer in the news

This Too Shall Pass – Understand This Deeply

Republicans gear up to govern Maine after resounding victories

Well we made possession of heroin, meth and cocaine

A message for the President

What went wrong in 1 chart:

I love it when someone else says what I'm thinking, and I don't have to say it.

Nice to see that there's a new Mad Max movie coming out.

The Party of the People?

The Health care Law and the Election Results

"Vampire" deer spotted for the first time in 60 years

Oh, Colorado...

Oh, Colorado...

We have been stupefied: How Republicans subvert democracy, and the Democrats’ sorry dereliction

OMG The queen Latifah show. Everyone needs to see these three girls

meanwhile, a 6-year-old autistic boy was thrown off a high bridge into the ocean by his mother.

GOP won the Senate by winning traditionally red states

Fantasy DNC time. Who would you like to see take Debbie's place as head of the DNC?

Well, it least it was a good day for marijuana legalization.

The "WTF?" elections from Maryland and Colorado...

Economy the # 1 issue.. Bullshit.. It’s Fear

Republicans didn't win as big as you think they did. And Obama didn't lose

Trite but true: to the victor belongs the spoils -- and so it begins

Some colorful (scary) characters to grab hold of Senate gavels

Proposition P, the anti-fracking initiative failed due to

Here may be why the Dems lost:

Man Eats at Olive Garden 95 Times Over 6 Weeks.

Isn't it infuriating that the future of this country is always basically held in a handful of states

I dont watch the morning shows on MSNBC

BREAKING: Lee Terry (R-NE) finally concedes defeat in NE-2 race!

excuses, excuses, excuses

The Victors

Minimum Wage Hikes Approved By Voters in Every State it Was on the Ballot

TPM: The 2014 Electorate Was Really Old

Inspirational Quotes - Please Post Yours

Infuriating facts about our disappearing middle-class wealth

Anyone doing the elecoral math for 2016?

Another Wonder Drug Isn’t So Great Once It Goes Off Patent

Democracy's most dangerous enemy is an apathetic public

Scariest part of GOP takeover of Congress

Santa Clara Valley Water District: founder leading against one incumbent

How does this election effect you personally?

Weed is Now Legal in the Nation's Capital(they're going to need it.. lol)

Ten fewer counties went to Davis in 2014 than to White in 2010

Monroe County----Rochester .....fucking Funke(R) unseated Ted O'Brien(D)....

Fact: This was an uphill battle to begin with

PG&E executive who lost job over emails to receive $1.1 million in severance pay

How many times will the whack jobs try to impeach Obama?

It isn't that Dems should've actively run with Obama - it's that they should've run on the success.


Nan Hayworth-R concedes to Congressman Sean Maloney-D n/t.

Problem: my e-mail keeps getting "stuck" and I have to turn off the iPad air

Several have raised the spectre of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement being fast-tracked . . .

President Obama does a live news conference in about 90 minutes, link here

I know this is minor, but

Am going to try to educate the local radio wingnut new co-host on why we're DemocratIC

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

Read. Learn. Act.

Young adults should work for free, Bank of Canada governor says

Apathy and money are the reasons

Chill Out, Liberals! The Republicans Took The Senate And That’s TERRIBLE-- for them

A fish tale: Supreme Court and the missing grouper

Democrats and Democratic leaders caused this defeat

11 Painful Tattoos That Will Make You Cringe

Once in a while, I play a game in my mind about what I would change in US history if I could...

Martha Coakley is a loser. She couldn't sell water to a person who was on fire.

The fight to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has just begun.

Things I will miss...

Is it possible that some Democratic voters crossed party lines

My endorsement for 2016.....

CA-16 went from D (sort of) to R last night. UPDATE: It's switched.

The Republican strategy for winning the mid-term election.

Anyone read "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis?

How many votes does it take to override a presidential veto?

College Football Playoff Rankings 11/4/14

Hey guys! Are you ready for some bipartisanship?

Foley (R) has just conceded to Malloy (D) in CT Gov race.

4000 Years Of World History In One Map

And In The Sanest State In The Country: Ds Sweep State Offices in California

What could DU have done better?

We are from the internet." Anonymous activist rally outside White House at #MillionMaskMarch

Contra Costa (CA) election site part of nationwide crash

Contra Costa election site part of nationwide crash (xpost from Politics)

The times, they are a'suckin'

The times, they are a'suckin'

Republicans Just Took Over the Senate—Here's Why That Sucks

Three reasons why Florida didn't turn out the vote for Crist:

The GOP already took over Congress 4 years ago, its just now overt

Michelle Obama Mentions Eating Fried Chicken, Conservatives Go From Zero to Racist

If anyone campaigns as GOP-Lite why shouldn't voters just choose REAL GOP instead?

Billionaires, Help is on the way!

Third Way's statement on why their candidates were steamrolled last night.

The Party Of Sir Robin

Angus King is holding a press conference this afternoon

About the losses. Powerful thoughts from a disheartened Democratic party in a Florida city.

Just how much of THIS CRAP went on?

Millennials aren't wrong not to trust either party...

We Democrats could have beaten the rich rat bastard alien last night

Over the course of the next two years, the media will be telling that this is the end for Democrats

How come teabaggers can win statewide races but progressives can't?

Democrats - The Party Of Sir Robin

FBI: New video shows abduction person of interest

Please read and rec this post. Lakeland Democrats powerful words on the losses.

Problems reported at polls vary from state to state...

I just can't get the thought of James Inhofe as Environment and Public Works Chair out of

Well, America, there's good news and there's bad news....

Would Democratic politicians rather lose than risk losing rich donors?

Remember that "fool me" George W. Bush quote from 2002?

The Lawyer For A Football Player Accused Of Rape Exposed The Woman’s Name On Twitter

Are we Blue yet, Minnesota?

sarcasm alert sarcasm alert

Rush Limbaugh actually tells the truth!

Music to sooth the savage beast

Get ready for the deals. they're already working on them

Did Democrats do ANYTHING to stop GOP vote suppression like CROSS CHECK?

Brad Ashford (D-NE) wins House seat; Lee Terry (R-NE) concedes UPDATE

What Bernie Sanders said about the elections...

The next time someone says, "If you didn't vote, you can't complain."

I have the opportunity to upgrade to a D7000

Report: NBC To Hire Kate Middleton's Sister, Pippa For 'The Today Show' (at 600k per year)

All we have now is the President's veto. Even the Supreme Court is controlled by the GOP.

I don't care

The crazies coming into the House and Senate...

GMO's $8 million defeat in Maui County. Supporters raised $58,000

TX GOP Photo ID Voter Suppression Working as Hoped, Keeping (Dem) Voters From Voting

ACA bitterness.

Ring of Fire: Midterm Losses a Teachable Moment For Progressives

Meet 'Dr. Chaps' Gordon Klingenschmitt: Colorado's New Anti-Gay, Demon Hunting State Legislator

Mark Morford: "The irony of the spineless Democrats"

Stupidity: definition in the dictionary

After last night, I choose to focus on three words: Baby. Panda. Triplets.

The REAL pity in all this is that it is so obvious that everyone here at DU agrees that

Did Mia Love win? (nt)

With Warner ahead, vote certification begins in tight Virginia Senate race

The 2016 Election Planning Begins Today.

Legal Pot won in oregon alaska and DC.

And now Obama becomes our last line in the sand

There's one thing I take comfort in, after last night's nightmare

The American People Have Spoken

Shouldn't there at least be a progressive third party for areas the Democrats won't contest?

"Government is evil" -- a self-fulfilling prophecy.

President Obama Speaking

Extremism wins, ideas lose: The irony of the spineless Democrats

New Hampshire Points to the Future

Dear Skinner, EarlG, and Elad: I'd like some perspective, please.

I imagine the Koch Brothers are having endless celebrations with little resistance now to

‘Make them squeal’: Joni Ernst’s victory speech borrows line from movie rape scene

A 9 Minute video that explains FATCA And FBAR

is anyone listening to the Obama Live Presser?

Padorn the Interuption...

Snowplow dilemma - outside atheist group nixes mayor's 'reasonable' solution ...

What Harry Truman had to say about phony Democrats vs genuine Republicans: It's worth remembering.

So most of our people lost by slim margins.. But all of our issues won by landslides..

I think many Democrats saw the mid-term election results coming.....

How soon does McConnell and the rest of his posse take over?

When You Find Out Your Progressive Hero Is Not So Progressive

US stocks gain as the price of crude oil rebounds

NSA Critic Udall is Sent Packing

How low will the price of a barrel of oil go?

Well... you gots whats ya asked for.

Sen. Sanders: They did not vote for tax breaks for billionaires, but that's what the Republicans

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: State Legislatures and ALEC - this is really good

One silver lining for me...

It's the voters

Robert L. Borosage: Stand up and fight

So who will the Teabaggers replace McConnel and Boehner with?

If you had access to a time machine, what advice would you give yourself

Good analysis: "How the Democrats blew it."

Some words on the election from VA's 11th District Representative, Gerry Connolly

Have alerted on this, got no response so I

Sooo...not since 1928 have the GOP had such a wide majority in the House, eh?

Artur Mas: Catalonia vote to proceed despite Spanish ruling

Some perspective: Republicans lost *13* Senate SEATS IN 1958.

Tiny Orphan Fawn Faces World Alone, Bear Dog Says, “That Ain’t Right”

Current Colombian generals investigated for ‘false positives’

Think you're pissed about last nights results?........not half as pissed as this woman..

The Dems should have stood with Obama

Does President Obama have a "Kansas accent" ?

Did Republicans vote for politicians or something mystic?

Jonathan effing KARL!1 Why doesn't he sucker punch his BFEE bosses like he does the President?!1

Time to get up from the canvas and face our destiny

About last night ... Listen up, Dems.

Faux News Henry is an ignorant POS!

Each campaign is different, yet

How The Media Helped The GOP Sell Their Fear-Based Appeal - MediaMatters

McConnell interviewed after election said: "If the President is willing to move to the middle were..

"The big Republican accomplishment is that they have detoxified their brand"

At least Grayson won

I guess last night means

St. Louis County scrambles to print more paper ballots after election day shortage

"I'm going to squeeze every last bit of opportunity to make this world a better place

Guardian: Welcome to the Great Liberal Hangover of 2014

New Bill Watterson Comic Is A Simple But Perfect Celebration Of Comics

Funny Amazon reviews for AutoExec Wheelmate Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface

Some voters in Chicago wait 9 hours to vote: 'I just didn't want to be denied'

Why one of my people refused to vote:

Fischer: Conservative Christians Must Vote Because America Is 'Turning Into Nazi Germany'

Still, when I think of the road we're traveling on...........

Louisiana bars Ebola researchers from conference

Today's we learned that the most dangerous airborne virus in America isn't Ebola, it's Amnesia. nt

Rose McGowan: Gays are ‘more misogynistic’ than straight men

5 Facts About How America Is Rigged for a Massive Wealth Transfer to the Rich

Fall color from the deck

Are there any Civil War relics/documents collectors here?

"Looking Back at Howard Dean's 50-State Strategy"

In TWO WORDS, What Do Republicans Stand For?

Looks like Obama is on the TV pre-caving to Republican demands. nt

I'm watching the Obama presser and I just want to say he deserves better...

Gigi Jordan Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Death of Autistic Son

FATCA: An Introduction for Americans to the “Worst Law Nobody Has Ever Heard Of”: Part II

Among our various reactions to what happened yesterday is a common factor, I believe.

Reuters: Voting Probs Across Nation, Bizarre Targeting of '2,000 Election Judges' In Chicago

I'm cutting off financial support to Texass...

I'll Just Say It Now -- Hillary Can't Win

Mr. President, please, please, please, stop eating so much humble pie and looking pitiful. Tell

EARLY EXIT POLL: Joni Ernst winning 87% of voters

Maui Defies Monsanto, Passes Ban on GMO Farming

Did you get your sticker yesterday?

Tennessee Amendment 1 abortion measure passes

**********BARACK OBAMA GROUP****President Obama did a GREAT job at his press conference

My mother grew up in Alaska

Looking for a restaurant, and look what I found!

After midterm rout, Obama says he got nation’s message

Dontcha love the hyperbole - CNN headline "Call it the "GOP rally": The Dow surges 101 points...

Election 2014: Buncombe goes blue as Turner, Ager pull upsets

Like the NY lotto always says: You gotta be in it to win it!

Listening to NPR, paraphrasing here, "Should Democrats move more to the right given the drubbing?"

Crist has closed the gap by about 10,000 votes since yesterday

Alaska governor's race: Parnell trailed Walker all night

Without thinking about it, name four things most national Democratic candidates support

What happened to the Democrats last night? This graph tells it all....

At this point, what do you expect turnout to be in 2016?

Will Democratic Political Operatives Ever Look in the Mirror?

When They Brought The Wolves To Yellowstone, They Had No Clue This Would Be The Result

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for POTUS and VPOTUS

Next mystery: When will Branstad resign and turn it over to Reynolds?

Borowitz comment....

a few months ago even a few weeks ago ...

America is not colorblind This is a reality check

Get ready for the GOP's new mantra: "Life starts at erection." nt

Judge rules that gay marriage ban in Missouri is unconstitutional

McConnell Pledges to 'Get Senate Back to Normal'

So when Democrats win, Republicans refuse to cooperate, but when Republicans win, Democrats agree...

Congratulations, Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia. You just voted to lose Medicaid.

Santos: “We have come further in the peace process than ever before”

How Much of a Difference Did New Voting Restrictions Make in Yesterday's Close Races?

Million Mask March Rallies Sweeping the Globe : Live Updates

Well fuck.

I had to turn off Msnbc. Between Alex Wagner screaming and Tingles drooling...changed to AJ

Oklahoma Supreme Court Delivers An Important Victory For Abortion Rights

Fox News Ends Ebola Coverage: ‘Our Work Is Done

Draconian measures against deprived population not a solution

Uruguay Registers Cannabis Growers' Clubs, Taking Another Step Towards Legal Pot

Will your nonvoting sister or aunt or next door female neighbor vote if DEATH is the alternative?

The Left’s Unsung Success Story

Chevron-bankrolled candidates LOSE BIG in Richmond, CA

Republican Party Lie #1


Hello all

And...they're off:

Autistic brains no different from 'typical' brains, new study finds

Colorado Dems win back 2 seats lost over gun bills

Man won't face charges for taking gun into airport

Why I'm angry.

what POTUS candidates (and what winner) would the PRC prefer in 2016?

Teacher takes plea after gun discharges at school

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 5, 2014

"Like a generation of leaves, so it is with humankind. The autumn winds scatter leaves on the ground

I have two bones to pick. first one is the media:

While my vote doesn't seem to count much I do possess one Power that is completely mine.

Nancy Pelosi announces run for minority leader

Democratic Party Stands to Lose Youth Vote

Why hasn't DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ been fired yet?

Republican Party Lie #2

Million Mask March on London's Parliament and in DC, right now.

How is it possible that Peters won (US Senator) but Schauer lost (MI Gov) to that weasel Snyder?

Dominican Republic quits OAS's human rights court

In Google's hometown, progressives sweep City Council election

Minority Voter Intimidation Witnessed And Recorded In Miami-Dade County On Election Night

What has Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to say? n/t

2 NYC police officers facing brutality charges

In other news: Member of 4chan murders his girlfriend, posts pictures of her body to the website

Hillary needs to run to Obama, Obamacare, drop in deficit, unemployment numbers, consumer

Ignorance and Want

We need younger more vigorous leadership in senate, house.

The American People Have Spoken!

It's legal in St Louis! Marriage equality is now recognized in St Louis, waiting for other counties

You know who else won the 2014 election? The CIA.

What is to be done?

Republicans win big in state legislative elections, gain control of 10 chambers

More jobs, locomotives on the way, Union Pacific says at investor day

Your OPs matter. Independent TV anchors, contributors, and journalists read sites like this to gage

Chill Out, Liberals! The Republicans Took The Senate And That’s TERRIBLE…For Them

Remember, remember the fifth of November...

So which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is Mitch?

Since Mitch McConnell and John Boehner won't listen.

An interesting analysis from the other side '5 take-aways'

White House Aide: "No Way the GOP Will Work With Us"

Any TOTAL number of voters, yet? Last time we had a million more votes for congress but

hey cnn, why the fuck didn't you run this before the election?

Thank GOD!!! Henry Waxman's district remains bright BLUE!!!

The world’s fastest growing faith is not Islam!

New York hate "preacher" gets fooled by satire site...

My email from the Ohio Democratic Party

Traveling Wilburys- Inside Out. Seems appropriate for today.

"The GOP didn’t deserve to win"

Finally...good election results! Federer wins sportsmanship award

The Bullet That Could Make 3-D Printed Guns Practical Deadly Weapons

Two car rammings into pedestrians in Israel.

Is this a way forward?

I'll Just Say It Now -- Saying any Democrat can't win is just Ludicrous.

Election of Krysten Synema and Democratic mid term strategy

Obama vows to 'get the job done' with Republicans

How many times has Miliband changed his (DFID) team?

My Married, DEMOCRAT daughter is fighting with her Republican Married Friends

How The FCC's New Net Neutrality Plan STILL Creates Fast And Slow Lanes On The Internet

Race to the Top: "Not Long For this World"?

Hey all you Democratic candidates who turned against Obama - remember one thing

Maybe this is what happened.

Your favorite Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Who Would You Replace Them With?

Palestinian vehicle smashes into IDF soldiers in West Bank

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Olympic rower Robbie Manson comes out as gay

Sean Patrick Maloney Is The First Openly Gay Man Elected To Congress From New York

Support For Action on Climate Change Grows Among Swing State Voters

I'm baaa-aaack! Did anybody notice I was gone?

Baby sea lion joins cage divers to escape shark

49ers RB Marcus Lattimore retires at age 23

Election Results Make U.S. Congress Action on Climate Change Even Less Likely

Check this out -Jake Ward (Al Jazeera)has an amazing graphic on the number of people that DON'T Vote

I sent a alert on a LBN thread twice for being off topic.